Swich wireless charger base looks for funding via Kickstarter

By John Callaham on 5 Jul 2014 09:13 am EDT

A company called Lutman Design is seeking funds, via a Kickstarter campaign, for Swich, a wireless charger base for smartphones that use the Qi standard. The Verizon Wireless version of the BlackBerry Z30 supports Qi wireless chargers, and other smartphones can be adapted to use wireless charging via third party cases.

Lutman claims that Swich is different than other charging stations due to the way smartphones can be used while connected to the stand. It states:

We designed a visually attractive and highly usable stand that enables you to place your phone under a viewer-friendly angle. It positions the device firmly enough for you to use all the buttons and slide over the touch screen, while your phone charges cordlessly.

The Swich will use ceramic materials for the bottom of the charger as well as the smartphone base, with the middle stand made out of American dark walnut. Microsuction tape will be used to hold the smartphone in place.

The company is looking to raise a relatively modest $25,000 to begin production of the Swich and so far they have raise well over half of that amount with 24 days to go in their Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of $140 will be enough to get one of the Swich units, and the larger reward tiers offer black, white and even gold and silver plated versions of the stand.

What do you think of the Swich and do you think it will be a solid wireless charger for your Qi compatible smartphone?

Thanks to Chis C for the tip!

Source: Swich on Kickstarter



Too rich for me.
Nice idea

Juan Patino

I'm gonna pop some tags, I got twenty dollars in my pocket

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Secondly agree

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Yes, it's a a decent idea but not for $140

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level 2

Tylt does the same thing for much less money.

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I googled this. and wow... thanks for commenting :D
(I am assuming it is: http://www.tylt.com/)


I have a TYLT that I bought from Verizon, and I love it.

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Yes, my two Tylts do the same but cost a boatload cheaper. Pass.


The verizon version of Z30 support qi wireless charging?

Is that the only model? How about the international STA-2?

Differentiate or Die


No, the Verizon version is the only one

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I don't know why they wouldn't include this into all BlackBerry models, it's a good selling feature. I wonder if you're able to modify other Z30 models so it will work.



You could buy a wireless charging receiver module for about $10. The only problem is that it uses the micro USB port. Not a great work around but it would work and you can cover it with a case. Or if in the US, just get the Verizon model. It's a feature I use all the time. The Verizon rep was the one that told me it was on the phone.

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Does Verizon sell a wireless charging base? I had asked a store rep and they told me it wasn't available

#poweredbyblackberry Z30


I bought one from them, it was an LG brand. They had it in the store.

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The LG brand is a knock-off.

Frustrating on the front line when headquarters won't support...


Could have been an "exclusive" for Verizon.

Prem WatsApp

Pretty silly. As if nobody else wanted that... :-)

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That's how exclusives work, though. Color, accessories, even device availability itself--the idea is that it will bring customers to that carrier.

Or it could have been that BB wasn't willing to pay for the tech to go into the more distributed -2 and the -5 models. So they stuck it in the one for the single carrier from the US.


The stand is a beautiful piece of design, a very fresh idea on the wireless charging stand

I can see some managers who would keep one of these in their office for sure

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They can count on my lack of support

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Those are pretty cool looking.


I'd pledge as much as my z10 cost X,'D too much for a student

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Beautiful stand. But I know it would become a relic in a year or two. Best to avoid unnecessary junk--even though it is beautiful and somewhat useful for now. I'd use it on my nightstand.

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It's very elegant, and I'm prepared to pay tor a nice design. My catch is not having a Qi compatible phone (yet).

This would be perfect for my bed table, perhaps with an NFC tag to automatically activate Bedside Mode...

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I agree with Jasvan9, it would be something great in office (mine included) but from other posts already, it is too costly for " the masses."

With that said, I want a black one for my Z30 and future Passport.

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I really wish blackberry would make the effort to support wireless charging. Micro USB is Crap!! I don't care how much it's supported. They need to have a Superior connection for changing and data transfers.
Apple gets 10 points for not following the industry "trend" no matter how convenient it seems.

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Actually Micro USB has been pretty good for me and I've had had no issues to date. The Micro HDMI is crap and has connection problems all the time. They should have used Mini HDMI and provide a docking station because I use the HDMI Port all the time with NETFLIX.



I've had no issues with either ports. Buuut! I would've loved if they had thrown in the high speed magnetic connection like on the PlayBook.


Yeah!... what were they thinking!?... that sh*t was /is great!

I fully expected that to be present.

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I love the apple lightning port. Still a big BB10 fan tho

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Do you like paying $10-30 for lightning cords as well? Because I get my good, durable micro USB cords for $2-5.


Eeeexactly. I can't believe that people have no problem paying that much for cables.

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The most useful part of this article is finding out that I can charge my Z30 wireless, it seems I go through micro USB chargers every 3 months (they all seem to break at where the metal phone plug connects to the chord). Wireless changing would obviously solve this issue. I agree $140 is too much unless we get a residual return to go along with the charger.

