I switched from BlackBerry 10 to BlackBerry 7 and survived!

Bold 9930
By Adam Zeis on 13 Jun 2014 02:03 pm EDT

As I'm sure most of you already know, last weekend Kevin, James and I headed to Montreal to check out the Canadian Grand Prix — and we had an amazing time. I drove up from New Jersey with a friend of mine, but it wasn't until the day before that it dawned on me that I wouldn't have any phone service once hitting the Canadian border. Since I rarely leave the country I don't carry an international plan on my phone, and on AT&T (like most carriers) you pay quite a bit for not a whole lot in return. So I decided to forego data service on my main SIM and instead brought along my trusty BlackBerry Bold 9930. Why you ask? The short version is that is has Verizon service which I don't pay for, hence free roaming in Canada.

The morning before we left I turned on my 9930 for the first time in months. It took a while to start up, but I have to say I was pretty excited to rock out BBOS for a bit. After it started I updated the few apps that needed it, made sure my accounts were registered properly and swapped over my BBM (which is immensely easier than it used to be). I grabbed a spare battery and charger and was on my way North.

There were some things that I totally miss on BBOS and some that I can definitely do without

For a few hours in the car I played around with my 9930, mainly removing apps I didn't need and tweaking various settings. I wasn't planning to go hardcore with my use on this over the weekend, but I wanted just enough to get by. That meant email, BBM, Twitter, a bit of Facebook and maybe some web browsing. I removed all of the "extra" apps that I had installed from my last use, wanting to free up what space I could to try and speed this little guy up.

The first few emails came in and I started to get really excited. I opened them and started replying on that awesome 9930 keyboard. I love typing on my Q10, but there's just something about the 9900/9930 keyboard that is still so amazing. I pounded out emails and went about my business. I'll admit that I did get hung up a few times navigating menus, but that's to be expected. I actually tried swiping up from the bottom bezel more than a few times to try and leave apps too. Oops.

Yes, things were a bit slow. It took some time to open emails and BBM would lag a bit when I opened it, but overall it wasn't a terrible experience. Still, there were some things that I totally miss on BBOS and some that I can definitely do without.

What I Liked

I still love the Bold 9930 keyboard. Typing on it is awesome. It feels good, has a good "click" to it and is just badass. Of course the trackpad and menu buttons are great too. Can I do without them? Sure, but I loved being able to use physical buttons, or using the trackpad to scroll rather than using the actual screen. These make me excited for the BlackBerry Classic that's for sure.

I loved being able to use physical buttons, or using the trackpad to scroll

I also love the notification banner — being able to see all the little icons for my notifications without having to swipe or gesture anywhere. Clicking or tapping on the banner drops now the notifications, and I can jump to whichever I want just like that. A small part of that is the notification sounds on BBOS, which I'll always love. Those don't really count though since you can easily get them on BB10 as well.

BBM is a combo of love and hate for me on the 9930. I love that it still works as good as ever, and while some of the features are great, others aren't so much (see below on those). I love that there are separate notifications for BBM Channels and everything is customizable — from new messages to groups to channels. I love that I could simply switch over my BBID to a different device without having to tell anyone and everything just worked. When I got home, I switched back and that was that. Still my favorite messaging service out there.

Also, I still love Twitter for BlackBerry. It's super simple, has the features I want and isn't over the top. I know a lot of you think it sucks, but I still love it. Sorry I can't say the same for Facebook (it's pretty bad).

What I Didn't Like

Of course BBOS is outdated — it's slow and ugly and just isn't current. It still works and does a good job, but BB10 is a vast improvement. I do still like the ease of the OS — everything is where I needed it and worked when I wanted it to. On the flip side, there are things I just wouldn't be able to live with at this point if I were to use BBOS full time.

It still works and does a good job, but BB10 is a vast improvement

The calendar is a big one for me. With no support for multiple Google Calendars I'm totally lost. At this point I have 6 or 7 calendars that I need to keep track of, and BBOS just isn't up to the task. Same goes for email & contacts. Two-way sync with Gmail still sucks, contacts are a mess (especially with more than one account) and everything is just fragmented. For this scenario everything was there and I dealt with it okay, but for day-to-day there's no way I could do it.

