SystemDash by Mobato updated to v2.1.0 - Now compatible with BlackBerry 6!

By Michelle Haag on 12 Nov 2010 09:17 am EST

SystemDash is an all-in-one utility app by Mobato Ltd, designed for all of you out there that like to keep a close eye on device memory and other data about how your BlackBerry is running. It includes a number of sought after features such as a memory booster, battery level alerts, storage and device information, all wrapped into one application. SystemDash has been around for a few months, and was recently updated to v2.1.0 bringing more polish to the UI, fine tuning to the included features, and BlackBerry 6 compatability.

  • The Dashboard allows you to instantly see information about various aspects of the device at a glance: battery, RAM, flash memory, device storage, media card and device information. Each section of the dashboard includes a detailed breakdown of the information SystemDash compiles. Many of the features have full integration with device profiles for custom LED, tone and vibration settings.
  • The Memory Booster optimizes device performance by reclaiming unused RAM periodically, and both boost delay and boost threshold are customizable.
  • The Battery Monitor has customizable battery alerts for when the battery level is low, critical or fully charged, and the battery indicator includes 32 colors to choose from. It also displays a small icon on the device home screen with the battery level, so you always know exactly how much battery remains.
  • The New Alerts section stores list of alerts; each alert includes detailed information including a list of running applications at the time of the alert.

Overall, SystemDash is a useful utility if you want to keep track of what goes on behind-the-scenes in your device. It's available for most devices (touch screen and non-touch screen) running OS 4.6 and greater, including BB6. You can purchase SystemDash on sale right now for $2.99 in the CrackBerry store.

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SystemDash by Mobato updated to v2.1.0 - Now compatible with BlackBerry 6!


Ah, another "memory booster". Funny how people can charge so much money for putting graphics atop a single line of code (System.gc()). At least this apps offers actual features, like the battery alarm -- I'm sure that's helpful to someone?

I've been using SystemDash for a while now and it has some nifty little features that are worth $2.99. Considering that it does everything Meterberry does and more for a lower price, I think it's value for money.

It's probably a simulator screenshot, in fact it could be one of my own. I have a 64GB SSD, and the simulator uses the total space of the hard drive as the media card in a simulated environment ;)

Currently SystemDash does not have a battery pull functionality, but it is something that we are looking to integrate in soon. Thanks

It's one of the main features, you can also customize critical level alerts (5, 10, 15%), low level alerts (20, 25, 30%), and set the sound for battery critical, low and full.