Yesterday's AT&T and RIM (and other carrier) Issues

No Emails For You!
By Bla1ze on 3 Feb 2009 09:34 am EST

Well, it's been a while (thankfully!) since we have had to make a post like this. I guess it was due time. Yesterday a lot of BlackBerry and AT&T users woke to find their devices had stopped delivering emails at around 9:45am. While this started out to just be an AT&T issue in the general Texas area, it quickly converted itself to an AT&T and RIM issue post haste. Not only did AT&T issue its own trouble tickets regarding issues customers may have been having with their data devices as a whole (BlackBerry, Laptop Aircards etc.), claiming a cut cable as the cause (this reason pops up more than I can almost believe to be true?!!), but later on in the day RIM also confirmed an issue with their services and stated that any users who were utilizing BIS accounts (see: integrated POP and IMAP accounts) were not able to send nor receive emails from their devices.

As of around 9pm AST time things had cleared up for both AT&T and RIM but yet no definitive answer was given as to what exactly caused the issues in the first place. Word around the campfire was that RIM decided to do some server upgrades at that point in time, which seems just a little bit off to me considering it was not reported at in any sort of way and things like that are always well know ahead of time! But yet the initial trouble ticket was indeed relayed. In any event, seems like smooth sailing today. Browsing through the forums, it also seems AT&T customers were not the only ones experiencing issues. Anyone experience the hassle yesterday? What carrier were you on? What were you told? What did you do with no emails coming in? Let us know in the comments!

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Yesterday's AT&T and RIM (and other carrier) Issues


My wife has her gmail pushed to her Storm, and last night she had the opposite problem. The last 9 emails she received kept getting sent and resent to her berry about 4-5 times at least. Every few minutes a slew of the e-mails would come in. I have a separate gmail account pushed to my Storm and had no problem. I didn't figure it would help but I told her to do a battery pull just in case, but it happened again afterwards. Not quite sure what was up with that. It seems to have stopped now.

Just to clarify, the RIM data outage was not carrier VZW account was down all day.

I had the enjoyment of experiencing the RIM problem on the VZW network in CT, from about 10am to 8:30pm…could not send/receive emails from my Storm and every time I logged into VZW BIS to send service books it would say “unable to send service books”, along with asking for my device PIN/MEID(every login). The frustrating part is that my buddy right next to me with the same device/network had zero problems w/ his…VZW tech support mentioned that RIM was having problems throughout the country and depending on what “cluster” the BB device was on would determined if you experienced the lack of connection to RIM’s server yesterday…glad to see everything was working properly at 8:30pm last night…what an inconvenience

BIS at T-Mo stopped working at around 3 pm, and I did not realize that until two hours later when I opened Outlook on the computer and all missed messages appeared! Interestingly enough, my colleague with the same setup was receiving emails with no problem. I called Blackberry desk at T-Mobile and the rep assured me that the problem is wide-spread, and it is priority for both T-Mo and BB. Priority or not, it got fixed only by 9 pm.

Hmmm... Probably a coincidence, but I'm on Verizon with a BB Storm. 'Round about 5:30a yesterday (west coast) my Yahoo and Gmail stopped coming through. I attributed it to recently updating my OS, though both services had been delivering (and sending) my emails reliably for the better part of 24 Hours. It wasn't until I deleted and reinstalled both emails account -- later Monday night -- that everything began flowing as it should.

Since I had nothing better to do I called At&t about the issues to see what they had to say about it, I was then transfered to their bb support team who asked to me do the typical resend service books battery pull delete email, after doing all that i kept complaining trying to figure out what the true issue was and was then transfered to someone directly at RIM and he basically told me it was my fault because i didnt have the proper settings on my gmail account which i found to be bullshit only because i have had my bold for a few months and never had a problem until yesterday but by this time i had been on the phone for over an hour so just gave in and let it go.

Wondering if this would have affected verizon customers. Yesterday at around 4pm I started receiving multiples of e-mails (8 e-mails turned into 40). And the server kept downloading them onto my handheld ever half-hour or so.

We didn't report anything more then AT&T because we didn't have a confirmation ticket # from RIM about the outage on their end. Also non of the staff members that are on different carriers throughout the world didn't have any issues with getting emails on their devices.

