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BlackBerry 10 gets another awesome YouTube app - this time it's SuperTube

By James Richardson on 4 Feb 2014 12:30 am EST

It was only recently that we posted a poll asking if BlackBerry 10 users preferred to use the native browser or a third party application for watching YouTube videos. The results were pretty conclusive with two thirds of votes going towards the browser option. However, there is now a new kid in town if you fancy trying out a native BlackBerry 10 YouTube application and that's SuperTube. 

SuperTube for YouTube is free to download, however there are some limitations with the free edition. I was happy to pay via an in-app purchase for the pro version so I could sign into my YouTube account - giving me full access to my playlists, favorites etc. 

Even after the poll I'm still an app kinda guy and SuperTube is up there with the best - that's for sure. I just love the whole BlackBerry 10 feeling when it comes to an app like this. Everything runs so smoothly and all the features are easily accessible from the one tab at the bottom left of the display. 

In terms of features that the pro version has to offer they are huge - as you'll see below: 

  • BlackBerry® 10 native look and feel.
  • BBM connected application.
  • Key shortcuts for devices with physical keyboard (Q10 and Q5).
  • View YouTube videos on your Smart TV, PS3, PC browser or any other device that support leanback (experimental)
  • Support of VEVO videos
  • Bright or Dark theme for video list
  • Switch video quality 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p and 1080p when available as default or while watching
  • Choose different preferred resolution to play when connected to Wi-Fi or to mobile data
  • Built-in video player
  • Continue listen to videos while in active frame
  • Keep listen to videos while performing searches and other application functions by swiping the player
  • Current video thumbnail, title and state (play/pause) displayed in the Active frame
  • Search videos with sort and filters parameters within a handy pull down to reveal page
  • See and post comments and replies
  • Choose what you want to see when application starts (PL, subscriptions, category etc) - Rate, share videos and copy video link to clipboard to use elsewhere
  • Share also entire playlist or favorites video links
  • Manage Subscriptions, Playlists, Favorites, Watch Later - "Open in" and "Share" YouTube link from other applications supported to play the video with Super2
  • Categories from YouTube (games, music, news etc.)
  • Search history and YouTube suggests while typing.
  • Play all supported video files on your phone stored in video, camera, downloads folder and SD card - Choose different kind of UI layout also with pinch to zoom
  • Automatically play the next video.

Sounds pretty sweet don't you think? Hit up the comments with your feedback if you'd be so kind. 

More information/Download SuperTube for BlackBerry 10


Vincent Romani

How does it compare to fasttube?

Posted via CB10


It's definitely better performing! Really fast and smooth! But the icon is super ugly so I still prefer the android youtube app


Sorry, but that's kind of a dumb reason to not use it... Unless they've updated it since then, when I tried this app before I found it to be really unreliable. Videos sometimes would not load, requiring me to go back and forth before they will play. I wonder if that's been fixed...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


If design doesn't matter to you then the rest of us will just wait for you to catch up.. #notevensorry


If the design of the UI was poor, that affects how you use the app. The icon really serves no purpose other than for you to recognize that it is the app you wish to launch. Sorry if being superficial is what it means to be "with the times." Call me old-fashioned then... Hey, I don't care about fashion either and I don't watch E television, so at least I'm consistent...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


I haven't had that issue. The developer is quite active in the CrackBerry forums if you search for Super2 (original name of the app).

#CoSign on look of icon not being a God to reason to not use the app. Especially if it works and is reliable, which this one is. I use it daily.

Posted via CB10


Yah, I downloaded it again to give it another shot. I know, we actually care about something as silly as "function." How silly of us. We should "get with the times" and care more about how pretty an icon is. We should wear skinny jeans and style our hair too...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


Bingo! You should get with the times! Sounds like you got a real issue with presentation. Must not be going your way in your life lol


Everything seems good to me with this app, my only issue (which annoys me a lot) are some problems when rotating the screen

Posted via CB10


I agree. The icon is hideous and makes it look cheap. I use FastTube


This one is super and the other one is fast

Posted via CB10


I prefer this over fast tube:
1. Allows music to continue playing in active frame
2. Can continuously loop a video for music or create your own play list
3. Can preload videos up to 50mb or 1 whole video whichever one is greater
4. All above mentioned features are free

Posted via CB10


Thank you for providing several great actual reasons to use this!

