AT&T Bold Device Software Updated

By Adam Zeis on 13 May 2009 02:08 pm EDT
Bold Software Update

Okay, so it may not be a huge update, but it's an "official" update at the least. It looks like AT&T users are receiving emails that the device software for the BlackBerry Bold has been updated. The apps are at version (up from .162) and the platform has been updated from .157 to .217. If you're a Bold user you can grab the software from (you'll need to use Internet Explorer). If you "upgrade" leave us a comment below with your findings. 

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AT&T Bold Device Software Updated


From the new update, I havent really noticed anything quite different except that sometimes it will switch to the edge network other than 3G network.. I'm not exactly sure if it did that before but thats what I noticed. I went to check if you would be able to have the option now to change manually from 3G to edge to save battery and such, but still can't sadly =( Good thing tho I have noticed is that signal has improved and is pretty obvious

Updated with no issues. Only difference is that I now have better signal quality in my office as compared to before and I tend to stay in 3G mode more often.

...This explains why earlier this morning I was having issues trying to update to .234

It kept telling me that it was updated to 217.

When they officially release .266, can someone please let me know?


I've updated to some versions from other carriers. I never understood the version numbers. Can someone explain?

When I goto options about in my phone it says:
v4.6.0.244 (Platform

Is this version older or newer? I think I might up/downgrade either way since I get some crashes and want something stable.

RIM releases "bundles" that consist of the Applications and OS. The first number ( is the bundle, and the second number ( is the OS version. This release is newer than what you have.

the first number .244 is the os version and the second number .203 is the platform. So the os he has is newer than the att release but the platform is older. I have no idea what the platform is for but the latest official rim os is and the platform for that one is its a pretty stable os although i find my batter life worst not that great of a diff but a little worst but the memory management is good.

How do i get the update if im on Rogers in canada? i go to the link , plug in the bb and it wont give me the update - i guess it checks your carrier and since im not with at&t, it wont give it to me?

wake up people. there is zero need to wait for AT&T to release an official update. just grab a beta - is a great OS for the Bold. otherwise you will be waiting for a long, long time for something older and not as good to get tagged "official" by AT&T. the official OS' are no different - at all than the beta versions.

if you want to be able to select 3G or 2G or 3G/2G - debrand or use the other method to change (but it only works for 30 days, then you have to do it again). search the forums for this info. a related story, AT&T announces a new dial-up service for accessing the Internet. A company spokesman was quoted as saying "We think this Internet thing might just catch on and we want to lead they way in technology for it".

Hahahaha!!!!!! At least you can say you have a new "official" update! An I don't have to hear about the poor AT&T bold users. As a disgruntled Storm owner I find this to be hysterical! Hahaha!

Is there any way to find out what this release updates? Is there any new functionality or enhancements? I couldn't find a "what's new" page about this release.

Just got done doing the update. I had to do a battery pull though because I was getting the java.exception error, but after the battery pull, everything is back in line. Seems like it connects to EDGE first but then within 4-5 seconds 3G and BIS symbol comes up. I will report back with any difference in calls & 3G tower connections. The HUGE DIFFERENCE SO FAR: APP MEMORY! I don't have too many apps and with the oldert ATT software I was always running @ 20-15 MB (I installed quickpull to reset my bold everyday because of this!!) but now I'm running @ 40.2MB!! HUGE, HUGE difference!

Are all of your apps there? I noticed more memory as well but then realized that even after backing up and reinstalling they weren't all there.

such an incremental upgrade must have been done just to thumb their nose at VZW.

"Come to AT&T, where you get official updates, no matter how trivial!"

HAHA - I can just imagin the guys at At&t

Rep1- Hey guys, Verizon just bent over storm owners and they are taking it like champs... how about we release an update....

Rep2- Well what update do we give them?

Rep1- what update do you have on that flash drive around your neck

Rep2- not sure but lets just give it to them... HAHA

after an update to this version 438 my bold appears to react sluggish in the main menu. Besides that my favorite app won't work anymore and gets a network error...both on wifi and 3g

In the previous post I reportet a network failure on ubertwitter. I tried tinytwitter instead and it reported a network failure too, but this time in included a referral to APN settings. After adding APN name 'internet' on my tmobile bold everything is ok with ubertwitter&tinytwitter

...Whether if I should downgrade because I am using the beta .266 (platform .223). After reading some opinions, it seems that with this version you get better reception and 3G coverage which is great because the reception in my home room is a little groggy. Even though I have a beta, .266 is very stable. But official updates like these are never bad. What do you guys think should I downgrade or keep the .266 and wait it out for 5.0?

Im with t-mobile but i am using an unlocked at&t blackberry bold. does anyone know if this will mess up my phone in any way?

I just completed my update flawlessly. I did a battery pull after it had completed for good measure. I notice a CONSIDERABLE difference in signal reception. I live in a 3G area and have been disappointed that my Bold could not seem to hang on to 3G for more than 5 mins or so at a time. Before the majority of the time I was picking up the EDGE network with 3-4 bars sometimes fluctuating down to 2 bars and up to 5. NOW since I did the battery pull after the update my Bold has been glued to 3G and has not fluctuated for one second below full 5 bar service. Update is well worth it to me.

i downloaded the applocation loader on my computer and it doesnt seeem to be working right. it doesnt work when i try to put in my devise. is there something i can do?

Completed the upgrade today. No problems with the upgrade, all applications restored. Only difference that I see is that it handles memory better now. Before after a battery pull or quick pull v2 I would have 20/21MB of memory now I hover around 30MB of memory (give or take).

I've been running MSN messenger, yahoo, facebook, myspace and it has actually stayed around 28MB all day today since the upgrade. Haven't noticed any other changes or differences.

Concur with nanki2.

I completed my upgrade today, 13-May-2009, and I noticed that the application memory is much better.

Here are the applications on my Bold:
- Stock Manager For BlackBerry
- ExtraLight
- iCall Manager
- Google Maps Latitude
- RDM+
- BBSmart Alarms Pro
- PeeKaWho
- MemoryUp Pro
- Google Talk
- Pandora
- FaceBook
- TetherBerry
- JNetX - Call Reminder
- Quick Pull
- CrackBerry App Store
- Ascendo Data Vault

Before the official OS upgrade, my application memory hovered between 7-12 MB. After executing a daily battery pull or QuickPull or alt+shift+delete, my memory would increase to 23 MB and drop down to 7-12 MB.

Presently, after the official OS upgrade today, 13-May-2009, I'm hovering between 23 MB - 29 MB without a battery pull or QuickPull or alt+shift+delete -- the official OS upgrade has been holding this MB range for almost six hours.

I am anxiously waiting, like y'all, for the Official 5.0 OS release.

/s/ Alfonso Faustino

Looks like I'm getting better service. I have full bars right now in my room. Usually it's 3-2 bouncing to 1 with edge or grps.

Mine was updated today. I don't know what the difference is but it blew my calendar (8700 entries). I restored it on sync.

I just did the software update and I gotta say works perfectly fine and I seem to have a lot more memory available.

I followed the instructions to download the Version firmware upgrade but the BB App Loader mentions nothing of the sort; is the only version offered...

I had the same experience. I received two choices .167 (preferred) or .167. I chose the preferred, but almost nothing seemed to change with the exception of wireless updates

Just upgraded. My Bold works as before, but it reset the ringtones to the lousy AT&T ones. Lost all my bongo drums and guitars.

Upgraded this evening and all went well. Installed the software on the PC. After rebooting the PC as prompted, the BlackBerry PC App Loader software correctly recognized the device once plugged in. Curiously the App Mgr software prompted for three mutually exclusive versions of the upgrade. The first was indicated "Preferred", the 2nd was indicated "Common" and the third was indicated as for the Bold 9000. I went with item #1.

