AT&T BlackBerry Bold Coming November 4th!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Oct 2008 10:54 am EDT

AT&T BlackBerry Bold* Update: OFFICIAL AT&T Bold Press Release Just Crossed the Wire! >>

This doesn't surprise us too much - when the October 27th launch date rumor surfaced we had hopes for it, but made note that early November would be more likely. AT&T on their earnings conference call yesterday now confirmed that to be the case:

NEW YORK (AP) - AT&T Inc. says that the new flagship BlackBerry model that was initially expected this summer, the Bold 9000, will go on sale Nov. 4.

Ralph de la Vega, head of AT&T's consumer business, supplied the launch date on the company's third-quarter earnings conference call Wednesday.

When BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion Ltd. revealed the model in May, it said it would go on sale this summer. The Bold 9000 did launch in some overseas markets, but not in the U.S. The apparent delay hurt RIM shares over the summer.

Early in October, RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis that the Bold was still being tested by AT&T, and implied that the carrier was being extra careful after widely publicized problems with Apple Inc.'s latest iPhone.

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AT&T BlackBerry Bold Coming November 4th!!


I work for the wireless department for Best Buy and lo and behold, the mock of the Bold has now arrived at my store!! BUT, so did the price tag that came with it!!!! $349.99 with a new activation and a whopping $429.99 with a 2 yr upgrade!!!! I am seriously hoping that this is a mistake after waiting for this phone since April.

hmm.. i kno a manager of an att store, and he called me yesterday sayin he was gettin da bold on da 28???

He's probably getting the Bold then, but won't be able to sell it until the date. They gotta get them in before the actual release date.

Great news, I suppose. I am usually a big fan of RIM and AT&T/Cingular and buy multiple RIM devices for several users each year for use with a BES I administer and use, but the constantly shifting release dates (not entirely RIM's fault, I understand), combined with releases elsewhere in the world (thereby pointing a fat finger at AT&T for the delays), additional 3G charge per device from AT&T (apparently based on the assumption that Bold users will slavishly stare at their phones while "surfing" the internet just like iPhone users do), newfound Exchange push capability in competing devices, and firm information about upcoming RIM devices that make a Bold purchase (and continued association with AT&T) questionable, suddenly leave me feeling a little cold with regard to the Bold. I just don't believe that it takes this long to test a device that is merely an improvement on millions of other devices already on the network. AT&T banked big on the iPhone 3G's success, to RIM's detriment, and got bit. AT&T seems hell bent on not repeating the mistake, but RIM's Bold release does not occur in a vaccuum; it follows, and suffers from, AT&T's reaction to the iPhone issues. It is no wonder that RIM's stock is in the dumps. Thanks, AT&T. The Bold's price better be pretty cheap on November 4th, or AT&T will have a new lesson to learn from.


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Take a good look at the news cycle today... AT&T did well and so did Apple. Steve Jobs even went so far as to say that the iPhone 3G sold more than RIM devices for this quarter. Funny, RIM hasn't announced their numbers yet and the case might not have been so had it not been for AT&T's delay of the Bold.

Another interesting fact is that AT&T announced the Bold's release date in the same timeframe that the quarterly reports were released.

Hmmm... makes you wonder who your friends are.

Does this mean that the rest of us on AT&T will finally get OS 4.5? I've been running it for a while now, but it would be nice to have an official OS 4.5 from AT&T.

I wonder if this puts any pressure on Verizon to try and launch the Storm a little eariler, if feasible?

1. Vote.
2. Buy Bold.
3. Scream/jump for JOY.
4. Wait anxiously for word on NEW president.

By the end of the day, I'll either be a happy frickin democrat with her hands on a new BOLD or a pissed off woman on the loose with a BOLD. Either way, i'll still have my Bold. WOO!! lol

I'm hearing Obama will win in a if I have to choose between waiting in line for BOLD or voting, I may just have to choose the Bold!

currently obama is up by a good amount of points, but because he is, his supporters r gonna feel they wont have to vote, and mccains supports r pressured to go out to vote. SO DONT GET LAZY ON OBAMA!!

