Super Crossfire HD for BlackBerry PlayBook - Blast alien invaders in this new style twist on an old school classic

By Bla1ze on 7 Mar 2012 02:18 pm EST

As far back as I can remember I've always enjoyed Space Invaders styled games so when Super Crossfire HD appeared in BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook I had to have it. Taking a new school twist on an old school classic, Super Crossfire HD packs a lot of visual effects into a pretty awesome game that's feature rich:


  • High intensity action + stylish graphics and music = pure fun
  • 150 waves of alien-exterminating mayhem spread across 5 chapters
  • Upgrade your ship in 10 distinct areas using skill points
  • Bonus unlockable Dark mode adds an additional 150 nail-biting waves
  • Tilt, touch, or virtual button control options—the choice is

If you're in to old school arcade action but dig the visuals from some of the newer games then Super Crossfire HD is worth a look. It's available now in BlackBerry App World for only $4.99, you can hit the link below to grab the download.

Purchase Super Crossfire HD From BlackBerry App World

Reader comments

Super Crossfire HD for BlackBerry PlayBook - Blast alien invaders in this new style twist on an old school classic


looks boring. nothing i would spent 5 bucks for.

i would buy the original space invaders for the retro memories. but, i personally would get bored to fast with this

Game looks cool, it seems kind of crazy to me but I feel PB games cost more more money than other platforms?

going on right now in the Ipad press conference: gaming in HD of the infinity blade dungeons, using cinematograpy tone mapping, with a retina screen.

going on right now on alien invaders.

here's hoping blackberry 10 works out well!

And, is the PlayBook supposed to compete with a toy? I could care less, myself. And most likely nor do most of the other PlayBook owners out there.

I'd buy a gaming console for games before buying an iPad for good-looking, shitty games that get old SUPER quick (like Infinity Blade).

True, but not all iPad/iPhone games are as awesome as infinity blade. May be less than 1% of the games are good, the rest are simply boring or mediocore. The same problem with all platform, no exception.

Waiting on UPS to deliver my PB right now....gonna give this a whirl.

And completely off topic, but Bla1ze, you TOTALLY sound like you burned one!

Did anyone notice the battery icon? It showed that his PB was charging, without any cables being connected. Or is it just me seeing things?

It's a great game on the Playbook - stunning visually. Gotta laugh at people who are willing to drop 8 bucks at Starbucks for a coffee only to then complain about dropping 5 bucks on a game - stop being so damn cheap. You want apps. You pay for it.

LMAO, it's so true... pennywise and pound foolish. People whine like children about gas prices, $5 for a gallon of liquid taken from the earth, refined, transported around the world, and that will transport you and two tons of your equipment 20, 30 miles or more wherever you want to go--then they pay more for a pint of beer or glass of wine and feel like all's well and right with the world.

Not to say gas isn't being gouged--what isn't, I paid $700 for a freaking Playbook like a doosh--and not to say developers aren't nuts not to price their stuff at a no-brainer price point to increase their margins and footprint, but a few bucks for a well-reviewed game?

Some of these people probably don't even vote and then bash the government.

Priorities, yo.

How about you develop a great game and sell it to us for less?

Fluck games anyway, I want tools, music composition tools, business tools, true PowerPoint type applications, etc. etc.

The Playbook needs all sorts of applications in all sorts of categories. Have at it. I'll buy your stuff.

For those of you who don't like the price point, AlphaWave by Hardline Studios is a similar shooter in the Playbook App World. I thought it was fun, had cool graphics, and had an attractive price (.99). I'm not a developer, but I think that developers should be the only ones that are allowed to complain about the price point of games. Spend hours/days/weeks of your own time developing an application and then see what kind of price you think would be fair ;)

How tight do you have to be to complain about paying $5 for this game?
If your not into invader type games then don't bother leaving a bad comment here about it cos this game is not for you!
If you are into invader games then you won't believe this one!!!!!!