Of course the lag and overall speed (or lack thereof) within the OS gets to you after a while too, but that's why BB10 came along, right?

Final Thoughts

So what's my point? My point is that there are still some awesome things about BBOS and legacy BB devices — I love how some things within the OS work, others not so much. I love some of the older hardware — namely the 9930 keyboard and overall form factor. I like that I was able to get by enough that I could use the 9930 for a whole weekend and not want to shoot myself, but I have to say I was very excited to cross the border and put my SIM back in my Q10. It was like using BB10 for the first time all over again. It's safe to say that I won't be dropping back to BBOS anytime soon (or at all, ever really). It was great for what it was, but BB10 is where it's at now.

Have you used BBOS after using BB10? How did it feel? What did you love/hate? Sound off in the comments!

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I switched from BlackBerry 10 to BlackBerry 7 and survived!


Right, we don;t want another "miracast is useless" fraud Bla1ze... Im guessing that is why you dont actually dare to say BB7 is as good as BB10

Same. I still kept my 9900 thinking it would still be useful to me. Now I'm thinking of giving it to my mum. She is probably the only person I know who would appreciate it now for what it does well. I'm with you. I'm never going back. Done. BTW, love that octopus but I think it's crashing the CB10 comments section.

It was driving cb10 nuts, it froze the app! XD

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Isn't that the same as bedside mode with the option to shut off wireless connections? I'm pretty sure it is. The old BlackBerry never did completely shut down when you pressed the power button.

You can set an alarm. Set auto off and auto on and even if auto on is past the alarm time, the device will power itself back on and the alarm will sound.

Posted via CB10

Absolutely agree. But I also want to see auto bedside mode! Remember you can setup I charger plugged in or placed on a cradle between 9pm and 7am auto bedside mode.

But now you plug in then swipe down. Which okay but not as cool

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 30

That was awesome and I do miss it as well.

That being said, my brothers 9930 just quit 2 days ago. So I'm hooking him up with a Q10. He said, but I just learned how to use this!

After a 10 minute walk through with BB10 he was more than satisfied and said "Well, looks like I'll be enjoying some Netflix tonight!"

Posted via CB App from my Galaxy S4 Mini with an LED CrackLight ;-)

I went back to BBOS7 with my Bold 9900 last summer after I had left my phone at my parents place and I was off to San Diego for a business trip. (Parents live 3hrs away from me) So I bought a new sim card, and fired up my 9900 and hated it for the 4 days I was gone. Thankfully, my parents came to my place the day after I got back and handed me my oh so awesome Z10! Never again back to BBOS

For a long time I believed the 9900 was the perfect BlackBerry Bold. That all changed the day I received a Q10. Its design, its keyboard... magic baby! So hell no, I am not going back to that iconic 9900... otherwise it'd ruin the happy memories I still have.

My 9900 is my secondary alarm clock and I have to say I still like picking it up to check emails and social networks at night if I'm still awake on WiFi. You can't beat that keyboard and it remains a rock solid device after all this time.

I thought I was the only one! My 9900 lives in the Seidio dock right next to my bed as my alarm clock and wi-fi device. When I go on the road, it goes into my travel bag and serves the same purpose.

You're not alone. I have the dock as well and use it as an alarm AND for streaming music to my stereo via bluetooth. I'm sure people will ask "why not just use your Z10 to stream music?" and the answer would be that I'm often in and out of bluetooth range while I'm at home. The 9900 just sits in its dock happy to still be useful.

Nope. Saying the hardware (and some of the OS ) is so good, that when the handset is replaced, it still has years of usable life left in it.

Oh, yeah, lots of music to BT speaker / wi-fi data still consumed thru my 9900, too.

Posted via CB10

Exactly, even though it hasn't been my primary phone for over a year I still end up using it almost everyday for other things. It stays useful long after service has been removed.


My Torch 9850 is my secondary alarm clock and I use Puzzed which is awesome and missing on BB10. It hasn't been off for more than a day or two since I purchased my Z10 day one from Verizon. I play with it from time to time but I couldn't go back. BB10 is in my hands to stay!

