Suggested BlackBerry 10 roadmap appears, outlines possible device release times

BlackBerry 10 2013 roadmap
By Bla1ze on 2 Jul 2012 08:08 pm EDT

With the first BlackBerry 10 devices now delayed until Q1 2013, RIM would have had to go back and adjust their release timelines accordingly. The above image obatined by BlackBerryOS is suggested to be those updated timelines. As noted, RIM still has most of the same devices planned with a few exceptions no longer present but the time to market has been adjusted:

  • 4G PlayBook - Q4, 2012
  • BlackBerry London/Nevada - Q1, 2013
  • BlackBerry 10 Upgrade for PlayBook - Q1/Q2, 2013
  • BlackBerry codename "Nashville" - Q2/Q3, 2013
  • 10-Inch BlackBerry PlayBook "Blackforest" - Q3, 2013
  • BlackBerry codename "Naples" - Q3/Q4, 2013

Sadly, there isn't much else to go on here in terms of actual dates but maybe that's a good thing considering we know RIM CEO Thorsten Heins doesn't want to put out something that isn't market ready. Either way, a timeline for launch is still a good thing to see. Now all we have to do is figure out what, exactly, the Nashville and Naples are.

One of the other items suggested with this information is that BlackBerry 10 will first launch in Europe come January, and from there will launch in North America a few weeks later. We've talked previously here on CrackBerry about how it might make sense for RIM to back its way into America after successfully launching elsewhere in the world. In Europe, getting carriers onboard for a hero launch should be doable and based on recent launches the reception to BlackBerry 10 should be a warm one.

Source: BlackBerryOS

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Suggested BlackBerry 10 roadmap appears, outlines possible device release times


but look at the road map...BB10 upgrade for Playbook is in Q1 2013...

And they still plan to launch another Playbook before then....

sure hope this is an outdated road map

Note that the BB10 update for the PB is spread between Q1 and Q2. Which means it could be next June.

Is it me or the bezel on "blackforest" looks a bit thinner than say playbook 4g, suggesting that might be the 10" version of playbook? Lol

Really? 128G? I know 16G has been deemed too puny. So is it 32G, 64G and 128G? Since they will throw in a sim slot they might as well put an SD card slot too.
So is the PB 4G coming in with a complete OS 2.1?

haha that was fast I just posted in forums lol
I like how it shows the qwerty and touch device launch at same time

you cant actually think RIM purposefully chose to delay the all touch screen device to ensure that they both come out at the same time. Roadmaps from RIM are pointless now.

that is the right question... i noticed that too and i'm thinking "curve" and "torch slider" models.

In these clearly challenging times, RIM is being propped up by emerging markets. Do you think they will leave them out of the BB10 bandwagon? Not on your life. They need them in case BB10 takes time to gain traction like WP7. So those are cheaper BB10 device for that bracket.

Good point and thank you for making it... I was having a sad, here, thinking I will have to give up a slider when my Torch goes, but I bet those are exactly as someone says below, the Curve and Torch follow-ons.

lol, that's actually what I thought they were doing with the delay in the first place. The keypad was suppose to come out during the Q1'13 and the all-touch was suppose to be in Q4'12. People are forgetting their is a 12-18 month cycle on these phones, from iOS to Windows. It depends on the technology. I also thought it was possibly because the carriers were insisting on the phones being LTE ready. I know T-mobile is suppose to launch their LTE in 2013. I thought I read recently about T-mobile in negotiations with Verizon. My sister works at Verizon(a suit not a floor rep). She said the only way Big Red was picking up BBQNX will be if it's LTE ready. That conversation was months ago, so now that AT&T is LTE ready and T-Mobile is trying to get ready, I figure that might be a reason for the delay. RIM can't afford to mess this up with either carrier. I'd rather them delay and get it right, then listen to the impatient people release something that is garbage. DO WHAT YOU GOT TO DO RIM!!!!!!

I don't think so. Looks like maybe touchscreen mainly are top squares, tablets are in between and keyboard phones on the bottom squares.

That's what I took it as at least.

