AT&T BlackBerry Torch 9800 goes on sale today; you grabbing one? Be sure to share your first impressions!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Aug 2010 07:09 am EDT
BlackBerry Torch 9800

It's a big day today for AT&T BlackBerry fans - the Torch 9800 is now available for purchase! As with any new highly anticipated BlackBerry, it's been getting a lot of coverage here on the blogs and in the forums the community is getting revved up too. I always love the release of a new device as the forums just explode with activity, as new owners unbox their precious and start providing their feedback. And with a new form factor that combines touchscreen and full qwerty keyboard and the debut of BlackBerry 6, I'm sure we'll see a LOT of first impressions and user reviews pop-up.

So if you're picking up a new Torch today, let us know in the comments and be sure to drop by the BlackBerry Torch forum and share your photos and in-depth thoughts. And don't forget we have a dedicated BlackBerry 6 forum too. Below are a couple threads to get you started!

Reader comments

AT&T BlackBerry Torch 9800 goes on sale today; you grabbing one? Be sure to share your first impressions!


yea, I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I bought mine and told me my total WITH tax was 160$. Great deal

Very happy with the Torch so far. But I am not happy with the cheap ear piece that comes with it. It's junk compared to the one that came with my Bold. I don't care for the charger either, I like a separate charger and computer cable.

So I like the phone, but they really went cheap on the accessories for their new flag ship phone. Maybe that's due to the new lower price point compared to the $399 I paid for my Bold.

i want one so bad... than again i just wanna get back on a BB period... stupid loaner sidekick of my sisters isnt cutting it

I Can't Wait.... I've Been Waiting For This For Sooooo Long. I Guess I'll Go To Work First..... Not Like In High School When U Would Go To The Mall For The New Jordan's And Show Up With Them On..... lol.

I agree with you; it's amazing what passes as English today. The Italian students I teach can do a better job of writing. Thank goodness today's smart phones correct most spelling errors.

Forgot that you're supposed to be 100% correct online, when it comes to grammar and spelling. Relax guys, its not a big deal.

Obviously compensating for some personal shortcoming. So the OP didnt post with proper grammar, who cares? Those replies make both of you appear to be very douchey. I know Douchey is not a real word so you dont have to bother correcting me.

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If we are nitpicking then please allow me to be a douche and point out a flaw in your last post. If you had used the word capitalizing rather than "capitalization" it would have flowed smoother and been a much more enjoyable read. Nobody's perfect though, right?

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Who cares how someone spells or misspells a word. Honestly this is suppose to be about the Torch not a bunch of douche bags whining about grammatical errors. Anyone displaying such behavior needs to have their membership suspended for a month and maybe we can get back to the business at hand. Does anyone know when T-Mobile will release BB 6.0?

Your post is pretty comical and also very sad. To even consider jumping in here and declare "ALL" of us losers for critiquing each other is extremely hypocrytical. By definition of your post you are really calling yourself a loser as well because you are doing the exact same thing that we are and that is why I find your post amusing. The sad part is that this would make you say something as corny as "Ya'll are so naking me want to get rid of blackberry", and "Do the cool folks hang out on Droid sites????" If you want to find out where the "cool" people really hang out it isnt on any site, BB, Droid or otherwise. Maybe its just me but I would assume that most of the people here are browsing when they can find time at work and aren't going to define themselves by what phone they carry and who else carries the same phone. I do wish you luck in finding the cool people you want to hang out with and I also hope it isnt on an internet forum.

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#3. Even Blackberry owners are turning on each other. Wow, the lack of a interesting handset is really getting to you guys isn't it.

it looks like you need to get a life.....try a girl or friend it would bring some joy in your miserable life

Wow, you're an idiot. Not everyone is heterosexual, you know...and it's not a good idea to assume that everyone who posts here is male.

Decided to order it on Amazon instead of going into the AT&T store. It's $100 for an individual upgrade and no sales tax for me. The only bad thing is I'll have to wait for it to arrive.

I looked on Amazon for it and could not locate it anywhere. I'm not getting it because I have T-Mo, but was just curious..

Except it will only let you choose it for an individual plan. For some reason when I choose that I already have a family plan it ups the price to $199. :(

For $100 I would have jumped on it, but for $200 I'll wait a little bit. Bummer...

I ordered mine through and only paid 99.00. It should arrive tomorrow. I was going to buy it at the ATT store but it would have cost me 199.00. The guy kept trying to get me into another android phone or the iphone, but I have always liked the blackberry.

I've read many reviews and most if not all complain about the lack of a faster processor. I will soon find out.

I ordered mine through and only paid 99.00. It should arrive tomorrow. I was going to buy it at the ATT store but it would have cost me 199.00. The guy kept trying to get me into another android phone or the iphone, but I have always liked the blackberry.

I've read many reviews and most if not all complain about the lack of a faster processor. I will soon find out.

waiting for proper user review and some real life problems to come up.
Lets see how torch really works when it is miss handled.

@ Contender..... I said go to work first, maybe you should go to school to learn how to break down a comment before you try and attack someone. Have a fantastic day BUDDY!

I'm with Marine One on this one! @contender needs to back it down a notch! Noone is on here to learn about grammer, proper pronunctuation, spelling, n whatever you got!

I have to wait until October to receive an upgrade from ATT. I got my blackberry bold 9700 in late last year :(

I had the chance to fully play with the phone last night. Obviously slight bigger than my Bold 9700, big upgrade from OS 5 to 0S 6.

