Synchronize Your Data Wirelessly with CyberSynchs

By ObiGeorge on 18 Feb 2010 11:21 am EST

Everyone is looking for an easy way to synchronize BlackBerry data, be it to keep as a backup or "just to have it". CyberSynchs is the latest wireless synchronization tool for your BlackBerry to get in on the action. After registering online and download their client, you are ready for setup. You have the option to sync contacts, calendars, notes, call logs, voice mails, and GPS. You can also set sync to manual, or choose to have your data backed up automatically with times from 1 to 10 hours. They have told me that photo and ringtone sync is coming very soon, which will make this application a bit more compelling. It is now in beta and available for download with a 7-day free trial. After the trial, you need to pay a monthly subscription of $2.99. I have personally been using this for about a week now, and it has worked without any problems at all. However, having access to the free wireless synchronization solutions out there like mIQ and Google Sync, this may not fall onto your device as a "must have" application.

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Synchronize Your Data Wirelessly with CyberSynchs


I tried to use Astra Sync
Is this similar and if so
Eaiser to set up
I could not make it work on our BIS company
Microsoft exchange server

This might be worth it since I have not been able to make Google Sync work on my new 9700. Will this trash all my contacts and calendar data like Google did?

Try Funambol! It's free for 90 days and then you can either make a new demo account or go to one of their partners for a subscription service of $5 per month (I believe is based off of Funambol). Syncs contacts, calendar, tasks and notes OTA with Outlook.

Funambol, every now and then, has some duplication errors but it really doesn't happen all that often. I've only had 1 contact duplicated and 1 calendar event duplicated since I've been using it. Thinkpost says they've worked this bug out. works perfect. I have been using it for a year. I pay $4 per month but I do think it is $5 now. No dupes and I also use it to keep my Outlook cal/notes/tasks synced between 3 PC's and IMAP handles the email syncing. Worth every penny.

Never has been able to work on my BB Storm 2 or Storm 1. I've read about tons of nightmares associated with it, so maybe a paid app will be quality. Occasionally a wireless sync would be a godsend.

Very disappointed in GoogleSync farce.

I just signed up for Thinkpost, and Vincent, the guy who runs the company, is a great help. I don't have BES, so I sync contacts, calendar, tasks, and memos with Outlook 2007 on my own laptop. On my first sync, I freaked out because there were reduplications. Vincent was really prompt to return a call for help. By prompt, I mean less than a minute. It was amazing. He explained that Outlook 2007 gathers bugs over time unless you clean it (and 99% of the people don't), so that's why duplications frequently occur in a new sync. Vincent helped me sync everything between my Storm and laptop within a matter of minutes. For $50/year, I think that the Thinkpost price is really worth it. I often work back and forth between my Storm and laptop, and don't always update with a sync so a wireless sync is really a gem. If anything changes, I will be sure to come back to rant, but I don't anticipate doing so. Thinkpost gets rave reviews for support and customer loyalty. Short of BES, if you are using BIS and want a reliable back-up and synchronization, good security, and no worries about down-time, Thinkpost is the way to go! On the other hand, if you like manually cleaning your calendar of duplicates, sometimes having them reappear, then try one of the free apps. I did use Google sync ONCE, thinking to migrate from Outlook to Google calendar. It was a nightmare and took me weeks to clean up my calendar, apologize to people for lost appts, and get rid of annoying duplicates. You get what you pay for. Just sayin' ;)