Can you survive the onslaught with Swamp Attack on BlackBerry 10?

By James Richardson on 15 Aug 2014 06:38 am EDT

Swamp Attack is yet another great game that you won't find in BlackBerry World I'm afraid. At the time of writing this I found it in the Snap store which currently is a bit more tricky to load onto your BlackBerry 10 device than the Amazon Appstore, but once you know how you'll have a ton of apps and games at your fingertips. Full instructions will be in the link at the base of the post.

With Swamp Attack you play the role of a gentleman (and I use that term loosely) who is defending his cottage against the onslaught of creatures that come from within the swamp. Clearly having a house within a swamp is a bad move!

Initially you'll be armed with just a shotgun and you just tap on the display where you wish to aim. There are some shotgun cartridges shown in the top middle of the screen and these turn from red to transparent as you use them. Once your gun is empty it just takes a few seconds to reload.

As you progress through the levels, of which there are 78 plus quick missions, you'll also pick up various bonus weapons - such as dynamite and molotov cocktails. Use these only when you need to though as their supply is very limited.

Within each level and when one is completed you will be rewarded with coins. These can be spent in the shop to upgrade your guns, defense and other weapons. There will also be some in-app purchases here if you run out of patience - you certainly don't need to use them though. While you are in the shop I particularly love the way that cockroaches run over the display - yuk!

For a free game you can't really go wrong with Swamp Attack. Sure, it's another Android game that hasn't (yet) been ported over to BlackBerry World, but at least we can play it if we want. It's going to be staying on my BlackBerry, that's for sure.

As you would have seen in the video I used my BlackBerry Z30. If you manage to get the game working on a Q series device please sound off in the comments? Thanks in advance.

Download Swamp Attack using Snap

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Can you survive the onslaught with Swamp Attack on BlackBerry 10?


Great another another android app, it's not the first and won't be the last I'm sure, sadly.

Posted on my Z30

Just think soon there will be another 200k+ of android apps that cb push EACH and EVERY day. Yippie Yahoo for all of us.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo B4B Apps all the way!!!

Yes the alternative reality where BB10 had nothing to do with Android and dwindles into nothingness is preferable.

One step at a time. Build back customer base. Need apps to do that, whether you personally do or not. When there's numbers behind BB again, THEN start lobbying more devs for native BB10.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

Sadly that's a BlackBerry decision not a CB decision. BBRY has been telling casual devs to build amazon not cascades.

Posted via CB from my LE

I only did a first post to Piss of that Quicksilver dude. It gets his panties in a bunch when someone does a first post.

Posted on my Z30

I love how every first post now has the word first in it now lol but it is an actual contribution to the article haha suck on that quicksilver.

Posted via R115-Aramis.

I agree: If it has "first" in it but also contributes to topic, then great!

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

Blackberry world needs such games, we're getting tired of the android ports!

Posted via CB10

This is why I don't use web apps like or

I only use native BB10 apps, not apps written for the Web!!

(see what I did there?)

Posted via CB10

Sounds like fun, and if the critters are after his skin, he's only practicing self-defense.

Uselessly violent games I don't like, even cartoon violence ...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

You can just install mobile1 or mobogenie. So much easier than side loading. I wonder y CB never push those android apps for downloading apps.
All I ever see them advertise is amazon app store.

Posted via CB10

Just to be clear, with Snap you only sideload one time. The Snap app itself must be sideloaded since it's a native BB10 app but not in BB World. It takes about a minute with the free desktop app Sachesi.

Then you can download apps directly via Snap, and they're directly from Google Play.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

I wish it took a minute. I have spent hours trying to make snap work but it just doesnt even after following every single step in the instructions so yeah. Snap sucks. Go amazon app store and evozi!!!

Posted via R115-Aramis.

How doesn't it work for you? You can't get it on your phone? Or you can but it doesn't open?