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!


Same question as above.."how is it compared to Fasttube?"



I like FastTube for the Q10 as you can tap the top right corner icon when watching a video and enlarge the screen but note that will cause the video to cut at the sides but if your watching a tutorial like a CrackBerry video it zooms in perfectly!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


Agreed. I payed for the full version of FastTube and I'm fine with it. I do wish it would output over HDMI 16:9 like the native video player does though.

Posted via CB10 via the power of " Q "


Been using Fast Tube. Every time I try to use a YouTube link in CB10 or Blaq, it starts and plays a bit, then crashes the original app. I've never searched the forums to see if that's a common thing.

Posted via CB10


Love SuperTube! Replaced FastTube with it and never went back. Love how the video continues to play outside of the app so I can listen to podcasts while working on other applications.


Fast Tube does that too, but only if you pay for it...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


However, you can minimise the video you currently playing and keep searching for other videos in Supertube.

Nature Slice

Yeah I have been using it, Fastube is like a backup.
It has more features for the free version but yeah, the icon is kind of ugly to be honest

Posted with my BlackBerry


Seriously... how often do you even see the icon? You literally see it for a split second before you touch it to launch the app...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


Lord have mercy that's the ugliest icon I have ever seen.

Someone needs to setup a seminar for BB10 developers on icon design.


So much better than FastTube, but God they need a better icon design and the start screen is even worst.

Posted via CB10


That's one ugly icon

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

Looks like a lozenge.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Supertube is not new, i had it installed since few months back. What i noticed though is if the video is long (more than an hour) the audio gets out of sync along the way. This goes true with fasttube too, but is ok under browser. Tested using wifi.


syed ali11

Can you tell me about the Fast Tube and Super Tube differentiation . http://bit.ly/1ef3mmO


I don't mind the icon at all, and in my experiences the app runs better than Fastube. Love the new dark theme too

Posted via CB10


Fast tube is still better because you can zoom in and on supertube you cant

Posted via WHT Q10

Mr Gill

Third party apps are nice and I tried out Supertube, but for me the native browser is amazing enough. Prefer it over everything else to be honest.

Posted via my love powered Q10


Native browser shows low quality videos that are not in 720p or higher. HQ = 480p


I prefer the Android's YouTube app

Posted via CB10


Is the android YouTube app really that good?

I'm sort of a newbie with YouTube apps so was wondering what the difference is between our BlackBerry native YouTube app and the android ones.

Yes it's a BlackBerry. If you have something bad to say... speak to Easton!


I saw the app before in BlackBerry World, but I didn't install it, because of the icon told me this is a really bad app, but after reading the article in CB, everything changed, this app got all the features I needed, comparing to fastube, is one have access to fav and likes, watch later and more, I hope it's reflect my watching to the history of my Youtube account. I will keep trying

Posted via CB10


The icon is fine.


Posted via CB10


Installed it, and is very fast, and looks amazing.


Great app! Super fast loading... Love it!

Posted via CB10


Excellent application to play thé playlist in HD... better than fasttube for that

Posted via CB10


No it sucks, same like Fasttube! Best is to use the standard Youtube! :D



Love the hard work BB10 devs are putting in! The app is pretty damn good but I agree, that icon is hideous lol :/

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

Always prefer browser over any app. More control, and desktop mode in BB10 is awesome. What you can do in a browser, don't do it in an app.

CB is the only exception. But sometimes it helps to check on the desktop, especially if your going through long lists of topics in the forums.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Prem WatsApp

That said, I would have bought Supertube, if the upgrade to Pro wasn't an in-app purchase. Dislike in-app purchases with passion, rather have a free and a pro version to chose from, straight in BBW. You might end up being on your own if restore fails after a wipe.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Freemium apps usually have an "Already purchased" button. So if you wipe and reinstall your purchased app, just chose that and without any fee, you will have back the pro

Prem WatsApp

Ok, thanks, will look for that button next time.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


+1 I have already used that button when I switched from Z10 to Z30. No issues.