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It's funding the principles costs AND you receive a charger for the 140.00...that's what Kickstarter is, a financial gift for an idea you agree with...I like it. :)

Eazzy Peazzy


Too less of a market here at cb

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Kind of expensive considering that the Palm Pre series line of phones came with such a capability way back when. (The phone was even aware of when it was docked and apps could be programmed to run in exhibition mode when docked.)

While the phone didn't come with a Touchstone (the wireless charging dock), you could acquire one for no more than $69. That was full retail price back in 2008. Many times you could get a bundle deal with the phone for much less than that.

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The Pre was an amazing device for its time, it did everything. Marketing killed it. I'd say their marketing was even worse than BlackBerry.

I didn't know only the Verizon Z30 supports wireless charging, that was the most insightful part of the article for me.


Yeah, the marketing was bizarre. I remember seeing the first Pre commercial and just scratched my head. In spite of that - just because I knew what the Pre was - I had a Pre Plus, a Pre 2, and a Pre 3. I'd love to see BlackBerry make a form factor like that.

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Pay $140 and get a shitty charging time...yeah, no. Talk to me when these wireless chargers have caught up to conventional 1-2A chargers.


The page says it runs at 2A with 78% efficiency, so I'm not sure how much better you want. It's already effectively 1.56A which falls into your complaint range of needing to be 1-2A


Interesting. 1.56A is good enough for a phone. But I wonder what the efficiency for micro USB chargers (good ones) is and will all phones play nice and pull the max they can? And does 'efficiency' itself mean that the charger will push 1.56A guaranteed at all times, or 2A 78% of the time (what happens in the remaining 22% of the time?)


Just buy a Tylt

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Totally agree. TYLT is cool looking and come in more colors. That Swich kickstarter is way too expensive.

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American Dark Walnut? Why not stainless steel or brushed aluminium instead of hacking down more trees?

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Sustainable material was a goal of theirs. Last I checked, you can't grow stainless steel


You know what is nice about wireless charging, when you want to use your device you can pick it up with no cords. Very easily. No reason to leave it on the stand.

Therefore this this is pointless.

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Well with this, if the height/angle are good enough, you don't have to pick it up--your phone keeps charging. I think that's the idea behind it.


Does the passport will support Qi?

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I was wondering the same thing. I haven't heard anything on whether the passport or classic will offer wireless charging.

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So on top of the $140.00 for the charger you may end up spending more on a case unless using the Z30, no thanks.

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Blackberry should buy this start-up and incorporate it into their future models (ie wireless charging).

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I think blackberry should work on staying solvent instead of buying up overpriced kickstarter designs

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BlackBerry already has incorporated wireless charging. Z30 STA100-3.

Brayan Morales

Really cool, I will only pay $140 if the wireless charging was super fast on charging all cell phones

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Is there a way to get Qi on non Verizon Z30's?

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Toutch stone from palm hp... just standardize peeps

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Matias Montes de Oca

Good gadget,
Come on Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!

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Too expensive

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I'll pass

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Sheesh, haters...

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No thanks, I don't like desk clutter.


I really miss my touchstone from my Palm, hopefully BlackBerry will roll wireless charging onto more of their devices or at least bring back the dock

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If they adapted this to a car dock, and watered down the "bling", then I'd be sold.

But i find no use if i have to keep my phone stationary, micro USB allows me freedom.


The white stand goes great with the white Verizon z30...wait a minute....nevermind :{

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Is the Verizon the -5 one that we have to use for AT&T?

Give me a slider powered by a Squircle.


No. Verizon is the -3

Harrison Cole

Can you buy the version version, get it unlocked and then use it in Canada?

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...useless and expensive....
Better buy books or save your money for the BlackBerry upcoming terminals. Smells like Passport will be a rip-off.
If somebody has an Idea -no dumb rumors, PLEASE - would be glad to know the prices for EMEA and US/Canada for upcoming devices like Passport and Classic, even Z3-LTE. At this point, they are known by BlackBerry. Curious how much the rip-off will be.
Price for SIM-free, not carrier locked terminals to come. If any information available, not RUMORS, thanks for sharing.

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It that necessary? I'm surprised it's not made of platinum with incrested diamonds.

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Steph Sierra

No z10? Anyway is z10 even capable of wireless charging? Haha

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That's a really beautiful design and the wood accents are a nice touch.

I don't care if other people want a bb10 device I wanted one and that's all that matters.


I think wireless chargers are the most useless things ever, I don't see the advantages of leaving my phone flat on a table n being unable to hold it just so It can charge! I really dont get why it's better than a normal charger?


It looks sick.... still but I would like to see my z30 work on that.

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I don't know why someone would kickstart this when you can just go buy qi bases

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I have no issue with the dropping the $140. After all I'm not just buying a new Qi charger, I am helping a company get going.
I just wish I knew whether or not the Passport supported Qi charging.

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If it works right and all maybe 140 but I'd have to test it first

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I definitely want one. I'd sign up now but I want to see if some of their ideas for improvement come through first. I'd like to see a BT receiver with a 3.5mm output for desktop speakers or the built in battery idea for charging even if the power goes out