Summer Accessory Roundup - You could win an Aquapac case for your BlackBerry!

Aquapac saves the day!
By Michelle Haag on 26 Jun 2014 07:33 pm EDT

It's summertime and for a lot of people that means trips to the lake, long days at the beach, and evenings at the pool. All of those things CAN spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R for your BlackBerry if you're not careful! Water damage is no joke, and sand is definitely not your phone's BFF. While there are many cases out there that protect against drops and other physical happenings, Aquapac is a CrackBerry favorite for protecting against water damage and pesky sand invasions.

The CrackBerry store has several different options when it comes to waterproof cases, so you'll definitely want to take a look before you head out to summer adventures. In the meantime, keep reading to see how you could win a free waterproof case of your own!

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Contest: For your chance to win leave a comment below letting us know where your summer is taking you. We'll pick a few of you to win a free waterproof case for your BlackBerry or PlayBook and announce the winners next week!

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Summer Accessory Roundup - You could win an Aquapac case for your BlackBerry!



Sorry, guys. You can't just pull that one off here, LOL! ROTFL!!!

There is a thread for that. Just check the forums.... ;-) ;-)

Pasted via CB chen

Somebody mention my name?

CrackBerry! I could use this waterproof case for fights that end up in the lake at pine lake, BC this year.
Of course, I'll be strapped with the Z30, so that would offer some insurance.

I AM a water man! Gulf stream fishing....beach every week :) a LOT of boating....heck, I am about to spend another 10 days on an island starting Saturday

Lots of swim meets. My kids are swimmers and I am a swim official. I need to keep the BlackBerry dry poolside please!

PROUD to be the 1%! Z10 on T-Mobile USA - Posted via CrackBerry 10

My summer is taking me straight into the fall, and the expected release of the BlackBerry Passport. ;)

Posted via my Vic20

I'm doing my medical elective for part of my med school course, out the country from July 12th through to most of September. Working at a peadiatric hospital in Sri Lanka (hopefully doing lots of exploring and beach visits!). Then flying over to Peru where I'm joining a medical boat on the Amazon and helping to treat the tribes people indigenous to the rain forest areas.

That's got to be worthy of a case! Haha, I'll maybe need all the protection I can get for my Q10 in the jungle :)

Was just contemplating buying a waterproof camera for my scuba diving trip to the Bahamas,looks like I won't have to if my z10 has an aqua pac.

Posted via CB10

I live in Kingston there is water everywhere I go and I do like to go and explore, one of my favorites is a little place called Morton.

I fish. I live on the west coast. It tends to rain here...
I don't want the case, I NEED one!
BB channel: pin: C001230A2
BC Outdoors

This summer will be spent camping, fishing and at the beach. A waterproof case would make a most excellent travel accessory for my phone..

It's not a "tumah"

Waterloo Ontario to visit BlackBerry headquarters... :) for real Lake George N,Y

Posted via CB10

I live in San Diego and have some great beaches so it makes it difficult to go anywhere else, so count me in.

arTie's berry "Q10"

Aquapac not available to the Canadian CB store for my Z10?... guess an Overboard or an Otterbox waterproof case it is?

Posted via CB10

Im going to keji lake, camping up there. I'll probably go to Europe! And I'll go swimming a lot in pools.

Posted via CB10

I'm going to the nude beach in Toronto island and the only thing I'm wearing is my BlackBerry Z30 ;)

Set to spend the summer in Jamaica (not NY). Got some home building to do and lots of spare time at the of them aquapacs would really come in handy...not just for the beach. They have some pretty epic rain storms down there too.

Posted via CB10

I will be at the beach at my mom's place in Elliot Lake, Northern Ontario, and by the side of my landlord's pool. An aquapack would be a great addition to keep my Z30 safe And happy!

Posted via CB10

My summer is taking me to the beautiful beaches of Florida. Although I get to enjoy these beaches year round, I do so more during the summer. The aquapac sure would be nice! :)

Posted via CB10

I take my Z30 and playbook on my boat to Big Chief island every weekend with hundreds of party go-ers. I bluetooth my PlayBook to my stereo and use my Z30 for pics walking around. Youtube Big Chief Island ontario. You'll understand :)

Still rockin my PlayBook and a Z30

Heading to Jamaica for my little sisters wedding. The trip is already expensive so this would be perfect for the beach

Posted via CB10

I will be backpacking in Cathedral Lakes Provincial Park for 7 Days in August, 3-4 day backpacking trip in another park in September, kayaking, hiking and general outdoor activities. You really can't trust BC weather! - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

Miami Beach, FL for the summer! Definitely need an aquapac for my Z10!

Miami Dolphins Fan Channel [URL="bbmc:C004E2847"]C004E2847[/URL]

I am moving out of California at the end of this summer, and the beach is on my must visit list for this summer before I leave.

Posted via CB10

Soaking in the pool in my backyard. It's summer all the time in Singapore anyways!

Posted via CB10

Playa del Carmen - Mexico. All that sand and salty water, a water proof case will be great :)

Visit my BBM Channel ~ C000E96F6

I would love a wireless speaker or wireless charging pad. Either would be great. Thanks for the chance

Posted Via This Thing They Call The BlackBerry Z30

To work and back, who can afford the time to take a vacation?!

Posted from my phone no one cares about on a network no one cares about.

My wife and I usually head down to a shore condo a bunch of weekends in the summer. I usually leave the blackberry behind in fear something might happen!!

That case looks pretty neat!!

Posted via CB10

The cottage is always a disaster for me every year my BlackBerry makes it into the lake. It never fails! Skeleton Lake Muskoka.