All Obama supporters should go to the ATT store, buy a Bold and play with that all day instead of voting.

Too LATE... Most Obama supporters have voted early and now we will play with our BB and watch the results.

BARACK my world!

Actually I downloaded a Chinese bootleg of the election from the PirateBay, and Nader won! He finally did it!!!!

People like you are destroying the US as we know it. Voting is a privelidge that most are taking for granted. Treat this privelidge with honor and responsibility.

If you and the rest of the democratic US want to vote for a socialist go ahead, but keep your stupidity to yourself.

You want to buy a bold, buy one, no one is stopping you. You want to vote do the same, but before you get pissed if or when your socialist dictator loses the election, think about this . . . it doesn't matter who wins, we are heading to hell in a hand basket. No one can fix social security, medicare, the economy,etc. If it ain't broke don't fix it. The stupid dems started poking around with something that wasn't broken and broke it. They can't put humpty back together again.

The democratic party wants to keep you poor and stupid, so you'll keep voting them into power. They get richer and you get poorer. Where is the capitalism in that.

Funny how the economy has gone to hell in a handbasket both times in the last 20 years while there was a REPUBLICAN in office.

By the way, this thread is about the Bold not politics. We need to find another forum for these discussions.

Agreed that this thread is not the place for politics. We get enough of uninvited political commentaries via e-mail. I visit this thread for sanity.

well whats gona happen when mccain gets sick and dies (dw, he will... its coming) and SARAH PALIN is the president of the most powerful country in the world?

cmon bro

If something happens to Palin, Nancy Pelosi becomes President.... more than McCain and Palin winning. The thought of Pelosi being third in line ot the throne, uh I mean oval office, frightens me. And I'm a ferocious liberal too

um DONT VOTE if you don't follow politics closely. Seriously. Some countries FORCE everyone to vote and its devastating. Ignorant people shouldn't vote... and most don't so leave it that way. haha :)

And republicans have been shameless in their spending.. nonetheless, socialism has NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER worked. EVER. Look it up. Capitalism is THE absolute best model. It's not perfect but none in the world compares. Think China.. they're doing so well because they adopted parts of america's economic model so they could grow their economy [to take over the world, nontheless ;)].

Republicans have messed up, for sure. Democrats, just as much. We need conservatives. Need an example? Reagan. Look at the economy under him. 20,000,000 new jobs. can't beat that after carter effed up.

Say no to dems/repubs... and yes too conservatives. At this point repubs are closer so im voting for them.

To the several posters above that mentioned about the guy voting or not voting are dead on. Why is that Liberals are the types individuals that base there voting the "Future of america" over buying a phone? I praise the guy for pointing the huge mistake and ignorance of that poster that was deciding to vote or buy a phone. Unbelievable but the typical Obama Voter.... One that never does his homework one that goes on emotion not fact. One that wants government to do everything for them and wants stuff for free. Usually one that does not own a business "Joe the plumber" ring a bell.. Obama economics lesson is "Give a bigger tax cut to those lazy people so they will have more money to spend for you to work twice as hard????" and you will get more customers? Which means more work? I thought that most ideal business goals were to work less and make more not "Work More and earn less" All so those lazy individuals get money for nothing? And Joe the plumber gets to pay more?

One poster above put good lesson up "Socialism" has never worked anywhere... Most liberal never seen another country to know this. The average "Liberal" does not know that people in Cuba are still driving cars from the 1950's or a russian tin bucket that is falling apart. Most liberals do not know that in Cuba they make an average income per year of 300 dollars... Yes Republicans are far from perfect far from Being fair but I can tell you this Socialism has never worked and nothing in life is for free. Most Liberals have never traveled the world to know much of the "Rest" of the world and what they think and "Plot" against us. Hence why so many "Other" countries want Obama in office. Never has their been such a big push for one Canidate over another than now.

