AT&T Bold Training Slides and Oct. 27th Launch Date

AT&T Release Date for the BlackBerry Bold
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Oct 2008 10:03 pm EDT

I received a few emails this week from tipsters (thanks for sending in all of you) letting me know that October 27th is the release date for the BlackBerry Bold on AT&T. After having seen delay after delay and every release date prediction miss so far, I was reluctant to post on it.

But tonight (good to see bloggers working late on Fridays!), BGR posted on the October 27th date and seems pretty confident in it, so I have some faith that two Mondays from now you'll hopefully be able to walk into your store and pick up that Bold you've been waiting for (assuming you're still waiting for it - I'd be curious to know the precise # of people who have given up on the Bold because of the delays. If you're one of them, let us know in the comments). BGR also posted up the power point slides used for AT&T BlackBerry Bold training, so click here if you want to take a look.

My only cause for concern on the October 27th date? The fact that AT&T sent out notification to employees today letting them know that "RIM is working with AT&T to upgrade the data transport systems to make way for new devices"... which I'd assume includes the Bold and that "All upgrades are slated to be done by November 3rd." This AT&T memo fits well with the explanation we brought you last week of why the Bold has been delayed to begin with:

The issue is with the AT&T 3G Network. The Bold uses Multi PDP context in its data communications and the AT&T network is not optimized for it. It requires a 2-stage network software upgrade by its 3G vendor, Ericsson. Only 30% of the network is upgraded completely and the rest is still pending. If the device is launched without these upgrades the network will suffer bandwidth crunch and speeds would have to be capped at 128kbps! The Tri-State region is one of the market areas that is still in line for the upgrade which makes sense based on your experience with your Bold in NYC.

This upgrade effort is high priority and slotted to complete by Oct 31st. Nov 1st week is the planned launch timeframe for the Bold and with the latest firmware the BlackBerry Bold is a rock solid device, despite what you may have heard elsewhere.

So while I have also received a few tips referring to October 27th as the AT&T launch date, I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't launch on the 27th and we had to wait until the first week of November. Oh well, what's a few more days... we're used to it.

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AT&T Bold Training Slides and Oct. 27th Launch Date


Well, you asked. I was waiting for the bold since I wanted a 3g phone and I'm an existing AT&T customer who has been waiting to upgrade since my contract expired in Aug.

After waiting and delays, I gave up and went with the Nokia E71 as my first smartphone. So far been happy with it, tethers ootb to my Ubuntu Intrepid installation and goosync makes the google world go round.

I'll check out the bold in the store, once I can put my hands on it...but too late. Enjoying 3g smartphone life now.

I'm onboard! The Treo Pro will hold me over to the new Blackberry Bold! All is good with AT&T and RIM.

For all the negativity spewers: Shut up! Buy your Bold next Monday, and be HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

AT&T #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their network is weak, plans are way over priced, they nickel and dime you for every basic add on, and their 3G coverage is a joke. Verizon or Sprint will set you free my friend.

i dont know why people keep saying that att is overpriced when att and verizon have the same price plans almost and plus att gives u rollover verizon takes ur mins and laughs at u!!

The Bold is old news now. The rest of the world has it, it was supposed to drop in July, and AT&T's network is sub par at best. But I do thank them for the delay-now I can buy the better device on the FAR SUPERIOR network-The Storm.

The Bold is great phone, but there is WAY too much competition to have to wait ALL THIS TIME because AT&T has a sh1tty network. Once the Bold goes to Sprint ill pick it up ($99 unlimited EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY FEATURE included on a great CDMA network)), at least ill actually be able to have 3g coverage w/o being in a big major market!

im the one that sent it into bgr. so we still cant trust it too much, i jsut say the kid post it on here so i figured id send it in.

a november 3rd-ish date seems more right because they did say they expected testing and upgrades to be drone by the 31 so the 27th release seems rather illogical. unless the 27th is the eta for att techs.

blahh idk

+1 to jd3uc3......i thought the network upgrade wasn't going to be completed until oct. 31....does this mean the 3g will not work as well until after the upgrade is finished, or will it be finished early? What say you?

