AT&T and RIM discuss their collaboration on the new BlackBerry Torch 9800

By Bla1ze on 6 Aug 2010 09:19 am EDT

Since the BlackBerry Torch was announced AT&T and Research In Motion have been pushing out videos which help promote the device. The above video has more of a business focus for people out there that are interested. It features Chris Hall, Senior Director of Product Management at AT&T and Carlo Chiarello Vice President GSM/UMTS Business Unit RIM discussing the collaboration efforts between the two companies to bring the device to market.

Honestly, the video is kind of dry with the exception of the glamour shots of the device itself. However, it does give you a sense of just how much influence a carrier can have in the decision making process of final product devices.

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AT&T and RIM discuss their collaboration on the new BlackBerry Torch 9800


I cannot begin to express how tired I am of hearing about this device. Its really not innovative. This is a small step and I hope all this "celebrating" doesn't blow up in RIMs face like the Kin did to Microsoft, or the iPhone 4 is doing to Apple.
I will admit, the device has caught my attention now, alot more than when we first saw it months ago. Its getting played out before launch and that only means there wil be alot of dissapointed people when they expect more than it is.

I have to agree.

Quotes like "it's what people want" and the like. Get your heads out of your collective a$$es and have a focus group that includes a broad enough spectrum of users.

I mean, really, any device RIM is engineering, they should come to Crackberry and other Berry forums for specific focus groups.

I'm just fed up with hearing about the Torch, it just seems a real anti-climax. And do RIM not see it as a little odd/worrying that they have to look to a carrier for advice about how to innovate?

you certainly could! and then it'll probably last for 5 mins unless you want to include a giant car battery as well? :P

I think RIM could have done better with its spec but i do hope the choices they made came down to battery life as one of them and not down to cost-cutting and just barely making the grade

I for one love the new design and I want.

i swear it's like im reading comments from a site that isn't a fan of blackberry.

bunch of whiners some of you are

Its not about people/users whining, its more about a company not listening to users or making forward moves in tecnology. All moves they have made have been lateral moves at best and if they do not want to lose market share they will have to step it up SOON. As soon as Google or Apple decide they want to create a management suite for dedicated servers in a corporate environment, RIM will be in a sinking ship.

If RIM took half as much time listening to users, or surfing these forums rather than creating mediocre devices to flood the consumer market, they would have a winning platform to go along with their email business model.

Nobody is whining, they are stating wants/needs/thoughts on whats going on.

Wow what other Company has a forum with over 2 Million Registered User who can tell u what they're looking for

there is no better focus group than crackberry

This Company has no brains

Serve your Customers, Not the Carriers seemed like things looks a little zippier in that video than in any of the release videos we have seen.

And even seemed like the first time they were talking about webvideo search and he tried swiping the video banner thingy, it didn't move at all...... :)

I went back and watched the video because I knew what you were talking about. If you pay close attention to it and not just pretend like you're mister know-it-all, first when he presses his finger down on the screen it seems like he's doing it in a hard press way--but when he does it again, more lightly AND actually ON the scrolling area, it starts to move. So 1. he pressed hard, and 2. he was off on his first swipe.
Check it out again at the 2.27 mark.

So yea all this coverage on a mediocre device that Sooooo many BB users can't even utilize is mind blowing.

RIM could at least showcase 2 or 3 devices in the pipeline at the conference that is coming to other carriers and that is more impressive


Sad for RIM, I dropped AT&T (as did the company I work for) since it has no coverage for most of MN, SD, & ND

...find a way to unlock for sprint. AT&T is butt, and I'm not switching from Sprint. Yeah, if this is going to be the RIM premier product, that sucks. I'm hoping this is just the beginning of hotter BB's to come...get a

CDMA vs. GSM....Sprint wont accept a phone unless it says SPRINT on it so it AINT gonna happen. Drop BB and get the Samsung Epic when it comes out in a couple of weeks. You'll still have your keyboard and touch screen but on a UP TO DATE OS. Droid Does.

I'm excited about the RIM, but then, I don't think that the iPhone is or ever was the pinnacle of smart phones.

Despite my excitement, I recognize that this is not the iPhone or Android killer phone that some people seem to want.

I guess that's just not important to me. I didn't get a BlackBerry until a few years after iPhone debuted, meaning I became a CrackBerry addict as the coolness was waning not at its peak.

