Love number puzzles? Check out Sudoku 7 for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 29 Nov 2013 04:01 pm

With all of the entertaining games being released for BlackBerry 10, it's always enjoyable to get back to basics. One of my favorite number puzzles happens to be Sudoku. It requires skill, patience, and is not a bad way to spend a few moments of your busy schedule with. While there are certainly no shortage of Sudoku apps in the storefront, Magmic has certainly designed one with a pleasant experience in mind. It also doesn't hurt that it comes with hundreds of puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty to give your mind a workout.

As I'm sure most of you are familiar with the popular Japanese logic puzzle game, the objective is to fill a 9x9 grid so that each of the 3x3 sub-grids contain all of the numbers from 1-9 where no digit can be repeated across any of the rows or columns. That being said, this version delivers a clean interface with easy on the eyes pastel colors aimed at helping users relax and focus on sharpening their puzzle solving skills. 

There are three levels of difficulty (Easy, medium, and hard) and while only one grid appears at a time, a simple swipe to the left or right advances to the next desired puzzle. It also provides Twitter integration, option to switch between a light or dark theme, and a convenient pencil mode for planning your next strategic move.

The only thing you should be aware of is that numbers are chosen by tapping on them from the bottom dock as it does not employ the BlackBerry keyboard to input them. For a free application with no ads you certainly can't go wrong with trying this out. You can grab this at the link for the BlackBerry Q10, Z10 and Z30.

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Numero due

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Not available for my Q5, my kind of hating BlackBerry now. How would an app/game be available on one device and not be available on another device

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Why are you hating BlackBerry? Ask the developer why it's not available for the Q5. If a demand is expressed, it's got a better chance of being met.

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Check out Touch Sudoku, which is designed to fit into the square screen of Q10 and Q5.
All the functions are available from swipe down menu, and featuring animated hints!


Since apparently it's so hard to allow for the keyboard to input the numbers like the sudoku app I had on my 9900... Pass... I'm not downloading another sudoku app until someone figures out this "grueling" task of keyboard entry...

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It is definitely an oversight, but it's still an awfully well-designed app. And free to boot.

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Check out Touch Sudoku, which is designed to make keyboard one of the major way of input, which is much faster the touch input, just type 3 number key to fill in a number on any cell.
Plus it has this unique feature of animating hints!

Jay Labuschagne

BlackBerry World says it's not available for my Z10... :'(

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Runs great on my Z10. Not a bad app.

on Verizon Wireless

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Works great; thanks.

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I still enjoy Sudoku by Magmic on my 9930. The BB10 app isn't up to snuff. Very difficult to see and use. It also does not allow logging in to original Sudoku account. I'd rather pay $3-$4 for the same functionality as on BlackBerry OS7.X.

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