SuperTube for BlackBerry 10 gets a huge update with all new features

By James Richardson on 15 Feb 2014 03:34 am EST

The native BlackBerry 10 YouTube application SuperTube has been updated in a big way this week. It was only a short time ago that SuperTube graced us with its presence and we took a look at it on video, but straight away the developer has clearly been hard at work making some important adjustments. 

This update isn't about fixes - it's all new features, which we love to see. From subtitle options to a dark or bright theme, the update sure brings plenty of good stuff to the table. If you haven't given SuperTube a try yet I'd highly recommend it. It's a beauty. 

New in V2.3.1.0:

  • Added subtitles for when available for all languages supported. The default used it's in own region language, if not present it is used the default for that video. 
  • Subtitles can be turned on/off.
  • Filter option to search video with captions.  
  • Added SuperTube to extended search apps. 
  • You can now search something with the OS search and use SuperTube. 
  • Full support for dark and bright theme. 
  • Zoom/move video with buttons and with pinch/tap gestures. 
  • Added video auto orientation preference in the settings menu. 
  • When sharing video the player now doesn't pause. 
  • Fixed truncated text in the video infos. 
  • Removed Now Playing swipe when playing on paired device (leanback). 
  • Added changelog in the about page. 
  • Added video buffer under activity indicator when loading video to check connectivity status. 

You can download SuperTube for free and it's available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets - what's not to like about that? 

More information/Download SuperTube for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

SuperTube for BlackBerry 10 gets a huge update with all new features


LOVE extended search option!!! Now it's like legacy devices where you do a search from your home screen and super tube appears as an extended search option. So all you have to do to find a video now is just like before. Just type from the home screen, then touch the super tube icon in the search results, and it'll launch the app and perform the search! LOVE it! I love being able to cut steps! :-D

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Thanks for the update and I am going to try this app. I remember the last article people complained about the SuperTube icon even though it seems to be an excellent app for free. Can't please them all I suppose!

Just downloaded.

Preload memory of only 50megs is pretty weak. That's barely 5mins on 720p. Is that because of YouTube TOS or an app restriction?

Does anyone know whether the premium version has higher allowance?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Hi, I have the paid version and it says that the preload reserved phone memory could be set to be in an interval from 50 to 8000 mb. I hope this gives the answer to your question. Cheers! :)

The magnificent BlackBerry  Z10 ‎

@Prem WatsApp, in the paid version you can choose at max 8000megs. In the free, the app let you preload a single video also if it is more the 50 Mb. In the help menu there is also a help page for preload.
Thanks to all for the interest and many thanks to James that made my dreams real for this app!

I think it is. I have tried FastTube and I didn't care for it. I love SuperTube though.

Posted via CB10

I used to use fast tube because super tube used to be pretty unstable and unreliable, but they have fixed that a while ago, and with this most recent update adding super tube to your extended search in universal search, it is THE youtube app to have. :-) Now you can search from your home screen and just select Super Tube and it'll launch the app and search what you typed automatically just like legacy devices did with the old youtube app... I LOVE this feature. I deleted fast tube, will use super tube exclusively now.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I have always preferred FastTube but now that I can zoom in on my Q10 and even swipe to the side of the videos to center it I will most likely keep SuperTube.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

This may be a stupid question but is there any app including this one that let's you download YouTube videos to your SD card? To be permanently saved.
Not sure what YouTube's rules about this is.

You guys seen the "Shanghai Tower (650 meters) " video.

Neat video, take care.

Yoump34 seem like u can only get it on 1 mobile market, I have the apk don't kno how to upload it

Posted via CB10

There's two on 1mobile market, I tried both the one with the bigger file size works best for me but even though it shows the directory/file to save to as on the SD card it didn't. But it downloaded very well and is easy enough to move the file from the phone to the SD card from file manager.

Why not FastTube on BlackBerry 10? That's a good application to use.

Posted via CB 10, using  BlackBerry Z10 on the SaskTel Network.

I will still use FastTube over this until improves the cosmetic looks overall. It also does not run quite as smooth or quick as FastTube.

Posted via CB10

Post the cosmetic features you don't like for the dev, who is surely reading through these comments, to review for potential improvements. Also, Super has a built in video player.

I see the 11th screenshot was taken on OS 10.1. That media volume popup that takes up the whole screen was super annoying!

Posted via CB10

Now I'm torn!

Fast tube or this?

I'm about to buy one. Which one?!

Yes it's a BlackBerry. If you have something bad to say... speak to Easton!

First bought Fast, then found Super, Super is the only one left on my device and haven't looked back since.

So far so good on this YouTube app. I might have to invest into the pro version.

Posted via CB10

Downloaded SuperTube and took FastTube, no no disrespect to the BlackBerry Browser when using Youtube.

Phobe's Owner

I don't understand why people are hating on Super Tube because of the icon for the app I actually think it's a nice icon and think there should be more app icons like it imo but I don't have Super Tube because I like the icon I have it because it's a really good youtube app I've tried Fast Tube and the browser and i like Super Tube the best and the update just made it even better keep up the good work dev

Posted via CB10

Agree. It appears that maybe lildeimos needs to provide a built in 'select/choose/change your icon' feature with a few to choose from for those who can't get past the icon to get to the absolute best designed, feature rich, flexible YouTube application that has a highly responsive, creative and talented dev.

As much as I was happy with stock YouTube. The interface is much better on this app. Highly recommended giving it a try for yourself.

From the Mighty Z

One thing I didn't like about this app, a lot of HD videos played at LQ with no option to make HQ. Some do, most don't. A 240p video on any screen anywhere is brutal.

Posted via CB10

as far as I know all videos should have at least 360p resolution available. Please send me an email with a video link that gives you that issue, I'll try to figure it out