AT&T BlackBerry Torch commercial - Get a look before it hits your television set

By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2010 06:24 pm EDT

While attending the AT&T / Research In Motion BlackBerry Torch event today, Adam was able to scoop up lots of video for us all. While most of the content we're still filtering through, here is something we've not had a good look at as of yet. The AT&T BlackBerry Torch commercial as shown above will soon be broadcasted to your television enticing you to head to your nearest AT&T location to get a better look. I'm digging the commercial and it kinda makes me excited to see how Canadian carriers are gonna be pushing this device as well.

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AT&T BlackBerry Torch commercial - Get a look before it hits your television set


Being a filmmaker extraordinaire, I think this commercial is kind of strange in the way they show the keyboard in the beginning of the commercial and then they slowly "reveal" it has a keyboard, including a rise in the music. They should have not shown it was a slider until that moment, making a real "Oooo" moment.

...after making the jump to iphone, (I know, most of you don't care) I'm almost embarrassed for RIM. I've had the iphone 4 for just about a month now and I can't believe all that I have been missing. I know they are not two devices to be compared but the fact of the matter is...RIM is sooo far behind. Okay, I'm a business person with my own small business and I do miss my Blackberry but the thing is...I don't care anymore. This iphone is just sick. I can't believe I didn't jump ship sooner. And I can't believe I am typing those exact words. I still remain loyal to Blackberry by other means but as far as a device/phone goes...RIM has A LOT of catching up to do. Anyone seen that prototype that supposedly had their hands on? How bout if that thing is true, it's not coming out until the end of 2011! 2011! I can't imagine what iphone will be like then. Or even the Android! I'm just embarrassed for RIM. I hope they can shine through...I so hope they do. I love you RIM, but I'm taking a break for awhile.

...ironically. The whole alerts thingy. I thought I couldn't live without the blinking light...the fact that I can berrybuzz and assign different colors to different contacts...changing the tone for each, etc. I don't miss it. I'm not sure how, either.

And I don't miss the physical keyboard. I thought I would get too frustrated with the touchscreen but it was so simple to adapt. I don't know. I am like everyone else and suddenly, I am like the others too. LOL

iPhone may not do alerts the way you like but Android Does. The BB Torch looks nice to me. Hopefully it helps RIM as they are falling behind on technology in the phones. If OS 6 is a big change and runs faster and smoother that OS 5 the 624MHZ processor wont matter.

Android Froyo or 2.2 has a JIT compiler that makes the older phones with 128MB memory fun very smooth. With any luck RIM has something similar.

...a commercial announcing ful web! Very sad...let's see iPhone came out in 2007 with, wait for it - full web!

This is another example of how rim doesnt evolve. The apple commercials show real people using a cool feature on the phone (face time), the blackberry commercial is the blackberry spinning on a black background with cool music. It does not "connect" in any way...IMO

There are millions of different products out there... and nearly as many commercials, and everyone has their opinion as to which are annoying, stupid, flashy, ridiculous, and so forth.

This is obviously what can be called a 'teaser ad' since it says 'Coming soon' at the end. There may be similar print ads in the Business Section of the newspaper tomorrow... Who knows what else is in the pipe for RIM in terms of commercials and ad campaigns. After launch, maybe there will be commercials of people using it in daily activities, showing the value-add that it has to offer people. But right now, their focus is getting the idea in peoples' minds.

Now are they deliberately trying to steal share from Apple? Honestly, I don't think so. RIM and their ad agency likely know people are loyal to the brand to the point of fanaticism and would only give it up if it were pried from their cold dead hands... same thing for some RIM/BlackBerry fanatics.

What they are trying to do is gain a buzz. How many commercials have you seen to just announce a product is 'coming soon?' Look in the auto industry, look in the entertainment and movie industry. Most are 30 seconds of absolutely nothing except a logo at the end.

As for the comment regarding "full web" ... it reminds me of the ludicrous Buick Lucerne commercial a few years back where the only grand announcement and the only apparent selling point of the car was "heated washer fluid" ...

The RIM commercials are not meant for us, plain and simple. The readers here are but a minute percent of the population, and for as much money an ad campaign is, we're too small a population with too much a decisive mindset to spend ad money on.

Those who are excited about it, have been for months.

Those that had no idea anything was happening, will know now/soon.

RIM is likely trying to attract the people who are on the fence about an Android phone, but think it may be too 'new,' or are confused; and those who wouldn't buy an Apple product for whatever reason they have. Mine is that I tried an iPhone... many times... and cannot type reliably without looking, which I can do on my soon-out-the-door Bold 9000.

The iPhone and, well, anything RIM has to offer, are going after diverse demographics in the general population. The products and commercials reflect that: this commercial (or any RIM commercials?) never mention the iPhone or compare any of its features. Usually a company that is seeking to change someone's mind does that (called comparative advertising -- Pepsi v. Coke commercials, Apple v. Microsoft, etc.).

And I did find it odd of the slow reveal of the keyboard... that made me scratch my head and need to watch it twice.

