AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Available For Download

By Bla1ze on 17 Nov 2009 12:34 pm EST
BlackBerry Bold 9700 AT&T OS Released

With the launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 on AT&T for business customers RIM has finally posted the OS download for the device. AT&T is lagging behind in OS versions at this point, considering Rogers launched with OS and T-Mobile launched with OS and we already know RIM is well ahead of that as well with current OS sitting at or higher. In any event, if you for some reason feel the need to reload your OS on your brand new AT&T 9700 the files are there for you to do so.

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when will at&t release 5.0 for Bold 9000 ?


how is there already a official OS 5.0 for the Bold 9700 and still not one for the 9000. This is garbage!


how is this garbage? the 9700 phone was designed from the ground up on 5.0


My "garbage" comment was in reference to RIM still not releasing OS 5.0 on the Bold 9000. The 9700 been out all of 2 weeks and it already has an update.


Most pointless OS release of the month award goes to YOU!


9000 update is long overdue. WTF?!


Where is the 5.0 for the 8900, dang!


maybe development for the 9000 isn't going as well as other devices...


Yes, it will be. Available for the Bold 9000 I mean. I'm running the last beta of it, and it's basically ready to go mainstream. Not to worry.


"T-Mobile launched with OS"

NOT mine... I got it yesterday (1st day for consumer customers) and im running


But dammmmmnnn.... I thought it said for the Bold 9000, but then I re-read it. CURSES.


I got my 9700 on Monday from Tmo and I have as well.


The link isn't on T-Mobile's website yet, but here's the link to T-Mobile's release OS on the 9700. (Which is as others have pointed out. is available on another carrier as an official release so it is out there)

Link is shortened, but goes directly to T-Mo's download site for the 9700.


The fact remains that all carriers wish to sell the 9700 with 5.0 os a fair amount before any 5.0 os is made for the 9000, 8900 and so forth as many would buy the 9000, 8900 and so forth over the SO CALLED newer devices.

There is hardly and i mean hardly any difference in hardware or prgramming between the 9000 and the 9700 and so forth of other devices in there respected classes.

It marketing is what is going on here ppl.

I own bold 9000 since this march and i will not upgrade to a newer phone until a carrier release a WORKING OFFICIAL 5.0 os release and not stop there, but ensure updated OS'es still come along.

The 9000 is not a OLD phone, heck it is in some ways more superior then the 9700.

Its all about marketing right now and selling the SO CALLED newer devices, can you blame them as RIM put millions into the 9700 device which only made slight differences between the 9000 and so forth.

Money talks, BS walks.

Hurry Rogers get your can in gear and get a 5.0 OS out ASAP.


Telus released with as well...mine came with it at least.


I don't know who to be more irritated with lately, AT&T or RiM. This is for both of them, I am happy with my Bold and don't want to upgrade right now. Just give us 5.0 already.


tried this os on the 8900? its basically the same phone, does the trackball on the 8900 screw things up?


Mirror RS (Link will be expire at 17-June-2010) :


I just got my Bold for ATT yesterday, and today I got a JVM 517 error. Also, the right toggle button doesn't function properly. I must advise, the release version of these phones (or at least mine) for business customers are lousy quality. I am going to install this firmware update right now, and get my bold replaced first thing Monday morning. BUT overall, this is an excellent phone. Batt life from 7am this morning, with heavy email usage, gps (gmaps), using the mp3 player in my car, and downloading google maps/slacker/app world, etc I was at 50 percent by 9pm. VERY impressive.


Hopefully this OS wont fail again