I was defiantly waiting for the BOLD, but as many know it took way to long and I'm a phone addict. So like most phones I got over the BOLD and now I'm looking forward to picking up a STORM next month (hopefully).

But I am a bit sad because I lusted the BOLD for months and then I heard about the STORM and how can I not switch boats (carriers) and get it. Right!?

All in all, I'm part of the # of people who given up on the BOLD.

huh...they've got a *date* but no price yet? i wouldn't hold my breath (which i didn't anyway, i've had my unbranded bold for weeks now, couldn't wait any longer).

The bold is going to be my first cell phone. couldnt get one till i hada joba n was originally pissed because i was going to have to wait to get it cuz i wouldnt have money yet

now ive got enough money to buy quite a few of them and still no phone...

i've moved on to the iphone simply because of the wait. sorry RIM and Blackberry users but i dont know how you guys could possibly wait for this phone to be honest. Its a great phone dont get me wrong, but the product to wait time, its just not there for me, sorry.

Guess you have read the hype and NEVER ACTUALLY tried the iPhone. I too waited AND WAITED for the Bold, and gave up months ago. The iPhone 3G is a great phone, and the "lack" of a keyboard takes about a minute to get over. The typing is soooo fast NOT having to press a key each fast can you tap your fingers?? THATS how fast you can type. Touch and you are there. Why do you think we have the Storm if there is NO market for touch screens?? It opens up the phone for all sorts of things since you are not locked into the fixed form of the phone. The phone can be whatever you want.

I thought the Bold released under AT&T would never come to pass. I've been waiting quite patiently and almost given up hope. I like the idea of the Storm, but I don't want to switch carriers and quite honestly, I do not like touch screen phones. If that were the case, since I am all ready with AT&T, I would switch to the iPhone.

Now there's a glimmer of hope, and I can finally use this upgrade I have on my contract, which I've been DYING to use for the past year.

Please.... no more delays!

Ive been waiting for the bold since august and i just dont know any more. Its a toss up between the Bold and the Fuze (touch pro) now.

Oh my god let's hope that this isn't a lie. I'm so excited, if it's true its less than 2 weeks to go!

Have you even seen video reviews of the G1? BGR, phonescoop, Engadget all had great reviews and quite frankly none of them were that positive. I can almost promise you that you will regret your decision, cause right now, a G1 cant even hold a freakin candle to a bold.

Every since I heard rumors about the next blackberry coming out I've wanted to put my hands on this phone.

Turns out though, after the delay Google decided to sneak in a new toy that I am now eagerly awaiting to arrive on the 22nd.

Sorry RIM, I promised to never purchase another phone that wasn't a Backberry, but Google has taken me by surprised.

I can't wait for this.
I drool a little when I see videos of The G1.

Now before i say anything else, let me warn you i'm not a phone-specs geek and consider myself an amateur when it comes to the technical info. I really want to get the Bold, but i would have liked to get it on Verizon wireless. Considering the number of delays, who knows when Verizon will start to carry the phone. Does anyone use AT&T currently? Is it a good service provider as far as dropped calls, customer support, network coverage, monthly plans, so on and so forth? what about unlocking the phone and using it with Verizon? is that a good choice? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

at&t service is pretty good i would say not as good as verizon. but the price is less than verizon. customer service is above average. if you unlock a bold it still wouldn't work on the verizon network. they dont use the same technology for there network, they use the same network as sprint so if you unlock a sprint phone it would work on a verizon network. i rarely have dropped calls with at&t. i enjoy the service. in my humble opinion i think verizon is the best but the bill monthly made me feel like i was giving them too much money.

I have verizon, and the rest of my family has att. In my opinion the voice quality is sub par, their overall network coverage is good, but like the other person said, its def not as strong as verizon's.