I noticed that too, but what about the torch. It has both a physical keyboard and a touchscreen, so it could be in the top squares with an "n" name. The bottom one could always be a cheaper curve-like model as well.

me too but I'm with you. The fact that the CEO says delay is because of code integration means even RIM has no idea when BB10 will be ready. I believe this screen shot is real but it's just a hope not a roadmap for shipping devices.

I've got to admire your spirit, but this roadmap may as well be written on the back of a napkin. Credibility = zero.

Answer: Senior management tells lies and d-a-m-n lies as easily as Tom Sawyer and most politicians. Nobody believes anything uttered by these clowns. As for whiny girls, maybe you ought to look in the mirror.

WHAT promise ?
This is an internal piece of planning.
Don't turn it "official" or whatsoever.
As for "late 2012" becoming October 2012. Same sh*t, again.

no this actually is not. read SF71 his post above and it makes sense because if verizon will not sell the new bb10 without being lte ready that makes sense why they delayed it and so on with t-mobile. if rim puts a phone out early without being lte ready you will bitch about it and everyone else to. so this makes sense if your smart enough to think about it, not directed toward you but would you rather them get it right then it be a flop?

video games delay, other phone carriers delay, every industry out there delays ... why the rage? I would rather they delay and put something that is good .... do what is right rather do what is popular

Unfortunately, the credibility of those road maps has decreased dramatically. =/

Let's hope it is real this time!

Only real surprise here for me is the 4G Playbook in Q4, I thought that was out this summer? Ug!

Otherwise ... Seems in-line with what I heard before.

Didn't Heins also say that the 4G Playbook was coming "soon"? I never really thought of another 6+ months as "soon".

agreed, things are really messed up in issues, and hardware issues.

One of the reasons why the stock is sliding is that there is no signs of RIM outsoursing its hardware business to asia. THey are good at it, let them do it. Like apple and google. Especially google. Apple designs its own stuff.

SF71> read his post he basically explains a reason why rim delayed the phones. the phones were not going to be lte ready and Verizon was not going to get bb10 phones unless they were lte read. and t mobile lte is coming in 2013 as well. so this makes sense why it could have been delayed.

Doesn't this argument go back to when Jim & Mike said they were waiting on the new chips? Just what kind of chipset are they waiting for jeez? Ever other phone out there has LTE chips in them.

No that sounds right for the 4G falls inline with what rumours have been saying it's release was at

I love my Blackberry Bold 9900 it is the old Torch that SUCKS!
Maybe meanwhile until that "elusive" first quarter date Rim can further optimize OS7?

I wish they would port PlayBook OS 2.0 over on the BB7 devices as BB8 to tide everyone over until BB10. I think a lot of the reason people aren't going to get BB7 phones is because there is not going to be an update to BB10 or any other sort of major software update, which is understandable. If they were able to offer us loyal users who purchased the current OS7 phones something to look forward to besides a dead OS it would probably boost sales a lot more.

OMG!! Your comments are seriously starting to annoy me. Do you really have to post a dumb a** reply to every comment posted on here. You sound like a whiny cry baby. That is seriously not a good look, especially to the ladies. Now do us all a favor and dissapear from CrackBerry permanently.

Whats your source?

BB10 launches, BB7 gets side-lined, over time RIM phases it out to cut costs as they probably wont be making much after this delay, even if they do, they would want to focus on BB10 rather then BB7!!

I think RIM has done a HUGE disservice to OS 7. It's in line with the traditional Blackberry experience and by far the most refined OS they've released, but instead of marketing it or even defending it, they've just thrown up their arms and all but abandoned it, just saying, "wait until BB10."

Can you please show any official information from RIM where they have abandoned OS 7? I just downloaded a new OS release for my 9900s within the last week. If RIM has "just thrown up their arms and abandoned OS 7", where is the updated OS coming from?

Even if it were official that doesn't mean too much considering it's RIM and all. I am still on contract for a while yet, but they need to release ASAP. I love BB and want to keep using their products for years to come. I don't want to switch unless I absolutely have to.

It's wrong - none of the first wave BB10 devices are going to entry-level, RIM can't afford them to be. Listen to the earnings call where they clearly explain this, BB7 are intended for the low and middle end and the BB10 range is where RIM hopes to re-establish decent margins and have a premium range.