I have a BB storm! I know at diffrent times throughout the day that I recieve certain emails from diffrent sites I joined along with emails at anytime from my yahoo and my gmail. I called yesterday to verizon tech support around 7pm last night and they told me that they where having issues with the server and did not know when it would be up. Around 10pm I started recieving all my emails I should have recieved long before then including some emails on my gmail account twice.

I'm have Verizon and didn't notice any interruption in service. (Hey iPhone users- can you hear me now?)

I lost email service (BIS) around 11:30am and didn't get email again till 9:30pm. Unfortunately they sent the email 5 times.

VZW User

Wierd, but true. I lost e-mail communication around 11:30am and didn't have e-mails until after 9pm. Other BB on the account was fine all day (both BIS). Still not back to normal, though.

Well, my emails were spotty yesterday (Curve 8300, 4.5 os, AT&T). For the most part I was able to send, but would only receive every 4th or 5th message and even then, I had to do a "Reconcile Now" command.

Today, I'm still not getting all of my emails on my BB (it's about 50/50) but the ones that are coming in come in fairly quickly and without having to reconcile the mailbox.

I have service thru Verizon. My curve 8330 stopped receiving emails late morning and it wasn't till after 10pm when they ALL arrived at once! I still have a big delay in delivery, as I sit in front of my Pc and time the length of time it takes to get to my BB.

My Verzion BlackBerry Storm had GMail issues yesterday afternoon. I had about twelve e-mails push to my device at once around 8 PM CST and haven't received anything since. I do have a computer job, so although the BB isn't receiving anything I'm still able to check my GMail anytime.

Yeah I had the same issue with Verizon here in CA. I noticed it in the morning but just ignored it. I didn't have anything that was urgent so I decided to wait it out and later in the evening all the emails that didn't come in, came in.

Yeah mine went down for a very short time all I had to do was go and verify my password on blackberry start. No biggie for me.

I stopped getting e-mails on my Verizon Storm around noon Eastern yesterday. I actually didn't notice until 9 PM. Did a battery pull, and a flood of e-mails came in. Around 10 PM the same e-mails were redelivered.

I stopped receiving emails yesterday morning and wasn't able to get a network connection for my browser either. I go through Verizon and when I called I was told that RIM had logged the issue and to expect service back up in about 3 hours. Well this morning I still couldn't get emails or use my browser, until I did a battery pull. Now everything "seems" to be "working." We'll see...

I'm on the Rogers network in Guelph (near toronto and waterloo) and I lost connection to getting my email starting around 12pm yesterday and when I tried to log into the Rogers BIS site, it was telling me to check the information and relogin. Called Rogers tech support and they said it was an "upgrade" on RIM's end.

I started to get emails again at about 9:30pm EST last night but it's dead slow, and this morning my phone was resending me emails from last night and it is still really slow.

I noticed that I hadn't received an emails through my school account all day and thought it was weird. Then, around 9:00 p.m. I received 5 emails at once. Then, about 3 minutes later I received the same 5 emails again. This continued until I received each email about 5 times. I never experienced this problem before so I'm actually relieved to hear that everyone was having the same problem and it wasn't just my BB. I also wasn't able to access my browser at various points throughout the day yesterday. I hope AT&T/BlackBerry have now resolved all of the issues.

I stopped getting new messages at around 11:00 am CST or so, didn't come through until around 8:00pm, but I got all the messages between then twice, once at 8:15, and again at 8:30.

Verizon customer here and I was impacted during the times listed in your note. Emails started flowing again about 9:00CST last night. Looks like the outage is still going on. I haven't received an email since last night. Argh

It effected me too... and I have VZW. I noticed that I had not received any emails throughout the day...although i was kinda happy about it. Went to log into my email settings to send service books to myself, and could not. Log onto my computer to do the same thing from the web app, and was still unsuccessful. Called VZW Tech Support and made an inquiry... lady stated that they have been having this issue since 11am... and that RIM was aware and actively working on the resolve. About 11:30pm i got a flood of emails. Clearly it had been fixed. I had to turn my notifications off for a good 30mins as my phone was getting on my nerves buzzing and blingin for all the emails.

