Switching from iPhone to BlackBerry

iPhone to BlackBerry
By Jared DiPane on 25 Aug 2011 02:43 pm EDT

Going from Apple iPhone to BlackBerry? Here's what you need to know!

Whether you started out with the iPhone as your first smartphone of choice, or you were an ex-BlackBerry user who got frustrated, the time to come back to the platform is now. With tons of options in the smartphone world it is hard to make a decision, but at the end of the day most of us rely on our phones for a lot, and you need a phone that will be there for you. With the recent release of the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones, the upcoming devices that are yet to be released, and already the talk of a QNX based phone, don't you want to have a productivity machine in your pocket to help you get through the day? Let's hit the break and take a look at a few things that will help make your switch back to BlackBerry, or your first purchase a breeze.

Picking the right device

BlackBerry 7 Devices

If all you have ever known was the touch screen display of the iPhone then you may be looking towards an all touch device, but you may also be interested in a bit of a change and wanting to bring the best keyboard in the industry into your hands. Picking the right smartphone for your daily needs is something that you, and only you can do. We can give you the facts about each of them, which we did quite extensively in the reviews which you will find below, but the decision is up to you in the end, you have to use it on a daily basis. Let's read some of those reviews:

If you were a previous BlackBerry user be sure to note that these devices are unlike others that you may have used, with the beefed up processor, the upgraded OS, and the addition of new features within it feels like a whole new machine. With options for all touch devices or a combo of touch and keyboard there is a device that suits the needs of just about anyone, it is just a matter of figuring out which of them is best for you.

Coupling your new device with a tablet


With tablets becoming more and more popular among users, the hunt for the perfect tablet becomes nearly impossible. Each variation has its pros and cons, and each fits the need of a user differently, but the BlackBerry PlayBook (read our review) offers some features and an experience that can be unmatched by any other tablet. We all know that the iPad is definitely the most talked about tablet on the market, and arguably the best in class, and we can embrace that. For many, while researching tablets they look for the games that are available, the variety of applications, and how it fits their needs beyond their smartphone use.

BlackBerry devices are best in class when it comes to getting things done, most users want their device to be a communication machine, along with a few critical apps to get them by, but want a completely different experience from the tablet. After reading through Kevin's Hierarchy of Smartphone Needs a lot of it can translate to tablets as well, many users want that strong keyboard, get stuff done device while on the go, and that have some fun, and play some games larger device for times they aren't working. Looking for the best combo of devices to carry around daily? Grab a keyboard BlackBerry device and accompany it with a tablet of your choice, and let your productivity and fun work together.

Moving your information from the iPhone to your new BlackBerry

contact switch

As much as we wish this was a cut and dry simple process, moving information from the iPhone to your BlackBerry can be a bit more difficult than a few simple clicks. If you happen to store all your contacts and calendar appointments in Google the process is a breeze, visit m.google.com/sync from your BlackBerry device, install Google Sync and vefify your cridentials. After you do this you can sync your contacts and calendar events to your BlackBerry instantly, with 2 way sync following the initial sync.

For users who do not use Google Sync there are quite a few threads already with users discussing how they managed to transfer their contacts from their iPhone to their BlackBerry device.

Finding those applications you used everyday


One thing that so many people like about using iOS devices is the wide variety of applications that are found in the AppStore, as well as the amount of games and the quality of them. Previously BlackBerry has been knocked for its application selection, but some recent changes on RIM's end opened up a whole bunch of new avenues for developers to tap into, which allows them to expand their current applications, and bring some new ideas to life as well. One thing about BlackBerry applications is that they often times tie directly into the core applications of the device, like the notepad, the calendar and more, giving nearly seamless integration across the device and an extremely easy to use feel. RIM has realized developers are a huge part of their continued success and have began showing more support, just recently they had a BBM Hackathon event which tons of great stuff came from.