Posted via CB10

I am educated! I educated myself on the insane roaming fees of US carriers, how to not get stopped crossing the US/Canadian border and why all poutine is not created equal.

And I do own every BB10 phone out there, so there's that.

Same here. Use 9900 with no sim (rush out airport, didn't got chance toget a sim.- wifi only BBM is the big on the missing side. Otherwise, I manage. Now only if someone show me how to sachest load the bricked PB... Possibly went one Xray too many in airport.

Oh no someone is going reply by saying you are a HTC lover and they will also say how dare you say the BlackBerry z10 don't have that. Then they will say they don't need that on their BlackBerry 10. They will bring up Chris and say they only need security. People be happy with your phone and stop crying about others phones.

Posted via CB10

I don't think so. We support blackberries at work and had to reload the OS on a 9900. I swiped up on the screen by accident thinking about my Q10!

I'm actually using a 9900 after Q10 usage. Love them both but find that communication is still best on a 9900. Multiple calendar support is a big one but having to carry two phones around anyways (One corporate and one personal) it becomes less of an issue.

I sorely miss the keyboard (and trackpad) from my 9900 - oh, and the built-in Tasks app did what I *needed* and fast. No wasted time with graphic transitions, and full sync via MilkSync!

That being said, I don't miss the browser or the lack of Exchange ActiveSync support.

Hey Adam, did you find yourself swiping/flicking? Happened to me a few times with my 9810 which I use for travel - LOL.

Contacts is a mess on legacy BBOS?

Unless I read that wrong, I beg to differ. I find the contacts on the new BB10 to be a mess. Synching locally to outlook is a disaster and if you're fortunate enough to get contacts to sync, the double, triple entries drive me nuts. Haven't tried, nor will I, to sync my contacts with some cloud service, just can't do it for company reasons.

Old BBOS: plug phone in USB to laptop, start BB Manager, click 2-way synch - BLAMO - all just works.

Link is just a disaster and so is the BB10 contacts app. Full stop.

That caught me off guard too. Contacts on BB10 is just plain horrible; doesn't even come close to BBOS.

I had my contacts synced to my wireless carrier and all my email accounts on BBOS, all i had to do was either restore from wireless carrier sync or login to my email account and restore from there.
Not to mention BB desktop manager that actually worked well for backing up and restoring contacts

If you Link the multiple contacts together, you never have multiples again. All I did to restore contacts on my Z30 is set up my email accounts. Between, Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Facebook they were all there and complete just by getting these accounts set up on the phone.

Be polite!
He told truth. We bought a mobile phone to enjoy. Not to involve in professional subjects!
We want to use mobile phone similar to ordinary people not such as hackers!

Posted via CB10

My Z10 is my first exposure to Blackberry.Tons better than the droid phone and the old windows phone I had. Can be truthful here and say, I would never go back to them now. However, I am contemplating picking up a 2nd hand BBOS device (spare) just to see what I have missed.

What do you recommend?

dude, i hear you. there is really something unique about Bold 9930. its just sad that BBOS is outdated and camera sucks. ugh! if only BB could disassemble the 9930 and pack it with BB10. then device will be a phoenominal phone... my Q10 rocks solid, but man I do miss my bold 9930, it still rrrocks hard..

I used my BB7 powered blackberry bold 9900 for TWO FULL WEEKS, only got minor annoyances BUT... I loved it the entire time. it is seemless!! :D

Best of all, every website I used worked fine too. I guess i'm not so much of an app person if mobile sites works fine or even better?

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

I did....dropped my Z10....worst 2 days of my life. Device protection plan rocks. I loathe BBOS. I don't miss a single thing about it.

Posted via CB10 - Z30STA100-5/

why would he upgrade like that? We all know BB users hate to upgrade to useful operating systems and superior technologies.

What an IMPACT !!!

Well, at the end the all new BlackBerry Classic will be the phone out. No discussion here.

Imagine a BlackBerry device BB10 and real physical keys to hang up calls, back button, etc. No touch hype and taking time to hang up on my Z30. Real end call key!!!

And the battery of the classic.

Sadly I can imagine that the Bold 9900 is outdated. But nice article since 2 years. Kudos to this.

