The subtle differences between the BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370

By Bla1ze on 23 Aug 2011 02:26 am EDT
BlackBerry Curve Line

RIM just unleashed in total, three new BlackBerry Curve smartphones -- all of which look identical to one another. But, the details for each device show you there is some slight variations between them all. Mostly when it comes to network connectivity options and available RAM included on each of the devices. So, that said; let us go ahead and break it down a little bit better for you all:

  • BlackBerry Curve 9350 - CDMA with 512MB of RAM / 512MB of storage.
  • BlackBerry Curve 9360 - GSM Tri-Band UMTS/Quad-Band EDGE with 512MB / 512MB of storage.
  • BlackBerry Curve 9370 - CDMA/EVDO/Quad-Band EDGE with 512MB of RAM / 1GB of storage.
All three devices will be running BlackBerry 7, have 480x360 2.44" displays running at 246ppi, 800 MHz processor and of course have WiFi, NFC and GPS on board. We'll get some full spec sheets up for each device as soon possible and as soon as we can get our hands on some devices -- some reviews for you all. As previously leaked info tells us, we shouldn't be waiting all that long.

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The subtle differences between the BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370


That was clearly never going to happen, a model numbered 93xx was always a curve model and the first LTE phone will obviously be a premium model like an all-touch or a Bold.

LTE radios are still rather large. That is why you only see them in massive android phones.

It will take another year for them to shrink down to an appropriate size that will fit in a compact phone such as the new curve.

They were all in the press release anyway.

I think this was an utter waste of engineering expense, R&D, and product manufacturing: making the 9350.

After all doesn't the 9370 supercede it in EVERY way?! how much more money could a provider charge and with CDMA carriers going the world of the dodo within the next 5-10yrs tops - with 3G/HSPA/LTE blanketing just about everywhere CDMA still has the best coverage in rural areas - whats the point?
BTW, I'm exaggerating on the 5-10yr time frame its more like 3-5yrs.

I guess I'd be MORE wary of CDMA providers excluding the 9370 in favor of the 9350 and double gouging you (new PP, and roaming expenditures, and new hardware) to allow you to roam outside of continental north america.

im also a bit stumped as to why there are two CDMA variants...and why does the CDMA version have more storage memory? the same thing happened with the curve 3G...9300 had 256MB, 9330 had 512..

@psypher22 - 9350 appears to be the new low cost entry level "CDMA only" Curve, most likely for the prepaid/flat-price carriers (boost, virgin, cricket, etc)
& the 9370 would be the first "world phone edition" Curve - previously only the Bold was CDMA/GSM and recently the CDMA Torch added it...

"i see!" said the blind man. dissapointing for Metro users that the 9350 apparently wont be able to make use of EV-DO.

Probably due to a carrier demanding a device with specific specs. Obviously the less ram will mean a "higher margin"

I highly doubt the 9350 and 9370 will be sold with the same carrier. If it is, then its a bit bonkers.

Curve is a good addition to the blackberry family as it covers the lower end without sacrificing too much.

I actually like the fact you noted down in the article the DPI considering people nowadays just look at the resolution and think its too low when really its pretty good for its dimensions.

480X360, thats equivalent to the current bold 97xx's, right? is the screen size bigger than the outgoing curve 3G? cant tell..

Yeah its currently the same as the 9780.

the curve 3g was 320 x 240 pixels, so this entry level smartphone is getting a bump up in resolution which i think is ideal for the size of the screen. anything more and you're using unnecessary power for everyday things.

Not a fan of the curve keyboard but nice update for those wanting to get into OS 7 or just a better spec'ed curve.

If OS7 can run on this with 512 ram and an 800ghz processor, why can't they port this into the 9800 and 9780 withouth NFC and magnometer!!?

Because the new curves have a GPU that offloads some of the work off of the CPU....
thats where the liquid graphic reference comes in

They should still allow current OS6 users to manage home screen panels!, I doubt that would require much memory -.-

Notice how they say "fluid" and not "Liquid"? Looks like no GPU in these Curves. Waiting to see the full specs.

Edit - the website says Liquid Graphics. Curious omission from the press release.

i'll take a wager that the new curve is barely within spec to run OS7...which puts the 625Mhz processors on the 97xx and 9800 out of the question.

Because unliek apple RIM likes to render your 1-year old phone useless ,so you will feel forced to buy the new one, wich be useless again once QNX phones come out.
Meanwhile iphone 3gs will still get an upgrade to IOS 5. Eventough I dont like apple as a company, you cant knock them for that.

Lazaridis is way dirtier than jobs will ever be......