My personal opinion and review. Yes Blackberry has come a long way from the business world to work with the "common world". I'm hoping with OS 6.0 it will open doors to better and improve releases in the near future. I'll say version 2 of the torch will be a more complete phone. Also the keyboard being sunk in was killing my typing space and felt weird. The touch screen wasn't bad, even though I had to tap twice on a couple of links, options. Also the transition between menu's did lag just a tad.

Again like I mention above version 2 of the "torch" devices should be an improved version. Hopefully with a better processor / memory (including internal).

Also what drove me nuts was the convenient key to the left being left out. Yes I did see all the Blackberry reviews / videos and it was brought up. Didn't think it would be trouble, but my left convenient key I have set for call logs. Easier than scrolling for last calls made.

Whats funny is right now I have a love / hate relationship for the torch. Will I upgrade when October comes around ? All depends on the reaction / results of OS 6.

I believe the 9700 and 9300 both will be getting OS6. Unless you want a newer device. The 9780 would probably be more what you want but its just more of an update.

I have had mine since Tuesday night (attended consumer launch). I really like it. Feels good, looks good, battery last and web browsing has taken a huge leap forward. Would like flash at this point to complete the experience.

Only gripe is that it does not come with a case like most BB devices.

i dont know why you need a touch screen the glass gets dirty all the time its a pain in the azz do away with this idea please .

If a touch screen is not your thing then don't buy it. Sooner or later RIM will put out a standard BlackBerry without the touch screen and with OS6.

Then don't use the touch screen there's a keyboard n a trackpad, that's the beauty of the torch. Shesh the commentators r getting more smarter by the day

For those who buy a 9800, please post your comments concerning the good, bad, and ugly about it. One of these days (months or years), some other carriers here in the US may get it (a different revision). I could really use the info and I truly appreciate all who comment.

I plan on being there to get 2 this evening, one for myself and my wife, who's been drawn into the CrackBerry world from my 9700!

Going to stick with my 9700 since its getting bb6 ...I'm really thinking about that beefed up 9700 (9780) coming out

do you also have tmobile? any guesses as to when this would come out..? a friend that works at tmobile said that he thinks sometime around october possibly.

I wish I was getting one today. I probably will get one as a Christmas present to myself. Congrats to those that are getting theirs today!

I'll wait until everyone has a few days to provide feedback. I'm not rushing over to get one until I know that the "screen isn't slanted," the sliding keyboard doesn't hang when opened or closed, etc. Been issues with the past few device releases. I hope more went into these to ensure none of those things wrong with this one.

Than I will race over and get mine! :)

Anyone know what the full price of the phone is? all i see is 2 year pricing, but i'd like to buy the phone without a contract to unlock it and use it on my t-mobile network. anyone? if so please let me know. thanks.


At an AT&T corporate store: $599. At my local Wal-Mart's Connection Center: $500. HUGE difference, so be sure to ask around!

Their website says:
No Commitment Pricing $499.99
2-yr Contract Price $199.99
Total Due Today $199.99

So - I believe $500 is your answer. My answer too :)

Edit: Ninja'd... Drat.

Sitting here as a Verizon customer....this is KILLING ME the Torch fits everything I would ever want in a phone. I would even switch carriers if it was not for the fact that I do not get AT&T service at my place of work or in most of my home.

Waaaa I want this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't like AT&T coverage...not so bad with data but voice calls are horrible. I'd love to see this phone on Verizon but don't want to pay full price to buy the handset, then unlock it. Plus I'd rather wait to make sure the early adopter syndrome issues are resolved.

I had a chance to go to the AT&T store and play with the 2 they had yesterday. It worked great, not really any "hangups"like some are talking about. I DLed about 4 apps and had 8 running all at the same time then surfed the web, a little laggy until the page loaded fully, just like on MOST computers that are out these days. Yes computers load web pages in a matter of seconds but if you don't like to wait like me you tried to do things in the first second or two while pages are loading, same thing with the phone you just have to wait about 20-30 sec. All in all I really liked it, but I still want to hear what the masses say before I go out and get this SWEET PHONE.

I can not get my upgrade until Nov. 3 months to wait unless I just spend the money and pay full price. NOT!!

I'll get mine this morning. If it ends up having lots of problems AT&T has a 30 day return policy. I tried a Samsung Captivate recently and when I turned it back in the local AT&T store even waived the restocking fee.

I tend to agree. Although I could upgrade to this when it comes to the UK, I'd feel very reluctant signing up to an eighteen month contract with this baby when I suspect that it'll be left behind in six months time (although I'd love to be wrong). Bring on the rumours about the Dakota and touchscreen Bold!

lucky people who get their hands on one! love to hear all your impressions later in the forums :)

But i don't want to have to activate a 2 year agreement. N e suggestions on where i can go and buy the phone upfront? Like website or a store?? It really be appreciated thank you. I really  and when i saw this phone i fell in love. I really don't like typing with touch screen but when i saw that it had a keyboared i was sold. I cant wait to get my hands one. Hopefully soon

...of course a meeting gets scheduled for 9am at work this morning! But I'm going to the AT&T store right after.

Yeah, this is the 1st of the OS6 phones, and the 1st of the touch screen / keyboard. There's bound to be a few issues that show up, and RIM will adapt the phone & release an updated one down the road (better Processor, maybe a better screen & more memory) ... but by the time those show up, it may be time to upgrade anyway.

Hope my AT&T store doesn't sell all of them this morning!

I want it sooooo bad, but im gonna be smart and wait till i pay the new contract price in october. I did see it in the store and it is some kinda sexy.

I know AT&T had a hand in pushing for this product, but why the exclusivity across the world? I'm shocked no carrier in Canada was "allowed" to release it today. Anyone have an idea of when Rogers will get it? We looking at a week? a month?