After the hard regiment that Crackberry is now only reporting about app reviews (Candy Crush) and articles like "How to check battery on your Z3", it is a nice article. The Crackberry we used to know. Keep moving!

Posted via CB10

Yeah I did love the little notification bar on OS 7. Would love to see it implemented in BB 10 even if it would be somewhat redundant. They could give us the option on whether or not to display it.

Posted via CB10

I still rock a 9900 for work (z10 for personal use ).
I can't wait for the Classic!
I'm hoping my employer gets their isht together and get me a BB10 phone with BlackBerry Balance so I can go to one phone. But I work for the federal government so change comes slow :(

Posted via CB10

The one thing that i'm missing on BB10 is the social media app which brought Facebook, Twitter and all your favourite rss feeds all together. It was kinda like a social network HUB, maybe they can do something like that again, a secondary hub so to speak that displays your social media feeds, you could use it like the modern bb10 hub, viewing everything at once or selecting say Twitter only.

Posted via CB10

I think it would be great you could have all the same sort of things from gestures to the priority hub, but a message hub and a media hub. Maybe a second page behind the ordinary hub.

Posted via CB10

Love my Q10 for social media and Web browsing but I think the 9900 was a better overall communication device/phone. Contacts, calendar, and email were better on the 9900 in my opinion. Hoping the Q20/Classic will be the best combination of both.

Just get with the times and stop using a outdated software. How can BlackBerry get anywhere with people using the stuff they don't want to even sell anymore.

Posted via CB10

I use to be the 'go to man' in my supermarket when it came to BBOS. Then I had a Curve found in the car park which I tried to get details from a couple days ago. Christ it was difficult! It was like I'd never used it before. Thank God for BB10!

Posted via CB10

I still fire up my 9300s everynow and then. I miss changing to all the types of profiles from the speaker icon, and yes I also miss the row of notifications that are always there.

I tried using BBOS after reading Kevin's article. Went from a Bold 9900 to the Z10, it was quite the change inexperience.
Though the Z10 wasn't hard getting used to since I am also a android user. But going from OS 10 back to BBOS was quite the change.

Posted via CB10

I took out my 9000 the other day. Forgot how to use it!!! Was swiping all over the place. Loved that phone, but it will stay retired.

Posted on my Q10 via CB10

I went back to my Bold in January for email and communication purposes and as a test. (loved my Bold and when I fist got my Z10 last March wondered what the hell I had done switching my wife and I to Z10's- Yes BlackBerry 10 was half baked at launch) But since the 10.2.1 update for us AT&T users I am totally digging my Z10 again. I do like the social feeds in 7.1 and wish I had them for 10. I also miss tons of posts in FB with BlackBerry 10. I fire up the Bold or my PB and see all that I miss. (why can't they get this right?) I will be most curious to check out the Q20-30 line up.

Posted via CB10

It's done. Only thing that's good is the form factor and keyboard.

The new classic will kill it. I just hope there is a large enough base who will actually buy it.

I rock the z30 and never was a touch screen guy, I have to now say, in love the touch but still miss the keys! If that makes sense.

Posted via CB10

well, even I have my BBq10...I still can not turn off my BBOS (9930)....
hardware!!! that's the point!!!
9930 is like a diamond... and q10 is f**king IPHONE with keyboard) )) sorry...

for new apps I have my q10 (thanx for android support)

but for emails, sms, bbm....my 9930 is still the best thing ever!!!

and maybe oim crazy, but for the same (as 9930) oi have my PD 9981))) love it!!!

Posted via CB10

Agree.9900 is a fine piece of hardware and have got the looks of a jewellery. But unfortunately it gave me tough time.For me q10 is the best one out there.

Posted from my Black Beast Q10

Reminds me of the good old days. They were great phones st the time.

Z30 / STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

The only things that I really want back is the notification bar and the track pad. Having those would make bb10 perfect in my opinion.

Posted via CB10

How did you do all these things when constant hour glass appears.Also for a power user 9900 offers just 6 hours battery so wondering if you could do this all.

Posted from my Black Beast Q10

How I wish the two worlds would have been perfected on bb10, that to me was a bit of a disappointment, the email for my pop email work was instant, I miss that, but I will remain loyal, I still think BlackBerry is trying to simplify, yet, at the sometime, allow it's users to be highly productive.

