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Sweet Dreams! Bedside Mode now allowing you to sleep well and not miss calls thanks to latest BlackBerry 10 update

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Feb 2013 04:22 pm EST


WooHoo! It's fixed! No more Bedside Mode rants from this guy. Earlier today Rogers and Fido pushed out an over the air OS update to the BlackBerry Z10 that among other quality improvements and bug fixes, brought with it the ability to once again allow for Phone calls to ring while Bedside Mode is enabled and all other notifications are turned off. If you read our Z10 Review or listened to any of our late night live shows from CB's BB10 Launch Campaign Headquarters, you'll know I was bent out of shape over this feature not working as I needed it to on my Z10.

Since Bedside Mode was first introduced in OS4.6 on the original BlackBerry Bold 9000, it has been a feature I have relied on every night since (if you're not familiar with it, watch this video). Highly customizable on BBOS phones, it gives the user the ability to easily turn their BlackBerry into a bedside alarm clock while providing additional control over to what sounds and alerts could come through while sleeping. The sweet spot of Bedside mode for me -- and pretty much every other Bedside mode user I know -- is to disable all notifications except for phone calls. If there's an emergency in the middle of the night and somebody needs to reach you, they need to be able to reach you. Period.

In simplifying the user experience in BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry went a little too far in removing options from Bedside Mode, turning it into an All or Nothing scenario. In other words, you could have all your notifcations on or all of them off (phone ringer included) while the dimmed bedside clock was displaying. Simple is often better, but in practice this made Bedside Mode unusable. With all notifications on my phone is blinking and making sounds all night along. And with all notifications off, well, I wouldn't be able to hear my phone ring which I wouldn't be able to cope with.

But that's all history and it's fixed before the Z10 hits US soils (maybe a silverlining to having to wait a little bit longer??). After today's update, my sleeping habits will be back to normal. Thanks BlackBerry!!  

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Randy Woolvett

Great news.... but Kevin where did you get the dock for your Z10?? I want one.


Thats exactly what I thought. When will it be at the crackberry store?


Is that actually Kevin in the picture? I want his dock if it is... Cuz seriously how did he get one lol


Definitely liking the dock in that picture!!!


Yes, that dock is SWEET!


I want one! This is the best looking dock I've seen in a long time.


and with that the BEDSIDE MODE saga comes to a close...also deets on that dock pronto! :)


What about auto on/off? Now that is something I can't live without...


Wish they had automatic on and off like they had on the legacy bb's

Detective M Downs

There on, but sold out! I also saw another BlackBerry blog demo the doc/cradle yesterday.


WHAT?!!! how come CrackBerry didn't talk about it?
I didn't see any articles relating to blackberry getting any docks.

Detective M Downs

I don't want to be disrepsectful, and post a link to another BlackBerry blog; but, if google Hands-on: BlackBerry Z10 Multimedia Dock you should find it.


I know about that article. My thought was on the dock being sold out and didn't even know that it was even on sale to begin with.
I checked the blackberry shop and they didn't have the blackberry Z10 charger dock.
So, I was surprised with what Detective M Downs said.

Randy Woolvett

I checked and cannot see it at Did you see it there?


Now they just need to give us back the flip clock.


Yes the change is great and all but show me that dock!


Well, there's one plus to having to wait in the U.S.

I use bedside mode every night as well, and the gimped version would have been irritating to say the least.

And while I'm using the flip clock on my Torch 9850, the one displayed in the picture above looks super hot, and I can't wait to have it on my nightstand!


Kevin what case are you using on your Z10? Also when will that awesome dock be back in stock!!


Is it easy to get the phone out of the dock when having to answer a call? On my 9900, it's a breeze because of the charging contacts, but it doesn't look as easy on the Z10.

Also, is that the only clock that's available on the Z10, or is the classic "digital LCD" still available?


Yes, there is the digital LCD - which is the one I use. Easier to see with bleary eyes!


And another nice fix prior to US launch. To be honest tho, I wouldn't mind having to wait for every update so long as I have the phone in hand after so many years.


I wonder what kind of sales BB gets from the sale of accessories. Selling BB branded accessories has to be quite profitable. Between the docks, cases, (regular and rapid) chargers, speakers, extra battery's and music gateway - the company has to be making a pretty penny. I know i usually buy at least one accessory with every phone.


I have updated to the new OS and I still only get Notifications Off. Where are the settings to change this. Or how is it changed.


You have to open the clock app itself, then swipe down and select clock settings. You then have an option of Phone Calls in Bedside Mode On or Off



Thanks for that i couldnt figure out how to get this working!


