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Attending the Sundance Film Festival? Sundance 2014 app gives you the inside scoop

By Alicia Erlich on 21 Jan 2014 08:07 pm EST

While the Sundance Film Festival began on January 16 in Park City, Utah, the official application only recently hit BlackBerry World. Whether you have already made the journey there or just looking to follow along at home, the Xomo Digital Inc. Sundance app for BlackBerry 10 will help you get started.

The application itself has been designed for the BlackBerry 10 platform and is available for all devices with the exception of the Porsche P'9982. There are a variety of features that attendees and fans will enjoy to help them navigate all the festival has to offer. 


  • Real-time Festival film guide and schedule that can be sorted by Title, Category, Date, or Location
  • Full view Film and Event Schedules as well as the ability to personalize your favorites
  • Share your favorite films directly from the app to twitter and Facebook
  • Connect to Sundance Institute's social media channels
  • Get up to the minute Festival coverage with blog re-caps
  • Tune in to watch Live@Sundance
  • Follow along social conversations with data visualizations
  • Get visitor Information regarding shuttles, venue locations and more

The Sundance Film Festival runs until Sunday, January 26, 2014 and you can learn more about the films being showcased and schedules by visiting their website.

More information/Download Sundance 2014



Built by the same folks who made the Sochi app, hopefully they'll be doing a lot of the event apps for BlackBerry 10 cause they're really nice.


They seem to use a similar layout for both apps. So if they just use that template for future events, I think we can look forward to some more! ;)

(Also, what is wrong with the forum, I am starting to show signs of withdrawal again...)

jojo beaconsfield

Yeah,they seem to have the events Niche pretty down pat.They have maps for how to get to where you want to go ,very well thought out,I wonder if, when something new comes along they will send me a Notification.That would be a good idea.I mean other events as they acquire the rights.


Yup. They're nice.

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How are they able to make the action bar a different color?? I thought cascades was incapable of doing that.

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Yeah the skinned Cascades UI was first thing I noticed when I saw the screenshots in BB World yesterday.

I was trying to remember if we've seen that on any other apps. I thought there was one other, but I can't recall what.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!


It's the Sochi app for the winter Olympics. As Bla1ze mentioned, it's the same dev for both these apps. Wonder how they got the tools to do this. Some people in the forums have mentioned that the dev is probably using custom controls. But wow, it's gorgeous. Hope more apps can do this.

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jojo beaconsfield

agree ,Sochi app is great,I am wondering if I can view a trailer or even a movie for a price,that wouldn't be so bad,but then again if they did that I wouldn't go see the movie in a theater


Another not available for this device.

Posted on my BlackBerry Q10, because I'm so Bloody Special.


Their target audience is clearly not BB business professionals. The iphone folks are more of the sundance varietal. Glad to see them support the platform nonetheless.

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This forum is usually full of game reviews... I'm thankful for the break.

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Once again, this app is not available for *all* BB10 phones. It seems you must be running 10.2 to use it. As I have asked in comments on previous reviews, please include the OS requirements in your reviews. Thank you again.

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I take it you don't like leaks for some reason...

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Nothing to do with what I like. There are MANY of us (from what I read, mostly in the US) who are still using 10.1 for various reasons (employer policy, purchase/contract agreement, and others), until an official update is made available by the carriers. There are probably many more out there who don't read CB forums, and who have no idea leaks even exist. Knowing what the OS software requirements are for any app is as important as knowing which device models support it, just like any computer software.

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I was so excited to see this but I guess need 10.2. Since a lot of people can't or don't know how to do leaks, and U.S. Carriers haven't released 10.2, I guess downloads will be few. Too bad. Would be so handy at the festival.

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Just got one question. The p9982 is exactly the same phone as the z10. Why is it even possible that this phones I slept out with apps???

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