SuperTube for BlackBerry 10 gets updated once again with new features and enhancements

By James Richardson on 8 Apr 2014 06:29 am EDT

We recently ran a poll regarding third party YouTube apps compared to users preferring to favor the BlackBerry 10 browser and it was the browser that won by a long way. I'm still on the other side though and use SuperTube for getting my YouTube fix when I'm just on my smartphone.

The app has been updated to version and with it brings a bunch of new additions as well as some fixes. SuperTube has now been updated a few times since its initial release, going to show the dedication that the developer has with the app - that we like a lot.

New features include:

  • Added channels and playlist searches

  • In the Sort and Filter drop down menu it's been added a sort order for playlists

  • Added kid lock functionality in the video player

  • Fixed repeat function not working when auto play next video option was turned off

  • No more video pause when watching video info in media player

  • By changing a sort or filter parameter a new search is now automatically performed

  • When failed to play a video when watching the current list, now the video player goes forward to play the next

  • Local watch history rearranged to display the most recent first

  • Added left menu entry for new videos in subscriptions

  • Little rearrangement of subscription list

  • A few other small bug fixes

SuperTube is available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets and comes with both free and paid versions. Why not give it a try? It's a real gem.

More information/Download SuperTube for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

SuperTube for BlackBerry 10 gets updated once again with new features and enhancements


I'm wondering can SuperTube and FastTube download YouTube videos ?

If not why as I know Android has a YouTube video downloader

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

I didn't tell you this but...

Paste URL of video into in your Browser and go from there.
There are numerous online sites. Find one you like and bookmark it.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

Not that I'm aware of, obviously.
If I hadn't downloaded a couple videos of songs from Frozen, my girls would have used up my data watching & re-watching for the umpteenth time. No issues for me.

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both can preload videos. Means that you can watch them only within the app. Here the link for DownloadsManager that is a .bar and let you download, schedule downloads, choose res ecc

SuperTube can cache (preload as they call it) videos. Not truly a download as you can only view the videos from within the app but, it still allows you to watch them offline (without a data connection). The free version doesn't give you much space for preloading but, the paid version gives you the option to reserve several GB of space on your device for preloading (not memory card but device). It works beautifully from my experience.

I think FastTube does something similar but I am not sure. When I tried FastTube, I didn't care for it.

FYI they do caching because downloading is against YouTube's policies. We know it gets done anyone but some app developers abide by policies so they don't risk getting shut down.

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Good software and the developer is hard at work to post updates with new features

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Great product, but I still don't see any real practical advantages over the native BlackBerry browser. Maybe I'm just a basic user, but I'd rather use the storage on my device for something else.

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I do use FastTube, and it's very good. I'm sure this one is excellent as well. But, for all the complaining about the native YouTube app not being available, the mobile YT website is really good, works properly. Google may be "evil" these days but their mobile sites are worth using. Apart from Google Voice, I guess.

For those that did not know, this app allows you to search by URL. If you have a link from text, BBM, email, Web browser, document, etc, you can copy and paste it into the search bar and the corresponding video will come up. Not original functionality but has been a feature for a long time now - one of my favorite features.

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This is hands down the best youtube client. There so much content and options in this app that I have 0. I repeat 0 interest in native Google youtube app. Awesome developer. More please....

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It's an amazing option to the YouTube browser. I use both, but this one is super clean and smooth.


Super tube is excellent app I used it all time I still need the browser some time

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