I played around with a demo last night at a kiosk. I was really impressed at how solid it felt. I had always wanted a slider though I did not think I would portrait slider. I realized I was wrong once I actually held one in my hand. My only grip was the physical keyboard. Maybe I'm used to my 9630 but it wasn't smooth or comfortable typing on it. I guess one could get used to it but I still prefer the 9630 for typing.

great phone, its fast, its big screen, its easy to move your accounts, its slick, its smooth, its both touch and keypad you will find yourself using the keypad allot since the touch buttons isnt as big as the storm2, this doesnt not take away from the phone it helps makes it a better performer in this dep. its great everyone enjoy your 9800 and have fun mine is just sweet. too bad otter box isnt out yet with a case and it dont come with a case so make sure to get one dropping this baby will hurt allot. Good luck to you all.

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - George Santayana

I'm beginning to feel a large contingent of people here are sheep. It hasn't been that long ago we saw what happened with the Storm, Tour, etc.

Six to eight months from now, we will see what many will think the Torch should have been in the first place with a minimum of a gig of RAM and a much faster processer that will render pages and tasks must faster than the sluggish Torch 1. Believe me those who buy this will say it is sluggish in a few months from now.

Then the whining will come and the demands that Torch1 owners should receive a discount for the Torch2 since that is how the Torch 1 should have been in the first place. RIM may even change the name of the Torch 2 to the Bold XXX in an effort to con you.

As consumers, we need to be smarter and demand better (with our wallets) rather than being simple sheep that go for whatever is released, just to say you have the newest thing and then complain later when you have no one else but yourself to blame. I'm glad this is only being released on AT&T, at least this may minimize the future whining that will surely come from this device.

Let's show RIM we have learned from the past and we are smarter consumers than they give us credit for. I think RIM is inspired by another, equally famous quote:
"There's a sucker born every minute." - P.T. Barnum

You can say this about any phone or product.

Look at all the "sheep" that lined up for the iPhone4 knowing very well that it has reception problems/issues.

Perhaps since the Storm 1 and Storm 2 had "issues" perhaps the 3rd generation will succeed. So many reviews have come out and the same thing is said about the processor. Has anyone notice in the 9800 review here on Crackberry there's a screenshot of the CPU usage? It's barely being used. Why would RIM need to place a 1GHz processor in this phone when the phone operates everything with ease? All the 1GHz processor will do it kill the battery faster.

All the Android phones need the horsepower because people want to play flashy 3D games. It's a phone people, if you want fantastic graphics buy and xbox or PS3. If you want to buy something fun buy a Wii or a Torch! HAHA

Sure, you can say this about many other products in general, but given this is thread is about the Torch, I am speaking specifically about the Torch. These devices have stopped being just phones for a long time now. They are basically small computers we sometimes make phone calls with now and there are expectations as these devices evolve.
Watch in six months as these predictions come true, history has been consistent on this matter.

I am merely advocating for people to be more discerning and smarter consumers instead of buying on a whim and whining later instead of showing their dissatisfaction with the limited progress of the products we are seeing.

I agree with you, the consumer holds the power for these companies to put out quality products that they support. Make them earn your business and dollars

The 624MHz processor should be fine for web browsers and communications. The screen size and resolution is what is keeping me from buying one. I am more and more using full size web pages (Bolt browser on Bold 9000). The Torch screen in portrait orientation is much narrower (and less pixels) than 9000 in that position, so I expect that I would mostly be holding the Torch sideways. That seems too awkward for a slider; I will have to look closer at the Captivate first.

I wonder if Droid owners are sitting around right now whining like little girls going "gee whiz! I can't believe they came out with another Droid that's better than mine already! I haven't even had mine for 10 months yet!" Would you rather they stop improving and say "this is the last BlackBerry we release because we don't want DrewDT to get pissy if we come out with a newer, better device."

Not sure what necessitated a personal attack on me for advising people to take pause in their purchasing decisions; but given the wide demographics in this forum, I should expect a fair share of sophomoric responses.

I am not against progress at all, anyone with a modicum of intelligence and reading comprehension can see that from what I wrote. I am against releasing devices too fast with very limited improvement and announcing "updated" versions of the same device four to six months later just because they know people will buy anything new. If we as consumers demand more not by whining when this realization comes to pass in a few months but by not buying now and demanding better for us to upgrade, then we will all be better served for it.

Progress is important but being smart consumers and demanding more for your dollar is equally important.

just went to the ATT store and they told me you can buy it today but they won't have it on display until Sunday. so stupid.

This question has been in my mind for a while and I can't seem to locate an anwser, so I'll pose it here.

How is it that Att can contiuosly allow themselves to be underpriced by other vendors like Best Buy, Wirefly, Amazon?
Wirefly is selling the 9800 for 98 bucks (upgrade, not sure of new contract price).

The only answers I can come up with are:

1) Att would rather not sell devices but services, but may be required to sell devices as a service provider
2) Online devices are greymarket, somehow inferior
3) Public aversion to online shoppin (I don't really think this is an issue, especially since Best Buy, Walmart etc have brick and mortars)
4) Vendors can negotiate better handset prices since they move greater volume, (If wirefly can sell TMO, VZW, T, and Sprint BBs, They buy more from RIM and RIM offers lower pricing, or wirefly subsidizes pricing more do the volume they sell)

Anyone have any insight on this business model?

This Canadian is going to be sulking while I not-so-patiently wait for Rogers to catch up ;) I will be reading all your reviews in the meantime. Have fun everyone!

