Superpages Now Available For BlackBerry Storm!

By Bla1ze on 20 Mar 2009 06:01 am EDT
Superpages Mobile!

Another great multi purpose application has gotten a Storm makeover. Superpages for the BlackBerry Storm is now available via the Superpages website and looks pretty slick on the Storm's sexy screen and the UI actually seems to flow nicely as well. Not sure if Super pages is for you? Read on for more information and find out what services Superpages offers. And if you use Superpages already, let us know how it's working for ya!

Locate a Business

With millions of businesses available from the database, you're sure to find what you need, when you need it. Get extended business information such as business profile, hours, parking, customer reviews, photos and more.

Get Movie Info Fast

Search by movie, theatre or genre. See show times, read reviews and connect directly to driving directions from wherever you are.

Map Your Way

With interactive maps and turn by turn directions, you can get where you're going quickly, easily and without the frustration of having to find that piece of paper on which you wrote directions.

Find a Person

The People Finder function allows you to find a friend, old neighbor or coworker across town, or across the country.

Plus More!

Get a local 5-day forecast with current conditions, reverse lookup of people or businesses, access your My Superpages account and easily see your previous searches.


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Superpages Now Available For BlackBerry Storm!


Looks pretty similar to poynt which which will be tough competition but its nice to have the weather built into it so ill check it out.

This is exactly what Poynt uses. I'd rather keep Poynt as it integrates the mapping utility plus the movie theaters searching as well.

I got Where working, and it has been great- I was on vacation last week and used the Yelp feature along with the GPS almost every day to find decent places to eat in the area.

well my initial review isnt a great one. I dont find the UI to be all that attractive. I dont know how accurate the weather is, it is the only weather report i see that is calling for rain over the weekend in Orlando Florida. I was hoping to like it more because I HATE weatherbug but i dont think ill be able to get rid of it yet.

Anyone know if this works when you are outside the US or Canada? Poynt only works when you are in US and Canada.

I just downloaded and here is my two cents:

Weather: stick to weatherbug. The weather service in superpages is very general, only telling you temp and condition, no detailed info.

WiFi search: that is a cool feature, even though it will only show wifi places that advertise it. Sort by free or pay or see all. I will use this feature!

Maps: I was hoping to find it working with my GPS, and even though there is a "find me" option in the menu, verizon's lockdown of the GPS is still in effect. It won't find you but other than that, Maps work great.

People Search: I searched location: OHIO Name: my dads name and it came up with my mother and fathers name, their address and telephone number, with option to call them.
This feature is also useful.

As a whole, this app is working good on my storm. I'm not sure it will win you over other search apps (I'm not removing google maps) but it may come in handy.

Too early to tell if it drains battery or memory but I tried searching for a way to clear the cache for the app and can't find a way to do so. I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens throught the day.
Hope this helps a little

not sure what you mean by this but I have verizon and the GPS locator on this program works great... it located me and even gave the address that I was at... granted it gave the house number for my next door neighbor but I think that was close enough to throw darts...

go to "Options".... "security Options"... "application Permissions"... choose the program and then use the menu key and choose "edit permissions"... in here I played with the settings for a while and there are four that are required... in user data set the organizer and file selections to allow... in the interaction set cross application to allow... and set all the items in connections to allow... you can prob play with the others too but these made it work for me...

IF the Turn by Turn directions are audible, Its a sure winner!
Other wise, it seems to do what Poynt does...and I'll stick to Poynt then.
The people search feature seems like a good idea... just hope not too many stalkers have this lol

If RIM would let me use MY memory card on MY phone to store more apps, I'd rock this along with Poynt....get it together RIM....

Although both the Crackberry article and Super Pages state that it is available for the Storm, sadly it is not. The Storm is not listed in the download area as an available device. I downloaded and deleted a number of the available models and none of them worked with the touch screen.

Oh well, there's always Verizon information.

I have it on my storm and it works great... follow the thread and there are a couple of solutions to find your version... they changed the web site this afternoon and the storm is actually listed under "don't know" in the device selection after you choose Verizon...

