Surreal and Stargazer Themes - New from!

Surreal and Stargazer Themes
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jun 2008 10:30 am

Two NEW, COOL and FREE BlackBerry themes popped up at last week. The Surreal and Stargazer themes can be found in the Themes section under Fun & Games.

The downside - availability of the themes is dependent on the device model and OS version you are rocking (Curve & 8800 Series users (not on 4.5 betas) should be able to get both). For details, help and more information on these new themes, visit this thread in the CrackBerry forums. Enjoy!

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Mike Dent

Both great looking themes, I tried them last night. However i noticed when I used the side key to set my BB from silent to 'normal' this morning I was not able to scroll up and down through the profiles?
It did seem to scroll but only highlighted the top and bottom profiles? Kinda strange, I dont recall seeing this last night when I set it to silent.
Anyway I switched back to my favourite Dimension Today Plus theme, gotta love that one.

Eddie I.

I have a pearl so only the Stargazer is available for me. But when I activate it, I get my carrier's wallpaper on the home screen instead of the planet. I've read on blogs where others are having the same problem. It would be nice if someone knew why this was happening and how to fix it.


Neither are unavailable for my Telus 8330.


Are these for the 8130 Pearl?


This are a pretty cool themes I try to download and after couple seconds have a messages that i have not enought memory...i have scribble and bphone Icon and other pre installed on my phone so I need to erase those two and get this new themes or is a different way to saved somewhere in my phone ...any idea somebody??


Thanks for the head's up! This site is great.


I was able to get the stargazer for my 8330 -- only fault is that I am unable to change the background form the default telus berries....I can reset all the other defaults except that one


i realy love this theme. Slick look and icons easy to identify. I am sticking with this one for a while.