I have a Storm 2 that I bought on eBay and I have to say that I kind of like it. I like more the more I use it. I have had a 9700, but its just a bit dull. I'm thinking about buying a 9800. Its not on sale in the UK yet but I could buy an unlocked version via eBay. However as I am going to be away from home for 3 weeks I need to wait. I think thats a good thing as we will see if there are any clear problems by then.

Its either that or wait a few months in the hope that there is a storm 3


I'm happy for everyone getting the Torch today, and I wish I could get it as well. However, I'm not going to get it for AT&T because I have T-Mobile, so I'm hoping the Torch releases on that carrier sometime soon.

In the meantime, I'll be waiting for OS 6 to release for my 9700...

Funny how so many comments are "I want it" or "I plan on getting it"... yet hardly NO ONE is actually pulling the trigger... I bet sales will be WEAK unfortunately... all RIM had to do was put on a higher res screen and a faster processor... would have sold like hotcakes... even just higher res screen... but nope.

Unlike many android or iphone owners, most of us will wait untill the end of the contract. I have a year left out of mine, as much as I like it I will not upgrade early.

RIM needs to add better specs to attract more consumers. I hope the rumored storm 3 will have at least a 1GHz processor when its released.

Hubby got his Torch on Tuesday, at the at&t launch event. It's amazing...especially love the wireless sync to your music library. So cool! Can't wait to get one for myself!

Hubby got his Torch on Tuesday, at the at&t launch event. It's amazing...especially love the wireless sync to your music library. So cool! Can't wait to get one for myself!

Love the form, it's heavier than my 9000, but feels very good in my hand. No problems in typing on the physical keyboard or the landscape screen. The real surprise is how easy and forgiving portrait mode typing is. I have little touchscreen experience, but I was surprised at how accurate that mode is for me, esp. since I come from a 9000! I have only had it 2 hrs., but I can't find a thing wrong with it ( I always have used Bolt as a browser ) and the slider mechanism is rock solid... so different than the Pre. I'm keepin' this one. More time, of course, before we see beyond the tip of the iceberg, but that's my 1st impression.

Good luck to everyone purchasing the new Torch today. I would love to get one , but I have Verizon and my contract is not up yet. Besides I get a great discount from Verizon and I love my BlackBerry Tour. I wait and see when they have a new Tour

The "new Tour" was already released many months ago. It was essentially announced less than 6 months after the first Tour was introduced to market.

They call it the Bold 9650 now because Tour owners were upset that this happened and they were stuck with a phone that should have contained the features contained in the upgraded Tour/Bold.

Look for a similar occurrence in the Torch.

I'm actually envious for the second time when it comes to your bb lineup. First it was the bold. And now it is the Torch. C'mon TMO we gotta do better than this...

I had the Torch since Tuesday. It's a great phone, I think all the naysayers get stuck on trying to compare it to all the other phones when really, there's no need to do that.
If you're a Blackberry user, you will most likely love the Torch. It's classic Blackberry with a twist.

The touch screen is really nice, and I appreciate that they still have the trackpad because I still use it a lot. The build quality and the keyboard feel great and OS 6 looks amazing.

Even if you're not a Blackberry fan, this phone may still suit your fancy, it's all about evaluating what you need/want from your phone.

Awesome ... the wife has it today. Can't wait until its in my hands again. The OS6 UI and menus did take some getting used to since I am on a hybrid OS6/OS5 for the Bold 9700. The haters from BGR are just too much iphone fan boys. Lotsa good updates and changes.

Got up and ordered it this morning at 6:30am. Premiere order status had it listed as back ordered until just now. let's hope it ships and shows up on monday. I wish they would have made it available to order so that it would have arriaved today.

Oh well, work is paying for it so I guess I can wait.

The phone is great :) the only thing that bothers me a little is that, its a little difficult to use the keypad while the phone is charging, cable gets in the way.

I will be getting one when I get back from Maui this next Thursday. I'm very temped to get one while in Maui but I'm taking care of a good buddy that works at at&t back home. So excited to get my hands on it.

Got mine this morning! I work at a retail store and snagged one immediately! It's totally awesome. Super nice phone.

rederikus Posted Aug 5th 2010 1:30PMNeutral@Plazmic Flame
I agree. I am a most loyal BlackBerry user. I am also a mod (under another name that I'll not reveal, on Crackberry).

I was desperately hoping that RIM would produce a real trailblazer with OS6. Alas it is not to be.

The 9800 Torch looks far too big and clunky. One good drop and you'll be oicking up multiple pieces.

I shall wait before making a decision to actually use a 9800 and, of course, I shall avidly read what my colleagues and members on CrackBerry have to say. However from reading the article, I am already thinking that my next phone will not be a BlackBerry and that makes ne sad. very sad.

Come on Kevin...whats with your guys.


Everything seems to be pretty nice and snappy so far. Only problem I'm having is physically sliding it. The bevel, while pretty, is a bit slick and I find myself having to try once or twice to get it open.

Facebook App is already glitchy. Can't get a notification to disappear from the homescreen. Guess I'll be uninstalling that just like I did on my 8900

I just took a look at the Torch. I have to say I thought I would hate it because of the 9700 keyboard. I was able to type on it with the keyboard and barely able with the touchscreen. Touchscreen typing was on par with the iPhone and way better than the Captivate for me. One thing that I did not like is the lack of column view on the browser. I usually use that when reading stories off Drudge because of the stupid ads that take half the screen. The zoom is ok but it took me several tries to get the text centered. For me the menus would take some getting used to. They are slightly different.