Posted via CB10

Dope experience man I think to this day that phone was the best built blackberry but so far I've found a lot of love for every blackberry that has came out! What I mean is the storm 2 is where my blackberry life started and then I fell in love with the 9930 but the Q10 has things on lock now but. The bold was built so well lol

Posted via CB10

I jumped back on my work 9900 after using the Z10 for a few months. I missed the hard send/end buttons, the trackpad and the keyboard the most. Physical keys mean shortcuts and I found myself using them like crazy to navigate. I didn't realize how much more efficient the phone is with these shortcuts.

My work phone is bbos. My personal is a z10. Bbos gets the job done on my work apps and systems.
I use it just for work and nothing more.

Posted via CB10

I still keep my 9900 as backup, in case some misfortune happens upon my Q10. Once in a while I turn it on and charge it, so I would Check it still works, feeds on my emails, and updates the scarse software I once installed but which I no longer use. IT still is a splendid communications device, its input outdated, granted, but nothing beats the hardware, and there is yet no virtual replacement for it (meaning keyboard). I also have a Z10 for weekend use, the bigger screen real estate is much welcome when browsing the web. So I might have a valid, educated opinión on the matter, being able to compare devices in my constant real use of each and their specific advantages or lack of thereof.

Posted via CB10

To this day, I still use my 9900 every bit as much as I do my Z10. When it comes to pounding out long IM or quickly managing a multitude of email...the 9900 is still hard to beat IMHO. There's a great deal that I still like about BBOS. This being said, if I'm going to take only one phone with me during a jaunt...I grab for BB10.

Sent via BlackBerry Z10

BBOS 7 blows compared to BlackBerry 10. Why people keep on regurgitating the past is beyond me. It's part of a legacy group of old business employees that will never get used to all touch devices or be willing to give up their keyboard. The swipe based gestures of BlackBerry 10 destroy any BBOS phone out the Window everyday. Not to mention that on legacy devices if the track pad or navigation button quit working, your screwed. I've owned numerous curves, a torch and the bold over the years- the same thing happened to everyone one of them and I had to make do with a half broken phone for weeks on end while I waited for parts. When my Z10 freezes, or something doesnt respond well, I restart the phone and everything works 100% again. Get on with it and adopt BB10 you BBOS users!

Posted via CB10

I kept my 9900 thinking I would not be able to adapt to the Z10 when it launched, but I sold my 9900 a few days later, and of course got the Q10 when it was released. I'm never going to use a BBOS device again.

Sometimes the trusty old phone you thought was the bomb back in the day turns out to be just an old piece of junk. The cold memories are great but its still just an old phone that really wasn't so great after all

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I recently had a 9900 loaner phone from Virgin while my Q10 was being fixed for a broken shift key (cracked).. gave me a brand new Q10 btw. Super happy about that, 11 months into my manufacturers warranty :) Anyway, BBOS 7 was a drag for the couple weeks I had to use it. BB10 is sooooo much snappier than the legacy OS, I literally wanted to smash that 9900 a few times for being so slow. While I did like the form factor and keyboard, I still think the Q10 keyboard is better for my big thumbs. While I did survive those couple weeks away from my Q I was excited like a little kid when that FedEx package arrived at my door with a brand new BB10 phone. What a relief ! ...

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Used my 9900 all day today actually. I loved it. But man, BlackBerry 10 is a helluva Difference

Posted via CB10

I used my Bold when I broke the screen of my Z10 on a rock while I walked my dogs. It sucked, so I bought a Z30 asap and now I use only the Z30 and Z10. I switch between my main SIM and I use my PlayBook 4G LTE SIM in the other (cheap data sharing). BB10 all the way. No more BBOS for me. It was way too slow and my apps are far better and faster. The screens in my BB10 devices allow me to use the Internet fully. And with 8 email accounts, 6 on Exchange, plus FB, Twitter, Linked In, the hub is so much better. And the camera and video are far better...

Posted via CB10

The Notification Banner at the top with all tiny icons is the best. If it makes a comeback, I'll be in blackberry heaven.

from an australian Z10...

