AT&T BlackBerry Bold Unboxed!!

AT&T BlackBerry Bold Unboxed
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Oct 2008 12:09 pm EDT

The wait is almost over folks. November 4th is just a few sleeps away and you'll be able to unbox an AT&T BlackBerry Bold of your very own. But if you can't wait to see what's inside, why not click over to Engadget Mobile's AT&T BlackBerry Bold unboxing. They snapped a TON of pictures.

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AT&T BlackBerry Bold Unboxed!!


I am flying to Emeryville from L.A. on Tuesday for work but I cannot wait to break away from meetings to an At&T store. I'm on a curve right now but I really cannot wait to experience a new, and from the reviews, a responsive keyboard. **I was at the Storm party the other night and liked the keyboard but it was more hype and less business. The Bold is my choice!!

OK! I need help on what I should do, I went around to my local AT&T stores today ( in tuscaloosa Alabama, ROLL TIDE ROLL) to see if they were deff going to have the bold on tue, and they both were like "well maybe, it suppose to launch but something coculd happen" and I was like "well if you do have them what time will they be available" and they were like "well maybe at around 10 when fedx gets here or 3pm" , now my problem is that I want to go first thing in the AM becuse I am busy all day and dont want to take a chance of missing out on getting one of the first, now do you think they were messing with me and they really have them in stock and I should show up at 9am when they open or do u think there is a poss that they wont have them in the am, in which case I wont be able to get one on tues and I will be extremely upset. What should I do!!

Finally, it's about time. It's good to see the USA is finally catching up with the rapidly growing Blackberry world. Sadly I singed a two year contract in June with AT&T , so I'm stuck with the Curve. Almost 700 dollars for a cellphone is a little high, even for a bold. This close to the holidays, 700 dollars could by a whole family's worth of Xmas gifts. It's good to see that AT&T is ripping everyone off as always. All that aside GO BOLD!!!

If you truly want one for the new plan price, then open a new line or
change to a family plan or add a 3rd line if you are already on family. Buy the bold at the cheapest price, switch sim cards so that your new bold has your current phone #, then cancel your new line. After that , prep your curve for sale on ebay and you should get at least enough for the curve to pay the early termination fee and maybe pocket a little extra. What you will be left with is a new bold with your current # and plan and only be out for the new discounted price of the bold at worst.

After all you BB enthus get hold of the bold....... do let me know how much free application memory is available on ATT Bolds.

I got the Vodafone Bold in India and it had just 15 MB left of the 128 MB (Flash Memory) which the Bold claims.