AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700 Review

By Mickey Papillon on 15 Dec 2009 02:44 pm EST

AT&T Bold 9700

After testing out numerous different Blackberry devices over the past few years, I always find myself with "one more thing" i wish the device would have included. With the Tour it was Wi-Fi, with the CDMA Curve 2 it was a higher resolution camera, and with the 8900 or Pearl Flip it was 3G. Finally, I can say that RIM has "checked all the boxes" with the introduction of the Blackberry Bold 9700, AKA the Bold 2. Add in the change from the trackball to an optical trackpad, and the Bold 9700 has been the Blackberry I've been waiting for. The Bold 9700 used in this review was provided by RIM, and has service with AT&T. It is available for $99 with a 2 year contract after mail in rebate.

In the Box

  • Blackberry Bold 9700
  • 1 Standard 1500 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • AT&T SIM card
  • MicroUSB AC Charger
  • 3.5mm Premium Stereo Headset with microphone
  • MicroUSB Sync/Charge Cable
  • Swivel Hoster/Carrying Case
  • Various guides and CD's
  • 2gb memory card


  • Technology: GSM/EDGE/HSPA world roaming capabilities
  • Frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900/2100
  • Weight: 4.2 oz
  • Size: 4.3″ x 2.4″ x 0.6″
  • Cubic Volume: 6.19"
  • Screen: 480 x 360 (HVGA+)
  • Camera: 3.2MP
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5mm
  • 624 MHz processor
  • 256MB flash memory
  • Wi-Fi b/g
  • GPS


On my way back from the SPE Round Robin meet-up, I found myself in both the Orlando and Charleston airports. I was at the Orlando airport for about 2 hours before my flight, and really wanted to dig into the 9700 to get to know it's capabilities. The phone however, didn't want to cooperate. It wasn't so much that the phone was being difficult, rather, the AT&T network. On both my iPhone and the 9700, the service was horrendous. In an airport, where you know there are going to be a lot of people trying to use cellular services, the network fell on it's face. I did have a 3G signal in some parts of the airport, but most places it seemed to revert back to EDGE. Speeds on either network were slow, and web browsing was painful. I was disappointed to say the least.

Once I made it to the Charleston airport, my experience was more on par with what I expect from AT&T. Service was good, and I could hold a 3G connection without an issue. This was good, as it was a Sunday afternoon, and I wanted to catch a few minutes of football before hopping on the final leg of my journey. I installed the Slingplayer application on the device and was able to hold a great connection back to my Slingbox over 3G without a problem. This has always been one of my favorite things to do on a device, and I like platforms that don't restrict the use of software to certain connections.

Back on the ground in Phoenix, the phone/network performed as expected, with the exception of voice quality. One person said my voice sounded higher and less bassy then on other phones. Another said that I sounded "choppy". On my end, calls sounded just fine, and were quite clear and loud. The 9700 did hold calls well, and I did not have any dropped calls. It seems that the AT&T network is just as finicky as ever when it comes to location. There are many cities around the country that have great AT&T service, and there are few user complaints. I have found that while Phoenix is spread out enough to accommodate for the millions of residents, the 3G coverage isn't as prominent as rival Verizon. You can find yourself in the outskirts of the suburbs, and your service will drop down to EDGE, or worse, fluctuate between 3G and EDGE, sucking down battery quicker than you'd expect. Speaking of the battery, the 9700 battery performs quite well for everything that it does. As I expect from Blackberry, I can get through 2 days of use without having to charge, and not sacrifice any functionality along the way.


AT&T Bold 9700
The Bold 9700 hardware looks like a blend of the Tour 9630's styling with back of the original Bold.
AT&T Bold 9700
AT&T Bold 9700

For comparison purposes, I took 3 different Blackberries together to show the differences. From left to right, the AT&T Pearl, Verizon Curve, and Bold 9700. This is also the order from top to bottom in photos with this configuration.

AT&T Bold 9700
AT&T Bold 9700

Notice the "frets" in between the rows of keys. This not only is a nice touch for styling, but really helps space out the rows.

AT&T Bold 9700

Left side. 3.5mm headset jack, microUSB charging and data port, and customizable left convenience key.

AT&T Bold 9700

Top side. Lock and mute buttons.

AT&T Bold 9700

Right side. Volume rocker switch and right convenience key.

AT&T Bold 9700

Bottom side. Microphone port.

AT&T Bold 9700

Back side. 3.2MP camera with LED flash. Battery cover accented by leather.

