Super Mario Bros v3.0 by BerryGoodThemes - 25 free copies available!

Super Mario Bros v3.0
By Michelle Haag on 21 Sep 2010 01:26 pm EDT

I used to love playing Super Mario Brothers as a kid. Really, who didn't? Unfortunately, now that I'm an adult, I don't have the time I did back then to spend helping Mario rescue the Princess. But, all the fun doesn't have to end just because I can't hook up the Nintendo and play for hours as I did as a kid. 

A while back, the crew over at BerryGoodThemes released Super Mario Brothers, a great theme to help capture those memories of fun-filled afternoons right on your BlackBerry. Well, they have been hard at work and have just released an update to this theme, bringing you BB6 icons, new call screens, and the addition of a customizable 6-icon hidden dock on the home screen. The home screen also includes a bottom dock with four fixed icons, disguised as the actual backdrop from the video game! It really looks like you're playing the game as you move Mario between Messages, SMS, Browser, and Calendar! The developers really put a lot of thought into this one, and the tiny details throughout really make this colorful theme fun and enjoyable. It's currently available for most BlackBerry Smartphones, with Storm and Pearl versions on the way. 

It's hard to believe this month marks Mario's 25th birthday. In honor of him, and all the fun he's brought us over the years, BerryGoodThemes is offering Super Mario Brothers v3.0 for only $2.50 this week! That's half off the original price folks, so grab it while it's on sale. 

Contest: To show their love for Mario and their appreciation to all the people that helped make this a best selling theme, BerryGoodThemes has given CrackBerry 25 free copies of Super Mario Brothers v3.0 to pass on to you. Just leave a single comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PDT.  

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Super Mario Bros v3.0 by BerryGoodThemes - 25 free copies available!



I am a teenager of the 80s and Mario was and still is my favorite video game. Plus my birthday was Sundy, Sept 19. Would love to win this!

Would love to have this theme on my bb 9000.
Been looking for a Super Mario theme for quite sometime now.
Also been a fan all my life!
Please let me win a copy! =D

my son is always using my phone to play games when we end up somewhere w/o his ds. he would love this.

I would love to have Mario on my Torch, right now I don't have but a few games and this one would top them all.

I want one please.......

If it wasn't for Super Mario Brothers, I may never have gotten through those longs nights of studying. I can't believe that it is Super Marios 25th anniversary. Amazing! Here is to the next 25.

Man this sure does bring back memories!! I still have my original Nintendo believe it or not! And its in perfect working order! This theme would be perfect! Also any of you CB guys remember the cartoon Capt. Power?? (i think that was the name) it was about a kid who got sucked into a video game i think, and he had a Nintendo controller as his belt buckle that could give him powers, and he carried the orange light gun in a holster. Anyways, as always CB keep doing what your doing!

Mario Bros rule! I have the 1 up sound as my sms alert, and the theme from super mario 1 as my alarm!

I would die to have this theme, I seriously would. If I was able to upload pictures in this comment I would show how much I love Mario. I just got my forearm finished which is dedicated to mario. Including the star, mushrooms and the fire flower power. This would be perfect for my new addition tattoos :) I hope I win.

Super Mario Brothers!!!!! It seems just like yesterday when i was sitting down playing on my bro playing SMB!! Mario!!!

Mario is an icon for so many years over so many platforms. Starting in the Arcade game Mario Brothers, he became Super on the NES. His legend, along with his list of friends and foes has grown through his adventures along his NES, SNES, N64, Wii, Gameboy and DSi. This is an anniversary that should be celebrated by everyone since Mario has touched us all.

I'm a pretty big NES fan and retro gamer. You can actually find me over at, under the same user name, leathco, as well as sega-16 and gamegavel, also same user name. I own close to 300 NES games now and still collecting.

Mario is the best, who would have tough that a fat italian plumber would be so awsome!

I love mario, he's the best!