Supported gamepad controllers for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 2 Jan 2014 05:38 pm EST

Over the past little while there has been an increase in games on the BlackBerry 10 platform that support gamepad controllers. We're working on getting a full list of games that have that feature included but perhaps the more important part for now is actually knowing which gamepad controllers are designed to work with BlackBerry 10. Thankfully the BlackBerry developer documentation on the matter is pretty well laid out so it makes highlighting them rather easy. If you're shopping around for a controller to use but unsure of what to pick up have a look at the list below.

Bluetooth controllers

These types of controllers connect wirelessly to a BlackBerry 10 device and are compatible with the Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID) profile. Users can pair one of these controllers with a BlackBerry 10 device and use it as an input method for your game. Users can pair these controllers with the following BlackBerry 10 devices that are running BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.1 or later:

  • BlackBerry Z30 smartphone
  • BlackBerry Z10 smartphone
  • BlackBerry Q10 smartphone
  • BlackBerry Q5 smartphone

The following Bluetooth controllers are supported on BlackBerry 10:

  • MOGA Pro Controller - This controller closely resembles the controllers for many modern consoles. It includes a directional pad (D-pad), two analog joysticks, six face buttons (plus a power button), two shoulder buttons, and two analog triggers. It also includes a flip-up holder (the MOGA Arm) to hold a smartphone or other mobile devices. Support is also provided for the MOGA Hero Power Controller and MOGA Pro Power Controller.
  • SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Controller​ - This controller includes a D-pad, two analog joysticks, six face buttons, and two shoulder buttons​
  • Gametel (Partial Support) - This controller includes a D-pad, six face buttons, and two shoulder buttons. It also includes a universal adjustable holder that's used to hold a smartphone or other mobile devices. A note however, many gamepad-enabled games do not support this gamepad. Certain games require analog input, which is not supported by this controller.
  • Nintendo Wii Remote (Partial Support) - This controller is designed for use with the Nintendo Wii system, but it can also be paired with a BlackBerry 10 device. This controller includes a D-pad and six face buttons (plus a power button). Many gamepad-enabled games do not support this gamepad. Certain games require analog input, which is not supported by this controller.

USB controllers

These types of controllers connect to a BlackBerry 10 using a USB connection. To use these controllers, users must have a Micro USB OTG to USB 2.0 adapter. This adapter converts a standard USB 2.0 connection to the micro USB connection that's used by BlackBerry 10 devices. Users can connect these controllers with the following BlackBerry 10 devices that are running BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2 or later:​

  • BlackBerry Z30 smartphone

The following USB controllers are supported on BlackBerry 10:

  • Logitech Gamepad Controller - This family of controllers closely resembles the controller for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console. It includes a D-pad, two analog joysticks, either seven or eight face buttons, two shoulder buttons, and two analog triggers. Support is provided for the Logitech F310 Gamepad. Support is also provided for the Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad. This controller uses the same layout as the Logitech F310 Gamepad but includes an extra face button. It also uses a nano-receiver that connects to a USB port for wireless functionality.
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller - This controller is designed for use with the Xbox 360 console. It includes a D-pad, two analog joysticks, seven face buttons, two shoulder buttons, and two analog triggers. Support is also provided for the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. This controller uses the same layout as the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller. It also requires a Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for wireless functionality.
  • Razer Sabertooth - This controller closely resembles the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller. It includes a D-pad, two analog joysticks, nine face buttons, two shoulder buttons, and two analog triggers.

So those are the options that will work on BlackBerry 10 and as I mentioned, we'll be compiling a better list of games that are actually supported soon. In the meantime, if you've come across any with gamepad support then by all means, drop them below in the comments. Also, let us know if you've already been making use of the gamepad support.

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Supported gamepad controllers for BlackBerry 10


And wii for that matter, they don't show up on normal bluetooth searches, I guess I have to look up bluetooth human interface, whatever that is.

Posted via CB10

You just have to go into Bluetooth, press buttons 1 + 2 and the blue less will begin flashing. "Peripheral" will appear then it will change to "Nintendo-RVL-CNT-01". Tap that text and it will connect.

Posted via CB10

Oh yeah, as soon as I read logitech (resembling ps3 controller) I just had my mind on the ps part :P

Posted via CB10

Xbox is easy... if you have the wireless one you need the "Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver"

You will still need a micro usb to usb adpater

I guess the rest is the easy part!

Normally when you buy the Wireless Controller it comes with the receiver so you can use it in a Windows PC

I've bought like 10 controllers over the years, none came with a receiver :P maybe it's just because I live in the middle east :P, oh well, hope for better luck while I'm in the UK for Uni

Posted via CB10

Well from the BlackBerry team sure. Doesn't mean a developer can't develop an app or functionality to the OS.

Posted via CB10

Check out some of @ajeppsson 's most recent tweets. He lists of the games which support game pad so far.

Posted via CB10

Now all we need is developers actually integrating game pad support for their games

I have the MOGA Pro Controller for Shadowgun and oh my it is freaky to see console(ish) games and gamepad layout on a smartphone

If only BlackBerry would get the finger out and get the infamous Multimedia HDMI Dock released, I'd then take their mobile computing monikor seriously

Posted via CB10

Also, I contacted BlackBerry dev support, they said there are no plans to support the PS3 remote.

Games that current work with gamepad support are Minion Rush , QR Invaders, Shadowgun, and Critical Wave. Per the email I received from them.