Hope that is what naples is, cause if so the perfect bb10 phone (for me) will come out just a little before or after my contract expires on my Galaxy S.

Can't wait ... Need, need, need.

But no choice, have to wait.

Grrr ... On va prendre notre mal en patience ;-)

So a PB that can take a sim card is great and stuff.

But why would they make that a higher priority than the next phone, which they need to get out the door ASAP?

Seems a bit silly from my point of view.

Because the 4G PlayBook at it's core will be the same OS (not UI)as BB10. This means that RIM will be able to work out any carrier issues related to the network stack prior to the release of BB10.

Looks like the long awaited upgrade for the Playbook is not going to happen at all. Really disappointed in these posts on RIM performance. Not surprised as it is getting to be normal to receive nothing as expected. Starting to also question CBs integrity in their reporting and hype. Pretty obvious your implied inside track on RIM is also lacking.

It's not a matter of CrackBerry's sources being wrong, it's just that delays have been happening at an extremely high rate within RIM lately.

Also, to be honest, most of the insider info that shows up on here comes from other websites lately. I don't know if Kevin has been too busy with the Mobile Nations BS, but he definitely has been much less focused on BlackBerry lately which has led me to viewing the other sites a little more often lately. I will always be a CrackBerry first guy, but I'm no longer 100% CB. There are sooo many other good sites out there.

Yeah, a year from now if that is what it means and you can really believe it, I don't and have seen no reason to trust anything they say anymore. What happened to the upgrade due 2 months ago that was supposed to give native PIM apps, not just email? Still cannot sync with anything directly. If it was not for the bridge it would be pathetic. Even the native reader is a POS. Sorry for sounding so negative, just fed up. On the bright side, got terrific customer service from RIM when email quit working last weekend with the widespread outage.

Rule #1: Never believe roadmaps as they will NEVER be right. I believe we've seen 3 road maps so far and neither were correct. So the credibility of this means nothing as RIM is off roading at the moment. Not a troll, just a crackbarian with lost faith for this company.

Have fun, hopefully you'll be back. Just do me one favor, don't troll once you're running wp8 (no disrespect here, just an honest plea)

From frying pan to fire, then? The Windows 8 "strategy" is all over the shop. Now we know the "upgrade" from XP to Windows 8 will cost less than half the upgrade from XP to W7. That tells you almost everything you need to know. At least RIM has a strategy even if it may not happen. Microsoft's strategy with Windows 8 seems to be "What do we want to do today?"

I could just say the same things over and over that eveyone else has said. No reason to believe any of this...

I find it appropriate that one of the early BB10 devices has the codename "Nevada" considering everything regarding the company is a bit of a gamble right now. Let's just hope they don't roll snake-eyes........

If there was a decent android phone with a physical keyboard (not a slider) I would have smacked my 9900 against the wall and went and bought it. But alas, I don't see any. Thanks RIM for letting down your customers and thank you for the huge disappointment. I don't even have the energy to defend RIM when every iTard I know sits and talk sh!t about you.

Naples will be a horizontal slider and Nashville will be something like the torch/Blade. Wow 10 inch playbook running blackberry10! This is so good to see thanks bla1ze.

I have been an avid diehard fan of Blackberry for years....I have fought tooth & nail when folks tried to get me to switch to a droid or an iPhone....

I LOVE my Torch 9810 and my Playbook...If I accidentally leave either at home (rare) I will turn around and go back to get it, even if I am an hour away....

With the recent announcement of the delay in release then the recent layoff announcement, one has to wonder, no matter how much we love RIM & our devices, are we supporting a sinking ship?

Are RIM devices going to go the same route that their former cohorts over at PALM did and dwindle down to a distant memory? Yeah they have a few devices left but they don't have even 1/2 the reputation or respect they once had....

RIM has had major setbacks for the last few years and I don't know how much more the company or their stockholders can take...

RIM needs to get back to being the industry standard and the device everyone can rely on and wants....Before they go belly up...

Nothing wrong with OS7.1 devices, something that should be talked about. Bold 9900 is an awesome device!

Really? The 10" Playbook is not coming to market until the 4th generation iPad is out and the Windows 8 Tablets have had nearly a years head start? Will anyone even notice by then?