AT&T Bold 9700

Pearl vs. 9700

AT&T Bold 9700

Curve vs. 9700

AT&T Bold 9700

iPhone 3GS vs. 9700

AT&T Bold 9700

A little about the keyboard. Since the 7200 series, i really felt that RIM had a leg up on any competition out there for qwerty keyboards. Each iteration (8800, 8300, 9000, 8900, and 9600) has had its pros and cons, but were for the most part very good. The original Bold was considered by many to have the "Cadillac" of qwerty keyboards with its wide design and soft clicks. However it was often criticized for being too big. RIM took this into consideration when it designed the 9700, which I think is the most comfortable qwerty keyboard on the market today. The raised ridges of the keys flow smoothly from one to another, and the soft clicks of the keys make it very comfortable to use for prolonged periods of time. The lack of the loud "click" when each key is pressed (like on the 8300 series) also makes the keyboard feel solid.

New in 2009 to the Blackberry is the optical keypad for navigation. Out is the issue-prone trackball of the Pearl and Curve series, and in is the new touch sensitive trackpad. In real world use, i found it to be vastly superior to the trackball of the Curve that I use each day. Not only are there no moving parts to fail, but it feels more like navigating on a touch screen device, something that is becoming an increasingly popular feature in smartphones. The only real issue with this type of navigation, is the same as any touch screen device, moisture. If you have a little water or sweat on your hand, you will find the trackpad a bit "sticky". A quick wipe of your hand will usually fix the issue, and it really isn't a problem.


The 9700 comes with the latest version 5.0 of the Blackberry OS. The version has good speed, and there is little to no sluggishness as you go fly though applications.

AT&T Bold 9700

The home screen layout is similar to that of the Curve 8900 or Tour, with icons that I can finally appreciate

AT&T Bold 9700

Here is an example of Google Voice for Blackberry. This is one of my top Apps for the phone, allowing tight integration for calling and SMS'ing your Google Contacts. This is a great app for those that change devices frequently, or just want to have a unified number for every device.

AT&T Bold 9700

Along with the standard PIM applications you expect on every smartphone, the 9700 comes Word To Go, Sheet To Go and Slideshow To Go from Documents To Go. These applications allow you to open and view your Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.

AT&T Bold 9700 

Games are always a fun way to pass the time with your device. The 9700 comes with Tetris, Scrabble, Pacman, BrickBreaker, Hold'Em and others.

AT&T Bold 9700

The Downloads folder is the default where all downloaded apps land. This makes it easy for quick launching of any of your favorites.

AT&T Bold 9700

The Media Folder is typical of all Blackberries, with Music, Video, Ringtones, Pictures and Voice Notes. Music sounded great, and the videos played smoothly on the screen.

AT&T Bold 9700

Mobile Video gives you access to short clips of the latest in news, sports and entertainment.

AT&T Bold 9700

Here is an example of the quality using the Mobile Video.

AT&T Bold 9700 

AT&T Music is a folder with links to shop for or stream music from a variety of sources.

AT&T Bold 9700

AT&T Maps is a great built-in program to take advantage of the GPS capabilities of the phone. It uses the 3G connection of the phone to pull down data real time of your area.

AT&T Bold 9700

AT&T Bold 9700

The new Blackberry Messenger 5 is on the 9700 as well.

AT&T Bold 9700

One of the advantages the iPhone has had over the Blackberry is the success of the iTunes Application store. With over 100,000 to choose from, it has given developers the ability to get their software in front of the millions of users in one central location. RIM's App World brings the Blackberry into the world of easy to download apps directly to the phone. By heading to users can now download the application to their device that allows them to load applications easily and quickly to the device. While still not as comprehensive as the iPhone, App World is growing quickly, and many developers are finding success selling here.

AT&T Bold 9700
AT&T Bold 9700

A few notable applications that I installed to test were Slacker Radio, SlingPlayer and CaptureIT. I had to download the Bold version of SlingPlayer, but once installed, it performed very well, especially over Wi-Fi.

AT&T Bold 9700

AT&T Bold 9700

One other interesting program that Kevin  turned me on to was I Love Blackberry. This app tracks your usage of the device, and shows you how much of an addict you are. Lots of fun, if not a little scary.

AT&T Bold 9700
AT&T Bold 9700

AT&T Bold 9700

The 3.2MP camera on the 9700 has great quality, and takes similar photos to those of the 8900 or Tour. The auto focus definitely assists in the resolution, and in both indoor and outdoor conditions, it is arguably a point and shoot replacement. Here are a few photos from the 9700 indoors, with very poor light. As you can see, the flash does a good job in assisting to create decent shots.

