AT&T announces BlackBerry Curve 3G and BlackBerry Pearl 3G as coming soon

By Bla1ze on 29 Sep 2010 02:00 pm EDT

After a long wait, AT&T has finally made it public information that they will indeed be offering the BlackBerry Pearl 3G and the BlackBerry Curve 3G. Why exactly, it took AT&T so long to add the Pearl 3G to their line up we're still not really certain as of yet. One guess is that they were waiting for BlackBerry 6 to get to a more ready stage and then make the device available and now, in that time the BlackBerry Curve 3G has also become available. With offering both those and the BlackBerry Torch it gives AT&T a strong BlackBerry lines up and when BlackBerry 6 rolls out for them all, it should put them in line to be the carrier with the most BlackBerry 6 capable devices. Keep reading for the full press release announcement.

Press Release

AT&T Expands Smartphone Lineup with New 3G BlackBerry Smartphones

BlackBerry Curve 3G and BlackBerry Pearl 3G Coming Soon to the Nation's Fastest Mobile Broadband Network.

Dallas, Texas - Key Facts

  • AT&T*, exclusive U.S. provider of BlackBerry® Torch™, announced today it will introduce two new smartphones, the BlackBerry® Pearl™ 3G (model 9100) and the BlackBerry® Curve™ 3G (model 9300), from Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX:RIM).
  • BlackBerry Curve 3G will be available in AT&T stores, online and in business channels in time for the holidays. It will be available in stores and online for $99.99 (no rebate required).
  • BlackBerry Pearl 3G will be available for $149.99 (no rebate required) beginning October 17 in AT&T stores, online and in business channels.
  • New smartphone customers may choose from two AT&T monthly data plan options, $15 for 200 MB of wireless data or $25 for 2 GB.

No matter how you stay in touch – whether through voice calls or social networking – the new BlackBerry smartphones connect you in style.  Customers can stay connected with friends and family on the go through a broad variety of apps like Facebook® and BBM™ (BlackBerry® Messenger).  In addition to pre-loaded social networking apps, both the BlackBerry Curve 3G and BlackBerry Pearl 3G now include BlackBerry App World™, with purchases automatically included on AT&T customers’ bill.

BlackBerry Curve 3G

BlackBerry Curve 3GThe BlackBerry Curve 3G, the first 3G BlackBerry Curve from AT&T, features the iconic BlackBerry design with a full QWERTY keyboard and optical trackpad.  The new smartphone features built-in GPS, as well as dedicated media keys, so music lovers can easily access their tunes while on the go. It also features a camera that can record video and a microSD/SDHC slot that supports up to 32 GB memory cards for media storage. Support for 3G networks makes browsing faster, streaming music smoother, and gives users the ability to talk on the phone while they browse the web, instant message with BBM™ or share their location with friends on popular social networking sites. The BlackBerry Curve offers an exceptional BlackBerry experience at an affordable price.

AT&T will also make the popular AT&T U-verse® Mobile app available for AT&T U-verse TV customers who also have the BlackBerry Curve 9300. U-verse Mobile lets U-verse TV customers manage their DVR recordings, download hit TV shows over any Wi-Fi connection, and watch them on their BlackBerry Curve 9300 from anywhere. The app will be available to all U-verse TV customers, and the ability to download and watch select content will be available for customers that subscribe to the U300 package or higher.

BlackBerry Curve 3G is also BlackBerry® 6 ready. BlackBerry 6 is a new operating system for BlackBerry® smartphones that retains the trusted features that distinguish the BlackBerry brand while delivering a fresh and engaging experience that is both powerful and easy to use. BlackBerry 6 is expected to be available for the BlackBerry Curve 3G in the coming months.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G

BlackBerry Curve 3GThe BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone is the smallest BlackBerry® smartphone yet and is as powerful as it is compact. Measuring less than two inches wide and weighing only 3.3 ounces, it still manages to pack in support for high-speed 3G networks, Wi-Fi (b/g/n) and GPS along with a high resolution display.  It also features an optical trackpad for smooth navigation, dedicated volume and media keys for added convenience, a 3.2 MP camera with flash for quality pictures on the go, and support for up to 32 GB of personal content. The BlackBerry Pearl, available in a red gradient, is ideal for customers who prefer a compact device, but still want a smartphone that delivers a full BlackBerry experience.