I will buy it and I will use BlackBerry products until they no longer exist, and I hope that day never comes. But the competition is not taking the next year off and RIM has the tough job of winning back mind share which is much harder then starting from scratch. RIM's CMO and his "Branded House" strategy had better be pretty good to convince anyone to give RIM another look b next year after they have not launched anything of significance in all of 2012. A 4G rehash of the existing 7" Playbook is dead on arrival even with the new 1.5GHz SOC. It just isn't going to appear fresh or new and no one will be buying a new BlackBerry for Christmas to go with it. There is no point in releasing it unless they already made a few hundred thousand of them and need to try and sell them.

I just want 2012 to be over so RIM can start playing the game again and they better deliver.

Sadly, I doubt much of this will come to pass. The 4G PlayBook until recently (this leak I believe) was supposed to be out any day (and this date slipped from 4q11... So they are now 12 months behind schedule on something that was supposed to be an incremental update and couldn't tell until today that it would be another 2 quarters behind????

I know Dev's and Testers at RIM and I've heard stories about how disconnected management was from reality but this is just frightening. By 4q12, a 4G playbook will be 17 to 20 months behind the (already badly delayed and poorly released) original PlayBook - just to add a faster processor and a mobile Internet stack???

With this kind of performance, I have lost about any confidence in RIM to deliver before they run out of cash. I've seen people like Chris say that with $2B in the bank they can weather the delays but that assumes existing burn rates... With existing BB users jumping off the ships in now very much accelerated fashion (just look at CB these days), I'd be surprised if they have money to launch BB10. I'm sad to say that I think RIM is now toast - even as an acquisition because they ran out of room to get the new platform out and people have given up on the old. Un-Frickin-Believable. I never would have have thought they could screw up so badly. Thorsten is a dope.

Well, if we go by this release schedule and than multiple that by a factor of twelve and add on an extra year to cover the requisite coming soon time frame that RIM loves to use, I calculate that all you will need to do is put one penny away each day and by the time you get enough pennies together, the 4G version should be available in 30 days...maybe 60 days.

While we wait, advertise the OS7, not a lot of people knows about this. I mean OS7 still amazing, also has a lot to offer, from customizing animated screensaver to set up battery saver mode. From fast and sure getting and recieving messages to Amazing Bridge to PB, And of course, the famous BBM integrated now to most Apps, facebook, twitter, heck u can even let ur bbm contacts share what kind of music u are listening ( BBM music ) and even weather. These features are always the missing points. Look at what they are doing on galaxy s3. They are advertising the share photo ability. The heck, OS7 can do this too, right, not just photos but more by using NFC... Push more of what OS7 can do. for the last 3weeks I didn't see any new Blackberry commercial, well at least here in San Jose California... Pushing agressively, pple will less be bothered about the delayed of bb10. PUSH the OS7, ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE. We all know that a 45 seconds commercial is expensive, but hey! Exposed it, show the abilities, creativities, and functions. When ppl see these they would not just glance on the device, but they will take a second look and try it. And if dnt like it, then its fine at least they were informed thru commercials. But if they like it, like me, well im sure they will enjoy the benefits of bbm, integration, bridges and awesome keys. OS7 can still deliver and competes... Believe me the more we enjoy our current 7.1v the faster the time flies and before we know it. BB10 will be around the corner....

I live in Detroit, MI. And we in the metro-Detroit area can get CBET Windsor, Ontario channel, and for me, other than a smattering of BlackBerry commericals here and there on regular US cable, CBET (CBC Canada Nationally) show a BlackBerry Ad almost every hour when they air "Hockey Night In Canada" (other than watching HNIC, I rarely watch CBC, well I did when I was a child..wacthing Mr. Dressup, The Friendly Giant...or SCTV or Kids In The Hall) For RIM, IMO to sustain thierselfs until BBOS10, Needs to push the Bold 99XX series more and more on US cable. Like the iphone, get an American celebrity to sell it (other than J-LO)

You blackberry user's and lovers are stuck in the 20th century. Why is RIM even considering releasing a bunch of phones with different specs; They should stick with one touch screen device period. That is one of the reason Blackberries lack developer's support; there are two many worthless models with different specs. And I'm talking about big names developers which is one of the reasons people are dropping the berries. Screw the qwerty keyboards; the majority of people have spoken and they have chosen androids and iphones. People love to type on glasses. And dont you dare to tell me that androids this or iphones that because, unlike Blackberries, people are buying them by the millions.