I noticed an issue when I went into Email Set-Up and was going to send myself the Service Books, my account was gone and it would not allow me to access it. I called AT&T and the CS Rep said that I was the 4th or 5th person that he had spoken with in just the past few minutes prior to my call. He did state that it was a RIM issue as he was not able to access my account either. He transfered me to RIM and I spoke with them directly. The RIM Rep told me it was in fact a RIM issue and they were working through it. That, it did in fact, effect all carriers, but not all users. He gave me a ticket # and asked me to call back within 2 hours if the system was not up an running. I actually waited 5 hours and called again. At that time I was told that they had identified the specific issue and it was "nearlly fixed", but it would take another hour at least.

At around 11:45 PM (EST) I started receiving my emails in batches of 3 - 4... about 25 emails all together. One of them from RIM CS asked that once I started receiving emails that I go into Email Set-up on the BB and delete my email account and re-enter and register it again. I did that and everything has worked fine since. I am not on BES but get my emial via MSN.. so a POP3 server.

RIM would not say what the problem was, only that it was with them and not the carriers.

Actually been having spotty service for past 2 weeks on AT&T BIS. On Bold with latest OS. Sometimes email service will stop and I won't get email all day until notice and hit "reconcile now" then a buttload of email comes all at once.

On Sunday Feb 1st, had an outage that didn't fwd mail all day except early in the morning.

I just used gmail client until it was fixed. Stopped working about 3pm, was working again somewhat by 8:30 and then a flood of emails came in around 10pm. (all times EST)

I live in SE Florida and I stopped getting emails around lunchtime Monday. I noticed that my email account appreared to be removed from my email setup and I couldn't log into BIS.

After what seemed like an eternity at the friendly though technoligically understaffed local Verizon store... I found out from a phone technician that there was apparently an outage. I have resumed getting emails about 9pm Monday.

And all is right with the world again. Let's hope this is a very rare aoocassion!

I had the same problem as others, where I would get 5-6 copies of each email. After getting of a 45 minute phone call, I had 40 "new" emails, which were actually 3 new emails and 4 I had already read that were sent multiple times. I resent the service books, thinking that might be the problem, but apparently the problem was fixed around the time I did that anyway. Started receiving emails again at 12:57am CST, no problems so far.

No e-mail from 9:11 am with a flood coming in at 8:37 pm EST. Telus' smartphone / blackberry technical support told me that my RIM BIS account was unreachable and that my "profile had vanished". I couldn't login to my BIS and wasn't even able to PIN my password to my phone. I was told the tech center had a ticker notification on so every tech knew there were issues but a more detailed explanation wasn't available. Smooth sailing today.

Speculation (not so speculative): not a server update...

My Storm experienced the same email outage about 2pm EST. Came back about 9pm est. Funny thing is that my wife's Curve never had an outage. Knew something was wrong when my userid/pwd didn't work on the BIS site.

Verizon her in NM had outages during the same time. Customer service said they were working the problem with RIM and promised to proreate my bill.

Ah ok so it was a general RIM problem! I noticed it quite late because thankfully I was working at a computer the whole day and didnt peek at my BB much yesterday.

I didn't experience any trouble with emails, everything is working fine...very interesting. Seems like it was a known issue, guess I'm lucky.

I am a Cbeyond business customer (BB Pearl) and experienced the no inbound / outbound email problem yesterday (I was the only one in my office that had the issue). I was told it was a Reasearch in Motions server crash. Everything was fine this morning, but now I am back to no inbound or outbound email, AGAIN. I just got off the phone with Cbeyond and I was told RIM was still having issues and they would be resolved in hopefully 4 - 6 hours.

Yes, I had the same problem. But I dont have AT&T but Verizon. I was recieving emails through the computer but wasn't showing up on my phone. Around 9pm or so last night I started received a string of emails that were sent to me through out the day.

I had issues on Verizon's network. Instead of receiving no emails, I stated receiving messages repeatedly. Between 4-5 times. But everything seems to be back to normal.

Yesterday I noticed around 6:30pm that I hadn't received a few mssgs that were in my desktop inbox. I tried sending a few tests to my 8900 (TMo) and they didn't come in. I even addressed them directly to the unit -- not through my typical alias that forwards to my desktop inbox + BB... no dice. I tried sending out from my BB, and none of my desktop accts were getting any of those tests either.