To the idiot above that posted that look at our economy during the "Republicans" Well that idiot as most didnt do his homework... Things were fine until the "Liberal" Took over congress 1 1/2 years ago.. Then when they took office jobs went down gas went up and so on and so on. The that posted the very important lesson about "Reagan" is dead on! The chinese are trying to take over they "ARE" stealing every bit of knowledge and tech this country puts out. Hell they dont even deny it.. Over half of their gov is running computer systems with pirated windows software. They are tracking our subs and trying to steal sonar tech from our ships and missle bases. But the average "Liberal" is to busy watching "American Idol" or "Paris Hilton" get drunk at a bar on tv cause its "National News" WTF?

I like how the lefties dont post their names only "Anonymous" I post my name with pride cause I am not ashamed to say I am a Republican and a voter.. Remember nothing in life is for free. The more you have gov make choices for you the less you have control over your future. If you dont know the complete facts you have NO business voting. That is why Liberals are at the front of "Young" voters and "rock the vote" and are at the poverty level voters states to get them to vote.. As usual the people wanting a hand out.

"How do you tell a communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin." is something citing he isn't really socialist. i know you will probably just claim it being "left media" but this is for everyone else to see...and who cares if someone isnt using their real name? do you not value your privacy? if you agree with the current bush agenda then you obviously dont. anyone who threatens privacy is someone i dont trust (dont worry, biden is near the top of that "biden PGP"),0,4048540...

1. Buy the bold.
2. Vote.
3. Not everyone agrees with you.
4. Keep politics and your annoying desire to
spread your Democratic love on this site to

Agreed! I wish a moderator would delete all posts that are not related to the topic at hand. This thread is my escape!

1. I didn't say anyone had to agree with me.
2. I just stated what I was going to do on Nov. 4th.
3. I hope the moderator would delete these comments.
4. I NEVER disrespected anyone who was a republican. I commented because I was excited about the BOLD and EQUALLY excited because of what this day generally represents in the USA. And there was an "LOL" in the comment. Therefore, it plainly shows that I was in a pretty lighthearted mood that day. So please, chill.

Now go get your Bolds people! Woo!!!

I am not going to hold my emotions have been toyed with for so many months now I am NUMB LOL...At this time I am thinking really hard about at switching to Crapple's iPhone. UGGGGH!!! Damm you AT&T!


It's funny you say that, I work at a retailer for AT&T and you wouldn't believe how many people come into the store absolutely hating their iphone. You will be so mad you got an iphone instead of patiently waiting for the Bold. Your loss.

Some advice: DON'T DO IT!!! Bought the hype AND the phone in July. Now, I let my 2 yead old play with it, and I am back with my first love, my Curve. There are SO many things that the iphone DOES NOT DO that I gave up and switched back. From complex to simple (like being able to take a pic, name it, and save it in a file ON THE PHONE) to really bad email experience, to the phone just being plain buggy, to NO battery life, to the screen that needs constant cleaning, to not being able to use it on the go, it was just too much to ask. Now I am home again, waiting like the rest for the Bold to come out and play. I see the light at the end of the tunnel now, and it is coming from that big, beautiful screen!!!!!!!

I got my hands on one of these bad boys yesterday during training and let me say my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe the clarity of the screen and some of the stuff he was showing me it could do. I'm getting one the day they drop.

Most impressive demonstration was the trainer that works for RIM had some stereo speaker set up that were running on bluetooth from the Bold, he then proceeded to walk out of the conference room and about 120 feet away and there was no interference in the sound quality, no cutting out of the speakers. That is just one of many things I saw and like I've said before I'm glad I have waited for this thing.

so now that i have a firm date and not speculation i can quit checking cb every 10 minutes for new dates/rumors and actually get back to work, maybe i'll keep my job afterall!

how about price without contract?? i bought a new unlocked rogers bold for $640 including tax, unlocking, and shipping from canada..I just want to know how much i lost for having it a month earlier haha

I wanted a Bold when it came out, but with the Curve updated software, added Yahoo Messenger, I kind of have it dialed in the way I want. I might wait for a month to see what kind of feed back everyone leaves on how it runs here in the Bay Area. I would go to an AT&T store to check it out but I know if I do that I will buy it for sure.