AT&T Bold 9700
AT&T Bold 9700
AT&T Bold 9700

Here is a shot taken outdoors in partly cloudy conditions, with photos taken with the Curve 8300 and iPhone 3GS for comparison purposes.

AT&T Bold 9700

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS

Curve 8300

Curve 8300

The Blackberry Bold 9700 on AT&T is arguably the best Blackberry currently available on its network here in the US. With great specifications and nice look hardware, RIM has placed themselves in a nice position in the smartphone game that not only will appease the toughest Blackberry addict, but also turn some heads along the way.

This review was completed by Mickey Papillon, Creator and Host of the podcast The Cell Phone Junkie. For information about the show, please visit

Reader comments

AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700 Review


I'm going to stick with my 9000 for a while, but I predict in the next year or two I'll get a 9700 on T-Mobile to replace my trust 9000.

I love this phone so far! Had it for 24 hours now. Only thing I hate compared to my pre is the web is painfully slow! And youtube videos wasn't that great.. I could muti task and view the web on my pre while still waiting for m.crackberry to load..

With the os 5.0 beta leaks I have noticed that if you have a contact that also has a Blackberry PIN linked to them and they send you an SMS it shows up in both BBM and SMS. However it uses the notification for BBM instead of SMS (even though it was an SMS). And if you "end conversation" in BBM it deletes it from your SMS threads also. Is this behavior present in the os 5.0 on the 9700 also?

You can change this behavior if you do not like your BBM's showing up in your message folder, by going to the options menu in the BBM application and deselecting the option "Show Chats in Messages Application." I am very sure this is not an option of the OS of the phone, it is an option of the BBM Application.

As an owner of an AT&T 9700 I can definitely attest to the battery life, it's very good even with the constant fluctuations between EDGE and 3G. Definitely a good investment for the long run. Thanks for the review!

there's no need to review new blackberries coming out. They are all the same thing with no new innovations. Making a blackberry a different size or with a "better" keyboard does not warrant a full review.

RIm, stop doing lateral moves and make some actual progression in technology.

While that might be true to someone who has owned a BlackBerry before...not everyone has, so I'm sure plenty of people find it useful.

Thanks for the awesome review!

I love my 9700! Some people need to play with it (or other BB's) before they "assume" anything. A BlackBerry will be a BlackBerry and always a BlackBerry. The look may be more sleek but it is still a BlackBerry. As long as the changes/upgrades (3G, wifi, OS, etc., etc.) is happening, I will always love it! It is not the change of size or any other physical difference that gives it a + or - but it is the operation thereof that will make or break it. The more I use it, the more I discover how capable it is.

I purchased my Bold 9700 a few days ago...even though I loved my 9000, this 9700 is by far the best BB ive ever experienced...

Sounded like he had an iPhone for regular use, and just had the 9700 for testing...

What I want to know is if the Bold 9700 is just the best Blackberry currently on AT&T network... or the best Smartphone?

Wow, you can really tell the differences in those cameras on the outdoor pics. The 9700 really has a much clearer picture than the iPhone.

I have the Bold 9000, and I'd consider upgrading to the 9700 for the camera upgrade alone.

Thanks, I enjoyed reading the review. As a new BB owner I can see why it is so addictive. The 9700 is the best SmartPhone I have had to date.

When I read reviews about the 9700 i ask myself: What is the different between 9700 and Curve 8520? only the GPS and 3G?

This curve is my firdt blackberry and I love it. Anyways, very nice review.

im no expert but i think the 9700 is the same screen as my curve 8900 and if so it is BEAUTIFUL! after months of owning it still blows me away, so thats one difference :)

It still, I think, is the best phone for the money. Who cares about 3G? The screen is not made for heavy web surfing and for email/texting, etc. it's very fast. Plus, if you have a UMA WiFi connection, the surfing IS fast if it makes a difference.

Also, it's much lighter than the other models and feels great in the hand.

Agreed, I actually opted for the 8900 because of the lack of 3G. It is not something that I need sucking up my battery or adding unnecessary weight to my device. The 8900 is so light and correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Wi-Fi faster than 3G?