And as far as prices go, THEY ARE THE SAME! Att copies whatever price points verizon has. So your bill should be almost identical and actually it might even be cheaper because att might charge more for insurance on smart phones (or maybe their deductible is higher--not 100% sure on this one)

If I didnt have verizon, att would be my second choice, but pound for pound, I think verizon is better and I will be sticking with them for the forseeable future.

I'd recommend to check the coverage where you are. I'm on AT&T. My biggest complaint is that AT&T service does not work on the metro system. I use this daily and I end up "out-of-pocket" when the subway is underground. It appears that Verizon is the only network that works underground. If I could do it all over again, I'd go with Verizon.

As I posted somewhere in the forums, I have been an AT&T customer for about 3 years now. Ever since July when I was *about* to get an iPhone 3G, I had waited for this Bold. Delay after delay set in and then the new Storm became more prominent, and I hesitated at its lack of Wi-Fi. Nearly the same time, the 3G switch got turned on where I am, and people left and right with AT&T have been having dropped calls, connection issues, etc. whereas my Verizon friends have signals in places I don't (in addition to not having connection/dropped call issues). All in all, Verizon has now won my business for the Storm. It's a shame AT&T took so long to release this phone. I personally think it *IS* the network and that the phone just needed a few minor tweaks and was ready to go weeks ago. I'll go for the better network.

wait and see, if the BOLD is released within the Oct, 27th Nov. 2nd ish time frame I will wait and stick with at&t...Once Nov. 2nd comes and goes with no BOLD, I will offically give up on at&t & the BOLD and switch to Verizon and the Storm!! Don't let me down at&t!!

I recently lost my old blackberry so right now, I have nothing!!! Trust me, it's hard on a true crackberry addict!!! The question is, can I wait another 2 weeks or so for the Bold?? I'm stuck with AT&T so the Storm is out. I hate to say it, but if the Bold is not released around November 2nd, I will have to switch to the iPhone. I know that for me the Bold is a better option, but I can't go much longer with nothing!!!!

i don't have there service and down here in new orleans 3g doesn't even work so its pointless for me to even cry over this phone (already cried when they claim exclusive rights on it) my brother wants to get it ( the devil is his service provider) but he is not able to upgrade (wow a phone company tells u when u can renew ur contract?). i have t-mobile and when i bought my curve i told them if the phone comes out in my 14 day grace period can i switch it out.... the answer is...(drum roll) YES!!!! and even if it did come out i can still buy it at sales price buy renewing my contract instead of waiting on a upgrading.... sucks that t-mobile gets everything last or never and all the other companies buy exclusive rights just 2 make us switch.... im good with my curve and love my super cheap bill (unlike at&t)

I got sick of waiting for the Bold and went with an iphone 3g. So far I am not regretting it, although the iphone and blackberry devices are very different. I still want to pick up a Bold. but might hold out for this 9220 device mentioned the other day.

I work at a retailer for at&t and I have training on Oct. 21, I am hesitant to say the release date will be the 27th. I'm waiting to see it to believe it. Keeping my fingers crossed in the process. It's so close now that if they wait til the 3rd or whatever the date in Nov. I'll be fine with that. I have been a strong believer that at&t is watching my back and putting out a good device, I mean it's the next Blackberry it can't underperform.

I have been waiting on the bold with anxious anticipation. It will be my first blackberry device. I have finally decided that I am going with either the storm or the bold whichever I can lay my bank card down on first.


I waited forever for a Bold. I finally rationalized that I don't need a camera or 3G and went with an 8820. The Bold will be out 3 days after my 30 day return period expires. I guess I'll skip the Bold and await its next injcarnation.

Had the 8800 forever and was waiting to get the Bold like freaking 5 months ago (or at least it seems like that). My 8800 broke down on me finally and could not wait any longer. Picked up a nice 8310 and am super satisfied with the 4.5 OS. I'd rather wait for the Javelin. Sorry bold. You're bOLDNEWS...