While I'm don't disagree that RIM doesn't need 10 models of phones, I do very much disagree that they should get rid of the physical keyboard. Personally, I hate all touch devices.. which is why I went from an old Curve to a Bold 9000 to a Bold 9900. I think the keyboard and the security are two things that differentiate RIM from the rest of the market. As for screen size causing the developer issue, I think RIM could be smart about releasing 3 screen sizes... 1 tablet, 1 all touch, and 1 keyboard phone.. all with the same ratio (ie. 16:9).. and then it is just a matter of scaling.

Gee, and the fact that Android is on many more devices than BlackBerry, it sure hasn't caused developers to stop developing for that platform. People love to type on (I think you meant to say) glass? Weak argument. People love having large display screens? Yes. People love having lots and lots of apps? Yes. The reason why Android devices and iPhones are so popular has nothing to do with people loving to type on glass, as evidenced by comments all over the internet about their frustration with autocorrect and other unintentional typos.

They should stick with one touch screen device period

:s:s: you seem to forget that also a lot of people started with a Blackberry just because it has devices with a fysical keyboard?
I know lots of people (and allready 12 have switched from they android/Iphone) who prefered the BB with keyboard after trying it...

unlike Blackberries, people are buying them by the millions.

mmm... still, in asian countries BB is catching up with Iphone/android, in singapore for eacht Iphone 5 BB's are sold...

RIM is still selling around 40-50 million devices a year...
The big difference with Android/Iphone: If you want to keep up with their technologies, you have to change twice a year your phone... With BB's you don't, you still have the apps you need and a better security... and at least you are not tracked constantly by the manufacturer...

RIM should stop putting out roadmaps for devices. They've shown that they can't get it done in an orderly fashion. Why don't they start by getting 2.1 out first.

We're supposed to believe this schedule.

They'll delay it again and won't even be around long enough to actually launch it.

BB10 = dead.

Even if this roadmap is accurate, these releases are still way too far off. Everything might be competitive TODAY. But the landscape will be very different next year. A 10 inch tablet at the end of NEXT YEAR. It will probably have a dual core processor and Summer 2012 specs. They continue to come up with ideas for the current climate, but take a year or more to actually execute, so EVERYTHING is "old" when it's supposed to be "new". No other major player in this industry takes so incredibly long to execute. I really like Blackberry products, but RIM's inability to execute is going to kill them before this so-called roadmap ever sees the light of day.

Totally true bro, you ever been to the tri-cites before? Your "now that's just a racist comment" would've been a high five!

Just license your software and get bbm on all phones now. Im done being loyal to a brand who just isnt even trying. You should have had people working on code for these phones 24 hours a day for the last 6 months.

Ye of little faith. Keep it up pessimists, we feed off of your negativity, RIM isn't the same, they are on a higher plane then they ever were. It's a new era in the smartphone world and ios and android better step it up if they want to have such an outstanding device as the up and coming BB10.

You have a true fan right here, I'm patient and I know that it's gonna be worth holding out for, besides my 9930 is an awesome communication and business device. Ya'll can keep your toys.

If Research In Motion is on a higher plane then it must be the consequence of smoking mind alternating substances. Even the venerable 'weed' does not cause this much damage to the brain cells.

nashville, naples, and blackforest will NOT be released in 2013, ill be on the look out for them in q3/q4 of 2014

hey remember when people where debating if they should get a new bb7 device or wait for a QNX/BB10 device because "it was a few months away and right around the corner"... I hope the ones that wait learned their lessons. That's if they havent already jumped shipped.

I think it's more like this:

Q4 2012 - Google buys RIM
Q1 2013 - All future blackberry developments canceled
Q2 2013 - All future Android devices connect using AiS (Android Internet Service)

Frankly, I'm tired of all the silly teaser nonsense. Get back to work and get the job done. I don't want to hear another empty promise. Repeat after me. I will work 7days a week, 12hours a day until BB 10 hits the market. Say it, Live it.