Can't beat T-Mobile's UMA feature

I guess it depends on the wi-fi, but I have 16Mbps hooked up to a Linksys WRTG54 and the 3G in the cities around me still is faster than it. I do speed tests on my iPhone so I guess I can't say 100% because they don't make awesome, and free for that matter, speed test apps for the blackberry. Also any new berry has the option to turn the 3G off and allow it to only use 2G... DUH? I never have 3G turned on because it just drains my battery but I did use it for my laptop and managed to pull download speeds of 400KB (so thats 3,200Kbps for you that don't understand that a Kb is 1/8th a KB) and the phone should max at 450KB on HSDPA seein how its 3.6Mb = 3,600Kb

my only complaint is that there is a bunch of wasted space around the screen. They could have made it a bit larger. It's not like that on the 9000.

Now I have 2 reasons to wish that AT&T's network wasn't horrible. Until it's not, I'm staying with my Tour...

att is not horrible why because of rollover minutes and services i have now 5,000 thousand rollover minutes because of the program. yeah i know

In the NYC area, you can use 2 cups connected with a string and get better reception than you can with AT&T.

You must work for AT&T.... you sound... well for lack of a better word, retarded. I have had AT&T for 10 years now (AT&T then Cingular then AT&T again) and they have always had worse coverage and call quality than Verizon. It's an understood fact that with AT&T you get horrible service, more expensive service plans, and phones months before verizon. We don't have to try and justify AT&T sucking, we all know it does and still stick with them for the phones and ability to switch phones any time we want. 3G is harder to find than an intelligent comment on facebook and when you do find it you can count on half the battery life and the only place you can "surf the web and talk on the phone at the same time" is when you have 3G coverage.

Also I had 8,500 rollover minutes and guess what happens to your precious minutes after 12 months? Bye Bye so enjoy blabing to someone on the phone for 83 hours while you still can!

I got the 9700 recently and I absolutely love it. the new OS looks good, the trackpad and buttons are smooth. I'm actually very impressed with the trackpad, it has a much better feel than the trackball.

The unit is actually pretty really lightweight, even though its heavier than hte 8900 i had, i dont feel the difference.

Its Shaped nicesly and looks very sleek. I got a see-through skin case for it and it still looks just as sexy. i have nothing bad to say about this Phone.
Not yet atleast. HIGHLY recommend it. I'm so loving it.

This takes the "Crack" in crackberry to a whole new high.

so basically the difference between this one and the tmo version is different 3G signal (1900mhz vs 1700mhz), different service (i think the tmo>att) and the tmo version can do wi-fi calling option with the plan while att doesnt?

I would love this phone to be on Verizon. I cant deal with AT&T's overall spotty voice and 3g coverage. Maybe if I had never been with V I could, but its all good. Im looking forward to the similar upcoming Essex. But for now Ill hold onto my Tour. (Which finally after over 3 months, is starting with the trackball problems)

i think verizon is copying the all new 9700 just because they were not smart enough to come up with the att phone . by the way guys u can save over 100s of dollars on att because of roll-over minutes. yeah i know

...from TMO. On my 7th device and finally got one without issues. 6 of them were from the same store and for whatever reason, had multiple issues. One had a bad keyboard (B,N,M keys weren't clicking), another had a separation on the right side of the screen to the silver lining, another had a whacked out track pad...sensor must have been off or something, 2 had the side of the casing coming apart and one had simply crashed...continuously, no matter how many times we wiped the device. The one I have now is for the most part great, with the occasional random reset, but I can live with that since it happens maybe once a week (that I know of).

Call clarity is great, but from time to time will experience the dropped call. Can't seem to hold a 3G signal, and for some strange reason will shift off of UMA onto GPRS or EDGE when a call comes in. Most of the time it will stay on UMA, but strange when it drops to another band.

I decided to go with the TMO version of the 9700 because of UMA and not having to deal with AT&T's crappy network. Had the iPhone and as much as I liked it, it was painful to use when traveling. When hooking up with UMA, it's incredibly crystal reception I've had with a cell phone.

Still have my trusty Storm2 on the side when needed though... :)

I did a few camera capture comparisons btwn the 9700 and 9000 at the AT&T Store and it was hands down,...9700! Like someone has stated,...the 3.2mb camera on the 9700 does replace a modest P&S camera. So, there's no need to buy and or carry one (P&S) around. Good move RIM,...that said, one can only assume that the camera,..and phone will only get better in the not too distant future.

...prolly in abt 2yrs.


where's the contest registration for the give-a-way??? just kidding, well... just wishing! happy holidays, everyone!!!

