RIM Isn't Done With SurePress Just Yet

By Adam Zeis on 27 May 2009 07:53 pm EDT

OK BlackBerry Storm followers, we've got some new news here. RIM's Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis was just on stage at D7 and told Walt Mossberg and the crowd that "SurePress is here to stay" (big ups to Engadget for live blogging). We had heard that SurePress would be a thing of the past on the next gen device, but haven't really known exactly would that would mean. We heard previously that TruePress could be the new name and that there would be some sort of physical feedback at work, but the early Storm 2 photos and review by Engadget showed a display that looked less than clickable. But according to the head honcho it sounds like we'll see SurePress in one form or another on the next Storm. Most people like the concept of seperating navigation from confirmation but in practice on the original Storm it tends to slow you down more than it aids you (especially while typing). It is still unsure what exactly SurePress will mean on the Storm 2 (be it a physical screen click or something under the screen that registers pressure or something entirely different) but with all the rumors flying around, we are sure the real answer will be known sooner than later. 

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RIM Isn't Done With SurePress Just Yet


It IS possible to have Surepress on an phone and give an option to not use it. That way both parties are satisfied (those who like Surepress and those who do not).

It's all in the software.

I guess I'm in the minority, but I'm a big fan of SurePress. Once you get used to it, it's totally natural. Switching to a non-SurePress touch device like the iPhone after extensive Storm usage, feels, well lacking.

You're not in the minority. I love the SurePress, and now having used it for 6 full months, I've gotten very used to it and love the big button.

My cousin who has an iPhone tried typing on my phone and LOVED the SurePress. I tried her iPhone and made just as many mistakes as I did on my blackberry. The iPhone fixed those mistakes better and faster, but it's not as fast as I remember.

But at the end of the day, to each his own. Ideally I'd love a Storm with a full-qwerty keyboard. At the end of the day, I'm quick on my storm, but not nearly as fast as I was on my 8830 :)

I have a friend with a touch screen iPod, and whenever I play with it I always find myself trying to click the screen. I wouldn't want to give that up...

I love sure press and probably won't go purchase the Storm 2 because it doesn't have it. I, personally, think RIM's best move would be to Continue making Storm 1 (as is) for those who like clicking and then make Storm 2 (with no clicking) for those who just can't seem to get used to the unique feature.

if you did NOT read it, which you apparently didn't, they are keeping it!!!

I think it does make sense that they do something with the software that can disable the usage of the click, to make it so you can click, or just tap the screen like an iPhone(to settle the endless cries of the crybabies!)

but with the pictures, if the screen or as many along with myself like to call it "the big button" is as snugged and fit as it looks and not so gappy like the first phone, then I am saving up for my Storm 2 already!!!! hehe =P

but read again home slice, "RIM IS GOING TO MAKE SUREPRESS or now to be called 'TRUEPRESS' STAY WITH THE STORM!!!" I love it!!! always will and gonna keep rubbing it in the faces of the people who like to be THE SAME!!!

and like I said, if you want a normal screen so bad, go get a iphone, because they're getting copy & paste WOOO HOOOO!

while I fall in love with my Storm and patiently wait for the STORM 2!!!! hehe...

I love sure press and I type faster with it than my old Curve. If Storm II does not have sure press, I'll stick with what I have thanks....

Thats a great idea, give the option to enable or disable sure press, then the storm 2 with the addition of wi-fi, two more 3g radio bands, and a well needed software upgrade will be the ultimate phone.

@theonick, in addition to what you said add a slide out keyboard and allow me to install 3rd party apps on media card... THEN that is the ultimate phone

Get Aerize Card Loader, it allows you to install apps on your SD card in your BB.

It works great, I think it's like 10 bucks.

Yeah except...
It doesn't work as people want it to. People want to install apps on the memory card and run it from there. They do not really want put the installation file on the card, install it to the phone, load the app, close the app, and uninstall from the phone-- which is what Aerize Card Loader does.

When an app comes out that lets me properly install apps to an SD card (which first requires RIM to unlock that part of the firmware) then I'll happily pay $10 for it. Until then I'll just shake my head and sigh.

Actually, even Aerize provides a useful function. I can carry more apps than fit in RAM with it and I don't need to bo constantly running all apps so it's not such a huge problem. Whether that's worth $10 though is another issue.

I was kind of wondering if maybe the "stolen" Storm had a mock display of some sort. A pre-production model could easily have a fixed screen for fitment and design purposes. One more indication that we probably won't see the next Storm for awhile.

i still want WI-FI idk why i just do.. and surepress is so good that it really doesnt feel like i own a touchscreen device. the input is very strange easy to use but strange.... and yes the option to turn it on and off would be nice but ur missing the big pic its not just some tweak they could easily add in they would have to recode the entire OS! (not really a bad idea) but companies dont look at it that way. $$$= first priority. customer satisfaction = 2nd ALWAYS! no company works against that.

