A Look At the AT&T Bold $100 Rebate

BlackBerry Bold Rebate
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Nov 2008 09:12 am EST

* Update: ARGGGG...  Confusion.  So it looks like the $349.99/$299.99 pricing is ALREADY AFTER this $100 rebate is taken into affect. My bad. My bad. Don't get too excited. With Rogers lowering the cost to $199 I was just REALLY wanting to believe AT&T customers would be getting the same treatment out of the starting gates. With this form showing just the rebates and not the standard pricing, I thought this was on top of the pricing we have been seeing. D'oh! *

November 4th is going to be historic for a couple of reasons... the one most important to CrackBerry Nation of course being that the BlackBerry Bold will finally and officially be available from AT&T! And looking at this AT&T Premier rebate form that just came our way, it looks like the BlackBerry Bold will be $100 cheaper than the contract pricing we have seen to date of:

  • $349.99 for plans under $65
  • $299.99 for plans over $65
You can click here to view the full rebate form .pdf and get all the details. How do you feel about the BlackBerry Bold's pricing now?? If you're buying a Bold tomorrow, give be sure to give a shoutout in the comments!!

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A Look At the AT&T Bold $100 Rebate


I believe it is still $299.

The Tilt says $100 off as well through Premier, but the final price is the same as the store and online (non-premier).

I am a current AT&T Tilt and longtime WM user and am going to buy myself a Bold tomorrow. I have actually been waiting for it for a long time. I am switching over because my company doesn't support WM, but also, I think that with the Bold, RIM has a product that truly has me excited. Also, the fact that several of the applications that I use on my WM devices are becoming or are available for the BlackBerry, namely Pocket Informant. I have several conference calls tomorrow morning, but they end at 11:00 and I will be running out to my local AT&T to pick one up.

My local AT&T store is offering them up today and I'm going out to take a look and play with one for the first time...but I'm not going to buy one. I am waiting for the price to drop when VZ drops the Storm in the US. I don't want to be the early adopter stuck out in the cold!

Now I am confused will it be $100 off of $299 or $100 off of 399.

Everything I have read it that it will be $299 after the $100 rebate.

So you get the rebate in the form of a Visa Card. Does anyone else find it hard to use every last dollar on the card. When you get around to having under $20 it's weird to use because you never know how much you have left on it. It would be nice just to get a check.

I think I am hanging onto my Curve and will wait for the bold. I added some new apps to my Curve and I am kind of liking it. I will save the money on something else.

Yeah I just noticed that why does it have to be one of those Visa cards?

You have to use the exact amount. I should use it to pay my first bill - :P

Since I tend to let gift cards sit around and never get used I started converting them to Amazon gift certificates. I use that frequently enough and I can get the entire value out of it without having to keep track.

I work for an Authorized Retailer and we have been told the price will be $399.99 with a $100.00 Mail in Rebate. And in order to get the rebate you have to have the $30 Blackberry PDA feature on your plan.

Or unlimited messaging ($20 or more) along with a $39.99 or higher voice plan, whether it's individual or family.

Nope, they wont allow unlimited text to be used for the rebate. But with the Blackberry PDA there is an additional $50 Rebate.

can't wait to see how tomorrow goes... with less than 24 hours til showtime, the 3 stores I have called in DFW, STILL HAVE NO CLUE as to any details, information, or comments! Customer service is out the window with these jerkoffs!

I Have one!!! #399.00 w/ $10) card rebate! Will have to look into the $50.00 rebate mentioned below... It took forever, but worth the wait!!! Authorized ATT store took it stright out of the UPS Box and handed it over around 1:00PM CST.

Main concern was the battery, as I had the iphone for 3 days and charged it 4 times, and had all of the settings set to off (3G etc) with the half charge out of the box with everything ON it is still going 8 hours later!!!


Haaa at that update, any longtime AT&T user should of know the price they are promoting is usually after rebate, not before. I knew that 299.99 was after rebate and made plans accordingly!

Isn't the $199.99 price for a three year contract anyway?

And while it doesn't effect me but to some who need a mucher larger data plan -- They'll be paying twice more per month for service.

Dammit you guys. Why are people talking of 3-year contracts and why is everyone confused on the pricing? read the MAIN paragraph below the rebate forms.

$449.99 with a $100 rebate with features over $65 and
$399.99 with a $100 rebate with features under $65

stop all this extra jibber jabber because it's junk. I'm a store RSC and I know what the deal is. we have lots of intracompany literature. that's the deal.

and its $549 retail with no contract.

This blows! My insider at At&t did say it will be $399 tmorrow in store with a $100 rebate. They said the Online store might have a better offer, which they do about 80% of the time.

If we do see a much better deal online, go make a buddy at a retail store and they can match the price once you work them a few minutes.

Best Buy might save you $50 up front, but no rebate as of yet.

At&t store $399 with $100 mail-in rebate = $299
Best Buy $350

Let's not get upset yet. We can all stay up til midnight and see AT&T make the posting for the real price.