I'm on my 6th BB now...just got the 9700 last week......and I'm sorry to say I fired up the 'ol 9000 again today.
I don't have huge hands, but I found the 9700 to be a bit too small and some features a bit clunky to use.
Pixels and OS aside, I think the Bold 9000 is state-of-the-art, until our BBs have live network TV and sports.
I could use the 9000 for years to come.

I'm upgrading to a 9700 sometime next week! I'm very excited, however...I'm keeping my trusty 9000 as a back-up. :)

This is the second blackberry I've ever owned. The first was the 8830 world edition. This phone is really powerful and complete with so many features. Glad to sell that my network (bell) has switched to gsm and operates off the new hspa system. I couldn't wait to get a deal on this phone or wanted to go back onto another 3 year contract, so I bought it out for $700.

I'm new to this site and look forward to more excellent reviews and ways to make this phone enjoyable.

I am pretty sure the AT&T version was just released a couple of weeks ago. The T-Mobile one came out a month or two before, but this is the AT&T model. Isn't it always helpful to have multiple opinions about devices to help you make the most educated choice too?

Great review Mickey, thanks.

the 9700 looks like it may have to be the BB of choice for the next upgrade. Was tempted by the Pre and Hero but can't leave BB messenger. No chance. Although, what I'd love to see is a Bold (physical QWERTY and all) with a touch screen interface. Navigation with a touch screen is just so smooth. Thats why im still torn between Storm2 and Bold2. Too many 2's!!!

i got the 9700 last week..i think the keys are too close together..i had a pearl 8120..yes ,,with wifi and 3g..ill be buying the new pearl the day it comes out!! anyone have a date yet??? oh yeah..who the hell paid 700 dollars for one of these?? ill sell u mine for a quater of that!

If you are about to trade a 9700 for a the new pearl you don't know nothing about BB. 9700 best BB ever!!!

If he doesn't know nothing, he must know something... and I agree. I do not like the keyboard of the Tour (resembles Bold and 88xx series). The keys all touch each other and the TrackPad isn't really that great.

Still a quality product, though.

I started w the pear, then the 8520, then 8900 now Bold 9700. I'm familiar w those features like camera, browser, sms/mms quality, etc. But what else is there to do w it? (I'm w TMo btw)

What program is that with the circular icon (like picasa's logo)? To the right of the QuickPull icon.

I don't think the phone has many flaws, other than its size. It's a bit smaller than I'd like. Other than that, it's a great device.

Have an iPhone and love it,but I'm truly curious about the droid and some of the other smartphones out there(particularly the blackberries).Anyone care to share how to try out some of them,preferably without the two-year obligatory contract?

If you have the money you can buy unlocked. You have options because your on AT&T GSM but Droid isn't one of them right now. Droid is actually the operating system on the phone, not the phone its self. That's why there is a Motorola droid and HTC droid for Verizon but they are CDMA so you can mark those off your list. If your wanting to try-before-you-buy then you may have just become your local AT&T store's new resident. But for real world testing the only way you're gonna be able to try one out is to read, read, read, and read some more and use the guides of others as your test. By doing that you find the GSM blackberry you think fits you best and then purchase it and keep the iPhone in-case you hate it, which in that case e-bay then becomes your friend.

I had the 9000 4 days after it's release (couldn't get away from work a day before, so my awesome girl at AT&T held one for me). I couldn't imagine how it could be any better, except for those "if only's" you wish up w/out sounding out of love w/ the 9000 for any reason. Well, I knew the 9700 was being released (cuz of my CB connection here, and I'm such a junkie) before my girl did. She was notified of it's release on 11/22 when I was, and I was the first person in the door to purchase one that day. She even came in on her day off for me, and I drive an hour (bypassing tons of other stores) to buy from her.

I call her my crack dealer...........and this 9700 is the ultimate fix! The review on this piece of perfection is so well done, yet until you get one in your hand, you have NO's just as perfect as RIM gets. I can't imagine how they'd ever outdo themselves beyond this! I'm in love allllllll over again!

This is my fourth BlackBerry and I am pleased with it. I switched from the Bold 9000 to the 9700. I have not been disappointed. The battery life appears to be much longer on the 9700. I can't claim to be an expert but I find the 9700 easy to use and just plain pretty. As for 3G coverage, well, I'm glad I'm not in New York because I've heard nothing but horror stories about AT&T in New York. I'm in Chicago and I've not had any issues at all. Hopefully, AT&T is going to remedy the issues that it has throughout the country. Also, I did look at Verizon and found them to be ridiculouly priced here. I'm really not sure what the difference between 3G and CDMA(?) is. But then, all I care about is that the Bold 9700 works for me and I love it.