Posted via CB10


Switched from fast tube to this a while back. Having the ability to play videos, while in active frame won me over.

Have to pay for that in fast tube.


It is far better

Posted via CB10


Flappy bird is coming for BlackBerry 10!!
Very soon!

Posted via CB10


Wrong article buddy. But just curious, or do you know? Hahaha.

Posted via CB10


I swear and you will see

Posted via CB10


Awesome app, thank you!

Ka Nos

Never had an issue with fast tube and it's lightning FAST. I'll stick with it


I don't get why people just don't use the browser.

Posted via CB10


I experience buffering at times when I use the browser. Also, it's harder to scroll forward or back from the browser and making the video full screen doesn't help, in my opinion. Next, this app (and a couple of others) gives you the ability to cache videos for offline viewing. The free version of SuperTube and pro version allow caching - pro version, obviously, has a much higher cap for caching.

Posted via CB10


Because the browser don't play vidéos automatic and in HD

Posted via CB10


Why is using an app better than using the browser and vice versa? Any time I need to view a video link I use the browser anyway, so what's the fuss?

Posted via CB10

Donald Blue

I love it!!!!! BlackBerry is coming along just fine.....

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


If you make parties, put you BlackBerry in hdmi and lunch supertube in 720p and enjoy, it's beautiful. I have a very good home cinema and supertube in playlist + hdmi : wonderful

Posted via CB10


This app is far from new. I didn't care for FastTube and a couple of others that I tried but, this app won me over quite some time ago (back when it was still called Super2), and the developer has made numerous updates since then. The other apps (and the browser) actually buffered for me during playback without my scrolling forward of backward, plus, I couldn't do any caching on the free version, if at all on the pro version.

SuperTube, to me, is very user friendly, is smooth running, caching works wonderfully (even on the free version), and I love that you can copy and paste a YouTube link in the search field to bring up a video. This is great for unlisted videos that people send you. I wasn't able to do that when I tried it with other apps. If I didn't have my own channel for YouTube, the free version would be all I need, but I still would have paid for the pro version just to have the extra caching space.

Posted via CB10


I prefer the android YouTube app because it's more feature rich and also works with the chromecast. The browser or third party versions do not allow for this.

Posted via CB10


I don't know if chromecast is the same, but SuperTube has the leanback experimental feature that let you play videos from the phone to smart tv, xbox, pc browser etc


Chromecast is different than leanback. I have a chromecast stick AND a paid version of the app.

I don't have a smart TV but the chromestick allows me to play directly to the TV.

Download the app and try it. Google has done an awesomejob with it. Ofciurse without Google services you can't login so that kind defeats the purpose for me.

Love the app. Also, waiting for full black theme for my Q10.


Posted via CB10


Awesome app :). Good stuff

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

damien kupuku

smooth and fast, plus play on tv feature is great ,works flawselly


Watching youtube from the browser on the Q10 makes the video super small as is SuperTube but FastTube you can hit the top right icon and zoom into the video.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Nelson Liang

It doesn't work at all, I keep getting "error : 8 read " message and there is no response from Marco either.


Waste of money half baked app. Videos only play in the bottom corner of the screen about 1/4 of usable display. First I taught is a limitation of the free version but after payment is still the same. Back to Android YouTube app...

Posted via CB10


Personally I went right ahead and purchased the full version. I will keep Fast Tube for the quick and dirty version of viewing but Super tube promises to have the best all around viewing experience. I am interested in the preloaded video experience. I have some preloaded videos from Down tube. More later.



No native YouTube app for BB10? Awww what a failure BB10 is!


this app is awesome!

Posted via CB10

Jeandry Brito

this should be an app to replace our current ones

Posted via CB10


Been using FastTube every since and I don't have any complain.

I will try this and compare

Posted via CB10


Very good app. I gave it 5 stars and got the full version.


I've had it for at least around 2 months, how is this new?

Posted via CB10

Michele Guzzini

Great work Marco!! Viva l'Italia!! :)

via my super Z10


thanks to all of you, even if you prefer fasttube or think the icon is ugly, thanks anyway :)