AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700 Unboxing

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Oct 2009 03:06 pm EDT

Can't wait for AT&T to release their BlackBerry Bold 9700? Then check out this official AT&T unboxing and walk through video of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 Smartphone. It's a sold overview and review of this next generation BlackBerry Bold. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 will be available in the coming weeks for $199 (pay $299 and send in a $100 mail-in rebate). You can check out the Bold 9700 on AT&T's website for more info.

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AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700 Unboxing


unboxing, i thought i would see them actually unbox the device. I.E the things that came in the box.

Certainly ready for this. Although I love my Bold I'm always looking for more RAM. My Bold always hoovers around 20-25meg with only a few programs... Come on AT&T launch it and I'm there..

I'm rocking with my Blackberry Bold 9000 for atleast 1 more year. With OS 5.0 on the horizon I think that I'll ride the original bold wave a lil longer!!!

I cannot wait for this phone to come out already!, Gonna be selling my iPhone to get this phone! I love blackberry, but there hasn't been anything great with at&t so far, but this will definitely fit the bill!!!! I cannot wait!

ya, i feel ya... i think hes retarded... maybe he just started and had never seen a blackbbery or the bold before... omg it has a media player? what!?!?!?! and it can send sms,mms and im?!?!?!? omg amazing.

So for only $200 (after rebate of course) I can get:
- Text Messages
- Another camera with 3.2 we-fool-you-with-megapixel-numbers-when-its-the-lens-that-matters-megapixels
- Full Qwerty Keyboard
- Multiple email accounts
- MS Word
- A friend named Daniel
- A new type of battery case
- Rubberish buttons
- Media player that my Mac won't be able to Sync*
- A phone that looks exactly like a Tour (IMHO)

... sign me up!

[Seriously though, when will They realize that I'm not impressed when I can do the exact same stuff on phones from 2003?]


I just bought my Bold 9000 at the end of May, but I really want the Bold 9700. I told my wife about it yesterday and this will probably be the phone she chooses when it's time for her to upgrade in December. I did talk to ATTJohnathon on Twitter who has come through for me before and he said he would be able to help out with the cost once the phone is released.

I get that the price with a contract is $200 after the rebate. What is the price out of contract?

It seems as if theres not much different other than the trackpad and size, physical size doesnt matter to me, I love the trackpad idea, going to 3.2 MP on the camera means nothing unless they put a decent lens in front of the camera, megapixels mean nothing if you have a poor lens, I bought 2 9000's the day they came out and have never taken a picture with it Yet, Ill definatly pick one up the day there out if for no other reasons than the trackpad and to have the latest and greatest, my 2 daughters are going to inherit my current 2 Bolds, they cant wait either.

for showing us yet another d-bag that works for you. i don't know if it's his vest, hair, glasses or what but i for one wanted to smack the guy in the head. i felt as if i was getting a total sales pitch as if i was in the store being nagged by him. the bold 2 is an awesome phone but some of the features he spoke of are the same as on the 9000 or the 8900. the media features are really nothing new & neither is the 3.2 camera. he didn't mention how they changed the designated keys & the charger port from the right side back to the left. or the actual software features that have changed with the new o.s. i guess this guy fits in with the rest of at&t ASSociets by not saying the features people want or need to know about. so once again, thank you at&t....for nothing.

I wonder how much this will push down prices of other devices on the used market. Whether you are talking Tour, 8900 or 9000, the Onyx pretty much combines the best of those models into one device.
Maybe I can pick up a 9000 pretty cheap in the coming weeks...

so this is the smallest and lightest 3g compatible phone on the market right...

do you mind saying it again, i didnt hear you the first few times.


REGARDLESS of what we think of Seth the Blogger, kudos to him for properly saying "et cetera" instead of "eggs-cetera" or "ex-cedera".

And Seth held his head straight up and down this time instead of cocking it like a dog who just heard a high pitch tone. (as in his "at&t is working on the problem" video.)

This is guy a fucking douche. He keeps repeating the same shit all over again and doesn't mention new features like threaded sms and the new blackberry messenger on 9700 standard. AT&T needs to hire crackberry fans

I cant stand the word unboxing, the fact that people vid an unboxing, and everything else related to unboxing! This buzz word needs to go.

Cool phone, though.

I know it seems backwards but I have Bold 9000 on the lastest AT&T OS and want to know if I get the 9700 can I use my current OS?

I tired the 5.0 betas and most of the apps did not work on it. I do not wish to loose my apps just from getting a great phone.


Don't care about Bold 2..not enough difference from Bold 1 to warrant the upgrade.......The MORE IMPORTANT question is when is the Storm 2 going to drop on blue???

That is a damn good question, I doubt it will happen though AT&T cant have any competition for their iCrap.

Having owned a Bold (and using a Tour at work) I personally think this is a downgrade from the Bold not an upgrade. The gimmicky trackpad, the smaller size and the camera going to 3.2mp are not a reason to call this an upgrade. Except for the camera they are reasons to call it a downgrade.

Oh btw I hear this is the smallest and lightest 3g full keyboard device.

I think the new Bold looks spectacular! First the Storm(2??) had me drooling now this? I only have so much liquids in my body, Lol.