While hunting for BlackBerry applications you can go through a few different channels that you can search to find just what you are looking for. Users can use the CrackBerry AppStore to find and purchase their favorite applications, applications are broken down by which category they fall in, and can also be sorted by free and paid, as well as easily determining which applications are new to the market. Another alternative is BlackBerry AppWorld, this is more the AppStore of BlackBerry devices. Much like the other markets it can be browsed by category, free and paid, and featured applications, but what is great is you can authorize your Paypal account as the payment method, making purchasing applications a breeze.

Making the device your own


One great thing about owning any device is the ability to make it your very own, and BlackBerry happens to be the easiest of any platform to really make the device your own. Whether you are looking to add custom ringtones, or wallpapers, or you want to overhaul the whole appearance of the device, it is all possible. Here on CrackBerry we have an extensive selection of ringtones and wallpapers that you can download right from your device, and also a huge selection of themes for your device.

Gone are the days of needing to jailbreak your device to change the icons on the device, or add a custom ringtone for email or text message alerts. In addition to being able to modify these tones, users can set profiles that can be activated at different times, allowing them the option to easily turn off sounds, have only the ringtone ring, or set the device to vibrate for all the notifications. Be sure to follow weekly as we bring you some of the best themes from the forums, and keep an eye on the new wallpapers as they roll in.

Using the CrackBerry forums to aid you through the transition

CB Forums

With a community of over 3 million members, and plenty of new members daily, to say there is a large group of people to warmly welcome your change, and bring you any support needed would be an understatement. Check out this quick guide on the site, sure it may sound silly, but there is tons of content you won't want to miss. Whether an experienced BlackBerry user, or someone who just got their first device, there are tons of existing threads with answers to simple and complex questions, and if you can't find the response to your unique question, we can helo with that as well. Beyond having all the answers to your complex questions, we also have areas to download media, get carrier related questions answered, and places to network with other BlackBerry users as well.

As always, it is definitely a good thing to know the rules around the forums, while we like to have a lot of fun in there, we need to keep it controlled. CrackBerry.com is a family friendly environment, and we take that very seriously.

In addition to the helpful posts in the forum, you will probably want to run through our BlackBerry 101 classes and How To Videos which cover just about any and everything that you can think of. Check out a few of them below.

See, leaving that iPhone behind in favor of a brand new BlackBerry device is something that can be done, and rather simply, especially with the support of the CrackBerry Nation. Knowing that we are all here to support and guide you through your transition, will you be making the switch?

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Reader comments

Switching from iPhone to BlackBerry


BB -> iPhone 3GS -> BB Bold 9700 -> BB Torch 9800

I gave my brother the iPhone 3GS for free (before the iPhone 4 came out so it was good for him). He is looking for a new Torch now

Is this an AD or an article...? ;)
Still no Spotify client (due to BBM music?), since several weeks no possibilities to buy apps in Sweden, nor by Paypal or Credit Card (vendor says "RIM is working on the issue") - but on the other hand, the platform is unbeatable when it comes to infrastructure etc but i still think that the focus is to much on things the IT dpt appreciates then towards useability, speed , apps, user experience...if you do such compare as this ad/article tried to I mean.

I switch back and forth from my 9650 to my iPhone 4! I love the apps that iOS offers, but love the keyboard on my BB! I'm hoping one of the new BBs coming to VZW has mobile hotspot, so I can use my iPhone as an iPod touch.

I left my iPhone and I can use it as an ipod. My son watches some kids cartoons on it. It works great because he does not try to get my BB.

I got the iPhone and hated some of the features but when I got my BB Tour, it did not have WIFI and although I loved the keyboard and super fast e-mail but it was not enough and I left frustrated loving some things and hating others. I went to Evo 4G and was impressed by the graphics but hated the battery and missed the keyboard and intuitive e-mail and messaging as well as the powerful customization of the BB. Then the Torch came out and I came back to BB.

I purchased the new Bold and I can now say that I love my phone. Sure not as many apps and it never will have as many but enough for me.

