Sure The Kindle and eBooks Did Well, But So Did BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 29 Dec 2009 09:34 am EST
SureThe Kindle And eBooks Did Well But So Did BlackBerry

A few days ago Amazon posted some details of their big sellers over the holidays. The biggest news to come from that press release was the fact Amazon's Kindle and Kindle books were the biggest sellers, wherein Kindle books sold more on Christmas day than their physical counterparts - which honestly makes a whole lot more sense then people are giving credit for. Of course they sold more, what else would you do with a Kindle that you just got? Go out an buy a physical book? Not very likely.

However, if you looked further down the list of the highest selling items for the holidays you would have noticed that the AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700 was the hottest selling device in the "Wireless" category with cellular service. The only item ahead of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 when speaking of devices was the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic which was sold sans contract and unlocked. Not too shabby if you ask me, I bet AT&T and RIM were glad to see that happen - I just wish Amazon would have released some numbers to go along with it to give us a better sense of volume.

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Sure The Kindle and eBooks Did Well, But So Did BlackBerry


LOL... funny article bla1ze. i already own a couple of Bold 9700s, so WAS one of the people who purchased a Kindle from Amazon as a gift to myself. Gotta say, I LOVE the Kindle. Feel bad for regular books....I do like holding a good book and flipping pages, but this type of device is just so convenient and makes so much sense. I'll read wayyy more books this year because of it. Definitely here today and wave of the future for book industry in my opinion. You should get one if you don't have one yet!

OK, the hot sales of the Kindle are pretty cool. Now lets see some Kindle/Nook software to run on the Berry. I read books for years on my now deceased Palm, but Adobe support for handheld devices died out, and the library is reducing Mobi titles. E-Pub works fine on the computer, but even the Netbook is a pain to carry for lots of situations. My wish list would include PDF, E-pub, and Sony Reader, as well as the currently available Mobipocket support.

You mentioned Blackberry Nook software.... Have you downloaded the BN eBook Reader to your Berry yet? I grabbed it when it was announced, went crazy downloading all of the freebie books that are on the site under ebooks, and have actually spent more on books this month than I have in several YEARS.

My only complaint about the BN eBook Reader is that it won't sort to the book that you're working on, do an A-Z sort, or even a sort by download date. I REALLY hate digging through nearly 100 eBooks to find the ONE that I'm working on. I guess at this point I need to go write up a review/suggestion email for BN concerning their Blackberry BN eBook Reader.

Ability to pull web articles onto flash drives and load to be read on the Kindle.......or does this have web capability?

Bla1ze, my good person.

You have a good article, but poor credibility when you use "then" to say "than" and "to" to say "too."

It's "wherein Kindle books sold more on Christmas day THAN their physical counterparts - which honestly makes a whole lot more sense THAN people are giving credit for" (yes, wherein is one word). Also, it's "Not TOO shabby."

I'm pointing these things out to you and others to help you become better writers. If you want people to take you seriously, you have to write seriously.

We cool?

That said, when is Kindle for BlackBerry being released?

Bla1ze, Notwithstanding the previous comment from the Schoolmarm, you keep up the great work! You and your collea
gues are a tremendous resource and although the grammar ain't perfect, the content is rock solid. Incidently, I have about 2 dozen ebooks from eReader on my 9000 and I think it's easier to hold than a book OR a Kindle.

I prefer the old fashioned paper books but I do have a large collection of books in .pdf. Advantage: they can be read on any device - the home PC, the laptop, the PC at work, or the Blackberry. They can also be stored anywhere: CD-ROM, hard drive, flash drive, etc.

This is the same reason why the ONLY music I buy is MP3. The key word is PORTABILITY. The ability to back up the media is also very important.

I love being able to read and flick the pages with one hand. Also- not having to drag around another device works for me too!

This article is too funny.

Yeah eReader and BN eReader are nice but the best reading app is still Mobipocket. Which is the same format the kindle uses, though Mobipocket's and Amazon's DRM are not compatible.

I too am awaiting amazons releas of the kindle app for the blackberry I'm hoping it will be the best one yet.

The more I see these kindle the more it makes me wonder, what is their place in this world of technical devices? If I wanted to read a book, why wouldn't I just buy the book to read? Why should I pay almost $300 to buy the kindle, AND then buy the book that I want to read through the kindle? Its like needing a new tire for a car but instead of buying a tire, you buy a whole new car? I am surprised to see these selling so good, who is actually buying them? Are people that lazy they need a computer to read a novel these days?

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