I miss the banner across the top that showed me notifications, date and the temperature. And yes I still miss the track pad. But those are the only things I still long for even after 12 months w/ my Q10.


So let me get this straight. Instead of hiring a writer you want your community to write posts for you and you won't even pay them!? SMH

Posted via CB10

I miss my 9800 torch. Just a little bit. Mainly since it's a slider. It's bricked now for the third time and I don't feel like spending the time to fix it. So my back up is the 8900 javelin (one of the best looking BlackBerrys ever). I boot it up once a month to update the apps, but it's so slow and the track ball is on it's last legs...

So no, I do not miss OS7. But I do miss the form factors and designs on my OS7 phones. Love my z10 and may buy the z30 soon.

Will eventually be posted via CB10 on my Z70

Now a Q10, I miss the form factor of bb7 devices; particularly the 9790 (I also had a 9900, but found it a bit big, a bit lacking in battery, and a poor camera, so opted for the '790)

I hope a bb10 device comes out that's as small as the 9790. I see no reason why swipe wouldn't work on a screen that size.

I also miss the trackpad. A Lot.

Posted via CB10

But what I don't miss about bb7; third-party apps leaving irritating messages and announcements in the notifications.
Man that was irritating!

Posted via CB10

Agreed. Was there a way to turn that lovely feature off? I gave my son a 9810 and I would like to know if that is possible.
I never used a BBOS phone as a daily driver. I'm ashamed to say that BlackBerry wasn't my first, or second, choice for a smartphone. BlackBerry was my third choice (and my last).

Posted via CB10

What I miss about my 9900, and my 9700, 9780, 9700, 9000 and Pearl Flip 8220, were the 'Pods'. You know, the stands that were kind of like charging docks? I'd put my BB into the pod before I went to bed at night, and it'd automatically go into bedside mode. There was something so infinitely cool watching the clock come up and the screen dim just by sitting the BB into the Pod.

I love my Q10. but the lack of pod was almost a deal breaker. Charging docks for them are all over eBay but the Q10 sits in them sideways - and the clock is sideways, too. Really silly.

I hope the classic brings back the pods. They just made your BB look so professional on a desk.

Main issue with bbos is how often it hangs in the middle of anything. Sometimes even in the middle of replying to email or a call

Posted via CB10

It's like booting up my old DOS machine. (Or even a Windows XP machine after using Windows 8) There's a bit of nostalgia. Definitely miss some aspect of the past.

I fired up a few of my old bbos devices just for memories sake and to make a comparison and I can definitely say there is no way I'd give up bb10, in fact it's the best os Period.
I can't believe when I first switched to bb10 I wanted to go back to bbos during the first week!

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

Agreed on keypad. Much better form factor overall. Looking forward to the Classic. Q10 seems like a downgrade from 9930. I wouldn't mind a slightly bigger device than the Q10 either.

Posted via CB10

Since my last 4 piece of q10. Not one of it can stay with me more than 24hrs as 9900 which stay with me for years. For fantastic things on bb10 I prefer an android phone

Posted via CB10

The only thing I miss is the social feeds app. That was an awesome little app that is often overlooked.

Posted via CB10

You wrote this only to support the ridiculous and stupid choice made by BlackBerry to start selling again the Bold 9900: CrackBerry does exist only to justify everything Blackberry does, not to give free information.

Of course they did inspector Troll. *eyeroll* ...and where can we pick up our BlackBerry bucks?

Posted via CB10 & my killer BlackBerry Z30

It was interesting to see that BlackBerry releasing the 9900 for a second time. There must be some demand for that phone for some reason. Perhaps corporations like to issue phones that are for business only?

Posted via CB10

I rock my 9900 for support purposes and I still enjoy it :) but I always go back to the Z30.

It's a nice place to visit but it wouldn't want to stay there :)

Posted via CB10 & my killer BlackBerry Z30

Like you said Kevin, I'm hoping the classic is the BlackBerry Bold of the future running BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10

I love the BBOS, it's so easy to use and I was missing all the keyboard short cuts on my 9300.

I have a Z10 now and yes the BB10 OS is great and a lot matured, but I still live the legacy devices, simple because of its former factor and ease of use.