Look at all the resources going into all these gazillion phones that need to be produced. What if after the 9700 RIM had put all the efforst into only 1 new bold 9900 and 1 new curve? No torches no other crap. Then these phones would have been out last year and could have been relevent. And then after these were out RIM would have had a whole year being able to work on QNX and have it out by this fall right before christmas, along with a proper playbook.....

But hey , who am I.....

That simply isn't true, given the similarities between the specs of the new os7 devices, dropping two of them would have gained them hardly any time at all and would have just lost them sales when they decided to arrogantly have a one-size-fits-all attitude that only one hardware company can get away with right now.

the torch in an unnesssary piece of hard ware and after the disater wich was the storm ,the should have skipped the full touch blackberry's too , until qnx is ready.

Amen! that.. I was gonna post and say exactly what u said. Apple.. Samsung...HTC.. All can keep upgrading the os on their phones with new os's every year...I guess they think about the future and take customer/user satisfaction into account. This actually drives more loyalty and makes the end user happier with a companies product.. The fact that a year..2 years later there's still support in OS upgrades.

RIM has it twisted...we buy a device when it's launched..and then 7 or 8 months later we here that there's new devices launching with an upgraded os platform that we can't even upgrade too..which is basically twisting our arms every year to buy no hardware. That's BS..that's what drives a lot of people to switch from bb to android phones or iphone...I can tell u first hand.. I work for a carrier and everyday I get people that call in to switch from their of the main reason is because their fed up of the rim game and lack of long term support. Apple/Android definitely has RIM beaten with that...maybe it's because they built their phones with bigger processors..Ram etc 2 or 3 years ago so their still alive and kicking to make os upgrades 2 years or more later.

RIM is now playing catchup...and while RIM is catching up to what the other guys have down hardware wise..the other guys have moved or in the process of doing soo..such as dual core legends like the samsung galaxy S2. RIM needs to aim far ahead to catch up..they need to shock and awe.. Like apple and samsung has done. What's the saying.."Aim for the if u fall..u'll land on a cloud"...That's what they need to do.

My 9780 can't get an os7 upgrade because my processor has been used for 3 years in 5 different phones. I'm gonna wait until next year..OS7 users are going to be dissapointed in the coming months when they find out they can't upgrade to QNX..and also...I've compared OS6/OS7...basically OS7 is OS6 nicer and with better usersettings such as panel control...and the very few extras like wikitude stuff. It's not a big enough change to make me spend money and get OS7 device for OS7. Hopefully they impress me and other users with 2 cents.

I disagree. Though I'm happy to see the QNX phone come out, with it being rumored as an all touch and being a bold fan I don't see myself going nuts over it just because it will work like my playbook works. Yes I already have a playbook so a phone that works the same is not going to blow me away. As far as the yearly upgrades I don't agree with how RIM does leave other phones in the dirt regarding upgrades but who are we kidding here. Who went nuts over the 9900 phone because of the os. Its the same thing. Everytime I've updated it has had more to do with the hardware than the OS. If RIM would wise up to that fact than they would know that just because you give away the os to the older phones it won't take away from the now touch screen, better keyboard, slimmer build, sexy look.....exetera, exetera.

On top of that we need to get off this "catch up" phrase. They have never been in competition with Iphone. They have always been in competition with themselves. RIM is going to continue to be a monopoly in the business industry meaning there is no other platform that matches what RIM dishes out as far as business devices. They may one day take number one or they may never take it ever again but long story short, you will find the club gowers with Iphones but you will find the club owner with a crackberry.

You will find the customers at a restaurant texting on their android device but the owner will have a crack berry.

And best for last. You will find people all over this country of the United states with Iphones, Android devices and windows phones but you will find the President with........yes a crackberry.

I'm planning to change my 9780 with this one so there's only one question I have to ask. Before my 9780 I've always been a Curve person, 8320, 8900 which I both loved dearly but the same cannot be said for my 9780 with the double triple keyboards (yes, I have changed the membrane 5 times, it keeps getting worse). So back to my question.. will they have the same low quality screen as the Curve 3G and the Gemini? Because if they will then I guess it's the manly 9900 for me..

if you read above you will see the screen will be the same quality as your 9780, and for that matter, those old curve 8900's. (480x360) so yes, much better screen.

why do they keep giving different number to the same phone? i mean those cdma/gsm... differences are only related to the carrier, but its still actually the same phone.... the just confuse everyone that way

I'm not really a fan of blackberry curves because I always been addicted to my bold but I willing to switch over, hopefully I wouldn't mind it

hmm ive always been a fan of the blackberry curve but im always puzzled as to why they continue to make them. Wouldn't it make more sense to just make the Bold lines and the Full touch screen lines instead? and only have two super great phones rather than to spit out a slur of phones.....

(personally i hate the torch always hated slider phones )