I am eligible for an upgrade but have some billing issues that won't let me do it in store (bundled with new DSL and it jacked up the bill). I currently have a 9000 with a bad trackball (won't click). I fear that AT&T is letting the 9000 go by the wayside. I'm probably going to order a new trackball to see if I can fix it. That might make my decision about the Torch sooner than later depending on whether the replacement works.

My initial impression though is to treat the Torch like a new version of Windows. Unless absolutely necessary to upgrade, I will hold off until the first update. I like it but I am still unsure if I want to be an early adopter for the various reasons stated in these comments.

Have had the Torch since 9 a.m. this morning. Here are some initial impressions:

1. Definitely takes a little getting used to. Feels a little bigger, heavier in your hand than the Bold, but not enough to make a huge difference.

2. Slider is solid, although takes a few tries to not erroneously hit something on the touchscreen when pushing it out.

3. I agree with a previous poster that the charger location is a little awkward (at the bottom left side of device, whereas Bold's was a little more out of the way, in a good way).

4. Finally, a BB web browser that works!

5. The universal search function is pretty awesome. Very useful.

Overall, I'm still learning the little ins and outs. Old habits die hard, and I must confess that the Bold 9700 was the best Blackberry I ever had (minus the browser) -- and I've had them all. But the Torch seems like a "bold" (pun intended) leap ahead and I'm excited to have it. Good luck to everyone picking one up soon!

Just order mind early today through crackberry for 99.99. Did order two but my wife is elegible for upgrade for couple more months, hell I was trying anyway to get her one, two phones for 199.98!? Couldn't beat that. So that was cancelled and am getting one for now.



I'm happy with my Torch so far (coming from a 9000). Paid $530 after taxes. Boot time was acceptable. Weight is solid as is the sliding mechanism. At first I couldn't get webages to load, but after clearing the cache and rebooting, the browser works just fine and faster than my 9000. The keyboard is going to take some getting used to after coming from a 9000. I haven't really used the camera yet. The charging port is in a horrible place (when using the physical keyboard with it plugged in is awkward)--right beside the "Q" key. The trackpad is somewhat weird (laggy, spastic, etc). I don't know if this is just a single problem, or device-wide? Overall, a great device so far and I'm happy with this investment.

Edit: call quality is horrible on my end. There is a high-pitched fuzzy (some have called it "digital") sound whenever I talk (some describe it as sounding like a broken speaker). If it persists and doesn't "fix itself" I'm returning it in two weeks. I love the phone, but hate grinding my teeth while trying to have a conversation.

So i drove to AT&T today to see if i would consider the upgrade from my 9000 to the Torch 9800. The phone did seem faster (of coarse), it felt great and I did enjoy the touchscreen.

While playing around I went to google and clicked on the search bar. I was very surprised when I could not type anything in. Keyboard, or touchscreen. I gave the phone to one of the workers and she had it for a few minutes, came back and said, "That's very strange and new to me." she took out a different 9800 and presto, it worked.

Browsing seemed very smooth, not laggy. The zoom was not as smooth as iphone but then again iphone can't do many things we can so i didn't mind (Hoping for an update to fix this) Phone had 307mb of free memory instead of my current 30.5 after reset. the slider was able to go halfway up but not halfway down (strange occurance just trying to prove a past comment wrong)

When i went back to my 9000, I enjoyed my 3rd party theme again but did miss the touchscreen abilities. I will buy this phone, just not today and the store wanted $200 so i will be looking else where.

I just switched from tmo - lovin it!
only thing that sucks in my opinion is that it doesn't have contacts for a charging pod like my 9700 had :(

They are using a different kind if charging pod. No contacts but it has a little port in it that fits into the usb on the side. Its around $50 at AT&T.

It's been sitting in my lap in the car for the past 4 hours. I need to unbox it and see what it has to offer against my bold 9000. ($150.00)

Stopped by an AT&T store today to look at it. I decided to purchase it, I have a 9700 but kind of wanted a new phone. I played around with it a little at the store before I decided to buy it. If I don't like it I will return it. Once I play around with it more I will let you know my thougths.

As we speak. A lot better than i thought it would be. Even the touch screen is working a lot better than I thought it was going too. Half this msg is the pgusical keyboard and the other hlaf is the touch screen. And os6 is amazing too. Not sure if its my thing in the touch department but overall its a solid phone. Hope this helps somewhat.

I uninstalled the Facebook app and Social Feeds. Facebook for the aforementioned problem and the Social Feeds because it was annoying. The would have assumed that the icon would show up when it had something pertaining to you, not everything.

The side key has to be pushed in rather far for it to register. Not sure if this is just a problem with mine, but you can't tap it. You have to press it as far in as it will go.

And mine locks up when looking at pictures... I should take that back, I can't look at pictures. Not really sure why, but I've had to do a battery pull already to release it.

There also is a problem with text alignment on some message boards, but that may be a particular board problem.

Primary Line eligible for upgrade price $99.99
Coupon code(found on web) (- $25.00)

Total Price $74.99
($18.00 activation fee by AT&T)

Could not pass it up.

(Only downside is that if you have the grandfathered unlimited plan, you can't keep it...must choose the $15 or $25 plan....won't pass through AT&T system.....Letstalk doesn't get their comission otherwise)....

Checked my usage and since Nov/2009 topped at 190MB/Month
So I made the switch.

I have used for my last 3 upgrades and no problems....Also by going through them I get the 1400 min. family plan for $80.00 instead of $90.00 through AT&T direct.