I have started to use my 9300 again as my primary device. And when I am at home I just use my Z10 for all other browsing and doc editing videos, streaming etc.

The Z10 is indeed built for the current multimedia age.

And the BBOS. It is still the best communicating tool out there.

Posted via CB10

Sorry, Bold 9900 is totally crap, the worst Bold i have ever use.
So never think of using the BB7.0...
But I am kinda miss the trackpad.

I got rid of my Z10 and it was a few days before my Z30 would arrive, so I found myself with no phone. I pulled out my old 9860 and boy was it pain full. I thought to myself how did I ever use thing. I all fairness it was a POS and I was extremely happy the next day when my Z30 arrived. For me BBOS is crap and I can now see why lots left for other platforms.

Posted via CB10

I LOVE the Bold 9900 so much in terms of form factor :). Amazing device, but bb10 is more current obviously. Expecting a lot from the BlackBerry Classic.

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

Miss my bold 9900 awesome phone with the keyboard and track pad and had more better notification sounds. Waiting on them classic, love my Z10 but I'm old skool. Looking forward for them classic

Posted via CB10

I use 3 BlackBerry's - Q10 for work, business, emails, facebook, browsing the web, BBM & Instagram & 2 BBOS, for personal, tweeting, I cannot get used to Twitter for BlackBerry on either OS, (I use UberSocial) & phone calls. Nothing beats a trackpad in my opinion, when you want to select something specific, copy & paste etc, the touch screen does not do it for me.

 Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

I went back for a while just cuz. There is a lot to miss, however what brought me back to BB10 was the cloud access in file manager. Also I did kinda miss browsing the Internet on my phone.

Posted via CB10

The only thing that disturbs me is that Verizon is now selling the 9900 again, it's price point is higher than the z10 or q10. This sums up blackberry.

Posted via CB10

The Bold 9900/9930 is by far my favourite smartphone. I really like BB10, but the Bold just looks amazing and feels great in the hand.

Posted via CB10

I went back to my Torch 9800 on holiday last year. (and kept my Z10 safe at home) I used it for communication with the home front only and for that it's just perfect. With the keyboard and only needing to communicate, I loved going back to my Torch. I wouldn't want it for daily use now, because at home I use it for a lot more, but it might become my steady holiday phone.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I made another comment in the Q30 thread, about the keyboard and BIS witch are the only things I miss from legacy OS. Otherwise I see no comparison, BB10 is just plain fantastic period!

I have a BBOS Curve for work, and email is so much more enjoyable than on a Q10 or a Z30.

Especially the ability to have saved searches in the hub.

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I went back to me 9900 and BBOS 7.1 because less is more. I like they keyboard and build quality on the bold. The screen is better on the 9900 as compared to my Z10. The smaller device size appeals to me. But ultimately I DON'T want to be induced by time-wasting apps into staring at my mobile device.

We (me and a lot of guys in the office) are stuck in BB7 since moving to BB10 will cuadruple our costs + we travel 4 times per year out of the country and moving international plans to BB10 will just be suicide. We are just hanging as much as we can, waiting to see if BB12 solves our issues.

In South Africa, local Cell Provider Cell C gives unlimited data on BES 10 with two gigs local data.

Perhaps have a look at this with your local provider.

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Ofcuz yes, apart from the great speed on BB10 it still sucks on apps leaving the BBOS with great apps overall.

I miss BBOS apps and the ability to hide files without installing some password protected app. BBOS has super nice messenger apps for twitter and facebook like UberSocial, facebook chat and even BBM games. I miss Call Control where u can easily block unwanted phone calls, it has functional screen lock apps. BB10 apps especially for Q10 sucks big time.. I still want to go back, this BB10 thing is not working for me I totally don't like it that much..

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The 9930 is absolutely the best phone Blackberry has ever sold -without a camera (so far)! Unfortunately, some of us have no choice but to stick with this because it is the best smartphone available that comes in a non-camera version.

I do exactly the same. When I go abroad I switch to my 9900 so I can get the 10MB free data to keep in touch with people cheaply with email, twitter and whatsapp et. wish BB will do this for BB10 phones and it can be its USP.