Hmmm why yall got 2 hate on Rim?? They make a move everybody jumps on their dick and say oh its ugly,or oh they so behind. I bet none of u haters got the know how 2 even open up the view information tab on your pc or even install your own ram LOL. So b4 u hate on rim can any of u haters make a better phone than they can? Do any of u make more money than them? At the end of the day they sleep peacefully while most of u haters toss and turn hoping blackberry die so yall can have something 2 talk about. So good job Rim I love my 8900 with my 43 apps looking 4 more HA!!!! CODMW2 come get sum haters lol

...RIM. I love RIM! I've been a BB user since late 2007 and I just recently changed it up a bit. I would like to come back and I am waiting for that fantastic device to do so. Until then, I am using the iphone.

I'm waiting for you RIM. I know there are more fish in the sea but I am waiting for you!!!

Im in the same boat as you. I love Blackberry but until they come out with that device that blows me away again (which I know they will) I also decided to rock the iPhone for a while. I had to change it up a little and try something new. and I love it.

How much did apple pay these people to dog RIM?? You have an iphone 4 great, rock on, hope your phone doesn't drop a call when u need it the most, seems like u have to use you fingers as antenna so you can get a good reception. Don't recall when I had to do that with my 9700!! Don't remember when RIM put out a phone and come out a month later and say "we aren't perfect"! I believe that's why its called Research In Motion, because they constantly have to compete with new products, but no one remebers that RIM had a Multi task in their design already. No iphone users, multi tasking is not something new, its been a feature in RIM phones since their first release! Oh and RIM has had the capability to make folders waaaayy before the iphone 4 decided to do it. So, again, not something that apple just invented, plus you can't even name the folders, it assigns the name to the folder already, lame! Stay strong BB users, we will prevail can name the folders on the iphone 4. You should wait to comment on the iphone when you actually have the iphone. Not by what you read on the internet. Yeah, my signal sucks on the iphone 4. But so does ATT's 3G network. When I had my 9700 (oh how I love you so...and I dearly miss you) I used the EDGE network because I never had a dropped call on 2G. I didn't care about getting an email while I was on the phone and the browser was so bad, I didn't need the 3G speed to use it. What ATT should do is make their 3G better! If it were better, the "death grip" wouldn't matter too much because there is a strong signal everywhere!!!

It really sounds like youre the one who was paid to dog Apple. Not the other way around. If you pay attention to what jxj41173 was saying you would understand that he (or she) isnt dogging RIM at all. He is even praising blackberry. He is just simply stating that he loves his new phone and cant wait until BB comes out with the device that will truly be an iphone killer. I myself have been BB faithful and I mean DIE HARD BB faithful since 2006. BUT I too now have an iPhone 4. My friends and I would constantly crack on what the iphone doesnt have blah blah blah. But guess what? I still have one dont I? The truth of the matter is that Apple finally did the iPhone right IMHO. It finally does everything that trumps my 9700s features. I personally have never experienced the "death grip" and have had nothing but an awesome experience so far. The camera and flash is better then my 9700 as is the battery life which is a plus. TRUE multi tasking?? its actually better the way its done on the ip4 as in it doesnt run battery down hence the better battery power. Also its very obvious you dont know sh*t about the device other then what youve read on the internet about it. YOU CAN NAME THE FOLDERS HOWEVER YOU WISH. Even assign it a symbol if you w. Dont give us any of that "well I played with my friends" crap either. You dont know anything about the iphone until youve actually tried out an iphone for a month like i did. Changed everything. Done.

I think what makes RIM different from Apple when it comes to their devices is that RIM makes a phone that "acts" like a small computer; browser, multi-tasking, messenger, etc. And Apple has a computer that you can use as a phone. There's the disconnect. When I had my Blackberry, I didn't care about the browser, games, apps because the experience on the device was so poor. It wasn't fast enough, rich enough, fun enough. So I didn't bother. When I got my iphone, I tried all these things and I couldn't believe how much of an improvement. I now browse on the internet, play games (believe it or not) and download a crap ton of apps. Apps I could care less about but I can because the phone can handle it. When I had my BB, I was constantly worrying about how much memory I had. "Is it gonna slow my device down". So I hardly downloaded anything! Such a difference.

Anyway, I know RIM will make this device and I'm waiting and pulling for you. Just be quick. You should be a leader "Research in Motion", not a follower (of apple).


Well to be honest that is a lot less impressive it fits LMAO

BB users just need to let RIM know the truth and RIM will make the moves needed to survive speaking your mind you are helping the cause. By kissing ass saying everything is peachy, you are getting stuck with crap.

Rim is behind. I have the storm 2 and its like shit compared to my son droid. None of their phones has nothing to offer anymore besides bbm. All they do is tweak a phone and add a feature. The apps and app world suck. Droid and iphone4 speed is like a porche racing a pinto. There is no comparison. NONE

I dunno, a commercials a commercial, I still wouldn't buy the 9800 because I don't like touch screen, nor slides phone keyboards. Blech.

PS whats with the new favicon? I don't like it. Go back to the old one.