More good stuff comes to Super Note for BlackBerry 10 with version 1.2.0

Super Note for BlackBerry 10 updated
By James Richardson on 29 Jul 2013 03:10 am EDT

We first told you of Super Note for BlackBerry 10 a short while ago and in true 'super dev' fashion the application has been updated to version 1.2.0 bringing some awesome new features to the already great app.

If you missed our original post and video, Super Note not only allows you to write your notes but also to do so via speech-to-text as it has been developed by the same team that brought us SayIt.

While there are plenty of note taking applications out there this one is certainly unique and a great one for if you need to take a quick note in the car (if your region allows you to touch your phone whilst driving). With the added selection of new treats brought to us in this update it sure makes the app even more attractive and well worthy of its price tag of a couple of bucks.

This new update includes:

  • Add note to calendar
  • Add reminder for note
  • More icons (more than 200 icons added)
  • Backup and restore (You can backup notes data to Internal device memory, SD card, Dropbox, Box and BlackBerry Remember)
  • Share list note
  • Resize the height for title and content field on Q10
  • Add Vietnamese for voice dictation

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More good stuff comes to Super Note for BlackBerry 10 with version 1.2.0


Who the buck cares bout a first post goddammit, like the kiddies on YouTube, that's just stupid. You won't get any respect or something, just a imaginary stamp that says "kiddie"

sent via a LTE capable calculator

This app is a must have! Well done to the developer. Thx.

the future is easy because it doesn't exist

Excellent features addition! Congrats to the developer. Keep the functionality upgrades coming. You're replacing Remember!

Posted via CB10

How is the voice dictation feature in Super Notes any different than the standard microphone input on the BlackBerry keyboard? I'm talking about the little microphone icon next to the space bar. I'm using this function to type this message right now.

I don't mean to take anything away from the developer. I have already purchased this app, and several other note taking apps in my search for the perfect one. I'm a huge fan of SayIt which I use all the time.

It's just that, unless I missing something, this is something that has always been there.

Posted via CB10

Oh ya I still have the Bold 9930.

Looks like a great app for sure from the reviews and description.

Great job.

I get network error when trying to update, I updated several other apps at same time and they updated fine??

Posted via CB10