I was just told today by AT&T sales that their instore training info put out a price of $399 no/contract, $299 w/2year. It sure sounded high compared to iphone. I asked for the "I have been waiting too long for this phone" discount, but go a cold shoulder. TMobile where is that Janelin!!!!

I understand the delays reasons. But the main thing is "DUH" didnt they already know their "Network" was not ready back in May? If they did not that pretty weak... Makes you think who is running things there. OR they Did know and just wanted to keep dangling a carrot in front of us "ALL IN ORDER" to keep us on a hook to wait to buy the BOLD instead of switching carriers and going with teh "Storm" Bad AT&T. I am sure they were well aware of all of this but made the announcement of the bold coming this summer and so and so on. All in order to keep us from "Leaving" ma Bell to Verizon for what they knew was coming as competition the "Storm" "Typical" Sales tactics of AT&T.... Sorry AT&T Cant wait anymore. Went to a "Honest" Sales pitch and went with t-mobile. Bye bye...

I gave up on the Bold back in August. I really wanted one seeing all the new features that it had, but after only a few weeks, I decided the Curve was enough for now. I figured it would come out sometime in September and I could just use the 30-day return policy. Wrong...

I'm most likely going to purchase the Storm when it becomes available, instead of the Bold as previous planned.

If this were for tmobile I'd be on it in a heart beat but, I'm not an AT&T fan, actually I left AT&T for tmobile and I have no intentions of returning, even for the drastically delayed bold. It's hype for me has long died down and I really wouldn't even care if I was in a room full of bold users and I was the only one sitting there with my curve <.< I'll wait for the javelin to drop >.>

I've waited and waited and waited for this phone, while every other country has got it except for ours?!? I'm switching to Verizon and getting the STORM. Move over bold and make way for the STORM. I wouldn't be surprised if there's another delay on this stupid phone. By the time this phone comes out, they'll be 4G phones available.

I am currently an AT&T customer with the BB 8800. I was very interested in upgrading to the Bold, but with all the delays, the Storm is now on the horizon. So I will go look at the Bold and then go look at the Storm and make my decision.

I like Verizon , as in Santa Barbara, they seem to have better service. Not sure how fast their network is, nor how easy and cheap it will be to roam OUS - Europe and Central/South America. I have been told that Verizon's network does not allow data transfer and a phone call at the same time, but then AT&T's 3G is having its problems right now.

Also not sure about the virtual keyboard as compared to the real keyboard. I do like the bigger screen on the Storm as compared to the Bold, though I am told the Bold's screen looks superlative.

So again, I will look at both and then decide.

I saw the Storm videos and was not impressed much. I dont care much for the double-tap keyboard when vertical like the Pearl has. I've got bigger hands than the norm and touch screen typing is never going to work for me (yes I have tried the iPhone, no good).

I'm glad I've been patient waiting for the Bold. All the bugs should be worked out by the time they release and it will be a rock solid device for me to use. AT&T actually made a business decision where it technically hurt their bottom line (they could've released the phone on schedule with all the problems and customers complaining) but they didn't and kudos to them!

Oh, for those complaining about AT&T and their pricing. Verizon requires you to have a blackberry plan to activate a blackberry and use basic text messaging (increase your price by min. $30/month). AT&T does not require it just to use basic SMS messages. And I'll just hook into our company's Exchange server via the BES and be fine for email. Guess it all depends on what you'll be using your 'berry for. Mine is basically just email and SMS messaging.

OK all the news about Bold coming out by Oct 27th, you would think ATT would have told us that by now, even if release date is Nov 3, they still would put a date out.
My gut feeling is that this device is not going to be released this year.
Maybe it's not the network, why would it be released everywhere else except US? Did Apple twisted ATT arm and had they sign a no compete agreement against their 3G iPhone? If ATT claims its their 3G network that can't handle it, don't you think they are deceiving customers by telling them they got the best network out there?!!
I'm about to give up on this imaginary device and go with Curve and wait 2 years until another one comes out.