Super Mario Bros v3.0 by BerryGoodThemes - 25 free copies available!

Super Mario Bros v3.0
By Michelle Haag on 21 Sep 2010 01:26 pm EDT

I used to love playing Super Mario Brothers as a kid. Really, who didn't? Unfortunately, now that I'm an adult, I don't have the time I did back then to spend helping Mario rescue the Princess. But, all the fun doesn't have to end just because I can't hook up the Nintendo and play for hours as I did as a kid. 

A while back, the crew over at BerryGoodThemes released Super Mario Brothers, a great theme to help capture those memories of fun-filled afternoons right on your BlackBerry. Well, they have been hard at work and have just released an update to this theme, bringing you BB6 icons, new call screens, and the addition of a customizable 6-icon hidden dock on the home screen. The home screen also includes a bottom dock with four fixed icons, disguised as the actual backdrop from the video game! It really looks like you're playing the game as you move Mario between Messages, SMS, Browser, and Calendar! The developers really put a lot of thought into this one, and the tiny details throughout really make this colorful theme fun and enjoyable. It's currently available for most BlackBerry Smartphones, with Storm and Pearl versions on the way. 

It's hard to believe this month marks Mario's 25th birthday. In honor of him, and all the fun he's brought us over the years, BerryGoodThemes is offering Super Mario Brothers v3.0 for only $2.50 this week! That's half off the original price folks, so grab it while it's on sale. 

Contest: To show their love for Mario and their appreciation to all the people that helped make this a best selling theme, BerryGoodThemes has given CrackBerry 25 free copies of Super Mario Brothers v3.0 to pass on to you. Just leave a single comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PDT.  

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Super Mario Bros v3.0 by BerryGoodThemes - 25 free copies available!



Oh Mario, the words we put to your theme music will never be forgotten... Do do do do doo do.. Amber's got no ....... HAHAHAHAHA

mario is defitnely one of my favorites when talking about video games, taking him in my bb would be just AWESOME

I have to say as one of the proud owners of the original NES and still have it to this day, I hpe I can get a copy of this... I have the ring tone on my bb not now, but right now...

I still remember level 3-2 at the end getting the second turtle and getting so many extra lives!!!

i would love to win this! im such a huge mario fan! i still have my nintendo entertainment system that functions perfectly and i still play mario to this day. finished it a whole bunch of times! :)

missed the first 25 comments because of stupid net!!! i would love a copy of this... make me a WINNER crackberry!!

I will always love this game. Kids today will not understand the glories of the original Mario and the ground breaking game that it was.

I have been playing Super Mario Brothers since I got my NES the day it rolled out way back when. This would be an awesome thing to win and put on my Bold!

I've been playing Mario since he was on the original Colecovision console with Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers and then moved on to Nintendo and SNES. I even bought the Wii to play the New Super Mario Brothers. Would love to have this theme on my 9700. I guess I'm pretty old! Thanks CB and phishgirl!

... i spent with the mario-games in my childhood, but this theme sure is a reminder... Especially the old-school pic...

I am 53 years years old and I can't get enough of my Mario. I would love to have this for my Blackberry. And Free is just so much better.

I don't usually enter theme contests because I rarely change my theme, however, this is really one I'd like to get my hands on! I'd personally like to find out if I won before it goes off sale, so that I can buy it for half off! Oh well, though.

Free is good! Love super mario brothers, takes me back as a kid playing it on Nintendo and SNES. Would love to have this theme.

I must have a copy of this!!! i don't want to think about how many hours I spent at home playing this on my Nintendo. Please pick me!!

...was playing 2 player with my little sister and I'd pause the game when she was mid-jump over a chasm; when you unpaused it, Mario would drop straight down into the hole. She'd get so mad....hilarious!

Sonic and Mario greatest videogame characters EVER, the most MILKED franchises EVER.. there is no ending those series PERIOD

25 years old and still looks young.. What's mario's secret :P I'd love to win a copy of this! How long is the sale on for? Cause if I don't win I'm buyin it :D thanks BGT and CB!!

Oh what great memories. With Mario and Luigi stumbling, falling, and jumping higher than Superman! Would make me feel 20 years younger to get a copy of the new version. Either way, THANKS BeeryGoodThemes for coming out with a 25th anniversary addition!

III have played almost every mario game to date and i love them alll i absolutely love mario please pick me

more then w e L c o m e to pick me,.why?
A.I Love this site' keeps me up to date
B.Mario was the Game that made me a Gamer lol
C.It may be the second game installed on my BB.
cheers everyOne,..goodLuck

Why else would she let herself get caught by bowser is every beginning of every game?
I would love to have a copy though.
Thank you

Mario was the highlight of my childhood. Now that I'm headed to college in two days, Getting this theme would be a great going away present ;)

As a lot of people, I too remember spending countless hours playing Super Mario Bros on the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. Good times!