Also, the phone is a world phone, NFC, 1.2Ghz processor and the best keyboard in the world. I also do care about security.

I would say, if you like downloading and watching movies with your phone or if there is an app you just can't live without then stick to the iPhone. If you want a world phone on any network that has great coverage and supports messaging even during an earthquake. Has great e-mail, messaging, the best keyboard ever, NFC, is now FINALLY super fast, great web browsing and is secure then the choice is one of the new BB's.
Good luck.

I switched from a blackberry 9000 to an iPhone 4. I hesitate to come back to a blackberry 9900 but I will maybe wait for more application on the blackberry app world or maybe the day which android apps will be working on a blackberry.

QNX phones have a lot of potential. Running old BlackBerry Java Apps, Android Apps and new QNX apps. I am holding out until next year for QNX BlackBerry and hoping my 9700 Bold until then.

You better be wanting a full touchscreen phone then if you only wanna wait a year :p the new qwerty ones haven't even been rumored yet so definitely over a year for them, the only one that has been rumored is going to be the full touchscreen (aka mini playbook - phone) [; Just bite the bullet and get the 9900-9930, you won't be dissatisfied! [:

My biggest issue everytime I try to do this is actually email. Yeah, the Blackberry is more efficient at dealing with email. You don't have to wait for 20 transitions, just to reply to to something. But my issue is that is that I read email on the web, and in outlook, and on device. So when I read an email on the web, or in outlook, I want the device to stop blinking. Also the ability to see IMAP folders is missing.

Email may be cumbersome on the iPhone, but it can do anything a full imap client can. The blackberry is just a device for handling your inbox stream. Until it is a full email client, I don't think I can go back.


Thankfully I felt your frustration long before the iPhone even existed, which is why I wrote LogicMail (a full E-Mail client app for the BlackBerry). And now that the app is significantly developed, and has a user base, it helps keep me on BlackBerry in the face of overwhelming anti-BlackBerry peer pressure.

Worth looking into. I'll check it out once I move to my 9860 device! Hope I'll be able to run it.

Does LogicMail push messages? I am not sure if it is possible to use push in combination with IMAP...

Do new messages make blinky work?

Maybe I'll give it a try, I did try Tiggit Mail but despite the great reviews, I was frustrated by it.


LogicMail does not push messages, since that would require a server on the other side to do the job of BIS. Version 2.0 (the release version) will do alerts and trigger the blinky if new messages arrive while its being used. Version 2.1 (the one in development) will be designed to run in the background all the time and notify you of new messages regardless of whether you're using it.

IMAP itself supports push through a mechanism called IDLE. You basically keep an open connection to the server, and it tells you when new messages arrive. Of course maintaining an open connection on a mobile device is quite a challenge. (The mobile network make drop out at any time, WiFi may become available or unavailable, etc.) But LogicMail does attempt to support this mechanism, including the disconnect/reconnect cases in 2.1.

My BB syncs with GMail using IMAP instantaneously, thanks to RIM's push services. When I've read a message on my laptop, it shows read, saved, or sent on my BB.

I agree the ability to view IMAP folders is a very important feature. and RIM needs to deliver on that. However, until then, there is a GMail app for that.

Other IMAP services are still an issue till then.

This definitely does not work for me. It syncs phone->gmail for me, but not vice versa.

I have read it works for some, and I have tried deleting and re-adding my gmail account, but still no luck. I gave up, as I have another IMAP account that is not gmail, and you don't see anything other than the inbox. Atleast with gmail, you get all your labels, which is really all I need. Yahoo mail for example syncs perfectly, but you don't see any folders.

I did download and install LogicMail 2.0 last night, and was pleasantly surprised. I will be investigating this option as a helper in my return from the dark side.

Um, efficencey is a biggy... If you're tired of playing angry birds and want to get some stuff done, do that.