Pretty good post. I just came by your site and wanted to say
that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. In any case
I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you write again soon

My Q key keeps falling out of my brand new 9700! what gives?? is there to fix this without having to return the phone? any one else experiencing this problem?

I upgraded to the 9700 from an 8320 just 3 days after it launched on TMobile. Major upgrade for me but in less than 24 hours the first device went into a never ending loop of during a restart. So I went back to the store and got a different one and two days later the keys started to fall off. I was able to push two back in place but the X would not stay on.

I was very disappointing about the quality. couldn't tell u guys much about the OS but 3G speed was very nice compared to the EDGE I am used to.

The trackpad works great and in the short time I used made me hate the old trackball setup.

The interesting thing is that when i went to return the phone almost as the store was closing the associate tells his manager "another bold" apparently that store(at THE LOOP in Orlando, FL) had at least 8 other 9700 returned during the first 5 days of starting to sell it.

So for now I'm stuck with an 8900 I bought from a coworker who also got the TMO 9700 but has had no issues with his.

I just gave my right lung, english bulldog, and kid sister for this new 9700 (had an 8310 previously)(no comparison)I now have. And I read this review with a swelled chest, lumpy throat, and tear in eye (no, i wasnt jumped!)! Great review! Well done Mickey!!!!

Ok, there is only one thing that I cannot seem to find the answer to. I currently have the storm and although I hate the keyboard and cannot wait to get away from the touch screen that I was so excited for, the one feature that I love with the storm is the ability to set specific ringtones for calls AND TEXT messages for individual contacts right when you are adding or editing the contact information. I really would like to keep this feature and am wondering what other blackberry has this feature. I had this ability in the first curve that I had, but I had to set up new profiles in order to do this but then setting the phone to silent or vibrate only no longer worked on anyone that had special ringtones for calls and texts.

Please tell me the Bold 9700 has this feature!!!! :)

Im picking up my first blackberry (9700) on monday. I think Im getting a blackberry at the right time with this release being out. Really like the phone. 3.2 mp camera, wifi, 3g, GPS, trackpad, os 5.0 just being released, really couldnt ask for anything more. I looked at the iphone as well, and while it was attractive, I really wanted the keyboard and email capability the BB offers. I did tons of research before making a purchase, think this is a great phone, good review by the way.

i am in southern delaware and have a moto razr on at&t. most realtors here have verizon but i find that i get many more bars at my home/office with at&t than a verizion moto razr does? yet i still drop calls while sitting in my chair with at&t. anyway, i was wondering if anyone knew if the 9700 got better, same, or worse reception than a moto razr ??

Just bought my 9700 2 days ago. Gotta say I love it, haven't had a problem with the new OS. Work in an area that has some spotty coverage and the battery still holds great. The track pad I think in the best thing they changed on this new device.

Thanks for the reveiw and all of the effort you put into it.
I absolutely love this phone. Its the best BB ive had so far. Its my fourth BB and i love all of its features.
The trackpad is fantastic and without the awkwardness of the trackball. The keys are so much better than on the curve. The screen is beautiful :)
Just love it!!

I continue to gripe over the fact the 9700 is really a Tour with wifi.

For those born with smaller or pointy thumbprints this 9700 "Tour Look alike" Bold will be the RIM device that finally got 99.9253% right.

For me having been blessed with a flatter, slightly wider thumbprint, the "Tour size" keys are simply cumbersome unlike RIM's flagship 9000 Bold. As the device ages from the effects of "NORMAL" wear and tear, the optical trackball begins to lose it's agility to track your thumbprint. Hello, Plastico Fantastico! The specially colored polycarbonate plastic scratches. After a month or more for a "heavy" user (me), small scratches by the thousands look cloudy on the trackball surface resulting in slow or jittery cursor movements. There is always room for improvement including myself. Enjoy.

As for the carrier...
IF YOU ARE USING AT&T, DROP THE CARRIER AND MOVE ON. The two consistently top rated networks I found in my research are Verizon and T-Mobile. You would not be doing this "Tour look alike" 9700 Bold justice.


ok i just picked up the blackbery bold 9700 i love this phone takes great pics in the dark with the flash. this phone rocks had it on with use for past 2 days battey is not even half down this blows my iphone out of the water . blackberry for life thats for sure .