@jcturcios: If you read the press release, it says $299 with 2 year contract.

I just received confirmation from two local stores that it will be $299 with 2 year contract with an additional $100 AT&T rebate(assuming it is with data plan activation).

At least the phone will be equally priced with the iPhone and maybe this is AT&T's way of an appology(skeptical).

How ironic is it that such an unstable device is to be released in the US on the same date that we vote for an unstable candidate...

November 4th, eh AT&T? Nice marketing concept. First, the sheep will stand in line to vote on a candidate that doesn't keep their word. Next, they'll stand in line at our stores where we too don't keep our word. I have to say that ya may be onto something here AT&T.

Good thing I'm waiting for the Curve 8900. Weighing the Pros and Cons, I'll take form-factor and stabilty over 3G any day. Guess that means I'm voting Independent. I can hold onto my 8310 until then.

[ Change is only personal perception. Reliability is public acception. ]


...who let politics sneak in? LOL!...okay, i'll bite...
...if you are voting for either obama or mccain, then
you are NOT voting for about them apples?!

...oh, and...huzzah for November 4th release for the Bold!


I sure am an 8900 sheep! At least it's something I believe in. It's something that will perform the way it's meant to. And the 8900 won't say one thing, and then do something completely different ($700B Bailout anyone??? Remember, both Obama AND McCain voted YES on it).

Blackberry Curve...if it's not broke, don't fix it.

Will the Bold be able to jump carriers now or would I have to get an unlocked version? I'm tired of waiting on TMO.

My understanding is that TMO uses a different frequency set, so the current Bold offerings won't work on TMO - at least until a TMO version comes out.

Someone bought a Canadian Bold on ebay and it wouldn't work on TMO because of this.

T-Mobile 3G uses 1700 mHz spectrum. No one else in the world runs GSM on the 1700 mHz band. an unlocked AT&T or European device will NOT work on teh T-Mobile 3G network. Sorry

@ anonymous - jcturcios was wanting to know the price WITHOUT contract - the retail price. I'm scared to think about what that might be :\

Ok, so it was late August, then mid September, then various dates in October... now NOVEMBER?!?!

If Verizon were getting the Bold, I'd switch companies today. Who pulls this crap???!

hmmm...everything else aside, that price point is not what I had expected.

I will have to rethink getting this one for the wifey...

will the browser experience be any better than when Kevin did the comparison not so long ago. Any chance of a 2nd go at the Bold/ iphone web comparison,Kevin?

Hey! I live in Nashville! Do you mean the storm will be sold this Friday or just available for viewing? I really cannot wait for this phone to come out already!!!!!!

According to two different sales reps they are getting the Storm for sale this Friday!

Call them and see: 615-385-1910 (Verizon in Green Hills, Nashville)

I am sorry, but again you are mistaken. I wish you were right. I was thinking and you can check my posts in the past that the Storm would arrive this weekend. But that damn First touch event is screwing everything up. Especially the events in Detroit and Chicago. They will not release the Storm until after those events.

I am really happy for all of you. Honestly and truly the Bold looks to be an incredible handset. Unfortunatly it is not the Storm. That is what I want, and unfortunatly they haven't posted anything of value today on the Storm, so I have to hijack your blog to do so. I WANT MY STORM!!!

I was walking by some kid at my high school and he HAD IT!!!!
it looks really nice and fits nicely in ones hand.

Will you match this Verizon? Will November 4th be more than just election day? Will it become RIM day!?!?

i voting to leave At&T to get the Storm. Cause by this point who cares about at&t anymore. I'm tired of being jerked around.

that they're anticipating it to at least be potentially buggy and are counting on election coverage for a couple of days to overshadow any negative press. It will give them time to gauge the actual load on their system and take steps to correct it while everyone's distracted with all the political bs.