“AT&T continues to expand our offering of BlackBerry smartphones, including the recently launched BlackBerry Torch, to suit the various needs of our customers,” said Michael Woodward, vice president, Mobile Phone Portfolio, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “As the first U.S. carrier to offer BlackBerry service, we are pleased to add the BlackBerry Pearl 3G and BlackBerry Curve 3G to our portfolio, which deliver style without compromising features or functionality.”

"The BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Pearl series of smartphones have become extremely popular around the world by giving customers all the powerful BlackBerry communications, media and social networking capabilities they expect, in compact, stylish and easy-to-use handset designs. These new 3G models offer faster performance and a very attractive mix of features and services for AT&T customers," said Carlo Chiarello, vice president, Global Handset Business, Research In Motion.

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Reader comments

AT&T announces BlackBerry Curve 3G and BlackBerry Pearl 3G as coming soon


The more likely reason for the hold up on the Pearl 3G was that AT&T knew they would be releasing the Torch soon and didn't want to risk canabalizing those sales on other new BlackBerries.

I think it means that the 9780 like the Torch will be $200 on contract for a while. :( Too bad--the Torch would sell like hotcakes at $99.

Thats the same ish i be saying... I come on this website everyday hoping for an OS 6 update for Bold 9700... smh.. I'm tellin people we gotta wait til 9780 is released first... smh..

No OS 6 on launch on these "updated" dinosaur models = fail! Kinda of lets you know where they are at. I am so glad I made the switch.

After the playbook we just laugh at you. No more fun for types like you on crackberry. Better go poop on the new windows phone.


I have had a 9300 for close to a couple of months for testing. Why the heck, if it will support OS6, is it not being released with OS6? At least with OS6 the browser is a giant leap forwar and much more usable. I have a ton of devices in front of me and I can related to the "dinosuar" comment. I look at all these devices and for the Pearl 3G to be release with OS5 - it is like a novelty item in the collection.

I read this and thought you were sarcastic as well. My wife loves the form factor and the keyboard of the curve. She recently went to the 9800, didn't like and back to the 9700 by default and is going to try to swap back to the new curve when it drops.

I am pretty damn stoked for this lineup as well. at&t and Blackberry are really hitting it hard.

Yup...I am a HUGE fan of the Pearl (my first Blackberry) and to hear it confirmed to come to my carrier is great. I'm using the 9700 right now; but it'll be hard to resist the new Pearl. As for the new Curve, I'm just glad to welcome it to AT&T's available handsets, which is already superior.

I've been waiting for this since it was announced. The 8130 was my first blackberry, and deserves a special spot on my shelf next to my iphone while I use my torch.

im dying for tmo to get the pearl 3g.... UGH!!! they used to be apesh*t over the pearls and now the only bb models we have are the curve3g and the 9700 (which i am currently rocking)

So AT&T already picks up on these phones a month after TMo announces and no sign of Torch coming to T-Mobile yet? I hope T-Mobile is working on something HUGE coming from Blackberry such as the Blackberry Playbook or something because these lame Blackberry Curve series, Android and G2 phones just dont cut it!

I'm feeling a whole lot of meh for the Pearl. A year after its launch elsewhere, and with the apparent new direction RIM is taking it just seems even more insignificant.
Given that, the 9100 is the sexiest BlackBerry I have ever seen. If I didn't hate suretype, and if it wasn't on the wrong network, I would want one. Now everyone won't have to risk buying PIN blocked test units from Newegg anymore.

Will be dropping Bold 9780 in October... my guess is in the 20th's... i'm hoping i'm wrong so OS 6 can be released for 9700.

nice to see at&t trying to monopolize the blackberry market. NOT! what a joke..If they were smart, they would have released the 9800 on ANY other GSM network other than att..