Posted Via my BlackBerry  Z30 

My summer looks to be filled with beaches and golf courses. A waterproof case would come in handy! Plus it would be awesome for snowboarding!

Posted via CB10

Pool in my backyard. Definitely could use a waterproof case. So, if I could win one that would be sweet.

Posted via CB10

Would love to have an Aquapac to protect my awesomely wonderful White Z10 from the frequent summer & fall rains here. What a great giveaway Crackberry!!!!

Posted via CB10

Cape Canaveral, Florida! Sailing like a pirate with a bottle of rum, or two, or three. :)

The Aquapac would be useful for my Z10, or that BlackBerry Passport CrackBerry is going to give me!

The summer is leading me to the back yard to build a deck and seating area to enjoy summer night skies and lemonade!

Posted via CB10

Exciting! So handy to have one of those at any (and all!) of the lakes around Vancouver Island. :)

Posted via CB10

Darrien Lake with my Z10. Thanks Crackberry!

OS - Z10 Bell - My FIRST full touch screen phone.

Will be spending some time up at the lake, Lough Derg, go out on the boat, some skiing, maybe even a bit of camping, looking forward to it. A good case is definitely an essential.

Going fishing every weekend to different lakes, cant have my z10 getting splashed by a Trout or Bass

Posted via CB10

Summer will be spent in the backcountry, where cell service is patchy at best, but rain and creeks rule and always taking pics with my Z10 so waterproof case would be great!

Seriously, this Z10 is a Contender!! Keep it up BB

Kalamalka Lake: Called Lake of Many Colours by the First Nations. Still would be a disaster if my phone got too close no matter how pretty it is.

Me and my Z30 will frequently be waist deep in the river fishing. Between honking on the occasional cigar, drinking a beer, trying to land a salmon or a trout, all while cranking tunes on my Z30. So yes, a waterproof case would be cool and useful.

Well last summer was in Seychelles...I just love to snorkel, so this time I'll be hitting up Maldives......that case would be a great help to me....

Posted via CB10

Summer is taking me to the islands of Malaysia. And since it's always sunny and summer over here, I can use this waterproof case the whole year round :D

I'll be at the Port Dover beach and a few water parks with the kids this summer. Usually have to leave my Z10 somewhere safe and dry. But with the Aquapac case I could bring it with me everywhere!! :))

Posted via BB10 OS

Kayaking! In the wilderness of Quebec. No signal in many places but still rely on my phone for photos, map and compass. My Torch took an unfortunate bath a few years ago.

Posted via CB10

Need to catch some big fish in Lake of the woods Ontario this year. Could use this protection on the boat, dock and when I'm in the sauce. Hahaah

Making Wine kits C0015B221

Haven't finalized where as of yet but hoping to get a least one week somewhere wet and sandy :)

Posted via CB10

Los cabos Mexico for some snorkel action. This would sure beat the zip lock I'm using now in the back pocket of my biking jersey lol.

Posted via CB10

We are heading to Southern Ontario (London) for a biannual MRI, then to Indiana to visit family.

Posted via CB10

Seven hours to the dock. I'd feel much better if my 'Berry in the boat' was protected with a waterproof case!!!

Posted via CB10

Going to Indiana for a two-week trip. Not too exciting because we go there every year due to family. But, if I had my choice, I'd go to Baconville.

Posted via CB10

Im going to propose to my girlfriend on Carmel beach :-) so itd be nice if my q10 was protected

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Its summer time ,therefore for spending my vacation time with my and my friends are going to Shimla,Himachal Pradesh(India)..where the temperature always remains near to 15*c and rain every time goes on.therefore my lovely and cute z10 is not safe as me.The rainy season of shimla, is not good for the health of my device.


This is perfect! I'm headed for Cape Cod in 2.5 weeks!! And I just got a Z30 so I NEED one of these! Plus I'll be headed for the Rapid River in Maine in September and I'd love to take pics in the water!

Posted via CB10

Rainy season is almost here at the Philippines.
Waterproof case would be great for my Z10. Don't want my baby to get wet.

@geenaxion Keepin' it Chill Z10 ( BB10Store on Aptoide Subscribe "Dance for Life" C0029D483

My summer will take me to fatherhood again with my daughter being born. A waterproof case for my Z30 will be great with a new baby :)

Posted via CB10

I will be heading to the nearest pool, lake, ocean and if thats not nearby a nice cool bathtub of water! ;-P
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and

I'll be spending a lot of time on the beaches in Maine. I'll need to be able to keep my Q10 safe from the elements!

My summer is taking my wife and I to Paris for 2 weeks. Would be great to win a playbook, so we can chat with our 3year old on bbm video when away.

Posted via CB10

Brazil for the FIFA games!!!!
Really hope I can get one of these waterproof cases for my z10

Posted via CB10

Going over Niagara Falls... let's hope that one if these cases work.... I'm not going over the falls

Posted via CB10

I'll be checking out those great white infested, freezing water beaches of San Francisco while visiting my sister this summer...hopefully I can keep my Q10 protected while swimming the waters near Alcatraz! Thanks!

Posted via CB10

Well this summer is all about thrills! So naturally a trip to six flags and hurricane harbor is mandatory. Not to mention beaches and pool parties. Woah oh! An aquapac would pair well I think.

Running a summer camp, then to the Philippines! Could definitely come in handy, especially overseas!

Posted via CB10

New York and Vancouver. Likely also the BC interior (e.g. Kelowna) and Vancouver Island. Lots of water on the West Coast.

Posted via CB10 on Z10