My AT&T dude that I've dealt with for the last year told me that AT&T will be getting the BLACKBERRY STORM IN 6 OR SO MONTHS and Vice Versa For VERIZON TO GET THE BLACKBERRY BOLD. I don't know about the details but that is what he told me today. My Update is on the 6th of November and I cannot decide between a BOLD AND IPHONE 3G. If anyone has suggestions please help me lean one way or another.


p.s. that would be hilarious if that was true!


Would anyone want a non-WiFi Blackberry on AT&T? The real reason they left WiFi off is so that there's no point in jailbreaking the device. It's not goign to hurt VZW at all to have the Storm on AT&T (and I don't think it will happen)

My AT&T dude that I've dealt with for the last year told me that AT&T will be getting the BLACKBERRY STORM IN 6 OR SO MONTHS and Vice Versa For VERIZON TO GET THE BLACKBERRY BOLD. I don't know about the details but that is what he told me today. My Update is on the 6th of November and I cannot decide between a BOLD AND IPHONE 3G. If anyone has suggestions please help me lean one way or another.


p.s. that would be hilarious if that was true!


This is such a hard decision... It really depends on how big the Bold is when I put it in my pocket. Because I don't do cases and if it's to bulky, which I think It'll be, then I'll wait for the Storm

$299.99 What is RIM and AT&T thinking. Iphone is cheaper new Google phone is cheaper. Are they trying to price themselves out of the market? RIM did this with the flip pearl too. Seems they want to charge at least $100 more than they should. $199.99 and this phone would have been in my pocket on the 4th... Now I am not so sure....

RIM's bread and butter are enterprise users. These types of users are not usually as price sensitive as other buying groups. If you want a premium phone, then pay a premium price. The phone is just as good and probably better in a lot of ways, than a 16gb iphone 3G, which is priced at 299 as well. If you're bitching about the price of a blackberry, the quite honestly, maybe you just aren't ready for one. Or you need to look at a less expensive model.

RIM's bread and butter are enterprise users. These types of users are not usually as price sensitive as other buying groups. If you want a premium phone, then pay a premium price. The phone is just as good and probably better in a lot of ways, than a 16gb iphone 3G, which is priced at 299 as well. If you're bitching about the price of a blackberry, the quite honestly, maybe you just aren't ready for one. Or you need to look at a less expensive model.

I have to agree with the original poster. The flip pearl is clearly meant for consumers. And as far as business' and the Bold, maybe you havent noticed that the financial system is melting down. Not sure companies are going to be so willing to spend on new phones when the old ones still work. One of RIM's largest constituencys has to be Wall Street and they will not ok 300 bucks a phone for 10's of thousands employees.

umm...according to a relative that works at verizon, they are getting the storm on 11/4. if true, it'll be an interesting sales comparison - who pushes more units of their new product on the same day, AT&T or VZW.

hi everyone i have a brand new bb bold in m hands right now!!!! if anyone want to take it off my hands cuz i don't have att. im asking $800, but its negotiable. i have some pics to show that its real if anyone is interested. i live in stockton, CA and can mail it if you're somewhere other than here. email me at thanks

I went into Verizon yesterday.The mgr told me despite the rumors, it won't be available til mid Nov. Anyone hear anything different??

AT&T Customers to Enter a 'Bold' New Wireless World

Breakthrough BlackBerry Smartphone Is Coming to Nation's Fastest 3G Network; Arrives in Stores Nov. 4

Dallas, Texas, October 22, 2008

Waterloo, Ontario — AT&T customers will be entering a bold new wireless world with the launch of the BlackBerry® Bold™, a breakthrough 3G BlackBerry® smartphone that operates on the nation's fastest 3G network and is the first to support HSDPA networks around the world, including in Japan and Korea. AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) and Research In Motion (Nasdaq:RIMM; TSX:RIM) announced today that the highly anticipated BlackBerry Bold smartphone will be available in the United States for as low as $299.99¹ on Tuesday, Nov. 4, in AT&T retail stores nationwide, through and select national retailers, as well as through AT&T's business-to-business sales teams.

