Updated: AT&T BlackBerry 8820 Not Available Today?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Sep 2007 05:00 pm EDT

BlackBerry 8820

*** Updated: September 4th, 9pm CST Click Here for Updated Post ***

We beat the Boy Genius by a week on this one... on August 28th we announced the WiFi-enabled BlackBerry 8820 would start showing up in A&T stores on September 4th. It looks like our  tipster was right!

According to BG, the BlackBerry 8820 "soft launched" yesterday and should be available in stores as early as today as the units arrive. Pricing is said to be the same as the 8800... with a 2 year contract the price will come in at $299. The 8820 will outright replace AT&T's 8800 - apparently all 8800 shipments have been stopped indefinitely. It hasn't shown up on AT&T's website yet for direct ordering, but hopefully will appear there soon!

Since our tipster was apparently right on the 8820, does that mean his other prediction will come true? Can we expect to see the GPS-enabled AT&T BlackBerry 8310 Curve on September 24th?!

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UPDATE: September 4th, 9PM CST

It seems the rumor CrackBerry.com first reported and the Boy Genius confirmed is half right, half wrong. BlackBerry Addicts across the US have been trying to get there hands on the AT&T BlackBerry 8820 all day with little success. Some stores/reps know about the 8820 and say it's coming but don't have it yet, while other stores remain unaware of the product, which is likely remain the case until it actually arrives in local outlets.

Amazon BlackBerry 8820

Why half right/half wrong? It comes down to definition. The 8820 is apparently available - if a store had it in stock they would be able to sell it (it's in the system). Proof in the pudding comes from Amazon.com, where you can now buy/order the AT&T BlackBerry 8820 Smartphone, though the estimated delivery time is slated in at 2 - 4 weeks.

Is it available? YES/Sort of.  Can you have it in your hands today? Apparently NOT.

Another report from a CrackBerry.com member in talks to an AT&T rep who pulled the data up on screen puts the 8820 arriving in stores between Sept. 14th and 18th. The same rep also said the 8310 should arrive on the 24th or 25th and be availabe in Platinum & Red (the colors are news to me, though we had been tipped on the 24th for the 8310 date). Lesson learned...AT&T availability/release/in your hands dates are wild things to predict and should be taking with a grain of salt. 

At CrackBerry.com, we try our best to report rumors and news in an accurate and timely manner, always putting forth our best due dillengence efforts before hitting the 'submit post' button. In this case, our tipster had tangible proof that the AT&T BlackBerry 8820 would become 'available' today. We reported it as 'Rumor' on August 28th, and only today after the Boy Genius confirmed this information with another source did we report it again, this time as 'News'.

I'll be spending the better part of September 5th trying to track down a AT&T BlackBerry 8820 for myself. If you beat me to the prize, be sure to let the everyone know by commenting on this post. Apparently there are a lot of BlackBerry Addicts jonesing for a GPS and WiFi enabled Berry! Come on AT&T....give the people what they want!

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Updated: AT&T BlackBerry 8820 Not Available Today?!


I've called AT&T and looked on their website and the 8820 is no place to be found. Does anyone know who it has been released to ?

Went to 2 stores in NYC. ATT sales reps acknowledged that the 8820 was coming soon but could provide no details as to when they would be in stock. It was disappointing to see that they were still trying to sell the 8800s they had in stock. Has anyone been able to get their hands on one??

I called 5 stores in San Diego about the 8820. Some of the reps new about the product, some didn't. The ones that did had no clue when the product would be in the stores.

I talked to a San Jose ATT store today - they don't know when they are getting them. And normally they hear two days in advance. Nobody else on the www has confirmed a sighting in the US.

How can you back up your title "AT&T BlackBerry 8820 Available Today"?

"ships in 2 - 4 weeks" is not "having it". That means they aren't getting stock for 2-4 weeks. Which probably means this phone isn't getting released for at least another two weeks.

To Kevin: How about some accountability on these blog posts?

hey shonuff, post is updated.

As I say in the updated post, we reported our initial tip as "rumor" on the 28th. Only after the Boy Genius validated it with another source did we make that post early this morning as "news".

The BG is typically known for having the goods, so in this case we took that word as proof (post was made at about 6am, prior to stores being open) as many other sites in the blogosphere/news also did today.

Our post has now been updated with current information.

I went to Amazon and all they had was the Blackberry 8800 Maybe the person who saw it on Amazon was on Amazone.com which is the European version. Maybe the bot Genious could be a little premature this time.

Well after calling all the corporate stores in my area upstate ny I have heard October and January release dates for the 8820.

Even called RIM and they said to call your carrier and check with them.

As far as I could get with one guy was to call back on Monday and check with him them or call the Data Group for AT&T wireless.

Its all hype/rumor, wont believe it till I get a call from my sales rep who knows I am waiting for it to swap out under my 30 day window.

Whats the time frame for the model with Wifi and 3G ? Now that would be a model to look for IHMO

Rumors rumors rumors

It is on the amazon website but you have to type it exactly like the screen shows- ( Blackberry 8820 at&t smartphone).

Latest word from an area(San Deigo)rep and not a store manager is that the 8310 will be out early October and the 8820 late September. This came from the store managers boss.