Do you the iPhone does EVERYTHING better than a BlackBerry? Really? It all depends what's important to you. Some folks like lots of gaming apps -- yes, iOS is better. Some folks need specific apps written for iOS -- yes, iOS will be better. Some folks have a preference for music and media -- yes, iOS is a bit better in that category.

Other folks need a device that excels at messaging, app integration (SuperApps), but still provides great multi-media features. BlackBerry is that device. There are many criteria folks use to make their decisions. Here are some:

- hardware quality
- hardware ergonomics & design
- hardware specs
- open hardware standards
- battery life
- OS look & feel
- OS security
- apps & app quality
- app integration
- messaging
- browsing
- contact management
- task management
- Device & Internet searches

The order of preference or weighting on these criteria will differ for everyone. Personally, I love what my BlackBerry does for me. I love that my personal data is secure, and I love that RIM takes great care to ensure that. I also love how apps are integrated creating super apps that can share data with other apps on my BlackBerry. I love that apps use consistent notifications, messaging, and now even BBM social networking.

Crap, I love the display on the Samsung Galaxy S II! The GUI is nicely designed and functional. However, the still have the concept of individual apps doing individual things. I want apps that can share data with other core apps on my device so I don't need to learn different keyboards, messaging tools, etc. Perhaps someone will have a better mapping tool, but if I can set that as my default, then I can point to it instead. I do that with Google Maps instead of BlackBerry maps, but I wish RIM would have some default apps options :)


Who in their right mind would switch from an iPhone to a RIM device that is about 3 years late to the game.

Before you keep trolling, know that RIM invented the game. Also, a lot of people like me switch to Blackberry because it it first and foremost a communication tool. It get's sh*t done more efficiently for me. If you don't like RIM, stay off crackberry.

What a perfect article! I was a life long Blackberry user...Every phone I have ever had has been a Blackberry.... until I made the switch to the iPhone 4 last year!! With all of the new devices I think it's time to come back to Blackberry... I just wish Blackberry had produced pones like the new Torch and Bold series years ago.. I really do think it's how the iPhone has gotten such a hold on the smart phone market. Now... DO I want the 9900 or the 9600 or the 9860... decisions!

or Torch 2 paired with Playbook...the ultimate combination for both work and play.

Deal breaker for me is battery life. Try lasting a whole day with an iphone or Android gingerbread phone. lol. It's not going to happen.

Can't wait for PB OS 2.0 (the biggie - native email and Android app player). I love how playbook is maturing into a more and more efficient device. Amazing to think how talented RIM software engineers must be to deliver such a smooth and stable OS already.

Blackberry OS 6 was good but hardware let it down. Still I preferred it over iOS and Gingerbread. Blackberry OS 7 is a huge evolution paired with current generation hardware.

RIM has finally caught upto speed with the current generation and mastered touch navigation.

Now for a unified QNX OS for both tablet and phone to really stretch away from iOS and Android.

Apple is for kids and Android is for geeks. Over here in blighty Blackberry is the new chic.

Long live RIM.

I LOVE BlackBerry I been using them ever since I got out from high school. I have even learned how to setup a BES. But last year I switched to the Iphone 4. I just the IOS for its apps. RIM PLEASE FIX YOUR APPS MAKE THEM BETTER. FIX THEM AND ILL COME BACK TO A BB. I been tempted to switch back a least I need my chase and bank of America banking app.

Bank of America app is already updated and available in BB. It's full functionality now as on their site and on iOS :)
So another reason to switch back. Which other apps you are looking for?

If i wanna play I play with my GF or on My PS3 and when it comes to work i take my BB from cradle and start working.

I had an Iphone and i didn't play with it at all..."please sync you device before continue" no thank you click...."your device wasn't synced" before continue please sync you "device"

OH REALLY ! ok fine.

Your device was Synced Successfully !, A new Update was found please install you last update, "Update later"....In order to fully access you device u must Install your Update.

OH REALLY ! ok Fine.