The BlackBerry Bold smartphone, which is being introduced in the United States only for AT&T customers, can be used in the most countries abroad, including more than 60 with 3G networks. AT&T is the world's leading provider of BlackBerry services.

Bold Design
The BlackBerry Bold smartphone's design and performance live up to its name. The elegant smartphone features a lustrous black exterior, satin chrome-finished frame and stylish, leatherette backplate with a stunning half-VGA (480 x 320 at 217 ppi) color display for eye-popping visuals and a newly designed full QWERTY keyboard for exceptionally fast and easy typing. On the inside, the BlackBerry Bold features built-in GPS and Wi-Fi®, a powerful new 624 MHz mobile processor that provides impressive performance, more storage memory than ever before — 1 GB on board and up to 16 GB via its microSD/SDHC expansion slot — and a rich set of multimedia capabilities, including an advanced media player for music, videos and photos and a 2 megapixel camera with built-in flash, zoom and video recording, as well as an optimized Web-browsing experience with desktop-style depiction.

"The BlackBerry Bold is the best BlackBerry smartphone ever, backed by the nation's fastest 3G network and the hands-down best international coverage of any carrier," said Ralph de la Vega, president and chief executive officer of AT&T Mobility. "The BlackBerry Bold is the complete package, providing customers with an absolutely outstanding mobile experience whether doing e-mail, browsing the Web, viewing streaming video or simply making a phone call. And it is being introduced in the U.S. only from AT&T."

Mike Lazaridis, president and co-CEO at Research In Motion, said: "The development of the BlackBerry Bold smartphone was an ambitious undertaking, and we focused intensely on the things that are most important to mobile customers when developing this best-in-class smartphone for HSDPA networks around the world. The BlackBerry Bold exudes quality in everything from its stunning display sharpness and incredible keyboard to its premium phone performance and sophisticated software applications. It provides an extraordinary mobile communications and multimedia experience, and we are very proud to introduce this breakthrough smartphone in the United States together with AT&T."

AT&T Services
In addition to the renowned BlackBerry productivity applications — including phone, e-mail, messaging, organizer and browser — the BlackBerry Bold from AT&T will boast such AT&T services as:

Simultaneous Voice and Data Capabilities — When connected to AT&T's 3G network, customers can conduct a phone conversation and at the same time check e-mail, browse the Web or use another data application, including when tethered to a notebook computer.
AT&T Navigator Global Edition — Powered by TeleNav, the only GPS-based service available from a U.S. wireless carrier to provide international navigation capabilities. AT&T customers can get spoken or text-based turn-by-turn directions with automatic missed turn rerouting and a local business finder service in 20 countries.
Seamless Wi-Fi — Allows AT&T customers who turn on the BlackBerry Bold smartphone's Wi-Fi feature — 802.11 a/b/g — to connect automatically to home or campus networks. AT&T customers also will be able to access more than 17,000 AT&T hot spots nationwide, including nearly 7,000 participating Starbucks locations plus thousands more restaurants, airports, hotels and other convenient locations across the U.S.
CV — CV (Cellular Video) from AT&T gives viewers access to thousands of video clips — news, sports, weather, entertainment and more — directly on a BlackBerry Bold smartphone via streaming video.
AT&T Mobile Music Services — An industry leader in mobile music, AT&T boasts the largest catalog of offerings available today, giving customers mobile access to enjoy XM Radio Mobile™, song identification through MusicID, music videos through MobiTV and over-the-air access to the extensive music databases of Napster Mobile® and eMusic® — just to name a few.
AT&T Navigator, CV, AT&T Mobile Music services and more than 90,000 additional choices are available through AT&T MEdia Mall directly from the BlackBerry Bold or online.