Contacted T-Mobile, Blackberry support. Inquired about whether there was an outage here in Chicago, and they said no... but they were looking at my account and said that my data plan had been dropped out. So they tried to put it back in manually, but for some reason, there systems weren't able to process their requests. They put me on hold and spoke to RIM, who came back and said they were having issues with selected BIS users -- mine was one of them, and that they were aware of the problem. They had no eta on a fix, however, and said it could be up to 24hrs.

By around 830pm, my messages finally began coming in, and I haven't had any issues since.

I called T-Mobile BlackBerry support about 6pm last night after I realized that neither my wife or I were receiving any e-mails on our Curves. While I was on the phone the rep said she received an e-mail stating that their was a "Global BIS Outage". E-mails began to "trickle" in about 9pm PDT.

I work at an AT&T call center and we got flat out blown up yesturday with all of the outages. Texas went totally down as far as data and then Blackberry emails went down everywhere and we couldnt get into the BIS online site so see anything either. Thanks sent out to all of those with patience about the issue.

I had the same problem with my Storm through Verizon yesterday. I stopped by the VZW store on the way home from work. One guy worked with my BB for about 30 minutes and handed it back to me saying everything was set right and he could not figure out what was wrong. I called VZW Tech Support from home and they told me about the problems they were having (too bad they didn't tell anyone at the local stores). Last night about half way through 24, I began to receive emails again.

I go to college at Penn State so I live in State College PA and I was having trouble with my Bold all day, I wasnt getting texts, emails were really late. Around night, it got better though, and things are great today.

It was affecting us on rogers as well!

you dont realize how much you rely on your berry functioning till it stops. Yesterday i was at the poilice station filling out a report and asked someone to email me the details! Well i waited and waited and waited and i finally got the info - when i wrote down by hand.

The worst part was @ 2am when BIS came back....i had 60+ emails to sift through!

I did not receive any e-mails from about 9:30 am until probably 10:00 pm. I have a storm with Verizon and was told that they were experiencing outages, with no idea of cause or timetable for restoring services. I received a message at 10:00 am this morning saying everything was fixed. Its been business as usual today.

I was able to send emails, just not receive any. So I called VZW tech support. They're like "oh how strange, give me your PIN" I'm like OK tech "I can't seem to find your PIN, can you double check to see if it's correct" It seems that the problem had been 3 hours earlier. But it started sending me random emails at first from somebody else...strange I know. Then it sent me my missed emails twice half an hour later. Oh well as long as they got it working again is what matters for me.

I was so busy yesterday I must admit I didn't really notice the outage - my Bold just sat waiting next to my computer. I *did* notice that my battery went from fully charged that morning to 1 bar in less than 6 hours. I know the Bold has battery issues (I'm still on the "official" AT&T OS), but I have never seen it that bad - ever. I was worried that my device was being screwy, but maybe it was related to the network problems.

I got my Bold yesterday. What a time to get it with all the email issues. I still haven't been able to send or recieve emails yet on my Bold. Very disheartening.

No 3G where I work and looking at edge instead of EDGE makes baby jesus cry.

If there was an outage, I didn't experience it. I have 3 personal BIS accounts and am connected to BES at work.

I have a BB storm with Verizon in Austin Tx and i had zero problems. I am on BES and have a few other accounts set up as well.

I wish i had that problem so i would get annoying emails from work :-(

I have 8330 and also experienced an outage. My call to Verizon was handled quickly and was told that the proble was with RIM and that they were aware of it and working to correct. It was resove in a few hours and all messages came through.

E-mail and Internet access stopped shortly after 1 p.m. where I was in western Pennsylvania. I figured all the rabid Steeler fans around these parts crashed the servers or something. Har, har.
Everything returned to normal around 9 p.m., and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

I have my alarm set for 3:01 pm and turns on for the alarm, since I work nights and turn my Berry off while I sleep. I didn't receive any emails till later that night at 9:15pm. I am on Verizon. Don't know if it was a carrier issue or just my BB.

Another reason why I left RIM.
My Android Device was working fine during all of these issues. Another FAIL on RIM.