All Apps were present after doing a few dual reboots via Alt+Shft+Del. Yes there were Java exception errors encountered but they cleared after another pair of dual reboots. I maintain my multiple (nine) e-mail addresses all in a common e-mail folder. Five of them appeared on their own out of the common folder and had to be moved back to the common folder.

My custom Profile was not present after the new software install and had to be re-created :((.

Another casualty was that DocsToGo was downgraded by the installation of the upgrade OS package and had to be reinstalled to the freely available upgrade.

Aside from that all is good. Free memory is now 34MB when it typically had been around 23MB after a dbl reboot.

As a follow-up to last night's post, be aware that if you have multiple e-mail accounts on your Device, you should check your Message Options > E-mail Reconciliation > Delete On settings.

Of the Nine (9) e-mail accounts configured on my device, all had all been configured to Prompt on Delete. This method permitted optimal management flexibility of messages on the Handheld as well as the server Mailbox(es). Following installation of the update, most of the e-mail accounts' settings had changed to "Handheld" rather than "Prompt".

I would say that this has to be an April Fools joke, except that was over 6 weeks ago. Is there anyone left still using the original AT&T OS with it's mediocre battery life and reception? Seriously, AT&T, release .247; this update is an EPIC FAIL!

Hah. I just upgraded to .93. No, I'm not behind. I mean How long would it take...ah never mind. If you want to stick with 4.6 for now, go with .266, .247, .237, .219, or .210.

These are the most stable ones and they all work well. Just get .266 if you want to stay with 4.6 for now. ;)

I've loaded the update, but I really could not tell what the differences are. To me, everything looked the same.

I couldn't find this software update on the site and it wasn't available when I checked "wireless updates" on my phone. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

i heard that the Bold will support video share as an option in the future. was it included with this release? and i know im probably the only one that uses video share but i find it useful.

I downloaded and installed upgrade this morning took about twenty minutes from download to upgrade of BlackBerry. This was my first upgrade and had no issues.

I just ran the update and besides taking a very long time I am not sure what changed! Anything in particular I should be looking for?


Bold Addict

For those saying they're getting better signal, did you upgrade from an earlier version, or change it from .266?

Well I ran the update last night and it crashed in the middle of the update and bricked it. I followed the process to restore a bricked berry and it worked fine with the new OS. After restoring and reloading my apps it seems to be working ok. I have not noticed any real changes.

took me almost an hour and I kinda got freaked out when my Bold refused to load the update, but I got it eventually ! was my first downgrade so that whole "phone wipe-out" thing made me a little on edge.

Hopefully .167 was worth it!

I purchased a Bold refurb about 3 weeks ago. It came pre installed with platform .157. For the most part things were good till 3 days ago. I did the standard charge overnight, in the morning the battery was only @ 50% and 2 uncaught exception errors. It is now a useless brick. I have sought a solution from both AT&T & Blackberry with no luck. I spoke with several of my co-workers and they have all been hit within the past week with the same errors. I would really like to upgrade to .266, however at this time I cannot get connectivity to desktop manager.

can anyone please upload this update to any upload service, like megaupload or rapidshare? i'm having a problem downloading this, i tried all the time since yesterday till today and keeps hanging up in the middle, when i want to continue it, it just starts downloading it from the beginnin

I am currently running v4.6.0.167 platform and trying to upgrade to platform .217 I try but when trying to install I get the mssg "no upgrade needed" it says that I am using the most upgraded system. What can I do to upgrade the platform????? Thanks, Mark

The only difference I've figured out after a day with the new OS is that the Application Memory allotment seems to be larger.

Well, I updated my Bold with no issues whatsoever. It took more than 30 minutes which got me a little concern. But in the end it worked out fine. The only thing I had to do was restore my enterprise account at the office, which was quite minor. Can anyone tell me what the differences are with this update version? I cannot tell.

ran the update, NO WORRIES... smooth, only thing is they really need to catch up and gain Mac Support for these updates... ANNOYING...


This update really helped my phone. Before I installed it my phone was freezing a lot. Now my phone runs smoothly and my battery life seems to be better too.

