SunSet Curve Looks Hot! Coming to TMO August 4th

SunSet Curve
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jul 2008 10:32 am EDT

SunSet Curve

Live pics of T-Mobile's new SunSet-colored Curve have been making their way around the net since getting posted at TMONews last week. We knew it was coming to T-Mobile and to Orange (fitting!), and I'm sure with time other carriers will pick up on this hot new color. The Sunset Curve should be available on T-Mobile come August 4th.

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SunSet Curve Looks Hot! Coming to TMO August 4th


Hey dude, it's me again, i made you a new podcast intro theme - with samples from your already cool podcast, but i can't remember your email address to email it to you- \

Kevin email me or something -you gotta hear it :D

Ooh! I love this color!
Tie and shirt? Are you serious?
Why wouldn't this phone look business like?'s a blackberry ;o)

I want one of these, and I have a feeling a lot of fellow Texas Longhorns will too :) . It's not sunset, it's burnt orange!

It's actually more of what I would call tomato red, rather than orange-y red, IRL.

Other than that, it's pretty much the same as the other Curves.

So, Kevin, when can we expect to see Sunset battery doors in the CB Store?

As a loyal Longhorn, I think the Sunset door on my titanium berry will look slick, at least on game days!

way to go t-mobile. your service is about as up tp date as the pony express. your just getting 3g and we are already at 4g on the world phones. soon to be in the u.s.

This is one hot color, and I would love to have it. Business or pleasure, this would do the trick. Classy enough for business, and great for your personal life.
So do you think Sprint/Nextel will see any of this?
No matter what, it gets my vote.

I like to rock handhelds that differ in some way to the norm.

This color looks slick and definitely a head turner. Most people in my office have either the titanium grey or silver versions of the Curve.

I'm going to be sporting my new Red Curve come next week.

No 3G? Who cares. I don't need it. I use my BlackBerry mainly for emails and making calls. I even tether once and a while and EDGE suffices for my needs. I have broadband at home and the office if I need to download a huge file.