By the time we get the phone in the US we will have nothing to complain about except the phone being too good. Keep 'em coming BBRY. Can't wait.


I never knew you could have the clock app in landscape mode. Thanks for the picture.


i dont see the slot to swip my credit card :(
can someone help me please???
i really need this dock charger asap!!

please crackberryshop make this happen yesterday


was reoccurrence always there or from the update?


One down and one more to go. Just need the ability to make custom profiles again and I'll be a happy camper. I can make do with this if this is all we get when it releases in the US....for now.


Does the phone have to be docked for clock to stay illuminated? or will it fade out when screen times out?


When the phone is plugged in, the clock will stay dimly illuminated (perfect to not light up the room for sleeping), but it will fade out if it's not plugged in to save battery.

About the bedside mode in general - I love how well thought out and well designed it is! It gives me a little bit of joy each night to see the clock smoothly fade down to black/red. I haven't had a clock this cool since I had a real ticking clock with glow-in-the-dark hands back when I was a kid, lol.


I have my phone plugged in and it still fades out. I wish I had the option to keep it at a soft glow like in the photo of this blog.


Mine most definitely does not fade out to black.

are you sure you're in bedside mode and not just the clock app?


Wow such a sexy dock and with Z10 on it in bedside mode looks sooo SEXYYYY. Need one.


Give Kevin a break, he's trying to catch up on some sleep...

(or he's overdosed on caffeine madly working on the CB website update roll-out and hasn't got time to respond.... deadlines people, deadlines)


That's it!!!
I'm grabbing my tent and heading down to my local Verizon store to camp out until they release the Z10.
Wait, scratch that.... Any iSheep out there that wanna make a few extra bucks?


That clock on the dock rocks !

And BlackBerry is making this phone super awesome.

Anything else you would like added Kevin? BlackBerry is in listening mode !


Awesome! Thank you BlackBerry!

And the dock, do want!!


It would really be cool if you could set the time at which all notifications would go off. I have to chose all notifications off because after midnight I refuse to be awakened by a ringing phone.


Hell yeah fckn right. I am so impressed. Great support. I hope there are not many new bugs though. haha

SO great.


Personally I dont want to hear a peep outa my phone while its in bedside mode - emergency or not when I'm sleeping only the smoke alarm will wake me up.


Great updates! I'm loving my Z10 all over again!


You really think AT&T signed off on this update? ... Hardly ever saw an update AT&T for my 9810/9900.. Always used other carriers.

Guess that brings up a question... sure its been asked and yes i could search..

Are we able to install/use other carrier's OS versions like before?


So if the OS update fixed the phone ringing problem in bedside mode, did they also fix the problem with not being able to create our own sound profiles or is that still to come?


guys, can't find the dock on Shop Cracberry...anyone able to find it? or even elswhere? Got to have it!!! :-D


When I am in bedside mode,it still says all notifications off (including phone). Trying to find the menu to change this but I can't seem to be able to locate it. Any help? Thanks.

Nevermind. Found it!


Thanks for the post Kevin it always great to get a refresher

I Love my BlackBerry


I'll be loving my Q10 even more once I get it. :D

When will that get a dock.. Oh wait... I might make one out of foam if it's the same size (in width) as the 9900. ;)


10.1 is coming really soon.I'm curious as to see what the new features will be. Hopefully profiles. I still cannot believe this is missing from a BlackBerry phone.


This is great! Now if they could bring back the option of having it automatically activate bedside mode as soon as you put it on the charger.


There are still quite a few things missing from the new OS. Hopefully 10.1 will give us some of the features that have made BlackBerry a great tool. You folks in the U.S. count your blessings. Everywhere else is a test bed for you to gain from.


Kevin, any news when the media attachment that I see you have is coming out?


While this is truly a "First World Problem" I was unhappy about what Bedside Mode had become under BB10. I was thinking WP8 because Text to voice trumps lack of a worthwhile Bedside Mode. Now that real Bedside Mode is back, all I need is Text to voice and I'm a happy camper.


No sign of the update on Orange / EE in the UK.
Come on!


i think that's the first time Kevin's had a good night sleep knowing he has nothing to worry about now.


Hey Kevin. Who are the Karma contest winners. Just hoping I am one.


It is an amazing feature indeed if it can actually "allow you to sleep well and not miss calls".

BR Shrinet

Guys when I will get update for my Z10 unlocked in Kuwait.



Yep I want my dock back!

Mike Mulvey

What about the ability to automatically go into bedside mode when inserted into the dck after a certain time like older BB's could. Also to emerge from that mode automatically at a preset time

Ditto going into navigation mode when inserted into a car cradle?