SugarSync gets updated to v2.0

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By IsaacKendall on 9 Jun 2011 09:10 am EDT

Single largest update to application since it was first developed

If you're unfamiliar with SugarSync, it is a file back & sharing service similar to that of DropBox.  I say similar because I have come to be a true believer that SugarSync is superior to DropBox.  We've written about it in the past and like many I glazed over and thought "Oh whatever, DropBox is better" and did so without really looking at what SugarSync offered.  At CES2011 I met with Robb from SugarSync and bluntly asked "Why do you think SugarSync is better than DropBox?"  To my surprise I was given an answer I wasn't prepared for from Robb, "DropBox is GREAT!  We'll even back that folder up for you!"  With that bizarre answer, he had my attention and I looked further.

My biggest frustration with DropBox was that all your folders must be underneath the almighty DropBox folder, and I am a little particular with my file structure and that always ate away at me but I dealt with it.  Looking further into SugarSync I found that I could select ANY folder on my computer for backup, I didn't have to live inside their file structure.  Next stop was the fact that DropBox's free account was 2GB and SugarSync's is 5GB.

Where I lost some love for SugarSync was the BlackBerry app.  Compared to that of the iOS and Android application , the BlackBerry was absolutely the 'black sheep twice removed' in the mobile app family.  Until today....

In addition to investing heavily in performance and reliability, they have completely revamped the interface to bring it on par with the iPhone and Android apps and we've added several new features for extra measure. Here's a rundown from the SugarSync blog:

Faster Performance & Reliability

Nothing is more important to us than getting the basics right. We doubled-down in making the app snappier and more stable than ever. The list of bugs fixed and improvements made is too long to list here, but the app should feel and function much better than ever.

Intuitive Interface For Faster Access

The first thing you'll notice when you open the app is a much sleeker interface, from the log in page all the way to Settings. Making it fast wasn't good enough; we also wanted to make it beautiful.

As part of the new interface, you'll also notice tabs at the top of each page. We've split the functionality of the app across multiple tabs. The Files tab has a new layout and makes it easier to browse your computers and folders. The Photos tab shows your recent mobile photos as well as the most recently added photo albums on the main page so you can quickly find photos.

SugarSync Tabs

SugarSync Photos

Sharing Simplified

We've also invested in making sharing dead simple. For starters, SugarSync now uses your native email app for file and folder sharing, enabling you to select contacts in your address book for sharing.

In addition, you can now copy a public link for any file and paste it into any application such as Facebook or Twitter. Or, bypass those clunky email attachements by using SugarSync to post the link to any file directly into your email. In all cases, the recipient just needs to click the link to instantly download the file.

To copy a link, just select the file you want to share, bring up the context menu and select Copy Link. This copies the link to your clipboard and you can paste it anywhere you like.

SugarSync Copy Link

Other Improvements

You'll find small improvements across the application. We've added a Help button on the Settings tab that will show you a list of frequently asked questions. And since we love to give away bonus storage, we've made it easier to refer your friends from within the app - just press the Earn Free Storage button on the Settings tab and refer away!

SugarSync Settings

Download SugarSync in BlackBerry App World
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SugarSync gets updated to v2.0


Or you can click the link below for a 500mb bonus as well!

Been a sugarsync user since their first BB app was released and have referred everyone I know since then.

If only there was a way to remind referrals of the SugarSync application and monitor referral status from within the app....(Maybe a feature request for v2.1)

If you are going to troll for personal referral points please give full disclosure that your links are referrals to your benefit instead of just posting links.

I love that Sugarsync is starting to give blackberry some love. I have used Sugarsync for over a year now and it is the best file backup & sharing service I have used by far. Now all they need to do is get an app for the playbook, for now I just login to the sugarsync website and use it that way.

Once they get a PlayBook version I'll probably switch from DropBox to SugarSync. Lacking that I'm still not quite convinced that it is overall better for what I need.

unfortunately doesnt support linux yet. when it will i might think about it. till then i vote for db as "better" crossplatform ;)

If I didn't have 20GB free already, I'd jump in and post mine too.

I can see these guys getting a huge boost on their backup capabilities o.o

SugarSync is an awesome app/service, I just wish they would go the next step and upgrade to brutally fast servers. On Sync to rule them all.

Curious how it stands against the iCloud thou... o.o

Whoever gets Playbook app first, DB or Sugar will get my business /end story.

gbfarley: For being honest I clicked your link and signed up.

Can't download images from sugar sync to my phone?

And i can't do a screenshot beacuse of the number in the top left corner

I used to use SugarSync until I got my playbook. Im using Dropbox now since there is an app that supports it. Please make a SugarSync app :D

I personally have been using Sugarsync for a long time now and am more than happy. Not only are they cheaper than most of its competitors, they also offer by far the best product in the market today.

Also, if you use the following link to sign up for Sugarsync, you now get 5.5 GB of free online storage forever: