SwooshAlarm for BlackBerry - Daily Alarms, Timers & World Clocks in One App!

By Adam Zeis on 24 Feb 2010 08:50 am EST

New app SwooshAlarm will easily replace all of your timer, alarm and world clock apps. With SwooshAlarm, you can create unlimited alarms that are totally customizable. Daily alarms can be set day-by-day (not just weekdays or weekends) and timers can repeat a certain number of times or until a specified time. You can create as many world clocks as you'd like to show within the app as well. The coolest feature (in beta) of SwooshAlarm are the "location alarms". These alarms alert you when entering or leaving a certain area. This is great if you need to remember something when you leave the house, or have a task to do as soon as you arrive at the office. You can set a location alarm and be reminded as soon as you leave or arrive at a new location. We all know the native clock app isn't the greatest for setting multiple alarms, so if your needs are greater, check out SwooshAlarm -- available in the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99.

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SwooshAlarm for BlackBerry - Daily Alarms, Timers & World Clocks in One App!


Playing with the trial version now. Looks like a nice app with a lot of functions wrapped into one.

One change I would like to see--on the World clocks, you have it written to always show the time zone (IE--in your picture of the New York clock, it shows New York (-5)). Since time zones cross large area, I would prefer that part be removed and only the user defined line left in place (The Big Apple in your picture).



Any plans on some different Alarm tones other than the standard Rim ones?

As mentioned above it would be nice to not look at time zone or choose by state.

Overall trial seems to be nice since getting bored with Adorno.

And how do you get the location feature to work? Not sure which map or if gps based but when I do a search nothing comes up.

maybe allow the use of saved ringtones on your card to be chosen, I have several favorite alarm tones on my card, but they don't show up in the tones options for the alarms.

I already used BBSmart Alarms Pro so this will have to really wow me in order to make me change. Plus we need a giveaway!!! PLEASE!!!!

I'm not big on alarms and reminders, so I don't think I'll be taking a look at this app. But I do want to say that the idea of a "location alarm" (which alerts you of certain things when the phone notices that you are arriving at or departing from a location) is a very cool idea and a great example on how use the built-in capabilities of a smartphone to the advantage of an app.

I'm perplexed that something like this is not integrated into the BB OS. After all, BB is suppose to be the one leading the way in practical, day to day features.

Sounds like a great candidate. I've been trialing all the different alarms and was just about set on ZenMinder, except for the PatternLock bug I have come across on my S1.

My only question, which I will answer when I get a chance to trial it. Can you set the reminder to repeat every X Weeks? Or set a reminder for a specific date in the future? Say March 3rd at 9:00 AM? Or are you limited to Sun-Sat only?

The only problem with thisapp is that is sits in the background eating up memory. There's no way to remove it from running in the background chewing up your memory other then deleting it. Sucks losing $5 to find this out. The alarm is great too, what a shame it has to have this flaw.

SwooshAlarm is a pretty small application but we are working on reducing the size for those people with older devices or lots of applications.

Our application PhoneTweak already has an hourly chime and we will eventually add the functionality to SwooshAlarm.


I tested it last night for my wake up this morning, worked perfectly. I like the interface and easy Able/Disable buttons next to the alarm, without having to open the alarm to do these options. I would however, like the option to use ringtones/alerts saved to my card, as I have found some favorites that I like as alarms. Overall, I actually like this better than the BBSmart Alarm Pro that I have been using.

I take the train to work every day and I am experimenting with setting the location so it goes off just before my stop. I would like to either enter latitude and longitude or have the ability for the app to let me "select current location". Also 5 miles away minimum is too much for train stops. Thanks for the great app.
Thought of 1 more thing. Would like alarm indicator on home screen.

We are not currently using GPS for the position so we can support more devices and impact less on battery life. Consequently 5 miles is about the highest resolution we can measure the distance.

would you be able to incorporate a way to cancel snooze - like the native clock/alarm? once hitting snooze, there is no way to back out of the option, and resetting the alarm only creates a new alert on top of the snooze.