My 9810 Torch on BBOS 7.1 remains a useful backup travel device, especially with a 2nd SIM, but I will always use a BB10 device as my primary.

Like Alicia and others, I use the BBOS Device as a reliable 2nd alarm clock, and for low-power and low-data-use with Line Messenger to my family (Android Line on a Z10 is a battery pig). I use the Truphone.com SIM when visiting the UK (good value for money at 9c/min and 9c/MB there and a few other countries). In 2 weeks I I used all of $5 of data for many Line messages!

Truphone SIMs also allow multiple-country local numbers. I recommend them.

BlackBerry Maps and a few other apps work on the Torch, too, like BBM Voice over WiFi, Here Maps (ex-Nokia, with off-line map-area caching in the browser), Google Maps 4.5.3 for BBOS (hard to find, but useful with Traffic), and Tube Map with live London Underground train status per station and line.

This was all comforting if anything had happened to my Z10.

But I will never again use BBOS for email or as a primary device; too limiting, hard to transition, and slow if loaded up.

Z10 + Snap for me as my primary device, and T-Mobile for no-charge international roaming data! (unlimited 2G - speed)

I had a great experience with BlackBerry Maps talking Navigator on the Z10 in the UK in May. It got us reliably to many places in England and cut driving stress a lot!

Still, I had to fake it out a couple of times by navigating to a specific intermediate waypoint to force a particular routing path, then enter the final destination. But you can set those waypoints up beforehand in My Places.

I also used BeMaps Pro on the Z10 to check traffic and find restaurants and other Points of Interest using Google Maps data. It's better at both of those than is BlackBerry Maps on BlackBerry 10.

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Enough with these stories about going backwards. Bury OS7 already.

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I loved my Q10 (bought on EBay in brand new, in the box condition). Love it for months but the keyboard broke (replaced it) and then the headphone jack broke (part on order). Super disappointing. After the headphone jack broke I almost threw it out the window and went and bought a Moto X, thinking I'd never look back. Love Android ... as a tiny computer ... but as a phone, it's awful. So, went back to my 9930 until I have time to fix my Q10. Really enjoy BB7. As a phone, it's great. And as a piece of hardware, it's very nice to hold in the hand. And yes you CAN sync multiple Google Calendars, in contrast to this article. Lack of fully GMail sync on BIS is annoying. Looking forward to my fixing my poorly made Q10 and looking forward--doing an atheist prayer dance in fact--to the possibility that BlackBerry will actually be able to figure out once again how to make stuff that doesn't break. Everyone seems to have keyboard and headphone jack issues with the Q10.

Agreed 100%. I still keep my old 9900 as a trusted standby/backup phone with its own SIM Card and BIS active. Keep it charged and switch it on at least once a week to sync all the mail accounts and update the apps.

I still feel that BB7's BES integration into MS Exchange is better than Exchange Active Sync for BB10.

Although I still have huge problems with BB10's mail handling of multiple Exchange Active Sync accounts simultaneously .... Waiting for OS 10.3 to see if it will improve.

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Notification bar is missed. I was on android after my 9790 went for a swim. So I still look up there occasionally. Also, someone said it before, the contacts app on BB10 is ugh... horrid. So those are the 2 things I miss the most. With that said, I wouldn't go back

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I totally miss my BBOS, am still trying to explore my Q10, but I can't just stop thinking of BBOS, most of all I missed the ringtones

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I tried to switch finally today from my beloved Bold 9900 to a new Classic. I figured it looked similar so it would be an easy entry to the new world. What a mistake. The actual migration was a disaster as very little moved over. All I got was my built-in contacts, my SMS Messages and my BBM Contacts. I lost all my BBM messages, not one of my 5 email accounts moved over and of course I lost whatsapp along with all of those messages. I thought I would persevere and re-configure all the email accounts and start afresh with BBM and Whatsapp but just trying to move around the thing did my head in. Way too complicated. I guess i'm just too old for this new smartphone business. Result? Sim out, Classic back in the box to be flogged on ebay and my 9900 gets a second lease on life. Ahhh simple, effective. Now if only I could install my Harvest App accounting package on my bold...my main motive for trying to move to the new OS...