It's nice to see they are keeping the device count small. No need for a dozen different models each with different specs. This should make developing apps a slightly nicer experience.

I remeber RIM saled rep. dropping off WiFi Playbook in early 2011 and we asked for celluar capable tablet and she told me that it would be before fall 2011. So it will be almost 2 years later RIM will release the tablet with celluar connectivity. Shame on RIM. I mean those were old days when customer would wait years for products.

That's a part of BB's problems. Apps sell units. Devs don't want to make apps for ten different models from one company. If they didn't get it then I sure hope they've got it now.

It's so counterproductive to comment that "RIM is dead" or "I'm going with Brand X/Y/Z! Goodbye, RIM!" Like, seriously?! Learn to form an opinion worth sharing, please! If RIM is dead, then why waste your time on anything to do with RIM? Is this supposed to be a history class? And if you're done with RIM and want to jump ship, then why stick around and be a totally d*** about it? GTFO! Seriously!

And whining about BB10 being delayed or how iPhone X or WP X or Samsung Galaxy S X will be out before BB10, who cares?! It's a phone! Not an organ donor! Get real!


"The BlackBerry 10 Europe launch is suppose to take place within the first week of January, while the North American launch to follow in the first week of February. The reason behind this, is because the European markets and media outlets have been better receptive to BlackBerry than the "doom and gloom" repetitive bullshit of the North American media outlets."

No fucking shit.

Why in the hell, when I say North America is fucked up and the US hates RIM, no one listens? RIM should cut these fuckheads off. Launch in EMEA and lets the idiots wait - even though they're so goddamn entitled they'll expect RIM to give them free shit just for considering a BlackBerry again.

So infuriating!

Firstly this road map is useless. Fool me once shame one you, fool me twice shame on me......... I am not letting you fool me thrice.

Now for all those who say this delay is the end of RIM, i ask why? Lets imagine, just for a second that RIM didnt exist. You would have no knowledge of what they were doing and then in Q1 2013 they release the 2 new devices, with a whole new ecosystem? How exciting that would be, a whole new player to market. Well thats what we are looking at. Apple did it. Before you start saying Apple were innovative at launch you right they WERE. But what about now. Just about everybody here wants a great keyboard experience, well there is only one place to get that. Ios is out because i dont want to be tied to their ecosystem. Samsung and Google seem to be wanting to do the same with Android. WP8 seems to be appealing but, as a consumer is see windows as security update central.

Ibis hugely upsetting that I have to wait but you know what, If Ferrari said they were delaying their next car for 6 months to make sure they got it right I wouldnt go out and buy a Porsche. Why? Because I am a Ferrari fan.

I would jump but where to? I need a solid device with a good keyboard and a notification light. I need BBM and the software features of BB.

I've never understood why the iPhone does not have a notification light - it would move it into a different league but at least BB is everywhere here in the UK as it has a strong price point and very popular and a first smart phone.

I will stick with BB though as I have done for 7 years but I feel like i'm swimming upstream here.

Here we go again like the six(6) ridiculous curves you want to launch two(2) tablets?!?!?!?! Do you guys just meet every Monday and say lets see how many bad decisions can I make this month??

Too late for me Ive tried to hold but 2013 is too far I jumped ship still got a playbook and was really looking forward to BB10 but now I am getting the Nexus 7 instead

The slider is a USP - not to have it on the road map is madness. My 24 month contract is up in Feb and I hope my 9800 lasts that long - at least given the build quality it stands a chance.

Options for sliders on other OS's - the only one I can think of is the small form Sony.

Also - I've been in Project Management for a number of years on large scale government projects - how can you not see this coming unless you are controlling the 'leaks' for putting together the sale prospectus.

I don't care about this. I'm not going to wait a year for a device we don't even know will good, RIM had their chance and f them selves over...

Hope naples is the fullscreen slider.

If so, it'll come out around end of August when my contract come up. That'd be perfect.

haha ... what a nice a cat mouse game :-)

till now i was still hodling breath and excited for new changes..

i am tired of waiting another and another year to use portable device for my pleasure.

i am selling this playbook (i gotta lie to the buyer i guess)

and going to Galaxy Tab 2 7 in or Google Nexus 7 in.

sorry RIM. That was enough.