I drove to Plattsburg, NY from Montreal and the &*(&^^%& manager wouldn't sell me one outright without having a monthly plan! I went across the street to Best Buy and they were willing to sell them to me at 699$!! They wouldn't match the price because the 499$ price was for existing and new customers

So I got the new torch today...and all I can say is..D**M!!! This phone is absolutely amazing! Everything about this phone is 10x better than the 9700. I love the integration of the physical keyboard, trackpad and touchscreen. There are only 2 things that put a slightly bitter taste in my mouth upon the limitless sweetness this phone has shown since I unboxed it. The first being that this phone did not come with a leather belt clip like all other blackberries I've bought and the second...PANDORA ISN'T SUPPORTED BY BLACKBERRY 6!!!!

I agree with you on all points. I am using my 9000s leather case swivel belt clip. It is a little wider, but holds the phone pretty well.

I have a few apps not working yet, but I am sure, either the 3rd party apps will come out with updates or the OS will be updated and it will work.

Always a waiting game until we get everything working correctly.

Still loving it!

I got mine a few hours ago. It works great. Only complaint is that a lot of the apps I use are available for OS6 yet. Not a big deal; I'll just have to wait a little bit for the new versions to be released.

I'll pass. I still think the design of this phone is a loser.

I WANT A TOUCH SCREEN BOLD in the CANDY BAR form factor with NO TRACKPAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's cross our fingers for the 9900.

... touchscreen only is too limited. iPhone/iPod's have proven that as you can't get the finite control needed that a trackpad provides. It gives you the best of both worlds.

android sells 200k phones per day, iphone sells close to that, most of these phones do not have physical keyboards, so i don't really think they're a 'must'. in fact, boy genius report, gizmodo, engadget, cnet all slammed RIM for releasing this WITH a physical keyboard, altho given even talking about how bad the software keyboard, screen, and touchscreen is on this device it's probably good.

how would you click links that are small? Logistically wouldn't it be easier to use the trackpad to click those small print links versus double click to zoom in, possibly double click again to zoom further in, than press the link?

Well finally got mine, had a little surprise when I exchanged my 9700 i had bought just 30days ago because they lowered the price to $100 and gave me $100 worth of accessories and they guy just said they were free in a promo. So I paid $135.00 for mine, $100 for the phone and $35 restocking fee in addition to the $200 i had already paid for the 9700. But fine!! I got it.

My first impressions are:

Is heavier and it feels bigger on my hand and close to my ear. Close to the 9000 in feel, I know is not.

The screen is a lot sharper with much better contrast than I had expected reading all the reviews.

Is much faster and fluid than expected again after reading the reviews.

Browser is great!!! love how the text adjust with the double tap.

Virtual keyboard in portrait is bad, keys and way to small and skinny, in landscape is much better. but then again I bought this phone to keep my bb physical keyboard and at that is great, feels exactly like the 9700 with one exception. The corners are raised and when typing #'s holding the alt button is uncomfortable. Small price to pay.

I can't tell when the camera is focused like with 9700 where the small box turns green when ready.

Ok one last impression, I never use covers with any of my phones and it works for me, I handle them with care. But with this phone.. don't know why but I feel like is very very easy to drop. Don't know if is the edges or the material or the weight but it does not feel secure in my had at all. Maybe it will with time.

Will return mine though getting a hizz sound on mine when I talk on a call, several members have reported this problem. Hopefully is just a faulty unit.

just my 2 cents

I was looking at the phone on Amazon and it only lets you get it for 99.99; if you are a new customer or have an individual account!!! What the crap is up with that!? Why are they charging an extra 100$ for the same phone just because you're on a family plan!!! That bites!!!

Thats just the way all carries commission works think of it if your on a family plan paying $9.99 a month thats not alot of $ they cant give you a free phone on top of it also!

I picked mine up today from Best Buy Mobile. The phone is amazing (my old phone is an iPhone 3G), but I can't seem to get App World to download any apps onto my phone! Grrr...

Its badass! go get one you won't regret it

correction get 2!! lol

by far the BEST BB ever, BB OS 6 rocks and make sure you get BB desktop manager 6 to go with it.

Hey all, I have found that is the best price on phones. I do not work for them, just keep checking thay have sales. I got my 9700 a week after the phone came out for free with an upgrade.

a good phone from RIM but not a good phone versus the competition. I've had the 8300 and 9000 and I'm due for an upgrade on AT&T. I went to an AT&T store today and was greeted by the Torch pillar with the phone under glass. I asked a sales rep if they had a unit available to test and he stated, "there's a reason why it's under there. They don't want you to see it up close." Boy was he right. Once you play with the iPhone 4 and Samsung Captivate the screen, speed, and options blow you away. Then you pick up the Torch: slow, cloudy screen, awkward. You can tell that this phone was put out to shut up some of the comments about RIM being behind in terms of technology but they should have put a processor better than 624, a screen better than the original Storm? I'd wait until it gets better guts....and balls!

The phone itself just does not appeal to me in the least. It's basically what the Storm² should have been minus the slider keyboard and new OS. That said, nothing will be worse than that clamshell business that was posted yesterday-- HOW DREADFUL.

this is why i haven't been on here & when i do come on i get so pissed. some of you people are just plain stupid!!! why are most of the comments just ripping on eachother? it says to post your first thoughts on the phone. NOT post your first thoughts on someone. jesus christ!!! how about some reviews & less bashing!!! i would like to know how the 1st run of this phone is working out for people.

AND I'M IMPRESSED!! I always told myself that as soon as RIM came with the best of both I'd get it and I did. It's a big difference from my Bold 9000 (officially backup berry status now) and my Evo 4G. But I'm glad I got it and will have it for a long time. It looks a lot bigger on the internet lol. But it's definitely the best berry ever so far.