Posted via my sexay Z30 running from the #1 BB10 app CB10 that's running absolutely flawlessly!!!

BlackBerry should stop saying, we're not supporting this or that and just support this or that. The PS3 controller would work just fine on a blackberry via Blutooth. No wires and good battery life on controller. Only an idiot would opt to not support it.

Posted via CB10

You seem knowledgeable in this area and the options in the article are too wide for my liking. Please tell me which set up are you using?

I got modern combat 4 over the holidays and have been dying to try it out with a controller.

BlackBerry til there is no BlackBerry.

I have a Power A controller orginally designed to work with the PS3 as a controller, keyboard, and dvd remote. Everything works too, I could use it to play Minion Rush, and jam out messages. Check it out here (, it uses a usb wireless receiver to connect. All I did was connect the receiver to my Z30 via a USB OTG cable.

I have the Moga Pro and it's a great controller. Layout is just like the Xbox 360. Unfortunately almost no games support gamepads!

Minion Rush supports it but only has Vertical orientation so you can't have the phone in the controller.

Only Shadowgun has gamepads support in fps category. Can't find any racing games with support.

Posted via CB10

I've used a Wii controller for Minion Rush, Pac Man, and Kiwi Wonder... it works great on all three. Then I plug my Z10 into my TV/home theater and what a blast! :-)

Posted via CB10

That's it! HDMI to big screen (or Miracast for Z30) and Bluetooth to the phone with controller.

Posted via CB10

Very cool! Looking forward to your compiled list.
Still, games should detect if they are running on a device that has a physical keyboard and allow the keys to substitute for an actual controller. Natural/comfortable.

Question: if the average bear (or say consumer) does not follow 'Crackberry' AND BlackBerry themselves never markets or promotes this type of functionality (which they never do) then how does the average bear know that the honey even exists? It's great that they've done this but what's the point if they aren't going to.... MARKET IT ???

Posted via CB10

You took the words out of my mouth. Look at how much emphasis Apple recently put on their game controller support. They're making sure that everyone is fully aware of what they're doing and actively encouraging developers to support their new "STANDARD". Logitech recently announced a controller specifically for the iPhone, Samsung, doing what any smart competitor in a cut throat market would do and announced an official controller if their own! Hype and buzz matters! Being first matters! If you're first but someone else's idea reaches the masses long before yours then it's like you're first but not the first to be relevant. BlackBerry needs to make themselves relevant. You have the Z30 which audio system blows the competition out of the water. 5 star reviews all around Amazon, yet all the uninformed masses hear from BlackBerry - chirping crickets! That's a problem for BlackBerry. They need to get their swag and confidence back! It's not that they don't look good, they need to act like they believe it in order to attract the attention of the masses. How many people know about the audio comparison video on YouTube between the Nexus 5 and the Z30? The world needs to see those things!!!

Posted via CB10

Cool, I'll have to try one of these. IMO the Logitech F310 is one of the best gamepads ever made. I use it to play Madden 08 on my PC.

Posted via CB10

Nice. Got the bug ordered steel free last night from amazon. Hopefully more games will add support

Vtecberry Z10

These two links will help you to connect your blue tooth controllers to your bb10 device. Example provided by BlackBerry ;-)

Got my wii remote working in 30 seconds.

Posted via CB10

To those complaining that there aren't many games in AppWorld that support BT controllers, I'd just like to point out that RetroArch works like a charm with WiiMote & Steelseries (and probably the others) so you literally have 10's of thousands of games that work with a BT controller. And arguably better games available than what you can get in the app stores these days!

BlackBerry can develop a controller and give options to developers & so they can integrate all functions
 Control!!!

Posted via CB10

I've been trying but it ask fo a code, and I've tried 8888, 0000, etc. And I have not been able to pait it with my Z30

Great timing I just started writing games for BlackBerry that required gamepad. I really like the steelseries free but it's very expensive.

Posted via CB10

Steel series free mobile for smartphones found videos on YouTube and crackberry looks cool. Amazon seller happy puppy pretty kitty had 3 for cheap. Should be hear next week. I'll let you know what I think

Vtecberry Z10

Steelseries free gamepad arrived yesterday earlier than expected. So far syncs easy. Works with pac man, couldn't get gamepad tester to work but worked on first try with pack man. Going to try modern combat 4 soon. It's very tiny in a good portable way

Vtecberry Z10

There is able USB versions of the XBOX 360 controllers as well. They came on the "Core" editions of the 360 way back. That's what I use it works great. Not sure if anyone has mentioned Retroarch yet but it works fantastically with a game pad.

I use a wii remote with the Retroarch and it works great. Would like something a little more comfortable but as long as something works I'm happy

Ironically the Moga Pocket as displayed in the opening picture of the article is not supported. Sweet, I just bought one, d'oh!

Shame realy as the Moga Pocket is more "pocketable" than the massive Mogo Pro.

I've gone through this whole thread and no one seems to be asking or answering this question, but please forgive me if someone did and I just can't read! :)

Does the game compatibility care whether you use a bluetooth connection versus using the USB OTG of the Z30? I would prefer to go the USB OTG route if there is no difference. Thanks in advance to anyone that knows the answer!

what about ipega controllers ?
I'm sure that I see it works before, but not right now O_0

* is ipega supported in BB10 ?
if yes, how to connect it successfully ?