I upgraded to this a while back when it leaked on the blackberry website, went to .266, then back to this. So far I feel this is working pretty great. Call quality is better for sure. With .266, calls weren't completely clear. With this "update" signal is held onto better, as well as some marginally better signal strength, better memory for sure from .167 (same amount that we are all used to after .237), and better call quality. Another thing I am very happy about is that now I can have battery life better than the original .167 and have the good that came with the original .167. The only thing I liked about the stock os was that I did not get a squeeling noise from the speaker when in speaker phone (when going near any of the ports, headphone jack, or mic). That drove me crazy, and with the ATT os, this isnt a problem.

Overall, I am happy with this os and will stay with it until there is a beta that is really worth upgrading to, or when ATT releases it's next update

Except for the fact that the update downgraded Documents to Go to earlier version all went well. Redownloaded latest of Docs To Go with no problem. Phone, data connections, and all apps working with no problem. No visual difference in upgrade and does not seem noticeably faster. Biggest difference, as others have reported, seems to be an increase in available memory. Even with all the applications I had installed before the update reinstalled, my available memory increased 30-35%. If this holds, the update may be worth making for that reason alone.

I downloaded the latest Desktop Manager first, then downloaded this OS. After rebooting my PC, and connecting my BB, it gave me a few options: preferred or standard (normal). I chose the preferred option. (this is the new one) It took about 30 minutes and the new OS runs perfectly. Better reception, more memory, etc. Still waiting on 5.0 though ....

I upgraded last night with success. There was one error with calendar sync but that's due to the POS Facebook app. Took about 30m as others have mentioned. The BB button still works fine. Everything is good. It does seem like the battery life has improved.

Yesterday I actually downgraded from A4.6.0.247 (I think) to PBr4.6.0_rel438_PL4.0.0.217_A4.6.0.167_AT_amp_T.

Now my battery life is horrible. I have had other 3G devices but this is ridiculous. I have played around with batteries and use over the last 24 hr. and it still is horrible. I am sitting here in my office were I do not use my Bold for call that much according to the logs since I disconnected from power outlet I have had 12 min. of calls. Obviously I have been receiving emails and responding to some emails but not much since I am sitting in from of my computer. Ok battery is at 20% what is going on!!! Anybody else having the same problem? Any suggestions?

Did the upgrade last night. Took about 15 or 20 minutes. Noticed that I seem to have better signal and it's on 3g more now. App memory is better too.

Probably won't matter as I'm thinking about dumping the Bold and going back to the Curve.

This is my second Bold. The first crashed bad during a software upgrade and I couldn't get it back up. I tried every trick here on the forums but nothing worked. The phone was crashing almost 2 to 3 times a day prior to trying the upgrade so I know something was bad with the phone. I was still within my 30 days at AT&T so I took it back and exchanged it.

I now have my second bold which is very stable but it has the dreaded no or low volume speaker problem. What good is a phone that you can't hear? Naturally I'm past the 30 days on the second phone so I'm stuck with it. Right now I have a small piece of paper in the back of it to press above the flash to get the speaker to work. Which sucks because it doesn't always work. I know I could take it apart and correct the speaker contacts but why should I have too on a phone that costs as much as the Bold does? Besides, I just don't have time to spare to fix something that IMO should not be an issue at all. (yes, I'm venting sorry).

IMO the Bold's just NOT built as solid as even my older Pearl and Curve were. It's a nice phone but worthless if it's not solid and reliable.

I could send it to RIM under warranty but I'm fairly sure I'll get a refurb back in return and who knows how that will turn out?

So far dissappointed with the Bold.

So after I upgraded to this software I noticed something, and I'm wondering if anyone else noticed it too. I skimmed through the thread here and didn't see anyone say this...

Under the call history I am not seeing an icon denoting whether any of the calls were missed, place or received.

Though if I miss a call the missed call icon shows up in the header on the main screen, it doesn't reflect in my call history screen. Anyone else?