Super Stickman Golf comes to BlackBerry 10

Super Stickman Golf
By James Richardson on 27 Feb 2013 10:02 am EST

Stickman games have been all the rage on other platforms and luckily we get a great addition to BlackBerry 10 with Super Stickman Golf. The idea of the game is pretty simple - get your stickman to putt his golf ball. It isn't quite that easy though. Sure, the first few levels are simple but then things start getting interesting. And it looks real sweet on the BlackBerry Z10.

Controlling your shots is done with some on-screen controls. On the bottom left are two arrows - these are what you use to angle your shot. Then over on the right side is the 'Go' tab where you select the power of the shot. And thats it - nice and straight forward.

Super Stickman Golf

There are a selection of water hazards as well as bunkers to avoid and the courses range in size. Some will only have a par of 3 but others will be 6. With the bigger courses you can scroll around the screen to check out where it is you need to be aiming. The game also has Scoreloop support so you can let your friends see how great you are at the game as well as invite them to play - a nice touch.

Super Stickman Golf is a little gem if you ask me. With 250 holes to play and 6 unlockable super clubs there is hours of fun to be had with it. Download now and prepare to be addicted. It's a right beauty.

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Super Stickman Golf comes to BlackBerry 10


This game offers phenomenal value for the price you pay. There is literally about 20-50 hours worth of playable content. If you want to score well on every course you could end up playing even longer! I would definitely recommend this game to everyone, I've had hours of fun with it on iPhone as well as PlayBook.

i played this game for weeks on android. it's a great game. the companies other games like "ready set bang" are also great. this is a good developer to have on board.

Hi Crackberry, this is my first time posting but im a long time reader.
just got some good news. (i think) i know its not worth too much but its a start.


any news on an app for us blackberry users

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We are actually working on developing one now with BB!

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sorry about that. that is the best news i heard in a while

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Yes, I guess we are working on some deal to make this happen.

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I was a blackberry for a 6 years

this was from march 02 2013 at about 9pm est

also want to thank all you guys for keeping bb alive and defending it from the anti bb media. thank you