Im gonna use this phone Today ?? or i will be updating and synching my device all day.

BB doesn't have many apps that are business friendly, except for BB Travel. World Mate does the exact same thing on iPhone. If I'm going to spend $250 on a device, I want it to do more than email and make calls.

It has full Docs to Go for free. And the days of pushing "apps" of the iPhone are numbered. Businesses are moving to HTML5 and giving iTunes the pass (good for games still) business information apps... nope

There are a couple of important business app that the iPhone is missing
1) email
2) the ability to connect to networks abroad .... reliably.

So what if you want a BB Blod to be your second phone because you like the Styling and your on AT&T with an iPhone but you want to switch your SIM back and forth.

DATA on Iphone is not compatible with BB as far as i know and last time i switched from I4 back To BB i had to change my plan to BB.

So funny. I just made a post about how I can't wait to switch from my iPhone 4 to a torch 9850(AT&T needs to hurry up and release it) then I see this post. Not my first time but always good to get help with the transition

This was a great article, don't think its at all like an Ad. There are many people who ARE switching from their iPhones to the new BlackBerrys. This CrackBerry article will ensure that those who switch will get effective google hits when they begin playing.


I think different people have different priorities...most of the iPhone users I know are into games and Netflix, and wasting their $ on stupid apps. For my money, I'd rather get my emails on my Blackberry at the same time they show up in my inbox. I love texting, and would rather do that than ever talk on the phone, and the keyboard on the BB is perfect for that (and I just upgraded from the 9630 to the 9930...best keyboard ever. Period).

Do u have a article for blackberry to iPhone to bb back to iPhone? Lol I tried the new bold, sorry I will try next year with qnx. BB7 doesn't compete on many levels and the current os is on is way out.. No apps to offer and my iPhone just gets things done(sorry you didn't coin the fraze) Maybe next year rim maybe

To each his own. And I'm holding out til QNX to get a new BB device. Right now I have 9700. But I want something that has touch. With a keyboard. So probably some time next year.

"doesn't compete on many levels", Care to elaborate? I'm pretty sure I can name more levels that iPhone can't compete with BB on. But I'll wait for your explanation. P.S. if "Doesn't have angry birds" is your only response keep it.

what I like about BB:
1: the keyboard is simply the best in the business..no questions, no arguments..just the best KB out there. (the main reason I am a BB user)
2: not having to install that big bloated, slow moving, make my files proprietary itunes program. I simply despise that program more than anything. Its the sole reason I DO NOT own an apple product(well that and no Flash, but thats for another day)
what I dont like about BB:
The limited apps and high cost of apps.

IM with you on the same Boat, but despite the luck of APP and to expensive i still like BB over Iphone or any Other device(Phone)
App are Expensive cause it takes time and is a totally different coding then Iphone(iOS).

What about a switch from Android to Blackberry article?
Many ex-blackberry addicts and abusers have left for Android devices. And many I've spoken to will return once QNX (incl dual core) is in play. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens once the superbb gets released in the 1st quarter of next year.
As for me, I'm holding on to my trusty 9700 till this QNX superberry hits the shelves.

I have been using a Storm for quite awhile now and have enjoyed the phone. The problem is that this phone is on its last legs. The top of the screen is unresponsive and it freezes a lot. I have n upgrade coming soon and have a tough call between an android phone,iphone 5, and one of these new BBs. I am glad that BB seems to be making more powerful hardware but whatever I get needs to get two years out of it.

I have both the iPhone and blackberry torch 9800. It really depends on your priorities. I use my BB for everything communications related and I use my iPhone 4 for quick browsing, videos and games. Although for sites with videos or video links, I found my torch more efficient. I don't however use my iPhone for music. I just don't find the sound quality to my liking. I have my creative labs zen touch for that. Night and day difference for me. BB player actually sounds great for me too. Plus I hate the fact that I gotta wait a long time to transfer one song just coz the iPhone has to sync. I hate iTunes.

