AT&T Curve 8900 Going For $199 on 2/yr Agreement

AT&T 8900 Going For $199 on 2/yr Agreement!
By Bla1ze on 12 May 2009 04:43 pm EDT

What's this? A pricepoint for the long delayed awaited AT&T 8900? It sure is... BGR got a tip on some upcoming AT&T device prices via their price sheet for the South Western region which shows the AT&T 8900 coming in at $199 after $100 mail in rebate. Nice price for the 8900 considering when I purchased my 8900 through Rogers it was approx $350 with a 3 year agreement!!

Also, as a side note when looking at the where to buy page AT&T is now listed for the 8900. Can ya feel it? That's the feeling of a launch coming soon.

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AT&T Curve 8900 Going For $199 on 2/yr Agreement


I hope it comes out within 30 days. I just bought a nokia e71x yesterday, just 2 play with it and I think im taking it back

"Also, as a side note when looking at the where to buy page AT&T is now listed for the 8900." that definitely makes me feel confident that its coming to at&t! O'wise speculative release dates are usually a disappointment.

I'm glad the 8900 is finally coming to AT&T but why did they have to be $50 more than T-mobile? This is not a big incentive for me to upgrade and renew my contract. Then again I do love At&T so we shall see.

I paid $150 on a 3yr from Rogers about a week after it hit stores, on a the $35 500MB/300min/UMA plan. I think it was supposed to be $199, but FutureShop was offering $50 in accessories, so he just took $50 off the price.


I have to say I am doing this simply on principle and because I have been waiting for the 8900 for a while as I am sure most (?) have been too. I called AT&T as soon as I saw it listed on the blackberry page as a Where to buy...well I was so excited my kids thought I was having a fit when I got a HUMAN voice that told me I sure could have it...(last week on MONDAY the 3rd),I was so excited I didn't even ask the price, what for I was going to get my phone......then he gave me the punch...$499.00....

I was like WHAT...then he said I could have it in two days for 249.99 after all rebates, contract extension, etc... I was saying to the man why so much.........TMO sells it for 149.99 with all the same contract stuff.... He told me he was sorry but that if I wanted I could switch to TMO...and get the phone. HMMMM, I thought well let me think this over and he said ok call back in the morning and we will get you up and running with your new curve 8900 that you were so excited about a minute ago (guess maybe he was a little bit right) MAYBE....

Really long story short called back the following day....guess what?????? After talking to Three (3) people including a manager, they never had it "Yesterday" or do they have it yet....

So my question is this after a long fustrating day....what were they going to sell me for 249?????

Yes, I have all names and dates and times of who I spoke to but guess what after being on hold for over an hour my phone died while I was waiting.... Poo on me.

Seems to me, and I love AT & T (at least I did....still thinking about it now.) they need to clean up their act. Well enough B****** for now.

i was just on blackberry's website and for the 8900 yest they had just at&t and today they have at&t(coming soon). also i have seen on BGR that the 8900 should be coming out on the 25th of this month. hope that date is right.