But really, the only thing that didn't sell me on the Bold (on first BB ever) was the size difference to the curve 8900 and the camera. The Rogers rep assured me they were both Great phones, but he was unhappy with the camera (no biggie though) and he even let me type some words on his Bold, but it was cumbersome for me (not the case for all people!) and the curve 8900 fit me like a glove. So if the specs are smaller(weight doesnt matter) then I may consider this if it was compatiable with Rogers...

Now, as for the guy who 'unboxed' this phone,.. I didn't mind the review, and may of been repetitive - but that's his POV and presentation. I honestly don't see a need for any verbal bashing or comments on his looks or appearance. Sometimes.. I think people in general either go too far or just don't consider the actuality of their words, while they may be just text they're still derogatory and I kinda wish any (ANY) forum could go one day without taking someone down with a review :)

ANyyyyhoooowww, thats My pov, sorry to take up so much space, lovin' the phone and most of the new BB line-up (regardless of their similar cosmetic changes)

Peace :)

They don't go over when it's coming out! The price is really good too. This phone has every feature that you could want, nothing is held back (see: iPhone). The design is also spectacular and the new track pad will eliminate the skipping tack ball issues. I hope that I can use my upgrade and get this phone at that price. Heck, I'll even extend my contract two years to get it.

Did anybody else notice that apart from the wallpaper, there is no physical ATT branding on that 9700.

Im not from the US, but if thats a typical shop layout and decor for ATT, its horrible. Im in the UK and it looks like a phone shop from 10 years ago.

i think ill stick with my bold 9000... The only thing that is new to me is the new trackpad. When a Bold with touchscreen comes out (similar to the Pal Pre) only then will i be switching phones.


RIM is stagnating while other companies are innovating. RIM comes out with a bunch of new phones that all look the same...hmmm, this one has WI-FI, this one has GPS, this one has EDGE, this one has 3G...while other companies phones have all of these features combined into their phones. The Bold 9000 stands out from all of the others. To me there's nothing exciting about the Bold 9700 to replace a Bold 9000. The 9700 isn't BOLD at all whereas the 9000 is. When the 9000 came out it looked radically different from all of the other BBs. Now the new "Bold" doesn't look much different from the Tour or 8900. None of the new phones coming out are game changers and are no reason to "upgrade" your Bold 9000. The 9700 does not deserve the BOLD namesake.

blackberry bold 9700- thinnest, lightest 3g blackberry. blackberry bold 9700- thinnest, lightest 3g blackberry.

Department of Redundancy Department

I think it's pretty super. Sure, the demo left much to be desired, but I'm in; only I'll be buying mine from t-mo and keeping my 8900 as a backup unit.

Love the new Bold...not so much the "unboxing"...this guy looks like he's never used a Blackberry until 5 minutes before they shot this video. ("You can see the picture of the person who called you! Really cool stuff!")

I know that I'm looking forward to everything the 9000 has plus a better resolution camera, more application memory, and OS 5.0 in a tighter form factor.

Plus, did you know that the 9700 is the smallest, lightest, full Qwerty keyboard, 3G Blackberry on the market today? AWESOME!

I mean we ALL KNOW this is an AT&T "unboxing", albeit a very unconventional one but is there any reason why we were forced to watch this with that hard-to-look-at, God awful blue AT&T logo on this phone. How are you suppose to look at the Hi-res screen with that dumbass logo?? Rich, vibrant colors?? No, blue, boring and monochromatic.

It was sooo overly commercialized with all the in-store "Rollover Minutes" garbage and standing with the huge wall of "Best Coverage Worldwide" as the backdrop. Overbearing and unnecessary is what this video struck me as. You most certainly could've done a plain and simple unboxing and covered more ground without being "in-store". AT&T tethering plan?? I think not....!!! (More advertising)

Instead, we are bombarded with advertising (orange and blue everywhere) in typical, pompous, AT&T fashion. Leave this to the Crackberry Kevin's, the BGR's, the Phonedog Noah's and the Engadget's of the world. I seriously could've done without it....

way to go rim, just send buyers over to apple why don't ya. what's next, and even smaller device? will this one come with a maginfying glass?

What is up with this guy? If he is trying to piss off most Blackberry users he is succeeding. Other than repeating himself a few times I found him just anoying to listen to. I always thought that out of pocket meant that you had access to your stuff even if on the go?

I liked seeing the hardware but he just sucks at presenting the phone.

The guy says it is"Smallest, Lightest 3G Blackberry yet" no shit sherlock... Blackberry has taken its sweet ass time getting it down. The Bold has been here in Canada for 1.3 years already and look at the huge improvements made from the 9000 to the 9700, wow so impressive!(sarcasm)

Yea man, Thats nice, the visual voicemail is the Iphone broke that in ,but its good to kno that now bb can have it.

the curve 8900 as my first BB. got the wife a curve 8320 as her first! in august! my son's needs a new phone so I think as soon as t-mobile releases the new bold I will get that than transfer the curve to the wife and the 8320 to the boy!!!

I cant wait to buy something new like this YEAH!!!!!!