E-mail and More
Like all BlackBerry smartphones, the BlackBerry Bold gives users the industry's leading mobile messaging solution. It works with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, which enables advanced security and IT administration within IBM® Lotus® Domino®, Microsoft® Exchange and Novel® GroupWise® environments, as well as BlackBerry® Professional Software for small businesses. It also works with BlackBerry® Internet Service, which gives users push-based access to as many as 10 supported work or personal e-mail accounts. Customers can also download and edit Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint files using the preloaded DataViz® Documents to Go® software suite. Beyond e-mail, the BlackBerry Bold will support a wide range of business and lifestyle applications.

The BlackBerry Bold smartphone includes Bluetooth® 2.0, which provides support for hands-free headsets, stereo headsets, car kits and other Bluetooth peripherals. The included BlackBerry® Desktop Manager software comes with Roxio® Media Manager for BlackBerry, which includes new features that make it easier to organize multimedia content as well as manage music, videos and recorded Voice Notes between a computer and the smartphone. It also optimizes video files for smooth full-screen playback on the BlackBerry Bold smartphone's large display with support for full-screen and widescreen formats.

Roxio Photosuite 9 LE is included, allowing customers to easily enhance pictures and create photo albums on their computer. In addition, the new BlackBerry® Media Sync application allows customers to sync their iTunes® digital musical collections² with the handset. The BlackBerry Bold also boasts a new acoustic design for enhanced phone listening quality and clarity and numerous premium phone features, including Speaker Independent Voice Recognition (SIVR) for Voice Activated Dialing (VAD).

AT&T Backed
Backing the BlackBerry Bold smartphone will be AT&T's 3G BroadbandConnect network, which currently is available in more than 320 major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and, by year-end, AT&T expects to offer the service in nearly 350 leading U.S. markets. In addition to 3G connectivity, the BlackBerry Bold is also designed to connect seamlessly with AT&T's nationwide³ EDGE network, which is available in more than 13,000 cities and towns and along some 40,000 miles of major highways.

For the complete array of AT&T offerings, visit

¹ With two-year contract and qualified voice and data plans. Other conditions may apply.
² Certain music files may not be supported, including files that contain digital rights management technologies.
³ Not available in all areas.

OK, I'm new to this site. I am an AT&T customer with a curve. Was sooo looking forward to the STORM, but doesn't look like AT&T is going to offer it, are they? I think I like the looks of the STORM over the BOLD. Will I just have to buy one and get it unlocked? crud! Sorry, no political opinions here, I just can't wait until 11-5-08...GET IT DONE

The Storm will be release on Verizon here & GSM networks overseas. If you get one unlocked to use on ATT then you won't be able to get 3g speeds. ATT 3G uses a different band than the rest of the American.

I just got a call from my independent AT&T retailer who advises that he just placed his order for the Bold 9000. He says he's ordered 20 of them and one of them has my name on it. The price is $399.00 with a $100.00 rebate - a 2 yr contract required. As I'm not up for renewal, my price is going to be over the $500.00 mark; which sucks! As I lost my curve a few months ago and have been using my boring Nokia; I'll pay his price (man I miss my Blackberry). The good news is he says he'll have them in this coming Thursday (10/30).

Is this finally for real?!??!?!

I sure hope this is the truth. I've been waiting for the Bold for half a year!!!! I know several AT&T customers who are now bypassing the Bold and switching to Verizon for the Storm. Not me, however. I want WiFi - which the Storm does not have.

So here's hoping for a my Bold (and a McCain/Palin victory) on November 4th!

Go Blackberry & AT&T!!!

Just checked Best Buy's website and they have the Bold listed for $659.99. This is a far cry from what we are all hoping for, but we shall see. Maybe the upgrade, or 2 yr. contract will drop it a lot, but I can't imagine it dropping it down to $299.99. I hope this will change!!!!

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