Any alleged roadmap from Research In Motion is pure poppycock. And look another "strictly confidential" document leaked from within. Seems corporate security is asleep at their desks too. The appearance of Satan seems more likely than the release of BlackBerry 10 at this point and certainly more believable.

lmao, "Strictly Confidental" - more like a planned leak as BB Die-hards are getting fed up of waiting.

Is it only me that i thought that the playbook upgrade to bb10 os would come near by? I mean wasnt this that it has been announced several months before? June / july??? WTF is going on core developers of RIM?? Why dont you do what you re saying.... Deliver finally to us something to hang on too....right now you ve got NADA!!! We cannot just hold on new apps that are relying on an old os....come on... In other words... GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF THE WAY!!!!
Thank you..

BlackBerry PlayBook was supposed to receive the BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1 upgrade by July 2012. As we can see another fib told by management and their mouth-pieces. The fact they cannot even release an upgrade to an existing platform speaks volumes at this point.

Correct me if I'm wrong...but I thought Q1 is April/May/June of every quartly year? So if that is true, then BBOS10 won't be available until those months. If I'm correct then, this would be by far the longest delay RIM has ever had between device releases (Mid- Aug 2011 BB Bold 99XX to April? 2013...over 18 MONTHS!) Lucky for me, it really doesn't matter, since my Sprint upgrade isn't due until June 21st 2013 :)

Depends if you're talking fiscal 2013, or calendar 2013. The calendar year Q1 is Jan-Mar, Fiscal depends on the company.

This cant be real, how in the world could they still have plans for not only another playbook but a 10 inch version as well? Given the disaster that the playbook is?? Also pretty sure they said there would be no keyboard at launch.

Everyone who has a playbook that I know, loves it. Do you have one?

They said that a keyboard version would shortly after the full touch. The delay is a OS issue, not a hardware issue. This means the delay had allowed them to probably release them at the same time.

I was talking more about it being a business disaster, but yes I do have one, its simply not very good, its buggy as hell, the browser crashes randomly and there are precious few quality apps, I would not recommend it over the Kindle Fire and now especially over the Nexus 7 not to mention there are rumors of a 7" iPad coming.

More like EPIC disaster no apps and imagine that's QNX the OS for BB10 so guess whats gonna happen when BB10 launches without at least 50k apps...

They could have kept this little piece of information (true or not) under wraps until October at least, IMO. This is not something I want to read about anytime soon.

the problem with the 4G playbook is that not coming with bb10 will kill any positive reviews from some notable tech sites. They'll say things like.

a year too late... where's the innovation. no good unless you have a blackberry and that could be a problem too and lastly but not least the playbook still hasn't got blackberry 10.

none of those reasons should affect the device if hardware and screen resolution increases and the hardware at least matches the competitors currently out.

the playbook 2 OS is still a fine Operating system but lacks a few things like cascade developing due to the lack of bb10. I hope Devs excited about bb10 think about supporting the playbook.

In saying that, I hope they consider releasing a slider phone and that one of those leaked names is one of them!

i am holding my thoughts on this roadmap, i don't want to expect anymore… can we just have an OS Update with our current blackberry devices to focus on until whenever the bb10 will be launched?

Thanks for the update and the roadmap. Unfortunately I will take it with a grain of salt and it is too late for the company where I work. We have been a big BB 'shop', but iPhones are slowly taking over and will most likely become the only standard, with BB's being phased out as a corporate offering.

It was fun while it lasted.....

Really, look at prior failure promise dates, RIM seeing its days. This hold up is gonna get customers locked in to 2 yr contracts and RIM is really going to feel the crunch, worse then they are feeling it now

Well worth the wait. To those that talk about some mobile phone providers contract; it isn't with RIM! Wake up! Reread the contract it has NOTHING to do with RIM. I look forward to the new launch and thankfully I dont have a contract so it will be easy to get a new one next year. If there is delays I can wait because my 9900 works fine and I would rather wait for an OS that works than an OS that has problems at release time. OS7 is so much better than previous releases. I am glad they are going with a dual core processor as using a quad core would probably shorten battery life.