YES!!! I'm happy... rant on haters!!!!

Surepress or now dubbed thee TRUEPRESS is here to STAY! maybe I WILL get the Storm 2 =P

Myself, as well as others, love the surepress, I've used the iPhone and I just didn't like the feel of the iPhone.

Put me in the fan category. I've had other touch screens But I absolutely love the clicking screen.

The Alpine Touchscreen Navigation units where you touch and actually feel something in the screen, I believe it's called pulse touch. With that being said I think any kind of variation of that would be cool, but I am glad to hear that SurePress is here to stay.

I like the sure press I find it very handy and it doesnt slow me down at all when typing. I do think it can be slow when clicking on home screen icons but otherwise I like it. I will agree they should create a means of turning it off for those who want standard touch screen ability.

Mike is super sneaky. He only answered the questions that he wanted to answer. Maybe that's why they don't let Jim speak in public very often. He gives straight answers.

At least give option to turn it off, surepress is cool in thoery but in application it slows down texting. With every surepress that is more time that it is taking you to send out that text message. personally i wouldn't recommend the new storm to anyone who is not used to the surepress unless they had a disable feature.

new storm needs
1. wifi
2. surepress enable/disable
3. install apps to memory card
4. T9 option for text messaging.
5. Built in slide lock would be great or at least a better locking button cause that buttons just seems like it will break
6. ****Better battery life so it will last more then a day.

You have T9 on the storm 1, it just isn't called T9, its called sure type. When you type, word suggestions pop up for you to scroll through... when you use the suretype keyboard (two letters for each button)you only have to press each key once and it guesses the word for you - just like T9.

And what problem do you have with downloading slide lock for free in apworld?? It is there... paid version is better though.

Close your apps when your done with them and your battery will last longer.

Looks like half your gripes are operator error.

Oh, and wifi = overrated. 3g is pretty damn fast.

I think what would be awesome is that they keep sure-press but it disables itsself when your txting, thats the only time I hate it. But other than that I love it.

Slide lock doesn't work if you on BES, (STORM should have it by defualt shoudln't need thirdparty app for something that should come with it.

Don't have memory problems on the IPHONE, i am sure RIM could make memory management just as good if they took there time on the phone.

sure type is not t9, t9 only has 9 buttons , suretype has 15 buttons, which causes you to hit more buttons that are further apart and takes more time. Back in OS .70 there was t9 option and it worked so much faster then suretype

and if you think 3g is as fast as wifi or even comparable you must be smoking some good stuff. Trust me everyone with a brain would rather be using wifi speed then 3g

not user error, just not a fanboy, like the phone but it has definite fault. I use my phone for buisiness so the iphone is not practical for me and the storm is a good phone but it has plenty of room for improvement... if it didn't there wouldn't be a storm 2 already coming out they would milk it as long as they could.

To me, SurePress negates the point of a touch-screen phone. If I want to push down to type, I'd get a Blackberry with a full qwerty keyboard.

I really enjoy the sure press screen. At first it felt weird and it slowed down my typing but I learned to use it and I grew to love it. (only took about a week) As someone who can not type on an I-phone sure press offered be a touch screen that i could work with. Honestly i can't see myself owning a touch screen without it.

I saw Surepress as a problem only with the lag. On the last os i updated to (.113, unfortunately, I got a new phone, the pixels were destroyed in my phone) I saw Surepress as something that made the phone the Storm. To see it disappear and return without SurePress, would just make the Storm like the LG Dare or something. Sure maybe they could make their production lines a little bit better with the Storm and the problem of the screen not clicking. I really never saw the no WiFi and Surepress as a problem. The OS .75 really got me mad though. I just need a good OS from Big Red.

All and All I think I may be pleased with the SurePress on the Storm 2 and maybe a smoother OS like the iPhone (in terms of scrolling through websites, accelerometer and zooming. But it needs that blackberry touch. Again, without SurePress, the Blackberry would go to the iPhone market and be dominated by the iPhone in the SmartphoneRUs department rather than Smartphone Depot where I see Blackberry and other Smartphones (excluding the Omnia, which is a iToy wannabe). To all you iPhone Fans out there I love my iTouch which is almost the same, so don't bitch on me that I'm just saying that the iPhone sux to promote the Storm. I'm no Super Fan of either.

CDMA and Blackberries never got along, Battery life isn't beast with the BB VZW Curve compared to the BB Tmo and BB ATT Curve models. CDMA takes up a lot battery since its overall better. Also if your on a great 3G network you really don't need WiFi. It's a nice asset and all, but WiFi will never come on the Blackberry Storm XX30 (meaning the CDMA version), we won't see it on the XX00 either, the only version we may see it on is the XX20, and I believe not even that for the Regular Storm has come out yet.