People please stop comparing bb to other smart phones. BB is a work phone that they are trying to make user friendly. Now after that, i have to admit that i am sooo happy to be back in BB from the iphone (i hate it). From my last phone (bold 9000) it like the new OS. the screen resolution could be better, but still is good. The browsing is great and the media is great too. I did find the actuall keyboard a bit useless, but i still that after a year with the ISHIT, sorry Iphone, i just used to the screen. a+

I went to ATT this morning, but didnt buy it. Dont like the slide, feels cheap to me. The buttons are too small and not placed well, and the touchscreen is inaccurate. Every click was the wrong link. The OS6 home screen is too busy, with sliding up down sideways, etc. Ill keep my 9700 untill the next round, hopefully RIM will make something that can compete in all markets

I'm a T-Mobile user but, I headed over to the AT&T store to check out the Torch and see what I'm missing.

First impression of the Torch; It's sleeker than I thought it would be. The slide doesn't make it too bulky, as I assumed it would. I immediately felt comfortable with BB6 and although it may not be as sexy as other mobile operating systems, it is definitely a refined version of what makes the BB so good for business; Getting mobile work/communication done quickly and efficiently.

The touch functionality of the Torch was great, responsive and felt refined, unlike the Storm.

The screen wiggles a bit when closed, which is unfortunate and makes it feel a bit cheap. I am actually looking forward to a non-qwerty model to hopefully replace the Storm that features the capacitive touch and BB6.

Just picked up my torch at a store outside of Boston there was one other guy in line picking his up as well. I like it so far it has some minor lags and i also noticed the wobble on the slider like other people have commented, but otherwise the new os and the phone in general is very well done

I got the torch today and it is amazing coming from the blackberry curve 8310 and I got for $99.99 with an upgrade.

im not getting this device, but i checked my att store, both in my area and online, and if i wanted to get it, i could get it for $99 with a new contract. thats pretty sweet.

im not getting this device, but i checked my att store, both in my area and online, and if i wanted to get it, i could get it for $99 with a new contract. thats pretty sweet.

Got my torch today n I must say I'm in love with the phone...paid $113 for mine traded in the 9700 for the on screen keyboard is super accurate..its like it knows what I'm thinking..the OS is excellent..n the display is crack too..this is the official crackberry

And I can't wait to use it...yes I said can't wait. My husband bought it today as a bday gift (i know because they activated it at the store so it fried my current sim card and i couldnt use my Bold 9000 all day) when i called and asked him if he got it he said the guy at the store told him that wouldnt happen but he still wasnt giving it to me until my bday in 3 days just my new sim card lol...This Soooooo suck lol

If God owns I phone I think it's this one! The new OS is slick,touch is great,keyboard as good as my 9700, browsing is better than my iPod touch and I love the form factor. It makes me wonder how many people (trolls) posting negative stuff on this thread have really actually even tried or purchased the phone or are just envious, porn craving, anti-social, cyber-dweeb trolls that have nothing better to do while waiting for their non-blackberry phone to recharge and they wish they weren't locked into their contracts because they haven't saved enough allowance money to buy this phone. Don't worry though kids, once you grow up and get a real job(if you can) you'll learn all about stuff like disposable income and maybe, just maybe you can get a phone like mine.

You said something about kids and growing up...but you start out with, if God had a phone it would be this crap...and you compare the OS to the Ipod touch...not the Iphone or a Droid maybe

Pray to your god, and ask him to for the strength to kill yourself....lmao

I made my triumphant return to the world of Blackberry today after being away for almost eight months. I left Blackberry to jump on the Android bandwagon and now I am back I welcomed myself back with the Torch.

Like many, I went out and bought a Torch this morning. Hardware - beautiful, OS 6 - wow!, and the overall integration is great. The phone feels great in your hand, the controls (keyboard, touchscreen, and trackpad) are outstanding, and the slider is very responsive. Really nice job with the hardware and software.

It has the potential to be a GREAT device once apps can run OS 6. No Pandora, no LinkedIn, no SocialScope...I can go on and on. I may get criticized here but why can't upgrading be as simple as the iPhone? Call quality is average...not nearly as good as the Bold 9700.

Let's hope that apps are quickly updated to be compatible for OS 6.

good luck with all those apps getting updated, developers don't really care about blackberry, especially when their marketshare is slipping and they lose 3 billion in 4 days in stock prices.

I have to admit, I'm not a fan of touchscreens in general, nor of sliders. However, I have almost always been impressed with Blackberries. I've done a lot of reading about this phone, as I'm intrigued by it. Went to the AT&T store tonight, tried it out. It's interesting. There are some things I like about it, and some things I don't. The slider wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. However the touchscreen wasn't quite as nice as I was hoping for. I kept trying to use it, but found myself having to fall back to the touchpad more often than not. The new OS is ok. I'm sure there's a lot of difference under the hood, and visually it was a bit different, but it's still very much a Blackberry. I guess that's a good thing. My main beef with the touch screen was when I thought I was pointing to something to click on it, it would hit the thing underneath it instead. Kind of annoying. Scrolling around was nicer with it though than the touchpad. I was somewhat unimpressed with the resolution. It looked really grainy compared to my 9000. It may have just been the background picture was not a good picture. I dunno. I then tried the iPhone next to it, along with the HTC Aria, have to admit, I hated them. Can't stand the interface. I guess I'm a BB guy. Not a fanboy, just a happy user. I'm really curious as to what else RIM will come out with over the next year or two?

