AT&T Advertisement Shows BlackBerry OS on Nokia E71x

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jul 2009 10:39 am EDT
Nokia E71x

Here's a fun Friday story thats good for a chuckle. CrackBerry member Jacob K. was in his local AT&T store last week and saw this ad on the wall for the Nokia E71x. Notice anything odd? If you look closely you can see the banner is clearly that of the BlackBerry OS. Reminds me of this ad that RadioShack ran last year featuring a BlackBerry Curve running Windows Mobile. Thanks to Jacob for sending this in!

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AT&T Advertisement Shows BlackBerry OS on Nokia E71x


I would tend to think it's a photoshop/image editing mistake more that a different OS running on the device. But, that's just me, because I used to work on ads like this pretty frequently.

The obvious...and...

Nokia stopped BB support at the E51 opting for their own pushmail service with the E71 (correct me if I'm wrong). Take aA quick check of the Nokia website

So it's not only the wrong OS pictured but false advertising as well. Can you imagine people buying the phone thinking they can get BB pushmail with BB Connect? Although I'd suppose the smart consumer would ask first....

Wow whoever did that ad will have some explaining to do for the bosses. Just goes to show how even other phones want to be BlackBerries. There's nothing like it

I may be bad for not checking my emails as often as I should, but 791 new emails. Maybe they hooked up their hotmail account... ;)

Haha I saw this too at my local att store. I noticed da bar on top looked like mine but I figured it was just da universal symbols for messages or something cuz I haven't played with da e71 yet. Haha mannn I should've sent this in months ago! I woulda looved haven't a post all for me!

good post...I really liked da point you made about how you had seen da poster before and should have sent da tip in, and you could have had da post.

Is typing "the" really that much tougher than "da"? It makes posts sound retarded. Folks, we have full keyboards, type like an adult.

God my brain hurts.

The designer thought it was a blackberry , ignoring the Name

;p nokia are trying to make blackberry shape for their phones

hey guys just think about it....
this could be the BAS (BlackBerry Application Suite) for Symbian S60 that will in the first step come to WinMobile.

regards markus

but i think it's a copy&paste mistake by AT&T marketing division

As a package-design professional who has done production work for cell-phone packaging, I can verify that this display (screen image) was indeed spliced into the cell-phone image using photoshop. First of all, without exception, all display images are routinely spliced into the cell-phone images. Secondly, this splice was done in a rush. A real display would have a slight black border and a small shadow on 2 edges (look at your phone). When time permitted, we would add a border and shadow to an adjustment layer of the photoshop file, to make the display look more realistic.
Perhaps the rushed nature of this retouching can explain the careless mistake of grabbing the wrong display image, and not noticing that it was from the wrong device. Furthermore, they simply might not have cared. Sometimes, for one reason or another, we were instructed pick-up the display image from a different device. This is graphic-design, not rocket science. Look at your cell-phone box: There is usually a disclaimer that clearly states the images on the box might not exactly match the actual device.
It is also hysterically funny.

There was also a bestbuy weekly ad that showed three different phones (only one of which was a blackberry, a curve) with the verizon theme blackberry menu. One of them was a palm centro.