Swiping to manage messages is iMazing!

By Ryan Blundell on 11 Apr 2012 02:21 pm EDT

While my house also includes Apple products, I don’t like to relate a name of a product that begins with an “i” with anything from RIM, but there are a few exceptions to that personal rule. One of which is a new app from emacberry called iMazing. If you have a BlackBerry smartphone with a touchscreen, you can use iMazing to view and manage your incoming messages simply by using gestures. When new email (or emails) arrives, iMazing will pop up a list of all unopened messages that show the sender and subject for each one. Tap on the message once to view a preview of a particular message, including; the body and the options to reply, reply all or forward. At this point, it may seem like your standard message pop up application, but iMazing is just getting started. You can also swipe to the left or right to mark the messages as read and delete them - respectively. For anyone who wants to be able to manage incoming email quickly, iMazing is loaded with just the right moves (literally).

That being said, it should be noted that iMazing can only display new and/or unread messages; read messages have to be accessed through the native message app. You also cannot make use of the Flag for Follow-up option, which some are keen on using. Non-native apps appear to lack the ability to use this feature.

iMazing is available for free, but in order to get full use of the app, you need to make an in-app licence purchase of $1.99; this includes the ability to view an unlimited number of new messages. The free version will only display the most recent unread message. Through the options menu, you can choose what the gestures can do, when to mark email as read, or even decide where on the screen you want to see the popup. Again, the app is only available for touch screen BlackBerry smartphones. iMazing is available from BlackBerry App World.

More information/Download iMazing for BlackBerry
View the iMazing demo video

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Swiping to manage messages is iMazing!


I know that what im about to say, has nothing to do with this article....but i would love to watch netflix on my bb 9900 :(

If anything they are just bringing a gestures feature to OS7, nothing Imazing there they don't even have a fully functional messaging app. I wouldn't pay 2$for that, altho with some more development it may be a awesome replacement for combined inbox.

Useless feature. Because the Delete and Mark as Read buttons haven't worked efficiently for the last 15 years? Now you'll have people swiping and accidentally deleting messages.

Once I'm previewing a message, how do I quickly go to the next? Is there a button for it? Did we just swap these two types of functionality and charge $2 for it?

Pointless. Just my opinion, of course, I'm sure there's a market for this.

There is no next/prev message function (yet)

actually I do not expect that those who have decided to find the app useless will read further - but for those who are interested read why it's not there:

For around 80% of all incoming eMails I can tell by Subject or Sender what actually to do with these messages - and for me it's very convenient to be instantly able to process these eMails... They will be either marked as read - or just will be deleted (I don't want to start a off topic discussion why they are instantly deleted and why I am receiving them anyhow).

So for these 80% of all eMails I am done in a few seconds - might be you could be also efficient like that by using shortcuts - good for you then - for me it was easier to fire up my DevelopmenEnviroment and write some Code.

For the rest of the eMails (the 20%) I need a short look into the content - so I use a single touch to open the preview - and here again I can decide very fast what to do with this eMail - reply instantly, save for later - mark as read or also trash.

I did not created iMazing as replacement for the native eMail app. I just want to be able to have my inbox clean - specially when I am on the road it is very helpful to have already a cleaned inbox when I am returning so that I can concentrate on the few/ important emails of the day.

This is excellent app could you please add SMS support so all messages not just email pops up

SMS support is on the todo-list [need to investigate some basics]

As I have already said, look where FileScout started almost 3 years ago (concerning the functionality) - and where it is today... so you can be sure iMazing will make some sort of comparable development.

In the native messages app, emails will pop up when I take my phone out of my holster, I can swipe left and right from message to message, and I can delete by merely pressing the physical delete key..... Maybe I'm just dense, but I don't see how this beats the native app.

In messages app, hit menu button, options, message display and actions, select swipe between messages, and de-select confirm delete. Done.

Frankly, I prefer to use the p and n keys to move between emails and t and b buttons to move from top to bottom, and I like to confirm deletes, but whatevs.

Agreed, why would I use this app and view email in a smaller window. swiping between emails is existing functionality and the native keyboard shortcuts make this app pointless imo.

iMazing is not about swiping left and right to switch between your messages - nor is the main purpose to read your mail - for sure that will be done by the native message app...

iMazing let you get things done - get your email clean - quick and easy - nothing more nothing less.

Well - you have to decide yoursef - just invest the one minute and watch the vido that is linked in the article.

The main purpose of the app it to handle new incoming messages and getting your inbox clean again with just some swiping on your touch screen...

If you are a hotkey junky and have your fingers glued to the keyboard the app might not be that useful to you - but my suggestion is to watch the video and judge it yourself.

I've now been using this app for a day and I highly recommend this app if you get a lot of e-mails and want to manage them quickly via a quick swipe/touch. It works perfectly and customer support is excellent.
Hopefully updates will bring a few more features, but this is a really nice 5-STAR app!

I'm pretty sure it's a 5 star app, but i'd love to have it working.
Perhaps it's me, but i don't receive emails anymore. I get the sound, not the emails... no pop-ups, nor anything in the native app. Any ideas?

I love this app. I'm glued to my keyboard but when you get multiple emails and have some in the past that you didn't read. It pulls them all up. Awesome.

Amazing app. Love the trial feature... that got me hooked and I couldn't resist purchasing. Great for dealing with those emails that you don't read (spam, newsletters, etc... just swipe to delete without leaving whatever app you have open. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?!?

Yes, hence my "swipe to delete" comment. This app is the whole package and I can't wait to see what's coming next within it!

I want to say it again. This app is simple and to the point. It does exactly what it's suppowed to do. Apps like this is what we need. Not fart apps, game apps and so on. We need apps where we can be productive. This app helps do that.

+1 to those who tried and love it.
I am in it, too. The app is great. Anyone not sure should just go and try it. No risk. I did, and it is a keeper for me.