This is really sick...after a long wait with extreme patience, this is the type of treatment we get...
I'll wait..and the prices will come down just like in Canada.

This will be my first BlackBerry, I am probably going to have a plan that is more than 65 dollars, I want unlimited texting, and unlimited data. I am also eligible for an upgrade! Can anyone tell me how much I am going to pay?

Never mind I just called my local store, they said they have them and that he will sell me one today! My heart is racing I can't wait until I get out of this place I call work!!! 399.00 plus the rebate!


I got it!!! $425.00! I can't believe how small it is! I love it!

It's pretty simple...just go to your account online, apply the rebate to your account, and look! It's like you magically now have $100 extra in your bank account since you are now getting $100 off of your next bill(s).

My IT guy just walked in with a Bold and gave me a demo of video playing on it. The display is amazing and the sound quality coming from the video was ridiculous for a phone.

Retails for $550 - $100 mail in gift card.

Retail out of pocket $450 plus tax. You can keep trimming the price if you can renew your contract or not. Got mine today, will post a pic to prove tonight when I get home to my camera. Right now, it's still charging...I never use one of these until its charged (cuz Im OCD) Oh, this is from an AT&T corporate store.

Have a great day all!

price point i was told at the att store was:

$550 no contract
$399 w/ 2 year agreement (before $100 MIR)

no other pricing was available...?

why is att so behind.they still havent released a official 4.5 os. you call 611 and whoever u talk to have no idea what the bold is..I swear i hate mail in rebates just take the freaking rebate off now. instant rebate dang it

It's Monday 4.20 pm. I *just* got off the phone with the ATT store. Months ago, I gave my name and number to them so that they'd call me when the Bold was in stock.
I was shocked hearing that it's there now, Nov 3! The pricing is $399 minus the $100 mail in rebate. In addition, I will get another $50 for trading in my current phone. And because it's a curve, I could get up to another $99 off for the trade-in. Sweet!
Guess where I'm heading .....................

Hey everyone, just got my Bold!!! Apparently all corporate stores (not authorized retailer) can sell the phone a day early... it was $374.99 (with the $100 rebate) so $479.99 total :(


I do have one of those "friends" on the inside. She got their shipment in at 11:02 a.m. and already put my name on one as they expect to sell out within an hour of opening.

I called her back after reading on here, and it's a 2 yr contract @ $399.99 then the $100.00 rebate.

I'd hock my boy toy to get mine, so tomorrow at 9:01 a.m. ya'll see me posting on my new B-O-L-D!!!!

Since tomorrow is the official release of the Bold, where would be the best place to go to purchase one so I can have one guaranteed tomorrow?

Wirefly has this phone at $199 after rebates using the same rebate form. Best price I have seen. Is this too good to be true?

How legit is Wirefly?

Also, anyone in MA know which stores will have the big bad bold tomorrow, 11/4?

Lastly, do phones with a warranty expired qualify as a discount toward a new phone?

Thanks all!

I've been an AT&T/Cingular customer for years. Like everyone else, I've been waiting for the Bold. I thought AT&T would be the least bit competitive with pricing.

Furthermore, with the iPhone you could find out so much info about the phone and services well before the release date(on their website). Even the release date was well publicized. With all other phones I feel like a stepchild.

I think it's time to make a switch to another carrier. I'm excited about both phones. I like the wi-fi on the Bold, but I'm not paying hundreds of $$$ for that feature. At least with Verizon I get the 2-year contract price. AT&T is not going to cut me any slack....unless of course I was going to buy an iPhone. Then I get a new 2-year price.

I can give you the official word since I bought mine around 3:30. Price with a 2 year commitment is $399.99 - $50 instant savings - $100 mail in rebate. So I got mine for $249.99! I know some of you will call me out on this since it doesn't officially come out till tomorrow, but BGR reported that individual stores may release them early. I called every AT&T store in St. Louis, and found one that both had it in stock and would sell it to me.

Hopefully by the time my dad gets the check in, the price will drop enough >.> I really want to get the Bold. (Its a Upgrade from the Blackberry Pearl, which I just bought parts for ^.^)

November 3rd, went to Bestbuy to see when they would be selling the Bold, The guy said he just unpacked them and asked if I wanted one, I was a happy camper as of 7:15 and home in time to watch the STILLERS

I am eligible for an upgrade in January so I am going to hold out until then (I know I can make it!) Does anybody have an idea of what the pricing will be with the upgrade?

With a 2 year commitment, it was priced for me the following way. $549.99 orig. Less $150.00 instant online rebate, $50. upgrade discount and $100 AT&T promotional card rebate (mail-in). Price was $249.99

Heres the breakdown on my at&t account when i select the bold as an upgrade:

Retail Price $549.99
Online Discount - $150.00
AT&T Upgrade Advantage Discount - $100.00
Total Due Today $299.99
Mail-in Rebate via AT&T Promotion Card - $100.00
Price After Mail-in Rebate $199.99
You Save $350.00

I have an at&t upgrade advantage discount.. whats that about? oh well, not complaining, but still unsure if i want it.. currently using an e71 and still have my tilt.