Super Monkey Ball Coming To BlackBerry Smartphones!

By Bla1ze on 10 Nov 2009 07:48 pm EST

With the announcement of Open GL ES comes the announcement of new games that will be showing up on the BlackBerry platform. One of the announcements that was brought to light during the Game On: Building high quality games for BlackBerry Smartphones session came to us from SEGA and while the game is not ready as of yet, Super Monkey Ball is headed to BlackBerry. Target time frame for the games release is first half of 2010 with it launching in BlackBerry App World.



Oman this is going to be sweet.. Crackberry should do a give away, hey guys? :P


I love that game!! CB should do a giveaway!


How will a game like that fit on a BB with 256mb of memory?


can't wait for this ! definitely buying it !!


My Blackberry is going to get a game my iPod touch had almost 2 years ago! Woohoo! ;-)


see, why you go and say that. how bout your ipod is just getting things blackberry had 5 years ago? copy and paste. in case you forgot


Let's no get off topic,I am loving the advancements RIM is making I think by this time next year that major os overhaul we've all been waiting for. And I'm pround to say I think RIM has finally heard us!