I just hope that RIM continues to refine the product line to give me the best experience for ME. Not for somebody who is trying to keep up with the Jones.

If this was Storm 3 or a some other RIM touch-screen only phone, I would be an interested observer for sure but not an excited potential buyer almost willing to pay full price for the dang thing.

And, thanks CB for posting this video, which I will watch later, and for the great @crackberrykevin 9800 review. It took me all day to read (I was competing with bouts of work productivity) and I am better informed on the device.

Sounds like AT&T had a lot to do with this device...I just do not understand that! I would have expected them as a carrier to have known that a "flagship" devices needed a little more "glitter" than this. If RIM wants to make base devices like the CURVE I guess that's fine - it makes corporations happy, but not so much their users. But for AT&T this is going to be the "best" BlackBerry device they are going to carry...

Don't get me wrong I want RIM to succeed, I want them to do better than they are... would have taught that AT&T wanted that too.

This is a NEW device. You (*&@$ and complain about RIM coming out with the same old with tiny ram increase, and you're not happy either. This is a SLIDER phone. SO WHAT if it was from 2005 or 200LATE. It's new, fresh, and different for RIM. Not innovative, but NEW. They are getting there. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, their BEST phone will be the Storm 4 (that is if it will actually be a storm 4 with the increased speeds and all that we read in the rumors). Because I am a proud owner of the Storm 1. My first Blackberry phone. You guys may not like the full touch screen, but I would NEVER want to get a tiny screen with dinky keyboard. See, but that is my preference. I would rock with the 9800 because it has the touch screen, but I don't want that keyboard. I will wait for storm 4 since I am not due for an update til feb 2011. So hopefully around then we will see what happens. Until then, I am happy with my Storm 1. Otherwise it's on to the Android platform. I'll never go iPhart....because RIM doesn't make excuses to their customers like Boney does.

No, I'm not an expert on economics, but maybe AT&T didn't push and held back RIM to develop a phone better than the iPhone becuase they (AT&T) didn't want to see a drop in iPhone sales (cannibalism). Maybe they were just trying to target the market for people like me who don't want a loaded phone, but want more than just a Curve or Bold. The Torch will suit my needs (bigger screen) and I like the "streamlineness" of BB over a fancy iPhone. It's all about preference.

I understand getting a device that fits your needs, without all the bells and whistles.

Just think that if you are going to buy a phone that is not "loaded", that it shouldn't cost the same as the "loaded" phones. Even a regular customer shopping at an AT&T store is going to be able to see the difference between the displays on the 9800 compared to the iPhone and the Samsung Captivate...all at the same $199 price point. Not to mention any other specification that get listed on the description cards on the displays... processor, memory, SD Card (average people do look at those description cards)

If RIM doesn't want to compete with the guys on the top, they shouldn't put themselves at the same price points. The 9800 at $99 or $49 might be a winner, but up against the big boys, it doesn't stand a chance with the average consumer.

What it "looks like" is that RIM wants to make as much profit off of a device as possible while giving it's customers the bare minimum that they can - which is what any manufacture tries to do. Just think they are still working with the mindset that they don't have any competition, so whatever they do customers are going to have to accept - which unfortunately is still the case for many corporate customers.

If RIM worked with AT&T on this phone, does that mean it will never be available for Verizon customers? Or will it just have crappy service ;)

they should have went with bigger better approach. bigger battery, faster cpu, more ram, and bigger screen. that's all you need.

Take one for the team and stand up this is just limiting your fan base. At&t obviously put out a great bid that we all hope over extends them and would love to watch them fall, not saying sprint has made some great moves I.e. Nextel. But limiting a phone that has such a following is ridiculous! If this is how RIM treats their beloved then I don't want to be apart of it. Good luck and good bye.

I got to play with a 9800 on Saturday not bad but like the guys said in this forum its not worth 200 or even 499.99 an I'm certain that its not worth movin to AT&T for it sounds like RIM may have the 9800 exclusive like the iphone so I'm just wondering will the 9800 be available for other carriers any time soon I doubt it or will we just wait to see if it turns out carriers like the storm 9530, 9550, 9500 hmm I got the feelin that we may be waitin another year or so before well see one anytime soon