But both devices do have their pros and cons. The best mix is yet to come ( QNX wink wink) for overall experience I believe. One has to really weigh where one uses the device to get the most out of it or even help pick one over the other. But having both actually makes some sense but more importantly, tells these companies what they gotta work on on their devices to make the user experience even better.

And I do hope they listen coz customer loyalty can do wonders for a business plus if a customer feels that a company is really pushing to meet his needs, I think even a few cons can be brushed off knowing the company has enough sense of responsibility to look into that and fix it.

Hopefully the new BlackBerrys can handle the new QNX OS (when it comes available). I just can't see RIM making these devices in vain, that would kill the climb to the hilltops! RIM, where's the "ace" up your sleeve? I know there is a plan in place so I guess we must wait and see!

blackberry's features that u guys keep posting about are more for the american markets as more than half of the apps in the app world are not available outside of America. iOS releases apps worldwide on all the markets, and its cheaper there. got nothing against blackberry love the fone, being using a 9700, along with an iPhone4 and the only thing i hate about the blackberry is that i cannot create a vpn on it, and my college it is like "these are the details feed it up and use on ur device, look up the internet on how to setup" and i just cannot find a way to setup a pptp vpn on my blackberry.this is one thing that rim has to look into that even though they are business oriented and give world-class security they should even take the regular consumers into thought and give the common service thats available. and should let the consumer choose if he needs the security or not.
anyways BB is good smartfone just not smart-enough to give the basic services that are available on other platforms.
oh and if i offend any die-hard fans. then u can help me if u guys kno how to setup a basic pptp vpn on blackberry. it what most people buy a blackberry for the business sense it has.

Ashamed to say I left BB for Iphone 4 (so much faster ). but missing BBM waaay too much . I am going to get the BB Bold 9900 asap. back to TEAM BLACKBERRY :o)

Nothing earth shattering in the article. Just common sense. But you forgot to mention backing up all your files online, such as Verizon's online backup service. This includes all your contacts, appts, etc. (no apps).

No offense but changing from my iPhone 4, to any of these new blackberry. is going to be and step down, don't get me wrong they are ok, but they are missing a lot stuff and they are half way cook for my taste. sorry. i will stay with iOs devices.

BTW, i don't need have a blackberry for the bbm, i got whatsapp, pingchat, etc etc. and 190mb for apps is nothing when i have more than 15 gb's of apps in my 32gb iPhone 4. also i hate to pull the battery 10 times a day, because the blackberry freeze up. F-that..

i forgot, i use tango, skype and yahoo for video calls, something i can not do with any of the blackberry.

God i always forget something, if i can not play angrybirds, why i'm going to switch. just for bbm, i don't think so....!

I had been a blackberry user ever since I started using smartphones. I left blackberry last year and defected for the iPhone 4. I loved my iPhone 4 (and still do love the phone) as it integrated with all of my apple devices. However, the new blackberry bold 9900 came out and I was enticed. I tested it out and I'm IN LOVE. So I switched back to blackberry just last week and I am so happy with my decision. The upgraded hardware and intuitive new OS really made for an easy transition and I don't even miss my iPhone 4 anymore. I feel the bold 9900 is blackberry's step in the right direction.

It feels good to be back!

Way I see it, the current line up of BB is not worth switching to. Don't get me wrong the 9900 is VERY tempting but thinking about 2012 with the new QNX devices.... I'd rather wait.

Not worth buying a BB now that's going to be obsolete by next because it cannot upgrade to QNX... I'll stick to iOS for now, current BB's not worth it, entirely.

iPhone 2G -> 9000 -> iPhone 3G -> iPhone 3G(s) -> 9700 -> 9800 (very annoying phone) -> 9780 -> iPhone 4.

I've had bb's for almost 10 years I'm going to move on to ip5, i have no contract thus
the pricing for bb's is redic. time for me to move on.