AT&T confirms red and white BlackBerry Torch 9800 coming in November

By Bla1ze on 28 Oct 2010 11:54 am EDT
BlackBerry Torch 9800

Just in time for the holidays and as expected. AT&T has finally confirmed the release of the red and white BlackBerry Torch for November 7th in their holiday press release. No pricing details were given but, safe to say unless they end up getting some holiday promotions attached to those devices, they'll be staying at the exact same price as the BlackBerry Torch that is already available on AT&T. Which means, if bought from AT&T they should roll in around $199.99 with a new 2 yr contract. Personally, I'm a fan of the red one. What about you all? Red or white for your BlackBerry Torch?

Source: PRNewswire / CIO

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AT&T confirms red and white BlackBerry Torch 9800 coming in November


The white device looks sharp and crisp. Perhaps I may even purchase one as a part-time device to give it a whirl...

I dunno. I'm just not a big fan of either color. The white kinda reminds me of a milk chocolate bar while the red is just blechhh!!!!

The black Torch with the chrome edges cuts it for me thus far

Agreed -- black really works for the Torch.

Still..there's a purpose to white. Maybe Apple will pick one up and reverse engineer it so they can figure out how to put out a phone in white without all the drama. While they're at it with the Torch cracked open, they might even discover what a working antenna looks like.

You made me spill my coffee with that!
Does anyone know whether it's a flat red / white or whether they're metallic?

I already have the mobi shell red case and it literally looks the same as that pic of the red one. The red needs to be ALL RED, or else im forsure getting the white with my red case!

Wow, those colors make the Torch look like a toy. The Bold 9700 looks great in white but I wouldn't buy a colored Torch. Just give me a black one please.

The red one is FIRE!!! But I love my metallic blue but I wish they come with one with a metallic black bezel around it. RED IS DEFINITELY THE ONE I WOULD GET IF I'D WAITED.

The white Torch is pretty sick. I'm not digging the red one though. Wonder why they didn't try the purple like they have on the Style.

....I see a Red Torch and I want to paint it Black!! LOL
And I would love for Sprint to get this device, oh well, I can dream!!

I will be picking up two of these bad boys(in white) on the 7th. I have already ordered my BSE phone skins for them, don't want them to look dirty after a few days of play.

I'd still keep my EVO. lol sorry not a good troll. The white one looks cool as hell. The red definately has to be all red. Damn that white looks sharp. More phone makers need to go after that, and fill in the "iGap"

I like the white one but I would want a blacked out one even more. Also what is the black circle next to the led at the top on the front of the white one? Is it a front facing camera?

With the updated picture the white one doesn't look all white anymore it looks like a white top on a silver bottom. That's kind of dumb I think.

I agree with the person above who said all black would be best.

Sigh...I do so wish this was available on Verizon. The Storm has been a nice phone for me but I'm ready to move on to something else.

I got my torch about 2wks ago and tried to wait for the white torch, but my bold died on me and I went ahead and used my upgrade to get the black torch. Oh well, my fiance has an upgrade in Dec maybe she'll get the white one and trade with me (wink,wink)

Love it how a certain at&t rep i know swore that they would never carry a red or white bb torch and that they would only stay with the black one because they're BB customers are business oriented (unlike the casual users of sprint/tmobile bb users) and would never want a white or red bb !

All i know is that where i work every color of BB's be it with sprint or tmobile sells! What doesnt sell is that BB TORCH - People always asking when is AT&T gonna get new colors for their BB's.

PS - This same rep swore iphone would never go to another carrier ever, yet its going to verizon in a few months.

I'm almost positive that working tonight I saw a guy in our DT with a white Torch. I was in a hurry, so I didn't ask him about it, but I'm not sure what phone I could've mistaken it for. It just threw me off that it was white. Perhaps he is an AT&T employee and got his hands on one early? Perhaps there's another phone that looks just like the torch with the keyboard out.

Its the same as on the original Torch which is a sensor. When you are on a call and have the device on your ear the screen blacks out but when you pull the device from your ear during a call it will light up w/o having to push a button.

Its the same as on the original Torch which is a sensor. When you are on a call and have the device on your ear the screen blacks out but when you pull the device from your ear during a call it will light up w/o having to push a button.

More bogus Apple hype. It doesn't count sales to companies.

And .... playbook... sorry to have to rub your face in it everytime, but you keep coming back. Playbook means you are left saying nothing.

If you're more inclined to go Black on your Torch, please consider a trade with me as I want white but can't buy one now. ATT Torch. Even swap. BBM me: 22c32540

I bought a Black Torch last week with a new AT&T account - I should be in the 30 day return window to trade it no? I so have to have a white one - just to stick in the iPhone 4 users' faces! :)

Harry loves the white torch will be getting one the day it comes out. november 7th is a sunday thats a weird day for a new release of a phone or is it just me?

All that talk about the Torch being a poor seller ... why would they be bringing it out in additional colors if it's such a poor quality phone? Guess it's not so bad as people were talking about. I like the new colors but thinking the white would show dirty to fast and I'd still want to see them up-close-n-personal before buying and pretty sure I'd still go with black if I were able to get one.

I wish VZW would get off their butts and give us what they're going to give us that compares. I'm real sick of waiting while I see other providers get this new phone and that new phone and what I'm looking for still isn't available thru VZW.