AT&T branded BlackBerry Bold 9780 spotted

By Adam Zeis on 23 Nov 2010 11:57 am EST
BlackBerry Bold 9780 AT&T 

While some US customers are happy with the release of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 on T-Mobile, many are left asking when it will land on AT&T. We know it is coming, it's really just a matter of when. BerryCN posted this image of an AT&T branded Bold 9780 a few days back that reassures us it is indeed out there. Some recent emails to the CrackBerry tip line also let us know that apparently consumer demand for the device is very high, so AT&T is hoping to move things along quickly and we should see a release in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed on this one -- maybe we'll even see a white version come out of AT&T as well. 

Source: BerryCN

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AT&T branded BlackBerry Bold 9780 spotted


What phone doesn't AT&T get!? What is it with them and getting all the kickass phones? To bad there data plans blow and their service sucks where I live.

It is coming but I think only after Christmas. Those Torch's are taking up too much space in the warehouse!

What is AT&T's problem? Loyal customers are being punished because of AT&T's overly optimistic forecast of customer demand for the torch. Just cuz they screwed up, doesn't mean the customer should suffer. If the 9780 isn't out by Dec 1st i'm switching to t-mobile. I've decided.

I totally agree with you. Why do we the customer always have to be punished? AT&T always does this, which I find to be annoying. I will also be switching to
T-Mobile if the phone is not out but Dec 1st.

Go ahead and make the switch to T-Mobile. You'll love the UMA functionality. I use it whenever I am overseas or in a place with little or no coverage.

it is frustrating but its just business. if you owned a company im sure you would try and sell your old products first. i heard the $99 torch deal is killing for at&t so they will probably ride that out for as long as they can. personally i think the torch kicks ass and i dont know what the big appeal is to the 9780 its just a bold 9700 with bb 6

Prayers are being answered!! Lol. The big deal? It's the fact that most of us do not like the slider or touchscreen on the torch. I sold my 9700 and it makes no sense to buy an "outdated" phone, when a newer version is coming soon.

i had an old bb curve 8320 and never really got around to experience the full bb life.. i went and got an iphone 3g in 08 , but the bb form always kept me researching the latest bb to this day i research more on bb then my iphone. well i had an iphone 4 and only lasted me 3 weeks , my son water damaged the phone and now i find my self really really liking this device. soo i have to play with it at the att when it comes out. WISH ME LUCK I HOPE I MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION

i bought the 9700 on the 5th of november and on the 20th i saw an ad in the paper about the 9780!!!! i spent the whole week calling all the "official" dealers in bangalore for the model, but they stopped picking up my calls...probably had something to do with me asking them to exchange my 9700 for the 9780 ( i was willing to pay the difference)....i finally found it in a place called "national market"....
its beautiful....the camera is fantastic, and the OS is neat....although after having used an 8530 and a 9700 (for a short period of time) its taking a little getting used to....some of my fave apps like dilbert and the weather channel dont seem to work on the new OS...
but, all in all its a beauty!!!

You people need to calm down, not having the 9780 this moment will not kill you. ATT has it and is working out issues with the OS. I have the 9700 with 6.0 on it, and the phone is great and the OS is great however, it has some problems.

Once it is fixed I will love the phone even more. A delayed product is eventually great, a rushed project is forever bad. Or at least perceived to be bad, look at how they rushed the storm out. The storm 2 finally came around and fixed it all.

Honestly, I have the 9700 and don't care for the 9780. Yes it has more power and a camera, but theres no big reason for me to get it, even though my contract is up, I really don't care. Im satisfied with what my phone does and what it can do, which is be a great phone and email device. If I can get my hands on the 9780 without a contract, for 200 or less I would buy it. But until then, I have enough memory and speed to enjoy my situation.

Well I am really hoping this phone comes out by at least in the middle of February, I have had the bold 9700, not using it anymore but I really am looking forward to getting this phone with my upgrade. I looked into upgrading to the torch 9800 but honestly, the slide out qwerty keyboard is not really a blackberry thing. Not only that, the design is just ugly in my opinion. But I'm hoping it comes out in the middle of February.