Sylphone brings Salesforce to BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 25 Jun 2013 09:15 am EDT

If you're a Salesforce user you'll be happy to know that a new app is available for the BlacKBerry Z10. Sylphone helps to make you more productive by giving you one-click access to make calls from Salesforce. In addition you can update and launch follow-up actions and workflows.

Features of Sylphone include:

  • Call faster, more easily and efficiently with 1-click
  • Launch follow-up actions and workflows with 1-click
  • Update Salesforce with all actions automatically
  • Use a mobile app focused around their daily tasks
  • Real-time sales call stats and dashboards
  • More efficient sales calling
  • Salespeople focused on calls
  • Higher productivity and efficiency
  • Higher CRM adoption

Sylphone is a free app and is available now for the BlackBerry Z10 (sorry Q10 users!)

More information/Download Sylphone

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Sylphone brings Salesforce to BlackBerry 10


I think they still do but this one is relatively new so it may not have been checked out yet (but I don't know how that all works anyway)

I like James , he does the productivity apps very well and his classic line " Cheap as Chips " can't wait when he uses that line for a complete Q5 demo with all the features. It will probably sound like this :
" Get your BlackBerry Q5 phone its a great Social e-Commerce Messenger phone its Cheap as Chips " LOL LOL

I use Salesforce in the UK but there is no App for it so this is a bit useless is it not??

Posted via CB10

You can install on your Salesforce org. or as a standalone call management app (click on 'I don't have a login to install as standalone) from Salesforce Appexchange. Then install on your Q10 or Z10 from Blackberry world.