I have a storm has anyone been able to figure out how to do it OTA? I dont see the 9530 listed in the download list? I want to give this app a try anyone storm users had any luck downloading it? Any suggestions?

Ok so I got this in the morning on... and its not good.

The GPS is working on the maps, but it gave me some weird directions when I tried a known address...

The people search feature didn't find ANY of the entries I searched for...although, it did find other people with the same names or close to.

Poynt is more streamlined and easy to use.
Maybe if Poynt didn't exist, this would maybe work.

As for GPS, it worked on my Storm, tho it did take longer than any other app to get the signal.

For those that can't find the Storm version on the download link... it must have been taken down... for whatever reason ... because it was up in the morning.
Don't worry tho, ya'll aren't missing out on anything lol

I say, stick with Poynt...hasn't let me down yet
If weather information is important to you, just get Weatherbug... or better yet, WeatherEye =)

It is not easy to find on their web site. After selecting carrier and brand you must select "Another model" and choose Storm from the images. Then select 4.2+. They need to update the site. I found it and installed it, disabled compatability. Entering a request promtly froze my storm requiring a bat pull. I wouldn't recommend. I uninstalled immediately.

Well I loaded this app this morning also to give it a try... I found, after adjusting the application permissions that all the functions seem to be in working order... I too had the problem with my storm freezing up because I told it to deny the application access and then the program didn't know what to do... deleted the program, re-loaded the program but this time I manually adjusted the permissions and all was right with my storm... sure it is not perfect and may not find everyone or every place your looking for but for me it adds another resource, if I can't find what I'm looking for on another program I can look here... everyone has their favorites and you need to decide for yourself on this one... both superpages and poynt do pretty much the same thing in different ways and, for me anyway, I can find a use for both...

If they deleted the link then wouldn't it be wise to update the article to reflect this new "non" storm application? That would have saved me my time.

Actually, they released an updated version for all devices. They changed the icon, added a few features, some nice upgrades! I'm using the 8900.

I had trouble choosing between Poynt and Where...and now there's Superpages. I wish there were one program that simply encompassed all of them.

It states that Superpages is now available for the Blackberry Storm. When sent to the link, the storm model is not listed. This application is available for the Storm 9530 correct? Or is this a misprint. Plaease advise

This is fustrating, I have tried to click on the link to browse for my phone, but the links won't drop down for me to choose anything. I typed in the address posted and it goes to all the other phones out there except the Storm. Hum... Downloaded Poynt and I don't have navigator so it won't find my GPS... so I guess I will have to stick with the Where unless someone can help me find it differently.

I was finally able to install Superpages - but since the DL page does NOT have the Storm listed it almost seems that it is "duct taped" to work with the Storm. My keyboard will not go away - VERY frustrating.
Superpages promises to be more than Poynt (which doesn't really do it for me) but fails to deliver on its promise.
I, too have unistalled it until it can delivery onits promise and has a native method to install itself on the Storm.

I downloaded the Superpages app for the Storm the day it was released. Great presentation, very fluid, lots of features. ALMOST as easy to use as Poynt, but not quite.

However, it has weather and a few other features Poynt doesn't, so I figured I'd keep both.

I noticed a memory leak after installing and using it for a few hours (and a few battery pulls, too) so last night I deleted Superpages.

Awhile later I'd gotten to thinking maybe I'd give it another shot, but the Storm link is gone. Someone suggested using the 4.2+ link, but it's not the same app - the previous one was optimized for the Storm.

So obviously, something's up since deleted the link...

At first when I was trying it wasn't showing up so I tried 4.2.1+ and got a 403 Forbidden Error. Decided to try again this morning to see if it had been fixed and was glad to see a 4.7+ option, but then it said that a version was not yet ready for my phone. I'm guessing they must have found something wrong with it and pulled it again to fix it up before they release again. Hope they get it up soon - I like Poynt but having a single app with a few more features would be nice.