Got my Torch today. keyboard is defective (kept on typing in the letter p every time it slide open or if my finger was on delete or p button. Constantly have to take out battery to reboot because of locking problems with software. A real peice of junk. waiting for verizon to come out with iphone. extremely huge dissapointment. Guy at att store told me that sales were not that great today. Buyer Beware!

So far im liking the phone. 2 problems I have with it. 1. The phone has a little give, so when im typing on the touchscreen i feel it move, its solid in all directions accept when closed it moves Just a very little, moves towards the bottom going to the right. but solid everywhere else. Its not that big of a deal but i guess im just anal about it. and the 2nd thing is that in the new notifications area when i click it, my friends birthday pops up on every available line. This only started happening once i added his birthday to his contact info.

I love mine, got the Otterbox case which is great. The screen protector they sold me today was TERRIBLE, Ive already taken it off. DO NOT BUY IT, total waste of money

I picked up mine this morning (8/12, I forgot to hit "Post comment", doh!) at opening time at the local AT&T store. This phone is to replace my Bold 9000. My impressions: interface is great - both with the touch screen and "the old way", browser is nicely improved, BB6 "feels" snappier ... but ... IMNHO the screen is ghastly. Resembles my iPod screen from several years ago, resolution is low and blocky, smoothing on the text gives ugly shadows and gradients have noticeable lines in them. Not as crisp or "readable" as the 9000, text looks like text rendered on a low res device, not sharp and clear.

Am I keeping it? YES - still the best that BBerry has to offer. Something tells me that 6-8 months from now they will release a version with a higher res screen and faster processor. Being an earlier adopter is the best and the worst!

Update (day later): Browser is awesome, great improvement. Processor is slow/choppy at times with videos and loading videos/reading the media card, but usable. Despite the screen, still "better than Bold".

when will this be in canada? though i have ordered one from AT&T for now.i would really prefer one from my carrier Rogers.

So I picked up the Torch yesterday. It is very nice. Browser is definitely an big improvement. New OS is cool. Overall a nice handset. The battery seems to burn down quickly. Went from 9am to 4pm and it chewed up 75% battery and I wasn't really even working it. Too many apps that I will never use and can't seem to delete. Also, the new Desktop manager is hanging up. I can save files from my old curve to my PC but I can't retrieve those files and put them back on to the Torch. Frustrating. Maybe someone figures it out and tells me or they patch it up. Also can't get the Wi-fi music sync to work. DTM says it has encountered a problem but no details. Arrrggh!

Otherwise I really like the unit. Same great messaging service that I use the BB for. I do wish a good leather case that I could put it in and then just stick in my pocket like my old curve, was available.

this is the most underwhelming product launch to date, i haven't even seen it commented on with other blogs. well, at least not more than a 'hey rim released this phone' drop article with no comments. i really don't think anyone cares anymore. this site is and always has been a nice representation of the atmosphere on planet RIM, and every time i come here now i see that theres less than 200 comments on this device release. a year ago a new device would nearly cripple the servers...RIM's road is not a paved one.

i spoke to a tmobile employee and he said they would be having this phone in 2-3 months :p if anybody wants to wait and upgrade ;)

i spoke to a tmobile employee and he said they would be having this phone in 2-3 months :p if anybody wants to wait and upgrade ;)

Is anyone using an unlocked torch on Tmobile?
Or does it have the same band constraints as the 9700 bold?

I replaced my 9000 Bold with this one a couple of days ago. it locked up once the 1st day I got it, but I haven't had that isssue since. I only have one complaint and 1 annoyance. the complaint is desktop manager 6; I haven't been able to get it working at all. every time it opens, it says there is an issue and closes the program. I'm running a windows 7 computer with an I5 processor, so I'm pretty sure that isn't the issue. I'm not sure what's going on. the annoyance is the fact that it didn't come with a carrying pouch. my blackberry bold came with one, so I'm using that one for a while.

So I posted first day impressions, and now its been 3 days of use? I got over the little wiggle towards bottom right of the device, and when i type in that bottom right corner it feels like that tactile feedback because the screen slightly goes down, but only in the bottom right corner. Hardware wise that is the only problem i have so far. Everything else is fine, The phone is heavy but a good heavy. Software wise, the phone has a little lag. When I open up social feeds and close it 2 or 3 seconds later it doesnt close the app, i have to wait about 5+ seconds and then close it again, so i went ahead and just deleted social feeds it was notifying me every other second of new updates and got annoying. Same lag with SMS and any other app. And lastly just last night when i was trying to text via touchscreen, it wouldnt work. The touchscreen in general worked, but the SMS touchscreen buttons didnt work. I suppose doing a battery pull or powering the device off would have fixed this but luckily the torch has a physical keyboard :) and i was just to out of it to want to do a battery pull etc (had been drinking). Overall I am liking the phone, great keyboard, New OS is nice, Good battery life (for me). So these are just my personal experiences, I hope they help some of you out! I would recommend this phone!

Just got my Torch today…and so far I am loving it. I had T-mobile this morning but had some bad luck with them and the mytouch 3g slide. I had the 9700 before that and the brief time I spent with my 3g slide made me miss my 9700 and really want a Torch. I think the Torch does the best of both worlds. I live in the Bronx and man there are so many people with blackberry's it is insane. I am new to crackberry…loving my Torch…and I swear its gonna be blackberry for life.

Given the fact that the iPhone has a faster processor and bigger screen, and front facing camera, and the general effort that apple puts into their hardware designs. I would expect the blackberry to be much cheaper than that.
I'm an a long-user iphone user. I think iphon is more better than BlackBerry .
If you don't agree with me, then, look at the unique features of iphone on "iFunia iphon column".