1. You download Sachesi onto your PC and install.
2. Download the bar file for Snap onto your PC.
3. Plug in your BB to your PC via micro USB cable and wait for it to connect.
4. Open Sachesi. Click Install tab at top right. (If it doesn't detect your device, you'll have to restart your PC and it should then.)
5. Click button to install bar files. File explorer opens, hopefully to where you saved Snap otherwise navigate there.
6. Drag & drop: Click and hold on Snap file. Drag it to large box on Sachesi below that window and release.
7. After a few seconds there should be a "Completed" message in box on Sachesi.
8. Close everything, remove BB, start using Snap!

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

Android games work especially well with BB10, compared to many Android apps.
BB has said they were particularly surprised to discover this while originally working on PlayBook OS, BB10's predecessor.

Will every game work? Nope. Will some not work as well as BB10 games? Yep.
But many work perfectly and greatly expand the BB10 app catalog.

James has tested this game so we do know it works. Articles like this make it easier for CB readers to find these games.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

BlackBerry should also get rid of the BB10 browser! None of the sites on the Internet are written natively for BB10!

They all use HTML and Javascript!

Sure, all these websites run fine on BB10, but that doesn't matter. How well a website runs is irrelevant. All that matters is if it's native or not!

Posted via CB10

Do the developers know when their app is being installed on BlackBerry? If so, they might be swayed to make a native version if they felt there was enough interest from BlackBerry users.

Posted using my very awesome Z30

There's no evidence that Amazon Appstore will work any differently on 10.3 than it does now, nor that the Amazon Appstore itself will be a native BB10 app, which I doubt.

Amazon would have to make changes on their back end for devs to know this. That is if the devs can't know now, which I'm insure of.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

When you install an Android app through the Amazon Store, the Dev knows it is.
But maybe they won't know if the app is downloaded for an Amazon device (Kindle Fire and Fire Phone) or for a BlackBerry device. That, I am not sure.

Nevertheless, what matters is that the app is downloaded from Amazon which means a device that cannot use the Google Services. And this is the only thing that matters to me. Make the Dev aware that they have clients that can't use those Google Services.

Posted via CB10

Hey James..enough with the Android ports! Here's a game I've found Tricky Golf - freemium but made for BlackBerry. Smooth and really fun to play. Check it out! It's in BBW now.

"Hip to be Square" - Huey Lewis and the News

I do think the 'only native BB10' snobbery needs to stop.

While a built for BB10 native app will work better and take full advantage of the BlackBerry platform, (and we all agree here) the truth is; if a platform can 'play' apps from any source, that in itself is a major selling point. Where the app comes from shouldn't matter.

I think a developer would be more inclined to be turned off by such snobbery than if a community enthusiastically embraced them and asked for a native app through that enthusiasm. (Not to mention the numbers have to support a decision to put development dollars behind it.)

Posted via CB10

Completely agree.

Plus I just don't understand the seemingly compulsive need of disinterested parties to post that they aren't interested.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

If you don't like android apps WHY read the article? Seeing as android have a far better selection of games and a lot of us BlackBerry users go for both native and android apps so these articles are of interest to us. What is of no interest to anyone is a pathetic whiner!

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

If CB reviews an android app, people complain that it's not native. If they review a native app people complain that there are better android alternatives . Can't do it right anyway

Posted via CB10

You're right unfortunately.

Maybe the key is... to not complain. *gasps*


Posted from my Z30 via CB10

This app is from Google Play, so in-app purchases won't work unfortunately.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

It's not the android apps that I'm frustrated about. It's that James doesn't so anything but highlight them. I'd like to see more time spent on highlighting BB10 apps. If I want to know what's trending on android, I can easily pull up Snap or Appstore. I don't need the front page of crank berry littered with it.

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately not every Android app works. James is highlighting some that do, which makes it easier for people to find them too.

If you want more features on native BB10 apps & games, fair enough. But why does it have to come at the expense of these reviews of great-working Android games?

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

BlackBerry World also need an native opera mini. BlackBerry browser is fast but data connection eater

Posted via CB10

Just tried it, seems to work perfect on my Z30.
Like some Android games, froze on first time open. Reopened and everything smooth.


Posted from my Z30 via CB10

I find that on my Z10STL100-3/ the game will not load properly unless the orientation gets flipped around during the 2nd intro image. I know it sounds crazy but it works.