Sweet Commercial - What's Happening Now on Sprint

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Apr 2009 09:42 am EDT

There's no mention of BlackBerry smartphones in the video above and a Palm Pre is shown at the end, but no matter how you slice it this latest commercial from Sprint is pretty cool. Give it a watch for some geeky data stats that'll make you sound smart at the dinner table tonight!

[ Precentral.net ]

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Sweet Commercial - What's Happening Now on Sprint


there's no mention of the 20 million blackberry owners who currently want to brutalize Dan Hesse for the lack of next gen blackberry handsets available on sprint.

Saw this on last night and thought it was great. Normally I just make fun of commercials of any type, but this one was kinda cool.

I saw this on TV last night while watching Heroes. It definitely caught my attention. I liked all the "factoids" and the pace of the commercial.

they didn't give the stats of how many people just called customer service to cancel their Sprint account. Well, maybe not THAT funny...

stupid sprint showcasing a phone that has no release date and comes from another failing company. Why not promote the upcoming touch pro 2 or even the diamond 2

so just because a phone doesnt have a launch date means that sprint is stupid?!?! Why would they promote the touch pro 2 or diamond 2? They dont have launch dates either.....

Great commercial. Anyone else notice how they show the pre just after they mention the 4G network? Could palm have a trick up it sleeve?!!! Probably not, but I really want to see sprint succeed with wimax.

The mention that sprint is going to have the 1st 4G network and then they show the Palm Pre.

I didn't think the Pre would be a 4G capable device. What gives?

Now that's the kind of commercial that gets people's attention. Now maybe misinformed people such as JMAN82 will take another look at Sprint and realize that it is a cheaper, realiable alternative to the Big 2 (ATT and VZW).

have sprint and they are excelent i have the blackberry curve 8330 I LOVE IT and did u know if u have a simply everything plan you have unlimited phone as modem :)

AT&T is testing it somewhere and so is Verizon. Why does Sprint think it can boast it has the nation's first 4G network when AT&T and Verizon has been testing "4G" for ages? Sprint is not even a top 3 carrier. Its AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Altel, MetroPCS, Criket, Trac Phone and then Sprint.

Dudes face in meeting is funny. Use to work for sprint. IT sucked. About 70% of the customers that came in had a $1000 deposit making is so had to meet quota. Must just be the area im in but peps have some crapy credit